15 Leading Scheduling Software Examples for 2022

What is the most popular scheduling software example for 2022?
The most popular scheduling software example for 2022 is It’s a comprehensive project management platform equipped with tools and features designed for both individuals and distributed teams. Automation, dashboards, and integrations in make it easier for users to collaborate, track task schedules, see the bigger picture of projects, and increase productivity.

In a fast-paced business environment, it can be very challenging to stay on top of what’s happening in your operations. So, having an efficient way to assign tasks, book customers, and plan projects is a must. This is where the scheduling software examples discussed in this article will come in handy.

Scheduling software for appointments makes it easy for companies to ensure that no meetings, client calls, or other appointments go overlooked. They have many features that provide you with a high-level overview of projects or schedules and a low-level perspective on tasks, booked services, or appointments. In this guide, we will provide more details on the most popular scheduling software examples for 2022 that suits individuals, small businesses, and large organizations.

Most Popular Scheduling Software Examples

There are 4.95 billion people —62.5% of the world’s total population— who actively use the internet. Moreover, in 2020 alone, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 27.9% increase in the percentage of business conducted online, reaching 30.8% of total business activity. With most customers online, it has become more compelling for businesses to also invest in technology solutions that increase their capabilities to manage customers and processes online.

In healthcare, for example, 35% of customers indicate that online appointment options are a deciding factor when picking a health care provider. Meanwhile, 91% of healthcare professionals use cloud-based software in their service, while 51% of healthcare organizations are increasing their patient experience investments. The most critical of which is global telehealth services.

benefits of appointment scheduling software

The increased adoption of cloud-based appointment scheduling software is due to benefits like lower upfront costs, and faster deployment. Cloud-based scheduling solutions also allow employees to access data remotely and for customers to book appointments or services from any location. One survey revealed that online scheduling leads to 26% more new customers and customers who schedule an appointment online average 2.6 services in six months.

Fortunately, most software vendors offer their products as cloud-based or SaaS models. The scheduling software examples included in our list below are some of the most popular solutions to try out.

List of Scheduling Software Examples

1. crm dashboard is a CRM and project management platform that helps individuals, teams, and large organizations handle work in one digital workspace. Its features help manage a wide range of business operations, including sales, marketing, and team tasks and projects. Its intuitive dashboards are easy to customize to fit your team’s workflow and many processes can be automated to save time and increase employee productivity. can be an excellent scheduling software, especially for employee shifts, task management, and event planning. Users create sections on project boards where they can assign tasks, track shifting schedules of employees, or monitor the progress of a project.’s scheduling tools also work great for managing academic classes, corporate training, or personal projects. The software integrates with many calendars, social media, ecommerce, and business apps like Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Price Range: has a free plan for individual users. Its paid pricing plans start from $24/month to $48/month. It also has a quote-based plan for enterprises.

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What is unique about

  1. Customizable dashboards. Users can easily build dashboards that fit their team requirements without any complicated coding. They’ll be able to get a clear view of their team’s performance, pending tasks, and much more.
  2. Appointment scheduling. provides modern tools to efficiently handle project schedules. For starters, managers can map out employee availability and send automated notifications to employees every time they’re assigned to a shift. They can also jot down important meetings so that everyone is kept in the loop.
  3. No-code automation. Users can save time by automating many repetitive tasks. They can automate sales pipelines, approvals, etc. to reduce manual work and speed up task completion.

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2. dashboard is an online appointment scheduling software that caters specifically to service-oriented businesses. Users just need to define the type of service they provide, add dates and times of their availability, and wait for clients to book their services. is mobile-optimized, so clients can easily make their bookings using their smartphones or tablets. Bookings can be made 24/7 from any location.

Service providers receive prompt email and SMS notifications when bookings are made. Admins also have control of schedules and booking processes and can offer other perks like memberships, discounts, and promos within the app. allows online payment processing with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. It can also integrate with social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram to get more bookings.

Price Range: offers a free account and paid plans starting at $9.90/month. Customers can get discounts for annual subscriptions.

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What is unique about

  1. Mobile-optimized. works on both desktops and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Customers can book or cancel their bookings anytime, from any location.
  2. Automated notifications. Service providers receive email and SMS notifications when a booking is made. This allows them to prepare for the booking and provide quality service.
  3. Online payment processing. integrates with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe to process online payments. It also includes a POS system that enables businesses to accept cash or card onsite.

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3. vcita Online Scheduling

vCita Online Scheduling Dashboard

vcita Online Scheduling is an appointment scheduling software that makes online booking fast and easy. The scheduling module of vcita is part of a complete enterprise resource planning solution that combines CRM, invoicing, and email marketing among others. With vcita’s simple and intuitive calendar-type scheduling, clients can choose the type of service they want to book and reserve their preferred time and date on the app.

To make online scheduling faster and more convenient, vcita integrates with Reserve with Google and the popular web conferencing app, Zoom. The Zoom integration makes it possible for businesses to schedule a one-on-one or group video appointment, while Reserve with Google helps businesses get more booking via Google search. vcita has several payment methods as well that allow businesses to require upfront payments for bookings.

Price Range: vcita Online Scheduling offers three pricing plans. Price starts from $29 to $99/month. Users can get a discounted rate for the plans when they opt for an annual subscription.

vcita Online Scheduling

vcita Online Scheduling

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What is unique about vcita Online Scheduling?

  1. Zoom integration. vcita’s Zoom integration makes it possible to offer one-on-one or group video appointments. Simply integrate your Zoom account and customers get a unique Zoom meeting link when they book an appointment.
  2. Calendar-type booking. vcita is easy to use with its calendar-type scheduling. Customers simply click the service they want to book, click the date and time, and enter their details to reserve the slot.
  3. Reserve with Google integration. vcita Online Scheduling integrates with Reserve with Google. This is a new service that lets businesses get more booking via Google search, Google maps, or the Reserve with Google website.

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4. Easy Busy Pets

Easy Busy Pets dashboard

Easy Busy Pets is a cloud-based, all-in-one appointment scheduling software for activities and services related to pets and pet grooming. The software is also a website builder that offers automation features, reputation management tools, and team management. It’s an excellent day-to-day business management app for pet care and services, including dog daycare, dog walking, and pet sitting.

Easy Busy Pets’ smart scheduling can go through different details to help clients get the best booking for their needs. Factors like clients’ preferences, staff availability and capabilities, and holiday hours are matched to make sure booking requests are fulfilled and staff don’t get double-bookings. Easy Busy Pets also include smart invoicing, client management, and automated customer review requests to help businesses spend less time in manual work.

Price Range: Easy Busy Pets is priced at $247/month, all features included. There’s an additional $13/month/staff member.

Easy Busy Pets

Easy Busy Pets

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What is unique about Easy Busy Pets?

  1. Website builder. Easy Busy Pets includes website builder features and free hosting. Users can create their custom business websites complete with SEO functionalities.
  2. Smart scheduling. Using smart scheduling, Easy Busy Pets can match the best booking schedules for your clients. It considers factors like client preferences, staff availability and skills, and holiday hours.
  3. Reputation management. Easy Busy Pets sends out automated customer review requests after each appointment. Users can monitor their online reputation and show off 5-star reviews on their websites.

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5. Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software dashboard

Rosy Salon Software is a full-featured appointment scheduling software that’s tailored to salon and spa businesses. Developed by spa and salon owners for their industry, Rosy Salon is easy to use and includes the latest technology needed to handle customer relationships, optimize appointment scheduling, streamline employee scheduling, increase productivity, and drive business growth.

Key features of Rosy Salon Software include 24/7 client booking, client management, inventory management, and salon POS. All the tools and features are accessible via mobile app, so employees and customers alike can manage availability and bookings remotely. Automated emails and text notifications are also included, which means there’s no need to spend time on manual confirmation calls. Meanwhile, the salon POS integrated into the software allows for hassle-free checkout, access to customer information, and credit card processing for payments. Rosy Salon integrates with Facebook to help you get more online bookings.

Price Range: Rosy Salon Software offers a standard plan for $29/month for one service provider. You can upgrade to a premium plan, which starts at $37/month if you need to support more service providers or require advanced features.

Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software

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What is unique about Rosy Salon Software?

  1. Designed for spa and salon owners. Rosy Salon is industry-specific, designed by spa and salon owners for business owners and service providers in their industry. Thus, the platform has features and tools optimized for spa and salon booking.
  2. Salon POS. With an integrated salon POS, Rosy Salon makes it easy to get paid. Payments are processed inside the platform for hassle-free checkout.
  3. Automated confirmations. No need to waste time making confirmation calls. Rosy Salon includes automated text and email messages that get sent to service providers and clients when bookings are completed.

Detailed Rosy Salon Software Review

6. HoneyBook

HoneyBook dashboard

HoneyBook is an end-to-end project tracking and scheduling software that also includes online invoicing, payment processing, and contract management. HoneyBook makes task management easy through hundreds of customizable templates that users can start with when planning their schedules. The software integrates calendars, customer communication tools, and payments and booking so that everything is organized in one location.

As a reliable scheduling software, HoneyBook users can set their availability and share the link to clients so they can choose the time and date that suits their schedule. HoneyBook’s project portal can be personalized for each client and customized to fit the company’s branding. HoneyBook syncs with Google Calendar in real-time so clients will be able to see remaining slots open for booking.

Price Range: HoneyBook offers a Starter plan and an Unlimited plan. The Starter plan is priced at $9/month, while the unlimited plan is $39/month.



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What is unique about HoneyBook?

  1. Contract management. HoneyBook includes online contract management. Users can send contracts that clients can sign anytime, anywhere.
  2. Real-time Google Calendar view. Users can integrate HoneyBook with Google Calendar for easier, organized booking. Clients will be able to see real-time updates on available slots they can book.
  3. Customizable project portal. HoneyBook’s project portal can be personalized for each client. Users can add their own themes and logos to fit their company branding.

Detailed HoneyBook Review

7. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling dashboard

Acuity Scheduling is an online scheduling software that manages employee shifts and the availability of service providers. Users can update schedules 24/7 and connect the platform to their business websites or calendars for real-time viewing of their availability. Acuity lets users adjust time zones so clients can easily choose or cancel their bookings. The system also sends automated reminders so there is less time spent on confirming appointments.

One of the advantages of using Acuity Scheduling is its use of intake forms for new clients. At the moment of booking, new clients fill out the intake form, and the system stores the information under the Client List tab. Acuity also has customer loyalty features that allow businesses to offer packages, memberships, coupon codes, and other gifts or promos to gain more sales and repeat clients.

Price Range: Acuity Scheduling offers three paid plans that include varying features. Prices range from $14 to $45.

Detailed Acuity Scheduling Review

What is unique about Acuity Scheduling?

  1. Time zone adjustment. Acuity Scheduling allows users to set time zones so clients can have an easier time checking available slots. Clients can easily choose or cancel their bookings.
  2. New customer intake form. When new customers book, Acuity asks them to fill out an intake form. All information is securely stored under the Client List tab for easier client management in the future.
  3. Automated reminders. Acuity Scheduling sends auto-reminders to help users prepare for bookings. This also eliminates the need to make manual calls and helps avoid missed bookings.

8. Square Appointments


Square Appointments is a complete online point-of-sale platform that helps users manage bookings, receive payments, track inventory, manage teams, and more. The software makes it easy for clients to book multiple services and leave tips that are split automatically for simpler checkout. Square Appointments works on counter POS systems, tablets, and even smartphones as a native app on the App Store and Google Play.

Square Appointments is loaded with features that can simplify scheduling. These include recurring appointments, multi-location management, cancellation and no-show fees, and integrations with Google and Instagram. Square Messages, meanwhile, saves all client communication like text and emails in one place for quick and easy reference. Tools for managing employees include time card reporting, payroll exports, and time tracking.

Price Range: Square Appointments has a free account and two paid plans. Paid plans include more advanced features and prices start at $29.

Detailed Square Appointments Review

What is unique about Square Appointments?

  1. Square messages. Square Appointments stores all client communication in Square Messages. It’s a convenient way to track client exchanges for reference.
  2. Employee management. Users can manage shifts and employee matters without going to a different platform. Square Appointments include tools like time card reporting, payroll exports, and time tracking.
  3. Mobile POS. Square Appointments works as native apps on smartphones. This means service providers can adjust their availability on the go while customers can book or cancel appointments using their smartphones.

9. Zen Planner

Zen Planner dashboard

Zen Planner is a full-featured business management and scheduling software made specifically for businesses in the fitness industry. These include traditional gyms, yoga studios, boxing gyms, and mixed martial arts schools. Zen Planner’s features are optimized for tasks and workflows common in the fitness business such as membership management, class scheduling, and integrated payment processing. The platform also includes automated reminders to confirm bookings.

Aside from its modern scheduling tools, Zen Planner also offers integrated websites designed to help get new members into your business. The websites are all managed in-house, so business owners don’t need to worry about hosting updates, or SSL certificates. The websites are also built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your business website can be found on Google search.

Price Range: Zen Planner offers different paid plans depending on the number of active members. The price starts at $121/month.

Detailed Zen Planner Review

What is unique about Zen Planner?

  1. Designed for the fitness industry. Zen Planner is perfect for businesses in the fitness industry. Gyms, yoga studios, and similar businesses can greatly benefit from using the software’s tools optimized for this industry.
  2. Integrated website management. Zen Planner offers in-house website management so users can spend more time on growing their business rather than taking care of back-end tasks. SSL certificates, hosting, and SEO are included in the package.
  3. Flexible pricing. Zen Planner’s pricing is based on the number of active members. You won’t be charged for prospects or staff.

10. Calendly

Calendly dashboard

Calendly is an online meeting scheduler for professionals, freelancers, and SMEs. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a hassle-free platform for setting online meetings and eliminating long back-and-forth emails. With just a few clicks, users can display their availability and share the link with their invitees. Invitees can click the meeting schedule that works for them and instantly book the appointment. Calendly caters to a variety of purposes like setting sales meetings, recruiting, tutorial sessions, and marketing calls.

When setting meetings on Calendly, users can create custom workflows to automate the steps they want to happen every time they send a meeting invite. Users can add actions such as “send email to invitee” or “send text message 30 minutes before the meeting.” Users can set one-on-one, group, collective, or round-robin meetings.

Price Range: Calendly has a Basic plan that is free forever. Other paid plans range from $8 to $16/seat/month.

Detailed Calendly Review

What is unique about Calendly?

  1. Integration with LinkedIn Messaging. Calendly allows you to grab opportunities to network by connecting directly to LinkedIn Messaging. Users can access Calendly’s powerful automation features through LinkedIn Messaging, LinkedIn Recruiter, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Wide range of use. Calendly is not industry-specific, so it can be more versatile in terms of application. People in sales, creatives, professional services, education, etc. can use Calendly when managing their appointments.
  3. Customizable workflows. When setting meetings, users can create customized workflows whenever they send meeting invites. Workflows can automate steps the user wants to happen before a meeting like sending notifications a few minutes before a meeting starts.

11. Checkfront

CheckFront dashboard

Checkfront is online booking software that best fits businesses providing tours, accommodations, activities, and rentals. Checkfront makes it easy for customers to reserve locations, events, or services and includes over 109 features and 50 integrations. It can handle online payment processing and instant email confirmations. Users can also integrate Checkfront into their websites and use customized booking forms to offer upsells, packages, or other promos all from within the software.

Bookings for services or rentals on Checkfront are updated across all business channels, so customers always see real-time availability and slots. It has multi-language support and multiple-view dashboards so staff can quickly check reservations and access guest information. With many automation tools, Checkfront can help businesses save time on manual data entry and focus on providing great service.

Price Range: Checkfront offers three pricing plans for solo operators, growing companies, and large enterprises. Prices range from $42 to $170.

Detailed Checkfront Review

What is unique about Checkfront?

  1. Best for tours and accommodations. Checkfront suits businesses providing tours, experiences, rentals, and accommodations. It provides real-time updates on availability, so customers know what slots to book.
  2. Multi-language support. Checkfront has multi-language support so businesses can offer rentals or services to other locations. Guests can set the platform to the language they prefer so booking becomes easier.
  3. Customized booking forms. Users can create booking forms that suit the nature of their business or service. They can add items, upsells, packages, etc. to increase potential sales or bookings.

12. TeamUp

TeamUp dashboard

TeamUp is an online calendar application that helps organize teams, schedule work, manage availability, and publish events. It has key features for staying organized and efficient and for allowing teams to increase their productivity and reach their project goals. The color-coded sub-calendar, for example, allows users to create several layers of organizational hierarchy by nesting folders. This is useful when assigning tasks to individual team members of a group.

TeamUp has access permissions so team leaders or admins can share calendars securely. Shared calendars can be further controlled by share settings like “modify” or “read-only” for particular team members. TeamUp can serve as a single platform to consolidate all your business calendars like Outlook or Google Calendar. This allows teams to work more efficiently because all the information they need is in one location.

Price Range: TeamUp has a free Basic account and three paid plans. For the paid plans, prices range from $8 to $80.

Detailed TeamUp Review

What is unique about TeamUp?

  1. Color-coded sub-calendar. Users can create additional calendars for organizational hierarchy by nesting folders. This is useful when assigning tasks to individual team members of groups within a department.
  2. Access permissions. Admins can control how team members access particular calendars using access permissions. Control settings include “modify,” “read-only,” and “add-only,” among others.
  3. Consolidated calendar. TeamUp can integrate all your calendars into one platform so that it’s easier to work. business Calendars like Outlook or Google Calendar can be viewed on TeamUp so that all information you need is in one location.

13. Workiz

workiz dashboard

Workiz is a home service management software that provides modern features needed to effectively manage various aspects of on-demand field service. Workiz is great for businesses in plumbing, appliance repair, electrical, handyman, and other similar services. The software’s user-friendly interface implements drag-and-drop functions so even non-tech savvy users can easily create and edit calendars, schedule jobs, update recurring jobs, or streamline dispatching processes.

With Workiz, users can create their custom workflows based on the nature of their business. Tasks like answering phone calls, placing ads, and accepting bookings can all be managed on the platform. Businesses can also avoid the paper chase when it comes to getting paid. Workiz includes automated invoicing where dispatchers can create custom invoices and email them to clients. Employees can manage job details on the go since Workiz is available as a stand-alone app.

Price Range: Workiz offers three pricing plans based on business size and the number of users. The prices range from $65 to $299/month

Detailed Workiz Review

What is unique about Workiz?

  1. Industry-specific. Workiz is best for businesses offering home or field services like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc. The platform is optimized for dispatching and scheduling jobs on the go.
  2. Easy to use. With its drag-and-drop tools, users can quickly create, edit, or streamline dispatching processes. No coding skills are needed to schedule and complete jobs based on your company processes.
  3. Automated invoicing. Workiz handles the invoicing for completed jobs so businesses can avoid the hassles of paper chasing. Users can create custom invoices to be sent via email to clients.


YouCanBookme dashboard is online scheduling software that provides users with a personalized booking page. It works seamlessly with popular calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar so that users can quickly see their availability in one organized calendar. simplifies booking for customers and eliminates back and forth emails. Bookings made will immediately reflect on the user calendar. Meanwhile, customers get reminders to lessen missed appointments.

The booking page style of can be completely customized to a company’s logo, colors, and brand. Booking links can also be personalized and shared with customers for easy and fast booking. works across all devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Configurable booking forms provide full control over booking questions and customer information. Multiple bookings per time slot are also possible to accommodate group meetings and webinars.

Price Range: has a free plan with basic features and one calendar. The paid plan is $10/calendar/month.

Detailed Review

What is unique about

  1. Personalized booking page. Users can customize the booking page style of to match their brand. This helps create a unified experience for their customers when booking.
  2. Mobile-ready. works on all mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Service providers and customers can easily access the app to book, edit, or cancel an appointment.
  3. Multiple bookings per slot. Users can accept multiple bookings per slot on This is useful for offering group meetings or webinars.

15. Skedda

Skedda Bookings dashboard

Skedda is a leading space scheduling platform that removes the hassles of manually managing rentals and reservations of spaces like studios, labs, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and more. Using Skedda takes your booking process online, which reduces a lot of the time-consuming admin work connected to managing space rentals. Users can automate their unique policies, rules, and data collection requirements for bookings.

Moreover, Skedda has modern features like interactive floorplans and maps to help users get more bookings for their spaces. Interactive maps reflect available spaces and allow customers to make bookings directly. Customers can use multiple calendar views: day, month, grid, or list to get the full picture at a glance. Skedda is easy to implement and provides real-time availability using the time-of-day range-slider. Online payments are secure and can be made through Stripe.

Price Range: Skedda offers a free basic plan, a paid plan priced at $39, and a quote-based plan. Users can get discounts when they opt for a yearly subscription.

Detailed Skedda Review

What is unique about Skedda?

  1. Designed for space scheduling. Skedda is a leading platform for space rental/reservation scheduling. Businesses that provide spaces like meeting rooms, studios, co-working spaces, etc. are the target users of this app.
  2. Multiple calendar views. Customers can see the availability of spaces using different dashboard views. This makes it easier to select the right booking slot.
  3. Interactive floorplan and maps. Interactive maps help customers visualize the available spaces and take user experience to the next level. Customers can make bookings directly by clicking the interactive map.

Use Online Scheduling Software to Grow Your Business

Scheduling software can tremendously benefit companies and individual business owners who want to reach more customers. Since people are undoubtedly doing most of their activities through the internet and their smartphones, it’s imperative that businesses also go where the customers are. This means implementing tools like cloud-based, mobile-optimized scheduling software to accommodate appointments, bookings, and sales and marketing activities.

Moreover, customer service trends indicate that people love to use self-service when they’re trying to buy a product or book a service. So, it’s important to have a scheduling solution where customers can reach your business 24/7.

Finally, it’s a good idea to go with products that are leaders in the industry such as the ones on this list of scheduling software examples, which is headed by Their popularity is usually a result of many users providing positive reviews and spreading the word about the excellent features or the effectiveness of the products. Doing so can save you a lot of time and headaches before investing in your software.

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