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Marketing and selling are only half of the equation in ecommerce, or any business in general; you need to deliver the product to customers. The challenge with fulfillment is, the more customers you get, the more complex logistics becomes.

What is order fulfillment exactly? It’s the process of receiving and processing of orders and delivering the goods to end-customers. You can set up fulfillment in-house, but there’s an entire industry of it, $22 billion and employing more than half a million people in the U.S. according to an IBISWorld study.

In most cases, you’re better off assigning this critical and time-consuming service to experts, generally called 3PLs or third-party logistics. But vetting 3PLs is a task as challenging perhaps as ensuring your product reaches your customers in time and intact. Furthermore, you can’t go cheap on fulfillment, the risk of earning customer’s ire because of sloppy delivery is not even worth a hundred bucks saved. So, should you browse through the yellow pages and call a hundred vendors or so and check each one’s facilities and processes just to vet a supplier? What if you have a more convenient way to do this and it’s free?

Online matchmaker

Like in the dating world, there must be a marriage of values to make seller-3PL relationship work. Enter, an online matching service free of charge for sellers in search of credible and reliable logistics companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

The online fulfillment service pre-screens 3PLs. With twelve years of experience in the logistics industry (it was founded in 2005), the company wants you to entrust your supplier research to them. 

In our reviews we’ll take a detailed look at the pricing, storage and order processing offered by this popular order fulfillment service.

Consider the advantages:

  1. Vetting fulfillment companies is much faster. It takes a few minutes and clicks and you get quotes from pre-screened suppliers.
  2. You’re matched with 3PLs that meet your requirements and specific needs.
  3. It’s free, because charges the supplier, not you. The vendor pays a small lead fee once a match is made.

Of course, the whole service works if you’re sold to the idea of outsourcing fulfillment. Some are wary of putting another company in charge of delivery for fear of complications. For example, not even Amazon is free from logistics issues. Its third-party sellers are not privy to the warehousing facilities Amazon ships the goods to prior to reaching the customer. Without knowledge which state sales tax applies, third-party sellers are exposed to potential tax liability issues.

On the other hand, it’s not like in-house fulfillment is without its complications, which may be more than you can bear than with outsourcing. The capital costs are astounding for warehousing, delivery vehicles and manpower. Not to mention talent sourcing as logistics requires specific knowledge skills.

But we’ll leave you to decide which fulfillment route is best for you. In fact, it’s one of the features we like about It provides a calculator tool to enable you to measure the costs between in-house and outsourced fulfillment. More on this later.

What are the services of

In a nutshell, you get the following order fulfillment services from

  1. It connects you to vetted fulfillment companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  2. It sends you quotes that match your requirements based on the form you submitted.
  3. It provides a knowledge bank of advice and tips on the business of fulfillment culled from its years of industry exposure.

The company pre-screens logistics providers in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It is not affiliated with any of them nor is it a brokerage on commission. Rather, it establishes a network of supposedly vetted suppliers using its years of industry experience on what to look for in a fulfillment service provider. Some of the vendors it vets include Simplicity Filling Systems, Global Fulfillment Solutions and Ships-a-Lot.

The service is free to sellers; the suppliers are the ones charged with a lead fee once a match is made. This is standard model in online matching service across various sectors like dating, personal finance and real estate.

How it works

How does work? Submitting your request for fulfillment providers is as easy as, literally, 1-2-3.

  1. Fill out the form on the website.
  2. looks into its database for the best match based on your submitted requirements.
  3. Once your credentials are verified, submits a shortlisted options. Pick one that fits you.

There are details that you need to work out though, but the multiple-choice web form makes it easy to qualify your requirements. For example, you can choose three options: warehousing only, warehousing and fulfillment or warehousing, fulfillment and shipping. You can also select “uncertain” to indicate your range of the number of orders per month. This applies to startups or home-based ecommerce sellers with unstable business.

You also need to provide your company name, personal name, email and phone (optional). The online matching site will also ask further questions to narrow down your options, for example, if you have a website, the reason you’re outsourcing and your preferred location of the fulfillment company. reviews show that the company will try to do some research about your business first to vet you, too, to 3PLs. Legitimacy works both ways, no vetted logistics company will like servicing questionable companies. Once your information is validated, shortlisted vendors will contact you through your preferred communication channel.

How is pre-screening of vendors conducted?

While the online matching site doesn’t provide a detailed look at how it screens vendors, it gives us a few parameters that govern the process. The following metrics are collated and analyzed during screening:

  • Vendor’s past performance
  • Vendor’s years of service
  • Customer satisfaction indicators
  • Records and ratings from independent sources
  • Financial stability accessed through credit reporting tools

Problems solves

What are the problems solved by Here are four common cases in setting up your fulfillment:

Choosing between outsourcing and in-house fulfillment. If you’re uncertain what fulfillment route to take, the online matching site provides a knowledge bank of resources to help you understand the pros and cons of both in-house and outsourced fulfillment.

For example, it features industry surveys and a free “Guide to Choosing a Fulfillment Provider.” It also hosts other resources like, “Fulfillment Pricing: What to Look For” and “Things to Look for in a Fulfillment Company.”

Furthermore, it features a calculator tool to help you compare the costs of both in-house and outsourcing. This enables you to clearly see the merits of one over the other. In most cases, the deal breaker in fulfillment operation is costs. The tool churns out a score that, if it is in positive value, means outsourcing is more cost-effective.

In-house costs can include rent, labor, utilities, insurance, shipping and supplies. On the other hand, outsourcing costs include management fee, storage, per-order fee, shipping and software.

Takes the guesswork out of choosing a 3PL. Trusting on the screening process of, you can take the guesswork out of choosing a vendor. The online matching site has twelve years of experience in the industry, a factor you can leverage if you lack a clear understanding of logistics or contacts in this industry.

Save time in research. It takes only a few minutes to submit a request and under an hour for the online fulfillment matching site to process it and give you a shortlist of options (granting your credentials are validated without a hitch). Traditionally and manually, the time to do this initial research takes days or even weeks.

Get the best match. makes a good case why it’s difficult for you to find the best match on your own. Different businesses have different levels of requirements for and expectations of  fulfillment, warehousing, account management, distribution and customer service.

Furthermore, some vendors lack the technology to track shipping, while some cater to one-size-fits-all that won’t fit your needs. Others may lack sophisticated inventory systems, while some charge hidden fees or they simply are not that customer service-oriented. Take all these factors into consideration and your research quickly turns to a complex web of overwhelming, unorganized details that make comparing nearly impossible.

Whereas the online matching site can quickly sidestep this problem and, leveraging its database it has built up for over a decade, give you the vendors that match your requirements with accuracy.

Features of

What are the features of

  • Free quotes via email in under a minute
  • Phone support for quotes
  • Knowledge bank of guides and resources about the business of fulfillment
  • In-house vs. outsource fulfillment calculator
  • Vendor portal for 3PLs interested to join the network


How much does cost?

  • Free of charge. For sellers looking for reputable logistics providers in the U.S., Canada and Europe they just need to provide their business and personal details and the online matching site will process their request.
  • Lead fee. For vendors, a small lead fee is charged for each match that is closed.

Summary reviews show that it is a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to find vetted 3PLs in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Instead of wasting time and effort looking for leads, you get right into negotiating with legitimate suppliers. The service is free for sellers. We can’t think of a drawback, except, of course, if you prefer in-house fulfillment, this service doesn’t apply to you.

Shaun Baker

By Shaun Baker

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