Top 10 Alternatives to PandaDoc: Leading Document Management Software Solutions

The staggering amount of information that individuals and institutions—from businesses, government agencies, non-government establishments, academic institutions—must handle and manage today means that many opportunities to cut unnecessary spending or just get ahead of the competition are just ignored or lost without decision-makers realizing what they’re missing or what’s really going on.

The cost of handling and managing documents plays a large part in the equation. For example, it’s been noted that on average, document costs represent up to 6% of revenues for most of these institutions. Of additional concern is that when companies finally decide to look into the cost of handling documents, most of them focus only on 10% of the document costs.


Moreover, workers spend an average of 7 minutes to file a paper document and five minutes to retrieve a document, which translates to $.33 per office worker minute and $1.06 per manager minute. Lastly, mishandling of documents have their own specific costs too: recreating single lost document averages to $220 while finding a misfiled document goes $120, dealing heavy costs to companies working with large number of documents.


This realization has catapulted document management software to the forefront of modern institutional operations, and now that there are so many of them to handle controlling document cost by facilitating smoother collaboration, sharing, secure storage, faster transactions and conclusion of negotiations, it falls on you to guide your business to negotiate the forest of offerings in the industry.

And when it comes to choosing the right document management software to match with your unique business needs, we always say that the vastly featured solution loaded with an immense range of capabilities does not immediately make them the best fit for you. The right mix of features, pricing schemes and cost, customer support, scalability, and multiple platform support must all be counted in the final reckoning.

To help you in this direction, we had our experts take a look at one the popular Document Management Software, PandaDoc, and compile the top ten alternatives to PandaDoc that you might well consider as fitting to meet the unique requirements of your business.

What is PandaDoc?

pandadoc dashboard example

From 2013 when it was established, PandaDoc has become, for the thousands of its users counting some recognizable names, the document management software of choice with its powerful features that allow them to easily create, track and execute proposals, quotes, contracts, esignatures, and other business-critical transaction documents. For years, they’ve made the most of the application suite whose core features support robust team management, content management, workflow, branding, productivity, tracking, securing higher close rates, and many more. As well, they find tremendous utility and convenience in how PandaDoc enables them to work efficiently with the world’s leading ERP, CRMs, cloud storage, payment and other mission-critical systems.

If you’d like to try out the software on your own the vendor offers a great free trial that you can try. You can easily sign up for PandaDoc free trial here.


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Benefits of PandaDoc

PandaDoc is popular for its intuitive collaboration and productivity tools. Here are the main benefits of this platform:

  1. Collaborate in a breeze. In-proposal activity logging and commenting allows other team members to get in the act to work out details to close deals in hours or minutes.
  2. Quickly close and sign deals with eSignatures. It allows making agreements legally binding in a flash.
  3. Create powerful documents fast. Vast content libraries, templates enable fast creation of proposals or other documents.
  4. Integrates with multiple platforms. All two dozen tools may be called to work with several third-party applications like CRM, accounting, cloud storage, payment gateway, sales and marketing, and others.
  5. Powerful analytics. Many levels of tracking allow you to see how much time your recipient spends on each section and thus enable you to make proper adjustments as you see fit to make your presentation more compelling. It’s like a cheat code, and it’s all legal.
  6. Clearly improved productivity and efficiency. Multiple tools working in tandem results in 100% accuracy, 50% reduction in time creating documents, 30% boost in close rates, and 15% increase in value per deal.

Notwithstanding its key features and main benefits, PandaDoc isn’t for everyone. You may have unique needs that are not totally addressed by this software. In such a case, it helps to investigate the other alternatives to PandaDoc. Here our top ten picks.

1. PDFelement

pdfelement dashboard example

First on our list of top ten alternatives to PandaDoc is PDFelement, a powerful application that lets you create, extract, split, combine, edit, customize, organize, export and secure files smoothly. Its tidy and easy-to-use interface, intuitive menus, integrated review and comment functions, help businesses organize and streamline their workflows, with clearly defined ways to facilitate quick collaboration, while a 256-bit AES encryption technology ensures documents are tightly secured. You may also check out other PDFElement alternatives here.

Why use PDFElement instead of PandaDoc?

  1. PDF control is excellent: extract, create, edit, combine, convert or export PDF documents all in one neat package.
  2. It’s Optical Character Recognition is a uniquely handy tool dealing with hard copies rather than soft copies.
  3. Allows you to create easily fillable PDF forms.

Why use PandaDoc instead of PDFElement?

  1. That eSignature feature is just too convenient and compelling a tool to handle transactions.
  2. The kind of analytics it provides is almost reason enough to ignore anything else on the market.
  3. The degree of integration it allows with other industry standards can bring your operations to a level you have never imagined before.

2. PDFfiller

pdffiller dashboard example

Perceived by many as one of the safest and best-rated signing and sharing platform, PDFfiller is a highly versatile cloud-based PDF editor, one of the most intuitive and easiest to use among a long list of document management software. It is designed in such a way that even without previous training, any user could choose a plan, sign in, and be fast on the way to work required changes to PDF documents. It’s one of the nearest approaches to paperless business, foregoing the need for hardcopy, physical signing, tedious printing: in their places, one instead inspects and authorizes a newly created file, contracts pulled from Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, or Box account—effectively eliminating much of administration-related workload. As a platform for trustworthy and binding business transactions, PDFfiller’s powerful eSigning feature supports binding signatures with a photo fully verified in 50 states. And as all signers and recipients require two-factor authentication, PDFfiller makes sure the whole operation is fully HIPAA compliant. We give you more PDFfiller alternatives, to expand your options.

Why use PDFfiller instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It facilitates easy management of remote office and document storage compliant with state law.
  2. Enforcing brand requirements is easy with tight sharing and signing platforms.
  3. It offers fax services for those companies that need them.

Why use PandaDoc instead of PDFfiller?

  1. It offers multiple workspaces and roles and user management.
  2. It has a comprehensive content and image libraries
  3. If offers sender selection and auto reminders.

3. LogicalDOC

logicaldoc dashboard example

Focusing on fast retrieval, automation of business process, and sporting multiple platform support, LogicalDOC is a straightforward document management system that allows teams to create, co-author, share, and coordinate documents via an enterprise-grade system. The efficient software improves collaboration and boosts productivity through its powerful web interface, easy and seamless integration to MS Office and Outlook, and automatic import from shared folders. Digital watermarking, content annotations, workflow automations, file versioning, on-premise and cloud deployment, and file versioning ensure robust protection to the overall document management system. If you are looking for other features, there are other alternatives to LogicalDOC.

Why use LogicalDOC instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It offers custom reports.
  2. If allows digital watermarking.
  3. It could be deployed on-premise or via cloud.

Why use PandaDoc instead of LogicalDOC?

  1. It offers cost and margin calculation.
  2. It allows content locking.
  3. It offers contract lifecycle management.

4. Noodle Intranet

noodle dashboard example

At the heart of every document management software is collaboration, and Noodle Intranet redefines collaboration by also encouraging its users to suggest ways to improve the features of its software, ensuring that every regular release has a waiting client base ready to embrace it. The novel approach covers such tasks as uploading of photos, merging of schedules, posting of documents, and sharing of ideas. Social tools are strong in Noodle Intranet, and features like custom icon uploading, video conferencing, creation of polls or surveys, support of up to 11 languages, embedding of videos and photos, viewing of personal user statistics, and others confirm it. To see more alternatives to Noodle Intranet, simply click on the link to it.

Why us Noodle Intranet instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It offers support for 11 languages.
  2. It allows you to create polls and surveys.
  3. It features video conferencing.

Why use PandaDoc instead of Noodle Intranet?

  1. Auto reminders keep you on top of your projects and transactions.
  2. Content locking enables quick security to your documents.
  3. Approvals engage team collaborators to focus on the needed elements of current projects.

5. eFileCabinet

efilecabinet dashboard example

Offering both in-premise and in-cloud deployment, eFileCabinet features speed, reliability, universal data access supported by open-API technology for a comprehensive document management software. In eFileCabinet, remote workers find a reliable way to connect with critical apps and systems to access all essential document management applications without having to go through tedious and confusing configuration. Moreover, you could tap in any device without compromising functionality. The host of features eFileCabinet offers include fast downloads and retrieval of files, rapid volume uploading of up to 50 files, file versioning, audit trails, digital signature integration, and advanced encryption and other security capabilities to simplify SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA compliance. In case you still need to look for more features, check out other alternatives to eFileCabinet.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of PandaDoc?

  1. If offers both in-cloud and on-premise deployment.
  2. It is highly optimized for mobile platforms.
  3. Open API feature allows users to connect to any software architecture of their choice.

Why use PandaDoc instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It is easy to configure, along with elements like price and quote.
  2. It provides calculation of cost and margin.
  3. It offers payment feature, useful for fast transactions.

6. Samepage

samepage dashboard example

Context is king with Samepage, and smart document workflow, scheduling, discussion topics, meeting agendas, conversations, instant messages, and task lists ensure team collaborators stay well focused on—okay—the same page. Samepage provides a platform where anyone can share pages with anyone, so they remain current and in sync. To ensure this happens, Samepage enables all these functions on mobile devices with real-time updates and calendar events to drive projects ahead and on schedule. For security, Samepage supplies user access controls that are easy to configure. For more options, see these other alternatives to Samepage.

Why use Samepage instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It organizes tasks, content, team conversation based on context so team members can be up to speed in no time.
  2. It provides chat for easy communications.
  3. Native apps seamlessly works on Android and iOS.

Why use PandaDoc instead of Samepage?

  1. It offers document forwarding and access codes.
  2. It provides auto numbering of documents.
  3. It allows for businesses to configure document expiration settings.

7. Templafy

templafy dashboard example

Seventh on our list of top ten alternatives to PandaDoc is Templafy, a document management software that provides a smart way to dynamically update and share document templates and brand assets—from anywhere and from any device. Every time you open a document from your mobile device or from your desktop, the software ensures that you are using the latest version. It looks after the integrity of your brand, checking that the whole team follows your company’s strict brand guidelines The solution is supported by strong communication suites and robust security compliance. Templafy integrates with MS Office, Google Docs, Sharepoint and it allows you to use your company document templates to keep your corporate look and feel consistent across letters, emails, presentations, contracts and other communication materials. Templafy’s pursuit of keeping the integrity of your brand, strong communication and sharing tools, and its reliability with document updates present compelling reasons you could consider it a viable alternative to PandaDoc. Since it is also scalable, Templafy future-proofs your business, growing and going with you. Need more help to figure out what you need? No worries, simply look at these other alternatives to Templafy.

Why use Templafy instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It allows you to create documents with up-to-date professional and personal information.
  2. It keeps brand assets in one place to ensure employees are using the correct templates.
  3. It features enterprise-scale email solutions.

Why use PandaDoc instead of Templafy?

  1. It offers access to PandaDoc API, SDK, and webhooks.
  2. It provides private team training sessions.
  3. It features unlimited templates and eSignatures.

8. Zimbra

zimbra dashboard example

At the core of Zimbra is a personal cloud with an inbox that is fully integrated with your email. That cloud setup then gives you powerful voice, task, address book along with calendar, files and file-sharing capabilities. Once you have set up your cloud account, the magic of Zimbra’s collaboration tools comes to the fore, spicing up your collective activities with blogs, wikis, media galleries and video embedding, content editing and web pages, tags and tag clouds. With these features, Zimbra allows you to send friend requests, create events and polls, like statuses, or leave comments. A powerful suite of multimedia tools, expert finding and community building capabilities, backed by easy collaborative content editing and sharing systems make Zimbra a great proposition if your company thrives on social media drives and compelling multimedia content. All of these show why Zimbra occupies number 8 on our list of top ten alternatives to PandaDoc. Of course if you still need to study other options, we always provide a way with these other alternatives to Zimbra.

Why use Zimbra instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It facilitates email archiving and discovery.
  2. It offers media galleries, photo and video embedding.
  3. It features instant messaging.

Why use PandaDoc instead of Zimbra?

  1. It offers email and phone support.
  2. It integrates with CRMs and other tools.
  3. It features document embedding option.

9. Alfresco

alfresco dashboard example

At number nine in our top ten alternatives to PandaDoc document management software is Alfresco, whose Enterprise Content Management, Process Management, Web Content Management, Digital Image Management, Records Management, Information Governance and Case Management systems serve as foundation to help businesses and the government remove the burden of volumes of information by effectively streamlining document editing, collaboration, and sharing. As information becomes ever more critical in the success of corporations, Alfresco sifts through valuable information in the emails of employees whose separate tasks mean scattered information that need to be collected, managed, and safely stored in conveniently secured repository. If its features fall short or prove to be excess to your requirements, fret not and check out other alternatives to Alfresco.

Why use Alfresco instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It offers extended enterprise collaborations.
  2. It allows for process management and information governance.
  3. It features cade and records management.

Why use PandaDoc instead of Alfresco?

  1. It offers pricing tables and product catalogs.
  2. It allows for custom branding.
  3. It features content usage reporting.

10. CaptureFast

capturefast dashboard example

CaptureFast is mainly designed for quick capturing of key data from paper-based forms on the go. This cloud-based software allows field employees to quickly input essential information from forms such as receipts, contracts, leases, cheques, and other kinds of files with the help of their Android or iOS device. Simply create templates and parameters, and CaptureFast will digitize the form and directly send it to your business system. Basically, you no longer have to worry about manual data entering, errors, and duplicate information as the software will precisely enter all important details for you. For more flexibility in your processes, you can take advantage of CaptureFast’s seamless integrations and APIs. If you’re looking for other suitable options, take a look at other CaptureFast alternatives.

Why use CaptureFast instead of PandaDoc?

  1. Easily capture essential details from paper documents and automatically input all information to your business system without manual data entering.
  2. Store your digital forms in various formats.
  3. Precisely extract key details from various types of documents.

Why use PandaDoc instead of CaptureFast

  1. Utilize an easy to use drag-and-drop document editor for document creation.
  2. Automate approval processes with a built-in workflow management system.
  3. Seamlessly and effectively work together with your team during contract negotiations through its built-in collaboration tools.
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