Fulfillify Reviews: Pricing, Storage and Order Processing

Most businesses that require their products to reach areas around the world usually rely on fulfillment services as logistics entail pretty much all the hassles of getting a package from point A to point B, sometimes from halfway around the world. For this reason, fulfillment services were established to help businesses cope with their shipping needs.

With the advent of new technologies, fulfillment services have greatly improved the way they handle customer logistics. Most fulfillment service companies now use cloud-based platforms to receive orders, manage storage and deliver products. These services keep getting better and better everyday, making life easier for clients. Many of order fulfillment services have also been improving their processes by developing their own platforms from which they conduct daily transactions. They are constantly working to innovate their business processes to set themselves above the rest.

However, not all fulfillment services are created equal and many businesses require specific sets of logistics expertise. This is where the need for organizations to have some knowledge in choosing the right fulfillment service comes in. It is crucial for companies to have an understanding of fulfillment companies’ services. In this respect, businesses should consider three things before enlisting the services of a fulfillment firm—costs, specialty and order requirements.

Fulfillment companies, on the average, charge their clients four basic fees. These include receiving, inventory storage, pick and pack and shipping fees. Now there is no clear industry standard on the amount that fulfillment services charge for these fees. It is up to the prospective client to choose the most cost effective service.

As shown above, fulfillment companies don’t have industry-wide uniformity when it comes to costs. In fact, how a company charges for a service can make a huge difference in whether it is the right service for a prospective client. This is why it is important for businesses to understand these fees before making a commitment to a fulfillment service.

Another critical element in the selection of a fulfillment service is the need to be familiar with additional costs that maybe incurred during certain situations. Such circumstances include specialized storage or when product assembly or kitting is required.

In terms of specialty, businesses should consider a provider’s niche service before entering into a transaction. Fulfillment companies are known to have niche services. Some specialize in serving firms of certain sizes while some deal with shipments that need specialized storage or shipping capability.

What is Fulfillify?

In this article, we will examine one of the popular order fulfillment services Fufillify, how it goes about processes handling its clients’ shipping requirements, the technologies that it employs, the prices by which its services are marketed and how beneficial it is to businesses.

The platform is designed primarily for eCommerce companies, providing its customers with ordering, storage and delivery services. It also offers kitting, custom order assemblies and a returns management program. The company boasts of shipping an average of over 75 million items annually, delivering products to end users all over the globe.

Built on a robust mobile-first responsive technology, Fulfillify reviews show that it is easy to set up and even easier to use. Customers are provided with the capability to monitor their orders, inventory and products in real-time using any device, giving them absolute control over their fulfillment needs at all times. The service also seamlessly integrates with users’ existing eCommerce and shopping cart systems.

For first time users, Fulfillify offers absolutely free setup and does not require prospective clients to get locked in long term agreements, giving businesses the choice to change providers in case they are not satisfied with the company’s service. Such offers also save clients’ precious time as Fulfillify does all the setting up needed, leaving its customers with a fully functional system.

Shipping and Delivery Offer

With its four strategically located fulfillment centers, Fulfillify ensures speedy delivery of its customers’ goods all over the world. The service also manages around 350,000 square feet of smart warehouses, allowing it to provide ample storage for its clients’ shipments. These warehouses are linked by a smart warehouse management system that is capable of monitoring and securing customers’ products at all times. They also enable the company to cover 98.6% of the United States in one to two days using United Parcel ground service. The shipping process is further hastened with a system that automatically fulfills orders from the nearest warehouse, paving the way for the platform’s same day pick, pack and ship service.

The service’s internal quality system is of the highest standards and sees to it that the platform maintains inventory at 98% accuracy and order accuracy at 99%.


According to Fulfillify reviews the platform seamlessly integrates with its customers’ existing eCommerce and shopping carts such as PeopleSoft, Shopify and Netsuite. The integration process is fairly simple, users need only to follow three simple steps to complete integration:

  1. Login to the account settings.
  2. Selection of the cart to be integrated.
  3. Entry of card credentials.

Once integration is completed, users can start having Fulfillify process orders.

Orders made from the user’s cart are directly sent from the cart to the service’s system. For clients who use multiple warehouses, the platform decides the optimum warehouse to process individual orders. Details of each order are electronically sent to the warehouse picker, where shipments are picked and transferred to the packing station. After packing is completed, the products are shipped in accordance with the client’s preferred shipping method.

Benefits of Fulfillify

For businesses that have enormous shipping requirements, the service offers a number of benefits. Logistics is a complicated process that can be a tedious task to business owners at times. Fulfillify reviews show the service helps companies achieve their shipping needs by doing it for them. Using the service will help companies avoid hassles and save on costs associated with shipping, customs and taxation in the US. Shipping when done manually entails huge costs, with Fulfillify, these expenditures are greatly reduced with minimal effort on the part of the client. The service’s nationwide coverage also puts customers at an advantage by helping them deliver their products on time, every time. Fulfillify’s technologically advanced smart warehouses are equally beneficial to businesses as they make sure that no shipment gets lost in the logistics stream. Equally important is that with logistics concerns effectively resolved, business owners can better focus on other processes such as sales and marketing, which will result in more revenues.

Fulfillify Features

The service prides itself in its use of state-of-the art software for its order, inventory management and returns and shipping processes. The platform is also capable of providing users with inventory, material receipt, order detail, reordering and tracking reports, all in real time.

Fulfillify’s inventory reports allow businesses to view their inventories, sorted by products and locations, among other parameters. Automatically-generated material receipts from the platform enable clients to view shipments of their items sent to the service’s warehouses, detailing product arrivals, status and other pertinent information. Customer orders are also reported in detail, while client companies are likewise informed of critically low inventories through online alerts for reorders and stock replenishment.

Customer Support

Fulfillify’s customer support is second to none in the fulfillment service industry. The solution provides its clients with 24/7 customer support services and online resources to help them better manage their logistics processes. A knowledge base in the service’s website gives users answers to frequently asked questions and other information as well as setup tutorials. A ticket system has also been incorporated in the company’s customer support center, allowing customers to get quick answers to their inquiries. Custom support solutions are also available to clients who prefer phone support over live chats.


Fulfillify offers flexible prices for its vast line of services, with volume parameters serving as basis for monthly payments. The paltform’s monthly pricing for its pick and pack services starts at $1.99 per order. Custom prices are also available for the service for shipment volumes exceeding 6,000 orders per month.

For Fulfillify’s product storage service, pricing is computed on a per pallet basis. The service starts at $12.50 per pallet, while the solution’s product receiving is priced at $12 per pallet received per month. The pricing scheme is designed to have client companies save on costs as prices are reduced with increased orders, making the service ideal for organizations of all sizes.


Fulfillify is truly one of the fastest growing fulfillment services currently in the market. Its focus on technological innovation, flexible pricing schemes and wide array of shipping capabilities are just what most clients need. In a nutshell, businesses that avail of the service get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. It gives customers absolute monitoring capability of their shipments.
  2. The platform easily integrates with clients’ existing eCommerce and shopping carts.
  3. Fulfillify’s strategically located smart warehouses facilitate security and speedy delivery of clients’ goods.
  4. The platform is capable of providing users with inventory, material receipt, and order details, among others.
  5. It can help boost clients’ bottomlines by allowing them to focus on sales and marketing.
  6. It uses of state-of-the art software for its order, inventory management and returns and shipping processes.
  7. Fulfillify provides support 24/7 and online resources.
  8. The solution is available at flexible prices.

Fulfillify is indeed the perfect order fulfillment service for businesses of all sizes. Its continuous growth is testament to the platform’s commitment to service improvement and customer satisfaction, further assuring its clients that their shipments are in good hands.

Shaun Baker

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