Top 10 Alternatives to Jira Service Desk: Leading Customer Support Software Solutions

Customer support software has become a critical tool for just about any business. They have earned a reputation for resolving client inquiries, engaging customers and increasing bottom lines. This is undoubtedly the reason for their popularity among many companies. Shopping for such a tool should pose no problem for any organization as there are lots of them out there.

One of these is Jira Service Desk, a robust platform that offers all the needed functionalities in such a product. In this article, we will seek to provide you a list of the top 10 alternatives to Jira Service Desk. Tool features, functionalities, and pricing will be discussed in detail to provide you with a clear idea whether a product will suit your needs.

The importance of customer service has always been recognized by companies. Poor customer service can dent business reputation and adversely impact bottom lines. What’s worse is that dissatisfied customers no longer rely on word by mouth in spreading their frustration to others. New technologies now allow them to vent out their disappointments to much wider audiences, which could pose problems for organizations.

This is why companies, big and small put great emphasis on the fast and standardized resolution of support concerns not only of clients but staff as well. It is for this reason that businesses face the challenges of shopping for the ideal customer support solution. But do bear in mind that these tools do not fall under the “one size fits all” category as the needs of medium-size organizations are not the same as those of their large counterparts.

The Impact of Customer Service

Now you might ask what’s all the fuzz about customer support providers about? So it is but prudent that the case for these tools be made. So what is it that they do that businesses should consider purchasing one? All organizations, regardless of size and type must make sure that IT downtimes are reduced or even made available at any time. Help desk tools put emphasis on resolving technical concerns at the shortest time possible, a concept that applies to all business sectors. Aside from these basic functions, it is likewise good to know that you can improve the experience you provide clients; you can read this article on how help desk software improves customer experience.

Customer service is the best way to keep clients happy and this is where help desk software excels. Many businesses have been investing in these systems, proof of which is the notable increase in job listings for customer service reps. The clamor for these tools is but one of the trends shaping customer service and even as these tools have been established as effective in boosting support, their impact on corporate profits are largely unrecognized. While it is true that they benefit organizations, clients and employees can also benefit from customer support software.

What Is Jira Service Desk?

Powerful service desk solution Jira Service Desk is designed to help users fulfill their customer service and IT service management requirements. It is built for IT teams for use in delivering end-to-end services to clients, contributing to strategies that could align organizational needs while meeting organizational objectives.

Jira comes with templates that are customizable for problem, service request and ITIL-certified incident management. Its machine learning feature provides agents with self-service capability through a portal where they can search for answers to queries. The system is likewise highly-suitable for agile virtual teams as it supports collaboration.

Support and development is optimized as the system seamlessly integrates with Jira Software. Bug issues are immediately resolved while an embedded widget significantly accelerates customer response times. The solution’s open-source street cred allows Jira to manage software bugs by becoming a software development issue tracking tool.

Benefits of Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk solution offers your organization a myriad of benefits. The platform has proven itself as an excellent tool for improving customer support. Organizations need to offer competitive support to keep clients satisfied. So how exactly does the software benefit businesses? The following are but some of the benefits of Jira Service Desk.

  1. Faster Resolution of Tickets. As help desk tools promote collaboration among support personnel, ticket resolution takes less time, becomes more accurate. Jira Service Desk accomplishes this by routing tickets to experts or immediately accessing product specification. Tickets can likewise be categorized based on priority or escalation, allowing for the resolution of urgent concerns.
  2. ITIL-Certified Service Desk. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework that is based on best ITSM practices. Being ITIL-certified, the platform is able to help support teams in incident, change, problem and service request management.
  3. Consistent Resolution of Tickets. Accelerated in ticket resolution is not enough if they are not done on a regular basis. They can be consistently practiced as Jira Service Desk records unique complaints while logging best practices for later use so that agents would know just what to do when a similar issue crops up.
  4. Accurate Resolution of Tickets. Accurately resolving tickets saves precious time, making it an integral part of customer support. Using help desk software, technical queries can be routed to in-house experts or IT departments, who can provide accurate solutions.
  5. Addresses Service Level Agreements. Bungling SLAs is a no no when providing support. The platform allows different SLAs to be assigned to their individual workflows. This ensures that individual SLAs get the right customer service.
  6. Real-time collaboration. Customer service reps can collaborate using the software in real time from a single dashboard. They can share insights and ideas and boost visibility and communication, allowing businesses to effectively deliver their service objectives.
  7. Data Security. With Jira Service Desk, you can rest assured that you have system access all the time even during sudden hardware failures. Service delivery is scaled as the system makes sure that downtime is minimized and that no additional licensing fees are imposed despite capacity increase. A firewall, meantime, secures your data against possible breaches.
  8. All Tickets Are Serviced. To miss a ticket is basically to deny support, which can greatly affect customer satisfaction. The software ensures that all agents are alerted to their day’s tickets. Rules that automatically convert emails to tickets, which are eventually channeled to ticket management can also be set.
  9. Automates Redundant Tasks. In customer service, there exist tasks that are deemed redundant, which can be otherwise automated. This include FAQs and compliance, which when done automatically, can allow managers and agents to focus on more important matters. The software can setup automation to significantly lessen agents’ workloads allowing them to solve more important issues.
  10. Knowledge Base Building. As stated above, there are repetitive tasks that can be automated. These are essentially redundant queries, which are better off compiled and organized into FAQs, which can be easily created with templates that Jira Service Desk provides.
  11. Compatibility With The Atlassian Marketplace. Jira Service Desk is compatible with 350 Atlassian Marketplace apps. These integrations help users improve their services by leveraging the power of surveys, asset management and CRM, among other tools.

Top 10 Alternatives to Jira Service Desk

As powerful as Jira Service Desk is, it is a fact that no single customer support software offers all the requirements of organizations. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives to Jira Service Desk. These are equally robust systems that are also popular in the market. However, if by the end of this reading, you still feel that you need to know more of these products, check this top 20 customer support software guide

1. Freshdesk

Popular customer support software Freshdesk is the flagship product of software developer Freshworks. It sports myriad features that are bound to benefit businesses of any size and type by offering them the ability to store service requests in a singular location while promoting collaboration among users.

While the tool focuses primarily on ticketing and email support, it likewise collects customer data, storing them in a self-service portal that is accessible 24/7. It is highly-customizable and offers service analytics and reporting capabilities.

Freshdesk is available in a variety of pricing models that suit both SMBs and large enterprises, starting at $19/agent per month. For those who require only the tool’s basic features, a free version is also available. If you want to know more such tools, check out Freshdesk alternatives here.

Why Use Freshdesk Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It allows agents to access all information and service requests from a single location.
  2. It labels tickets and customizes fields so that service orders are routed to the right person.
  3. It monitors customer posts about products on social media platforms.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of Freshdesk?

  1. Jira Service Desk can save users a lot of time as it accurately resolves tickets.
  2. It allows users to build their own knowledge bases.

2. Zendesk

One of the most popular customer support and ticketing platforms in the market, Zendesk is known for constant feature and functionality upgrades. It is highly-suited for remote and international support teams. This simple yet powerful customer support system can transform random customer interactions into steady relationships.

Branding and customization options, on the other hand, allow users to boost their companies’ brands. It supports different media channels while allowing for collaboration and guidance. An open API lets the product integrate seamlessly with third-party apps. If you think the tool is not for you, Zendesk alternatives may be the way to go.

Zendesk is available in different pricing models starting at $5/agent per month. If you choose to try its features first, a free trial is also available.



Try out Zendesk with their free trial

Why Use Zendesk Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It offers users massive branding and customization options
  2. It helps boost brand image, making companies appear more professional and reputable.
  3. It can analyze agent performance to the smallest detail.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of Zendesk?

  1. It is an ITIL-certified service desk
  2. It aids support teams in problem, change, incident and service request management.
  3. It allows users to build knowledge bases.

Detailed Zendesk Review

3. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials gives you two modules in one platform – a Sales Cloud CRM system and a Service Cloud customer support solution. The software is intended to assist small teams to accelerate the sales process, as well as help support teams deliver quality service across various customer channels. Service Cloud comes with a help desk software equipped with tools and features to beef up the capabilities of support teams in extending top-level service including efficient management of cases, automating support workflows, and delivering consistent experiences to customers from whatever support channels.

The help desk solution provides flexibility and scalability. It is able to sort and organize inquiries and automatically forward them to the right agent for fast and efficient issue resolution. It enables agents to prioritize cases whether they come from social media, phone calls, live chat, email, and other customer contact points, making sure that no issues slip through unattended. The help desk system is able to scale as your ticket volume and cases grow, ensuring that service efficiency and customer experiences are consistent all throughout. You can learn about other CRM solutions with these Salesforce Essentials alternatives.

Why use Salesforce Essentials instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It is able to organize and manage requests from different communication and contact channels.
  2. It provides connectivity and cohesion across various customer touchpoints.
  3. It extends self-service to customers for quickly finding answers to FAQs.

Why use Jira Service Desk instead of Salesforce Essentials?

  1. It offers a service desk that is ITIL-certified to ensure it follows ITSM best practices.
  2. It lets you create a self-service knowledge portal to deliver fast solutions to customers.
  3. It provides compatibility and integration with more than 300 apps.

Detailed Salesforce Essentials Review

4. Zoho Desk

Powered by Zia, Zoho’s artificial intelligence engine, Zoho Desk provides multi-channel customer support built around the context that defines each customer issue. Zoho Desk lets you present your own portal for self-service using your own unique brand, with links to ticket management, live chat, telephony and social media channels.

Its mobile implementation is robust, and integration with leading third-party application is well supported. You may head to this other Zoho Desk alternatives to expand your options.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Try out Zoho Desk with their free trial

Why use Zoho Desk instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. Zoho Desk gives you Zia, a powerful AI engine that automates many of your help desk processes and ties them into an integral system.
  2. It allows you to embed held desk function right inside your landing pages and even mobile apps.
  3. A Response Editor lets you draft your own unique response based on different factors.

Why use Jira Service Desk instead of Zoho Desk?

  1. It allows users to build their own knowledge base.
  2. It supports real-time collaboration
  3. It prevents access loss from hardware failures.

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5. Freshservice

Cloud-based customer support solution Freshservice is a robust tool that offers users plug and play ITIL, allowing them to comply with best practices without spending more. It sports features such as a powerful ticketing system, asset, problem, vendor and change management capabilities. With the software, you can rest assured that no customer query is ever missed.

Freshservice can be accessed through a variety of channels and is capable of automating just about any customer support task. To make things even better, the vendor has equipped the platform with the capability to analyze and resolve issues even before they could adversely impact productivity. Being cloud-deployed, the product needs no maintenance on the part of users with critical support data securely stored. In the event you want to know other products of this kind, read this Freshservice alternatives guide.

Freshservice can be purchased in different pricing models starting at $19/agent per month. For those who want to give it a try first, a 21-day free trial is also available.



Try out Freshservice with their free trial

Why Use Freshservice Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It comes with a self-service portal.
  2. It makes service request filing easier with its service catalog
  3. It allows for the remote resolution of IT issues.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of Freshservice?

  1. It offers real time collaboration
  2. Users can build their own knowledge base.
  3. It is an ITIL-certified customer support software.

Detailed Freshservice Review

6. TeamSupport

Designed for B2B users, TeamSupport is also an ideal alternative to Jira Service Desk. It has some of the best collaboration features in the category. The software is known to significantly improve ticket management and reduce support costs. It comes with visual tools that are highly beneficial to task management and multichannel support.

Small businesses need not worry when they experience growth as the platform is highly-scalable, able to adjust to their changing needs. It has integrations with popular CRM, help desk and email service providers. Maybe you want to now about similar tools, check out this TeamSupport alternatives page.

TeamSupport is being offered in two pricing plans a $50 and a $60 plan (billed annually). If you are interested to try it out first, a free trial is also available.

Why Use TeamSupport Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It allows users to aid one another at all times.
  2. It can monitor agent performance in real time.
  3. It provides companies with experienced help desk agents.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of Team Support?

  1. It prevents data and access loss by database synchronization and index replication.
  2. It allows businesses to achieve highly-successful ITIL-compliant support operations.
  3. It improves the way users manage incidents, change and service requests.

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7. LiveAgent

Another customer software worth looking into is LiveAgent. It is a feature-rich platform that is designed to help small and growing organizations to improve their customer support. The solution gives users complete visibility over all their client interactions, allowing them to provide streamlined support over multiple channels at any given time.

LiveAgent is capable of managing live chat support, ticketing and Facebook and Twitter assistance while offering users access to a 24/7 self-service portal. Agents can also be reached via audio calls as the vendor will be introducing a VoIP plugin, along with native iOS and Android apps that can help customers access support wherever and whenever. If you think LiveAgent cannot fulfill your requirements, you can settle for LiveAgent alternatives.

LiveAgent can be purchased in a variety of pricing plans starting at $9/agent per month. For those who want to try its features first, a free trial is also available.



Try out LiveAgent with their free trial

Why Use LiveAgent Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. LiveAgent comes with a unified inbox, which sends and stores tickets and service requests.
  2. It ensures that all relevant support data are safe and accounted for.
  3. Facebook and Twitter integrations allows users to capture social media trends.
  4. Chat and management features help customers unfamiliar issues.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of LiveAgent?

  1. Jira Service Desk automates repetitive tasks.
  2. It relieves agent workloads, enabling them to focus on more urgent concerns.
  3. It makes sure information are protected against loss through database synchronization and index replication.

Detailed LiveAgent Review

8. is one of the earliest tools of its kind in the market. This customer support software helps users tailor support to suit individual customers, allowing them to get the service that they prefer. The platform’s ability to manage data from a single dashboard helps businesses make data-driven decisions.

It has a knowledge base and support portals that allow customers to serve themselves and resolve concerns on their own. is mobile optimized, making it readily accessible and suited to all mobile devices. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing users to combine help desk and sales management. There are other tools like this one, check them out in this alternatives guide. is available in different pricing plans starting at $20/month (billed annually).

Why Use Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It allows users to access Twitter, Facebook, email, chat, discussion boards and phone.
  2. It ensures that all customer queries are viewed and addressed quickly and accurately.
  3. It can deliver weekly or monthly analytics and analyze outliers all from a single dashboard.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of

  1. It automates recurring tasks
  2. It is an ITIL-certified service desk
  3. It integrates with Jira Software
  4. It promotes real time collaboration.Samanage

Detailed Review

9. Samanage

IT service desk Samanage is designed to help companies to manage customer support more efficiently. It is known for its ease-of-use that even novices can use it with minimal training. This feature-rich system is further enhanced by capabilities such as end-to-end management, asset monitoring and ITIL practices. It comes with a service catalog, which improves company credibility with that professional look and feel.

Customers are empowered as the software has a self-service portal that allows them to access information instantly. Support commitments are accurately delivered with its service level agreements, along with performance measurement, response time tracking and service target settings. If you think the tool is not right for you, you can check out our Samanage alternatives.

Samanage’s pricing information are not publicly disclosed. You have to visit the official website and ask for a quote.

Why Use Samanage Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It streamlines processes such as tickets, service request and fulfillment.
  2. It processes assets insights to optimize support.
  3. It integrates email with self-service portals.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of Samanage?

  1. It prevents issue escalation.
  2. It is an ITIL-certified service desk.
  3. It saves time by automating repetitive tasks.

Detailed Samanage Review

10. ConnectWise Control

Customer support software ConnectWise Control focuses on the provision of remote support, allowing teams and agents to have control of their customers’ devices be they anywhere. It is highly reliable, secure and fast, enabling instant 3-step access and using AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication.

The system provides premium assistance for novice users, contributing to its ease-of-use. It offers collaboration and in-team assistance options, so that agents can resolve issues with great speed. Mac and Linux agents are supported, enabling users to remotely execute scripts and apps. If you feel the product does not have what you need, read this ConnectWise Control alternatives guide.

ConnectWise Control can be purchased in a variety of pricing plans starting at $19/month. For those who want to take it for a spin first, a free trial is also available.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

Try out ConnectWise Control with their free trial

Why Use ConnectWise Control Instead of Jira Service Desk?

  1. It offers brand and identity-centered service delivery.
  2. It is mobile optimized
  3. It has a search capability for filtering session types/groups.

Why Use Jira Service Desk Instead of ConnectWise Control?

  1. It is an issue tracking system.
  2. It offers an advanced self-service portal.
  3. It does not involve expensive setup and configuration.

Detailed ConnectWise Control Review

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