Top 10 Alternatives to Stride: Analysis of Live Chat Software Solutions

People are always raring to go and they want answers to their queries in an instant. Thanks to live chat software, companies are easily able to satisfy the quick and urgent needs of the visitors of their website. The tool already has huge lineup of choices, most of which are already implemented in top companies.

Live chat software is basically a live customer support service for websites. It’s one of the most efficient ways to interact with website visitors and it is a really helpful solution for those who have a lot of visitors on their websites. Through the app, visitors’ questions and requests are easily handled so that they won’t have to go through phone calls, or even long and dragging emails.

Live chat isn’t just a tool focused on attending to customers’ needs quickly. It also greatly boosts customer satisfaction in hopes of converting them from just visitors, into actual customers of the company. According to Business 2 Community, 73% of customer satisfaction stems from live chat support. That’s most likely because website visitors are able to get in-depth answers without having to go through extensive research.

What about the traditional way of getting support by calling a company’s toll-free numbers? While calling hotlines used to be the best way to get help, majority of customers would prefer not being put on hold anymore. A report by Inc. states that 42% of customers say that they prefer live chat support over calls because they aren’t put on hold.

A happy customer is a customer that can attract others into supporting or trying out a product or an establishment’s services. As such, companies must always ensure customer satisfaction.

What is Stride?

One of the top performing live chat software out in the market right now is Stride. This is a chat, messaging, and collaboration software that caters to the needs of clients with a very demanding schedule. Stride comes with the standard features of a live chat software but it also brings with it a few interesting additions.

  1. Group/Video Chat
  2. Voice Calling
  3. File Sharing
  4. Group Screen Sharing
  5. Direct Messaging
  6. Focus Mode
  7. Guest Access
  8. Message Editor
  9. Integration
  10. Task And Decision Tracking

The common criticism about Stride is that it is very similar to Slack. Although the two are alike in some aspects, Stride still manages to shine with its set of unique features like the Action and Decisions function.

There are other live chat software to look into as well. The field has grown big since its early years. Here are top 10 alternatives to Stride that business owners should consider as well.

1. Freshdesk

One of the top 10 alternatives to Stride is Freshdesk. This program is considered by many as a robust help desk software with an excellent live chat tool. What’s good about Freshdesk is that it gives potential users a change to access a free trial. This means everyone can try out this program and its features first before anything else.

Aside from having all of the basic features of a live chat software, Freshdesk also bundles in a fun Game Mechanics option to keep the agents behind the live chat upbeat and happy. This fun feature allows the tracking of the performance of agent with points and it gives them game-like tasks to complete. Since they are the lifeline of live chat software, it’s important that these agents are always at their peak performance. You can sign up for Freshdesk free trial here. Likewise, you can compare this software with Freshdesk alternatives and see how it fares well.

2. LiveAgent

Most live chat programs are actually complicated and is often understood by the tech savvy only. That’s where LiveAgent is different. This live chat software was developed to be intuitive and very easy to use and nearly anyone can grasp this program’s learning curve in an instant. The layout of the functions and features are excellently made which makes getting the hang of LiveAgent a whole lot easier. LiveAgent also gives its fullest to all sorts of businesses. Even if it’s just a small startup business, LiveAgent will provide that client with full 24/7 live chat support. Regardless of what LiveAgent plan a client chooses, this 24/7 support function will always be bundled in. If you want to explore more options don’t forget to check LiveAgent alternatives.

3. Freshchat

Freshchat comes from the huge family of efficient and helpful FreshWorks suit. What makes Freshchat one of the top prospects when it comes to live chat programs is its huge customization options that can make the clients and their customers very satisfied. Through these customization options, Freshchat allows its clients to modify the live chat support based on their needs. Even through the use of their smartphones, clients are able to prepare and evenly spread their messages, and do other tasks directly through the clients. This streamlined experience assures work flows smoothly and any minor speed bumps are easily overcome. Although Freshchat isn’t as old or as experienced as other software, its compactness and array of features is enough reason for business owners to choose it over any other programs. You may also want to look for Freshchat alternatives to broaden your choices.

4. Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is one of the trusted names when it comes to productivity tools and Zoho SalesIQ is yet another amazing software coming from the company. What makes this software reliable is, it has support from other Zoho productivity tools. Other than that, Zoho SalesIQ’s array of live chat support features makes it easy for small and big businesses to cater to the needs of their  customers. This tool also evaluates the actions of the customers who visit your website and it adapts to these actions for a custom response. It gives the opportunity for faster and better responses to customers who are visiting the website. Need more choices? Why not review other Zoho SalesIQ alternatives

5. Drift

If a business owner wants to shift all focus on marketing to his website, then one of the tools he should consider using is Drift. Drift is strictly conversation-driven and this makes  communicating with customers a whole lot easier. Regardless of whether the client is using his smartphone or his computer, Drift allows for easy access. A notable feature of Drift is that it can easily do all the functions of a standard live chat software while on-the-go. As one of the most portable live chat software available to date, Drift is a must have for business owners who are always on the go but still want to keep track of the customer interaction in their website. Also try Drift alternatives if you’re having second thoughts about this software.

6. LiveEngage

LiveEngage is one of the most popular live chat software out there and it surely deserves a spot on this list of top 10 alternatives to Stride. LiveEngage is available in an array of operating systems both on the PC and smartphones. What’s good about LiveEngage is its portability. Clients can monitor both the messages they receive and agents’ responses to these queries. Likewise, LiveEngage is easy to set up compared to others. In just 4 minutes, new clients can get LiveEngage up and running. And of course, LiveEngage comes bundled with a user-friendly interface to make things easier for clients who opt to use this helpful software. Don’t forget to compare this software with LiveEngage alternatives to see how it matches up with the competition.

7. Intercom Live Chat

Intercom Live Chat centers itself around the customers and out of all the live chat software, it is the most customer-centric one there is. What this software does that’s different from the rest is that it keeps track of the data of the customers that partake in the live chat session. This includes the visitor’s email address, details of the day a visitor decided to sign up for your product, and first and last seen day a user visited your website or your application. Through these details, Intercom Live Chat measures the important details about a client’s customers so that they can get a more streamlined experience while visiting the website. If you want to try other solutions, you can check Intercom Live Chat alternatives.

8. Smartsupp

Another software that specializes in getting the important details on a website’s visitors is Smartsupp. The unique feature of Smartsupp is that clients have the chance to check out the screens of their website visitors in real-time. By checking out the screens of their visitors, clients are able to see which of the products potential customers are interested in by seeing how the visitors move their mouse cursors from one place to the other. Since this is a real-time monitoring of a visitor’s behavior, the agents can also give a guess as to what the visitors are most interested in and what questions they are likely to ask. There are Smartsupp alternatives by the way if you’re not happy with this software.

9. Olark

Olark is already a trusted brand in the live chat software industry. It has been used by countless businesses worldwide and thanks to its easy-to-understand layout and intuitive design, many businesses are considering Olark as an option for their websites or applications. Aside from the standard features of a live chat software, Olark also comes with a slew of amazing features that allow clients to build strong connections and relationships with their customers. This allows them to gain insights on what the customers want to see or hear from them. Moreover, Olark’s level of customization is beyond compare. Thanks to this customization feature, clients are easily able to make Olark into a software that is exactly what they need. Also try to compare this software with Olark alternatives just so you have the big picture.

10. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is an excellent program to use if a business or website owner wants to drastically increase his drive sales. This live chat program allows clients to easily see their web visitors and what’s good about it is that the agents could be the one to engage the website visitor’s first instead of the the other way around. It’s a good way to keep customers happy as they can see the eagerness of the company to help them out through this initiative displayed by the agents. Pure Chat also allows clients to keep track of conversation histories so that they can review it for future use. These transcripts can easily be acquired by the client whenever they want. Don’t like this software? Try Pure Chat alternatives then.

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