VelocityShip Reviews: Pricing, Storage and Order Processing

All business owners strive to maximize their budgets and time. They can hire VelocityShip which is one of very innovative and resourceful order fulfillment services that utilizes the latest available technology to provide value to its clients. It has created software solutions that enable companies to fulfill orders quickly for fast shipment and delivery. The end result is increased customer satisfaction, which translates into higher profits. In our VelocityShip reviews we’ll take a detailed look at the pricing, storage and order processing capabilities offered by this service.

How It Works

Your journey with VelocityShip starts with a consultation so that the vendor can learn about your company and your business goals. After understanding your business needs, the fulfillment partner will smoothly integrate their sophisticated software with your marketplaces and shopping cart. You can simply outsource your order fulfillment process to them and focus on expanding your enterprise.


VelocityShip reviews reveal that their software integrates seamlessly with more than 60 marketplaces and shopping carts thanks to their custom API. The entire order process is completely automated, which means they can easily scale to meet your growing business demands without the risk of human error. The best part is the integration takes just a few minutes and is done free of charge.

Services Offered

VelocityShip makes an ideal order fulfillment services partner as they can help your company successfully execute your strategy. Their software integrates B2C and B2B, so there are no hassles for you. On top of that, they are EDI compliant and provide multi-retailer support as well as fast and affordable shipping options.

  1. Pick and pack. Along with accuracy, VelocityShip reviews confirm the service’ ability to fill up to 10,000 orders every day. You only need to pay for the services you use, so your only expenses come from the number of items that are picked and packed.
  2. Bulk processing. To make the fulfillment process more simple, their software handles bulk processing. This empowers you to process multiple orders quickly and without errors to simplify B2B fulfillment.
  3. Special projects. If your company needs special projects such as counting of inventory, labeling of products, or different jobs, you can simply outsource the tasks to VelocityShip’s team.
  4. Advanced software. As referenced above, this provider uses cutting-edge technology with automated support and bundling abilities to help you effortlessly track your inventory and fulfillment.
  5. Smart storage. To keep everything organized, their storage system strategically arranges your inventory. They only charge for daily storage, so you need to pay only for the days that your items are kept in their secure warehouse.
  6. Individual attention. To make things simple for new and existing clients, the vendor assigns individual Happiness Engineers. These knowledgeable experts address queries and concerns so that all shipping issues are resolved promptly.

Inventory Management and Storage

You will get notifications when your inventory needs to be replenished. The provider securely stores and monitors all your items, and they are bar-coded to enable fast and accurate recovery. They also take pains to ensure your products are handled and delivered with care until they are safely placed in the warehouse.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Your job does not end with selling your products. You also need to ensure they are delivered quickly and efficiently to the customers. VelocityShip delivers reliable fulfillment services for all types and sizes of companies, and their software will organize your inventory, orders, and shipping.

Retail Fulfillment

VelocityShip is a trustworthy business partner as they guide you through every step of the fulfillment process. As mentioned above, their software integrates with both B2C and B2B platforms. This enables you to sell directly to the customer, as well as to retailers.

VelocityShip’s B2B fulfillment capabilities include:

  1. Consolidation and breaking bulk
  2. Cross docking
  3. Customization of both labeling and packing lists
  4. EDI compliance
  5. Flexible shipping options
  6. Multi-retailer support
  7. Third-party shipping accounts

eCommerce Fulfillment

VelocityShip knows that each product is important. Therefore, they strive to deliver services without any damage or loss to your inventory.

Optimized eCommerce packaging. Shipping can be expensive. However, this vendor will collaborate with your current provider to get you discounts to help you save money.

eCommerce package consolidation. You can save shipping expenses by grouping multiple items in the same package. To reduce monthly shipping fees, the vendor helps to maximize the efficiency of packing.

Custom package design and development. To minimize shipping claims for damaged goods, they test various tapes and boxes. This keeps products secure and protected.

Optimization of Your eCommerce Packaging

VelocityShip stands out among the crowd because they go beyond mere fulfillment. They help potential clients analyze the process used by their existing fulfillment vendor. Then, they identify significant cost savings that they can deliver to the client through standardized package consolidation and shipping discounts. For instance, they helped one client to save 24% in shipping charges.

Savings through Package Consolidation

By packaging more items together they ensure their clients need to ship fewer items. This package consolidation is made possible because of the right configuration to their system. The benefits are obvious as in the case of a client that was able to reduce their packages-per-order by 22% over their previous fulfillment partners. This helped them save thousands of dollars in shipping charges each month.

Custom Package Design & Development

Most eCommerce businesses wish make their packaging unique to complement their shipping needs and to reduce the number of shipping claims they need to deal with. VelocityShip helps you source the right boxes and tape to ensure your packages are protected during their journey. By doing this, they helped one client to reduce their shipping claims by 70%.

Unique Features

The following unique features mark VelocityShip as a cut above the rest:

  1. Branded packing slips with your name and logo. They can also facilitate further customization upon request free of charge.
  2. The provider will email your customers for you and even brand the email as well. Their SmartNotify system will send your customers tracking information and include your name, logo, and return email address. If you have multiple brands, they can customize each email shipment notification according to your brand.
  3. They work on Saturdays for faster delivery times.

VelocityShip was a startup not long ago, therefore they understand the unique needs of startups and small businesses. In fact, they function like a startup and offer personalized and flexible services for your needs.

To improve their level of service, they do not use the call center method. Instead, they provide each client a shipping and logistics expert right from the start. This expert is available any time to respond to queries and concerns. You can simply call, text, or message them directly any time for a prompt response.

Another unique feature is VelocityShip leverages their network of business connections to improve the experience for their entire community. This includes the expert advice from their shipping and logistics team as well as publishing relevant and useful content that can help you grow your business.

Software and Technology

While most fulfillment providers utilize third-party software or basic in-house software, VelocityShip has set a benchmark for the industry by developing their own sophisticated technology and software solutions to provide top rate fulfillment services. Their processes and systems are automated and optimized so that clients get an affordable solution that creates a delightful buying experience for their customers. Plus, they constantly update their services to maximize efficiency. In addition, they configure their warehouse so that handling and freight are improved.

The vendor has developed in-house technology that delivers top-of-the-line warehousing and fulfillment services suitable for online retail and retail stores. They also perform continuous data analysis to explore new ways to improve their technology to enhance their efficiency.

Warehouse Management System

VelocityShip Logistics utilizes the Manhattan Associates tier one warehouse management system (WMS), SCALE. This system is easily configurable, which allows it to meet specific and detailed client needs.

Freight Optimization System

Their logistics proprietary freight optimization software is designed to calculate the best and least expensive carrier through which to ship orders.

RF Scanning

Their warehouse management system offers bar code scanning as a secure method to track the movement of stock into and out of their warehouses.

Automatic Cartonization

VelocityShip’s warehouse management system  comes preconfigured with the right packaging types to suit any product. This includes things such as a choice of satchels or cartons.


0-500 monthly orders – $2 per order

  • $2.00 – first item pick fee per order
  • $0.50 – additional items per order
  • $0.10 – promotional inserts
  • $1.00 + .50/additional item return processing

501-1000 monthly orders – $1.80 per order

  • $1.80 – first item pick fee per order
  • $0.50 – additional items per order
  • $0.10 – promotional inserts
  • $1.00 + .50/additional item return processing

Monthly subscription service – $1.50 per order. Preorders (up to 4.4lbs)

  • $1.50 – box assembly + kitting of 5 items
  • $0.10 – each additional item
  • $2.00 – return processing

Storage Costs

The calculation of storage fees: $0.45 per cubic foot per month, to a monthly minimum of $25.

Receiving & Returns

There is no fee for receiving or sorting any goods for storage in their warehouses. All returns are calculated in the same way as outbound orders.


VelocityShip ships via UPS, USPS, FedEx, UPSSurePost, RoyalMail, DHLExpress, ParcelForce, and DPDUK. You can leverage their volume shipping to negotiate affordable rates with any of their carriers.


As our article shows, VelocityShip utilizes state-of-the-art technology and software, well-developed infrastructure, and the expertise of their experienced shipping and logistics professionals to provide efficient and reliable fulfillment services to businesses of all types and sizes. We especially recommend this vendor to small and large eCommerce sellers including subscription box businesses.

Shaun Baker

By Shaun Baker

With 5 years of experience in digital marketing and retail strategy under his belt, Shaun Baker is the resident eCommerce expert at FinancesOnline. A contributor to Entrepreneur, The Atlantic, and other business portals, he has spoken and written about various eCommerce subjects, from AI and headless commerce to the economics of Black Mirror’s “Fifteen Million Credits”. His (highly) opinionated pieces on the ebbs and flows of eCommerce as an industry remain both a dynamic resource of talking points and entertainment in itself.

M. Bart-Williams says:

The above advertised services a a prime example of a company that overproduced and underdelivers. Velocity ship is a 1 man show run by Joshua Grasmik. He is the person that will act as your dedicated account manager and have the initial consultation with you, in which he promises to accommodate your every need, after a random secretary that answers calls from the comfort of her home scheduled an appointment with you.

We shipped stock to Velocity ship from overseas as a trial order to get a clear understanding of lead time and shipping prices. The lead time was horrible and so were prices. It took various calls and e-Mails to urge Joshua to ship out the order that were input into the system, as they were simply sitting there ignored. The shipping costs were horrendous. A box of 18kg (37 lb), size 18x10x12 inches cost over $100 to send within the US. When requesting for alternative shipping providers and rates, Josh informed me that they work with one shipping provider exclusively.

After I input other orders into the system and noticed they were just sitting there and after leaving countless voice messages and failed attempts to get Joshua (our “designated” shipping advisor) phone, I addressed the issues at hand in writing and was as a result told that they can no longer cater to me and I should get all remaining stock out of the warehouse within 4 weeks. In this time span it was not possible to find an alternative and previous customers had cancelled the orders that were paid for and never shipped. The goods are still in the Velocity ship warehouse, despite having requested to ship the goods and clear the stock. E mails are not being responded and the entire venture cost us thousands of dollars of orders that couldn’t be fulfilled, customer relationships that were tarnished as well as time well wasted. Velocity Ship is a scam to say the least. At this point we are forced to take legal action to recover our inventory from their warehouse. There are professional alternatives such as out there which I discovered recently in my research. No one should have to go through what I was put through, especially not at the high rates they charged.

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