Symphony Commerce Reviews: Pricing, Storage and Order Processing

Every eCommerce company knows how important order and fulfillment services are to its business. Online sellers benefit from such services in a myriad of ways. They make sure that every package reaches its destination safe and sound with time to spare. Order fulfillment services enable eCommerce firms to save time and money by charging the lowest fees possible and helping with potential taxation problems in destination countries. For these services, customers are king and therefore, no problem is insurmountable. These new breed of shipping services go out of their way to make their clients’ lives a little better by creating solutions for everyday supply chain problems. This trend has revolutionized logistics management, giving online sellers the opportunity to grow their businesses by focusing on core tasks.

Order and fulfillment services have also paved the way for the automation of the shipping process, virtually making the world a smaller place for business. With these services, organizations now have the capability to deliver their goods to far off places with the click of a mouse, while keeping an eye on their products the whole time. This is the primary reason why order and fulfillment companies have been thriving all around the world. These organizations have found a niche in serving eCommerce firms in ways that they need most.

In this article we take an in-depth look at the order fulfillment service of online platform Symphony Commerce, its structure, shipping mechanism, technology and pricing. We hope our Symphony Commerce reviews will help you decide it it’s indeed a service worth investing in.

What is Symphony Commerce?

The service was founded with providing brands with eCommerce capability in mind, thus, it is not your average, run-off-the-mill order and fulfillment service. The service’s primary objective is to help clients establish and grow their own online sales channels, making it basically an eCommerce management firm whose main offering encompasses all the needs of online sellers.

However, we will focus solely on Symphony Commerce order and fulfillment service, how it works, the benefits it offers and the prices it entails.

Symphony Commerce’s order fulfillment services have grown in popularity among many brands for its guarantee of automated ordering, safe storage and speedy delivery of products both in and outside the United States. Proof of this is the rapid increase in the number of fashion and consumer package goods brands using the service to boost their eCommerce capabilities. Its basic services are further complemented by a wide array of add-on services, making for remarkable customer experience. However, these services cannot be rendered without the use of technology. Our Symphony Commerce reviews confirm that tThe company makes use of only top-of-the line solutions in its pursuit of service excellence. These technologies are employed in every phase of the fulfillment process, all of which will be discussed in detail below.

The company’s order fulfillment services are likewise known for its flexible pricing and excellent customer service. These features go hand-in-hand to both attract and retain service clients. The service is not just about fulfillment, its on-the-ground physical fulfillment network helps its clients provide rich customer experience, which translates to customer loyalty and subsequently increased profits. With Symphony Commerce, online sellers can better focus on more pressing tasks such as sales and marketing by leaving their fulfillment needs to experts.

Shipping Offer

Symphony Commerce guarantees the speedy delivery of products at reasonable prices. This is made possible by the service’s network of strategic warehouse locations, which also ensures that 98 percent of packages are delivered within two business days from the date of order.  

The service is never in disconnect with its fulfillment facilities as both are constantly linked by Symphony Commerce’s platform. The solution likewise enables clients to constantly monitor their shipments wherever they maybe. It also allows customers to build a margin analysis of their respective value chains from the time of order all the way to payment.

According to our Symphony Commerce reviews the platform is so advanced that it immediately determines which warehouse would be the best facility to effect optimal delivery time in accordance to customer preference. Furthermore, clients are also given the choice to have their goods delivered in boxes, bags or wrapping, bearing their respective brands. This feature sees to it that customers retain their brands even as a third party is handling their shipping needs.

Another key feature of the service is its returns process. The platform automates return shipments, a process that includes inventory, sales data and refunds updates. It is even capable of handling tax computations in cases where a single item is to be returned. In addition to this, suspected fraudulent orders are immediately held and reviewed before being released.

To enable customers to plan for package receipts and inventory entries, the service allows for the sending of advance ship notices to warehouse teams. This means that as soon as goods are checked into inventory, products are updated and are ready to sell, paving the way for higher sales.


The platform seamlessly integrates with any business system, providing easy setup and ease of use for first time users. Symphony Commerce also offers pre-built integrations with popular carts, marketplace software and order management solutions. Such integrations would enable any client to use any channel to deliver to any of its customers. Customers are guaranteed to start fulfillment in a matter of weeks, with the service handling all the integration details. It likewise enables users to negotiate agreements with third-party logistics and carriers, making the fulfillment process even easier to manage.

Dashboard and Analytics

Symphony Commerce’s cloud-based platform is designed to keep clients’ products flowing. It can handle just about any supply chain constraint there is, having an average uptime of 99.99 percent. Although specifically designed to handle all eCommerce processes, its inventory and fulfillment features stand out among its capabilities.

The system is embedded with enabling technologies that when put to work, collectively ensures the steady flow of business. These include sales tax management, fraud prevention, payments and transactional solutions. The whole system is one complete supply chain management platform that it does not require add-ons and plug-ins to boost functionality. These features allow users to streamline their eCommerce processes as they are able to manage different channels with a singular solution, using the inventory and fulfillment network as basis.

Symphony Commerce can further benefit users by linking with businesses’ third-party logistics. The platform ensures the consistent flow of accurate orders and data, as it manages connections with customers’ warehouse management systems. This also assures clients that their inventory and fulfillment requirements are being handled by a familiar partner.

Another key feature of the service is its ability to give users access to business analytics that can help establish deeper customer relations. This too, can enable clients to come up with customer profiles using buyers’ purchasing habits and preferences as basis, which can remarkably improve target marketing.

Customer Service

Symphony Commerce’s commitment to its clientele can be seen in the way it focuses on customer service. The solution recognizes the critical role of customer service in the resolution of issues and client retention. It provides real-time customer service, automated notifications and order tracking. These value-added services keep clients in the know with regards to orders and deliveries at all times, which significantly contributes to positive customer experience.

The service’s partnership with ZenDesk allows it to manage service request tickets. It also enables customers to make changes to orders or cancel them altogether. They can place orders or give out coupons to help resolve customer concerns. It gives customer service teams access to virtually the entire supply chain process, including customer purchase history, simplifying the workflow for customer interactions. All customers are given access to Zendesk, eliminating the need for additional solutions. Such access is automatically granted to users regardless of brand popularity and reach.


Built on the premise that a service should be a partner to its customers, Symphony Commerce utilizes what it calls a “pay-as-you-go” model. This scheme helps assure prospective clients of fair pricing, which in the long run, results in business growth and huge cost savings. The service does not have specific pricing packages. Customers are priced based on order volume, fulfillment requirements and gross revenues.


Symphony Commerce’s order fulfillment service is indeed one of the best of its kind. This does not come as a surprise as the company is a full service eCommerce platform, specializing in giving any brand eCommerce capability. The service’s state-of-the-art technology gives it an edge over other providers, bringing with it multiple benefits to just about any brand:

  1. Symphony Commerce has multiple warehouse locations that allow for speedy delivery.
  2. The service enables clients to constantly monitor their products at any time.
  3. It seamlessly integrates with customers’ existing systems.
  4. Symphony Commerce makes use of enabling technologies such as sales tax management, fraud prevention, payments and transactional software.
  5. The service can be linked with customers’ third-party logistics.
  6. It provides real-time customer service, automated notifications and order tracking.
  7. Symphony Commerce guarantees fair pricing.

Truly, Symphony Commerce’s order fulfillment service would benefit any brand’s eCommerce endeavors. Its massive offerings and fair pricing are in themselves reasons for online sellers to avail of the service. For those who want to do order and fulfillment right, Symphony Commerce may just be the service you are looking for.

Shaun Baker

By Shaun Baker

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