Fulfillrite Reviews: Pricing, Storage and Order Processing

If you are using cost as the main or only factor to consider third-party fulfillment, you may be undervaluing your options. Outsourcing fulfillment has plenty of benefits to both small and large retailers. It allows companies to focus on their core business, freeing them up from the time-consuming fulfillment process without compromising customer service and satisfaction. But not all third-party fulfillment providers are the same. So you need to do your homework and analyze your best option.

In this guide, we are reviewing Fulfillrite, one of the major order fulfillment services in the U.S. We will help you assess this provider by answering the following key questions:

  1. What is Fulfillrite?
  2. How does Fulfillrite work?
  3. Who can use Fulfillrite?
  4. What problems does Fulfillrite solve?
  5. What are the features of Fulfillrite?
  6. What is the pricing of Fulfillrite?
  7. Is Fulfillrite for you?

What is Fulfillrite?

A quick look at Fulfillrite reviews will show that it provides end-to-end order fulfillment services to ecommerce companies. It integrates its system with your ecommerce platform and includes services like kitting and assembly, return processing and inventory storage. It is ideal for growing small and medium businesses or large enterprises looking to streamline their order management processes. The provider is open to servicing startups with a minimum of 40 orders per month and can handle as much as 40 SKUs.

Started in 2009, the New Jersey, U.S.-based fulfillment provider caters to a variety of categories including mobile accessories, tech and electronics, consumer goods, cosmetics and nutraceuticals and apparel. It operates a strategically located distribution center in Lakewood, NJ, which is near major carrier hubs such as UPS, FedEx and USPS and an hour distance from major ports and airports in the East Coast, giving it easy access to inbound and outbound shipping.

How does Fulfillrite work?

The whole process can take up to three days to prepare your products for orders and shipment. Generally, it requires four steps, as follow:

  1. Syncing. Fulfillrite integrates its system with your ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Celery, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and Amazon. This allows for real-time order and inventory data. Integration is quick, through the provider’s API or via CSV or manual entry on the Fulfillrite web portal.
  2. Storage. You send your items to Fulfillrite’s New Jersey distribution center. Processing takes 1-3 days, thereafter, your products are ready for orders.
  3. Packing. Packing is based on your specs using quality materials. You can customize the package with your logo and branding, as well as insert marketing collaterals or a gift message.
  4. Shipping. The provider can ship orders globally on the same day. Cutoff is at 1PM EST.

Who can use Fulfillrite?

Fulfillrite provides order fulfillment services to business of any size and type with a few restrictions, as indicated below.

  1. If you’re a startup. If you can meet the minimum requirement of 40 orders per month and you ship lightweight items (less than three pounds).
  2. If you’re an established ecommerce store. Fulfillrite can handle up to 40 SKUs.
  3. If you have regular deliveries across your value chain. The provider is ideal for companies that require frequent delivery throughout their dealership or supply chain.
  4. If you require inventory storage in the U.S. The provider gives you at once warehousing and fulfillment network in North America and a strategic point for outbound shipping to Europe and international markets.
  5. If you’re delivering goods that do not fall under prohibited items. Prohibited items include: climate-controlled food items like frozen goods; flammable liquids including perfumes; hazardous items; illegal products; and high-value products like designer jewelry and laptop.

What problems does Fulfillrite solve?

We are highlighting seven common fulfillment problems that this provider can quickly solve and are not touched in other Fulfillrite reviews:

  1. High cost of fulfillment. Fulfillrite offers custom pricing based on your requirements. As it caters to startups, expect pricing that accommodates a small business budget. Custom pricing also means you pay on per-case or per-pallet basis, meaning, you can adjust your monthly warehousing costs based on your monthly sales.
  2. No bargaining power with carriers. Leveraging its solid relationships with major carriers like UPS, USPS and FedEx, the provider can offer a range of shipping options and discounted rates. These include USPS Media Mail, USPS Flat Rate Services and USPS first Class Flats. Similarly, Fulfillrite optimizes kitting, bagging and labeling in a way that keeps scrap and cost-of-time at bare minimum.
  3. No or limited fulfillment knowledge and network. You gain at once an experienced team of logistics experts and their eighty years of best practices and knowledge in ecommerce fulfillment. Likewise, you are assured that your order fulfillment is integrated with the latest system, an efficient international shipping network and cloud-enabled system that allows for real-time order and inventory data.
  4. Need for speedy delivery. Fulfillrite offers same-day delivery (cut-off at 1PM EST) and fast worldwide delivery through its partnership with major carriers.
  5. Losing control of inventory and delivery. You can check inventory and track orders and returns in real-time using the provider’s web portal. As the system is cloud-based, you can also track order trends and check inventory imbalances from any internet-connected device. All these give you full control of your order and inventory.
  6. Commodified service of shared fulfillment. You can customize your own labels, ASNs and POs based on your specs, so you maintain your branding. The provider enables you to label your items with your company details and customize packing slip using your logo and even insert a gift message. Likewise, you can insert marketing brochures in your items as an option.
  7. Overwhelmed by complexities of fulfillment. The provider makes it simple to manage orders, deliveries and inventory. It syncs with your ecommerce platform so the process from receiving orders to processing them for delivery and monitoring your stocks is smooth and in real time. Likewise, there are no hidden fees and long-term commitment, giving your fulfillment channel options open month-to-month. Fulfillrite also provides a dedicated service manager as support who is privy to your account and operations. The manager can also advise you on related areas like shipping carriers and solutions that are suitable to your needs.

What are the features of Fulfillrite?

  1. Order fulfillment. Orders are packed based on your specs and delivered on the same day (cutoff time: 1PM EST). Worldwide shipping is care of your preferred carrier.
  2. B2B order fulfillment. The provider also services B2B clients and retail corporations worldwide for fast delivery and compliance with regulations and requirements.
  3. Kitting, bagging and labeling. If your product requires additional assembly, Fulfillrite handles complex items including customized boxing and bagging and custom kitting. This saves you time and minimize kitting wastage.
  4. Return processing. Fulfillrite uses return merchandise authorization (RMA) labels to assist customers in returning items. The provider inspects and processes the re-inventory of the returned item. You can track and manage returns from the web portal where you also manage orders.
  5. Inventory storage. The Lakewood, New Jersey-based fulfillment center is strategically located for U.S. and international shipping. It is highly secure with systems, infrastructure, video cameras and personnel to protect your merchandise.

What is the pricing of Fulfillrite?

Fulfillrite pricing is available by custom quote. The provider has pricing plans for small, medium and large retailers. To submit a quote, you must indicate the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • How many pallet spaces of storage do you need?
  • Order volume (minimum of 40 orders per month)
  • Number of SKUs (color and size variations are separate SKUs)
  • Do you require international shipping?

Is Fulfillrite for you?

Most Fulfillrite reviews agree that the provider offers a safe, efficient and cost-effective outsourcing alternative to in-house fulfillment. The benefits are obvious, as we have spelt out above. Generally, services like Fulfillrite is perfect to grow your business. It enables small businesses with limited funding but a high potential for growth to immediately tap into a world-class fulfillment network, thereby, further empowering their business. On the other hand, large operations can easily absorb the cost of Fulfillrite without passing it on to customers. But there are exceptions. Small businesses with stagnating sales may not be able to afford Fulfillrite or any other third-party providers. Large enterprises that want full control over their order management may be better off with an in-house system. You have to perform a cost-benefit analysis to clearly see if third-party fulfillment like Fulfillrite is for you.

Shaun Baker

By Shaun Baker

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junkaphobia says:

Greetings to all, we are not a regular here, just came looking for reviews but had to jump in as a Kickstarter creator after looking for reviews about Velocityship to add our personal experience, and it is not good. TLDR - Beware and stay far far away from Velocityship if you are in any kind of hurry to speak with someone.

We finished a successful kickstarter with thousands of boxes to deliver and of course were overwhelmed by the task of hand labeling each one so we looked for reviews of fulfillment companies and kept seeing Velocityship pop up.

I have no idea who wrote so many glowing reviews but am starting to believe as some have suggested in various forums that it must be their staff.

We have no dog in the fight, and no one to recommend, we are just a retailer (still) looking for a good fulfilment company but, WOW!.... if you are looking for a professional company to help you save time and fulfill your order look somewhere else.

Velocityship is by far the worst first contact experience ever. Feels like we are talking to a company stuck in the 70's. You can't even call directly to talk to someone as it all goes through an answering service no matter what day or time you call.

After being told we could not talk to anyone directly we went to their site and filled out the form and asked for an email quote, still no reply for 3 days.

We then called back and were told we had to wait 2-4 days to get an appointment just to talk someone on the phone. So we bit as we were in need and after waiting two days we finally received a text for our appointment, hooray! (Only 7 days wait to talk to someone!)
You guessed it, after all that they never even called! So of course we tried to reply to the text and guess what, you cant text back to or call the number!

Being a glutton for punishment and thinking this has to be some kind of mistake, we waited a few more days for a call and when nothing happened we called back, and got the same answering service that wanted to start all over again!

To be fair, In the end did we get to se the company to comment on their service no, we never even got to first base. Call me crazy but if this is an indicator of their customer service, and it is, looks like we will go with someone else.

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