Top 10 Alternatives to Samanage: Analysis of Popular Customer Support Software Solutions

Top-notch customer service is essential to satisfy and retain customers. Take a look at these stats: 78% of consumers will not buy your product if your customer service is bad. In contrast, loyal patrons are worth 10 times their first purchase.

The probability of selling to a current customer is 60-70% compared to the 5-20% probability of selling to a new lead. 12 positive experiences are needed to compensate for one unresolved bad experience. It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than to retain a current one.

Now, let’s look at stats on customer experience: In a study on digital marketing trends, 22% of companies stated that customer experience is the most exciting opportunity for 2022 ahead of content marketing and mobile marketing.  Another study found that by 2020 customer experience will become the most important brand differentiator ahead of price and product. Why do businesses wish to improve customer experience? 42% companies cited enhanced customer retention, 33% cited improved customer satisfaction, and 32% named increase in up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

The above stats tell you the importance of providing quality customer service. You can do this by investing in a good customer support software solution. To help you shortlist the best ones in the market we provide information on the key tools offered by Samanage as well as the top 10 alternatives to Samanage in this article.

What is Samanage?

Samanage dashboard

Samanage is a leading asset management and IT service desk software solution. You can deploy it quickly via a SaaS-based model. This means there is no need for hardware, installation, or maintenance. Plus, the software is multi-tenant which means you always get to use a new instance of the platform at all times.

Why is Samanage considered a top-notch customer support software product? To start, you can streamline fulfillment processes, service requests, and tickets. Help end-users resolve their queries on them by accessing the knowledge base. Build on best practices and shared knowledge from past incidents. Improve your customer support by processing insights on your assets. Finally, the software enables you to plan and execute your tactics, procedures, and policies across the company.

Benefits of Samanage

  1. It is intuitive and visually designed.
  2. It is easily scalable.
  3. You can track the full lifecycle of your assets.
  4. Make your IT unit more efficient by offloading routine tasks.
  5. Create SLA goals and track their progress.
  6. Control and monitor assets across your business.

If you feel Samanage is not the best fit for your company’s needs, don’t switch off. We also look at the key features of the top 10 alternatives to Samanage to provide you with a greater number of choices.

Top 10 Alternatives to Samanage

1. Freshdesk

freshdesk dashboard

Freshdesk is a widely used cloud-hosted help desk platform that stands out for its top rate features and excellent customer service. Key features include smart automation, multiple SLA policies, self-service portals, integrated game mechanics to boost agent productivity, and multichannel capability. In addition, you get standard features like help desk ticketing, community platform, and knowledge base. The vendor offers a great free trial as well that allows you to try out all the key features of the app.

After setup, Freshdesk converts your support emails into tickets to enable you to track them easily for a quick response. Plus, you can link tickets to forum questions and vice versa which enables your agents to provide streamlined responses to queries. Highlights of this application are integrated phone support and live chat tools.

The platform integrates easily with your CRM and other productivity tools to help you pull out customer info effortlessly. It also works well with leading multimedia applications such as Slideshare, YouTube, Google Apps, and others to enhance your knowledge base.

To give you more options, check out good Freshdesk alternatives.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk dashboard

Zendesk offers a range of unique benefits to help companies provide better quality customer service. The system is easy to deploy and you can get started in minutes. Plus, you can unite all your support channels such as phone, live, chat, email, and social media for effortless tracking and quick delivery. You can enhance your support efforts with time-saving widgets like streamlined conversations, automation, sharing, ticket views, and triggers.

With Zendesk, you can offer self-service options by setting up intuitive FAQ  searches, online communities, knowledge bases, and 24/7 online service portals. Now, your customers need not contact your agents for small queries as they can find a resolution themselves.



Try out Zendesk with their free trial

Another advantage is the platform offers lots of customization and branding opportunities. Finally, you can utilize the reporting and analytics tools to get details on customer satisfaction ratings and to measure the performance of your support team against set targets.

If you want more choices, explore good Zendesk alternatives in the market today.

3. Freshservice

Freshservice DashboardFreshservice is a widely used cloud-based customer support suite that empowers businesses of all sizes to provide excellent customer support. It offers plug-and-play ITIL that complies with best practices and you don’t need expert opinions or expensive consultations. Top key functionalities include CMDB, asset discovery, knowledge base, and strong ticketing system. Additional capabilities include change management, incident management, release management, problem management, and vendor management.

How does Freshservice help to improve your customer service efforts? The core tool is incident management which ensures no customer query is missed. The service desk can be accessed on multiple channels and you can automate routine tasks to make your processes more efficient. In addition, your agents can collaborate seamlessly to find accurate solutions to each query. The best part is the system allows you to track and roll back changes. The lack of this feature causes the majority of IT issues.



Try out Freshservice with their free trial

For more good options, browse for Freshservice alternatives.

4. LiveAgent

Liveagent Dashboard

LiveAgent is a leading help desk support software product that combines multiple channels into one compact package. Why have we included LiveAgent in this list of top 10 alternatives to Samanage? To start, this platform includes email support, live chat, and social media integration (Twitter and Facebook). Key features include file sharing, gamification, contact forms, statuses, and POP3 accounts.

What makes LiveAgent such a robust solution? The app is intuitive and simple, which makes it easy to learn and use effectively. You just need a few hours to master the system and learn about all the essential features.  In addition, even small clients get prompt 24/7 support on multiple channels. The advantage is the support agents are in-house which means you get native expertise and fast resolution times. Finally, the pricing plans are very flexible and you can easily scale up or down as per your needs and pay only for what you use.



Try out LiveAgent with their free trial

If you wish to scout for other solutions, take a look at LiveAgent alternatives.

5. TeamSupport

teamsupport dashboard

TeamSupport is a comprehensive customer support suite that empowers you to effortlessly manage clients and resources, streamline relationships between different business units, and collaborate and communicate more effectively to provide faster and more accurate responses. Your whole company can function as a single unit to resolve customer queries. For example, your support team agents can easily collaborate with finance, technical, and sales staff to provide superior customer service.

Key features of TeamSupport include ticket automation, live chat, ticket management, screen recordings, top-notch reporting, and sophisticated self-service portals. Your company managers can utilize the internal chat tool to converse in real-time with your support team agents and other employees. The mobile version of the platform can be used on popular devices such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, and iOS. If you run into any issues, you can count on prompt and knowledgeable technical help for speedy resolution.

For more good choices, explore the features of TeamSupport alternatives.

6. ConnectWise Control

Connectwise dashboard

ConnectWise Control is an efficient software system for remote meetings, access, and support. Technicians can use this remote support software to manage machines, provide updates, and repair computers. Plus, they can prepare presentations and conduct online seminars and remote meetings.

Why should you opt for ConnectWise Control? This reputed productivity tool enables seamless communication between your agents and technicians empowering them to provide top-rate customer service. They can use its wide range of collaboration tools to share tasks, files, and opinions, and help each other. All agents can get seamless access to the central customer database to get insights into historical cases to provide more accurate resolutions. In addition, you can customize the platform to highlight your company’s icons and logos. The company recently introduced a new version of the software with enhanced Mac and Linux features.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

Try out ConnectWise Control with their free trial

If you are not satisfied, browse the top ConnectWise Control alternatives.

7. dashboard example (formerly Assistly) is a leading help desk application that is designed for small and medium-sized companies but is also robust enough for larger corporations. It collates customer conversations in a single channel where your support team can collaborate to manage and personalize responses with efficiency. The platform enables you to provide support on multiple channels such as phone, chat, email, and social media. allows you to add or remove agents as needed and engage your customers with integrated social media features. You can track the customer experience on social sites and resolve their issues there. For instance, you can utilize Facebook private messaging to offer social support. Main features include case management, customer profiles, business insights, customizable reports, multilingual support, and Salesforce integration.

Detailed Review

If you wish to look at other options, browse some viable alternatives.

8. Salesforce Service Cloud

salesforce service cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud allows your agents to interact with customers on channels such as social media and video. They can manage customer issues from a single interface that is accessible via smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Customers can browse the knowledge base and also contact community members to find solutions for their queries. In short, this application helps to improve customer retention and loyalty.

Salesforce Service Cloud integrates smoothly with other Salesforce platforms as well as with third-party systems such as Five9, FinancialForce HCM, InGenius, Vocalcom,, and others. In addition, the pricing packages are flexible and suitable for the needs of businesses of all scales. The vendor offers a free trial to help you check out the features firsthand before you shell out any money. Top features include customizable agent console, customizable reporting and analytics, role permissions, workflow and approval automation, and LiveAgent web chat.

If you want to look at other solutions, browse for some viable Salesforce Service Cloud alternatives.

Detailed Salesforce Service Cloud Review

9. Front

Front dashboard

Front allows your support team to efficiently manage their email inbox. They can collect all internal and external messages, support and sales emails, chat conversations, SMS messages, and notifications from Facebook Messenger and Twitter in a consolidated inbox. This single inbox experience helps to boost team collaboration as agents can work together to improve customer communication and satisfaction.

You can integrate Front with your existing software solutions such as Salesforce and Github to make communication more responsive, timely, and organized. In addition, you can assign messages to team members both manually and automatically. The best part is Front is easy to use as its design is based on popular email apps such as Gmail and Outlook. However, Front boasts a superior user interface and plenty of extra features.

For more good choices, browse for Front alternatives.

Detailed Front Review

10. JIRA Service Desk

jira service desk dashboard

JIRA Service Desk is a hosted service desk solution from the Atlassian stable. This platform is widely used by many leading open source projects. Software companies deploy it as a tool to track software development issues as it can identify and track software bugs. Customers can submit tickets for their issues or get resolutions via the self-service portal.

Key features of JIRA Service Desk include performance metrics, real-time info and updates, ITIL-ready templates, automation, and knowledge base via Atlassian Confluence. Top benefits are a user-friendly platform with quick installation and configurable dashboards with a wide range of supported widgets. This solution helps to connect IT and development teams. You can deploy it in the cloud or on-premise. Finally, the vendor offers reliable customer support on multiple channels as well as training for new users.

If you are not satisfied, take a look at some JIRA Service Desk alternatives.

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