Document360 Pricing Packages: What’s Included in The Plans?

How much does Document360 cost?
The cost of Document360 starts at $59 per project per month. This package covers two team accounts and includes essential features, such as an unlimited number of articles, unlimited article versions, home page builder, and file manager. Three other packages target mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, the most sophisticated of which is priced at $599 per project per month.

Regardless of the industry, happy customers make businesses thrive. Keeping customers happy, however, remains to be the tricky part. When it comes to providing good customer support from pre- to post-sale stages, companies benefit from having a robust knowledge base. This means relying on good knowledge management software. Is Document360 it?

Document360 is known for its ability to help businesses create and administer a robust self-service knowledge base. In this article, we will delve deeper into the cost of this software solution and examine the tools and features that come with each plan. By doing so, you can have a better idea if Document360 is the right application for you and which plan suits your business requirements best.

document360 packages

Document360 Price Plans & Features

Living in the information age, most of us enjoy the privilege of accessing information at the tips of our fingers. When it comes to customer service, modern consumers have grown to be more resourceful and prefer conducting their own research. An article cites a study by Dimension Data, which reveals that 73% of customers rely on company websites to get the information they need.

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Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers

Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers
Website: 73


Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers
IVR: 57


Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers
Social Media: 31

Social Media

Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers
SMS: 27


Self-Service Channels Preferred by Customers
Live Chat: 20

Live Chat


Source: Dimension Data

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The growing interest in self-service options is changing the technology involved in customer support programs as more companies and developers shift toward building platforms that accommodate self-service elements. Not only does a self-service portal reduces the need for round the clock human customer support, but it also helps avoid clogging up the contact portals with inquiries and, thus, avoiding irate customers.

What makes a good self-service knowledge base may differ depending on the industry, type of business, and the customers it is intended to. Some businesses use content management systems; although CMS systems may work just fine, there are essential features that a dedicated knowledge management software does better. A powerful search function, for one, is a knowledge base staple; it helps narrow down the options, especially when searching for specific information in a sizeable knowledge base.

A good organization features, such as smart filters, are a must to help the end-users find the information they are looking for faster. Also, good self-service knowledge bases still have trustworthy help desk tools for the times when the end-user will need human intervention.

Overview of Document360

document360 dashboard

Document360 provides an easy to use self-service knowledge base for customers or end-users. It has a simple and clutter-free interface but also packed with easy to use and advanced features for creating private and public knowledge bases. Additionally, it scales with your business as you can easily expand your knowledge base as you continue to update and grow your products or services.

Knowledge base creation and management should not be a struggle and Document360 proves this by providing your team with easy to use editors with similar functions as the top marketing software solutions. Markdown editor, a simple but rich editing tool, works well when creating text-based content. Despite its minimalist interface, Document360’s editor is equipped with intuitive and advanced tools to help you create a user-friendly customer service portal that customers can navigate by themselves.


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A knowledge base needs to reflect the company’s branding and Document360 supports this. With its advanced customization features, you can design your knowledge base and landing pages to match your brand’s or company’s identity. When it comes to accessibility, Document360 is accessible both on the web and on mobile devices with an option for offline access by exporting the knowledge base to PDF document. As for keeping your data and documentation safe, Document360 has several security measures in place to prevent data and documentation loss and unauthorized access.

Detailed Document360 Review

Key Features of Document360:

  • Version control
  • File manager
  • Discussion platform
  • Advanced search
  • Smart editor
  • Category manager
  • Article lifecycle
  • Real-time preview
  • Export and import documentation
  • Backup and restore
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multichannel notifications
  • Branding and customization
  • Custom domain mapping
  • API access
  • IP restriction

Document360 Pricing Plans & Features

Document360 pricing plans are tailored to cater to different business sizes from small startups to large enterprises. All four plans have free trial runs and payment options of either monthly or annually. Some features (storage, number of accounts, page visits, etc.) have limits in place depending on the plan. In case a customer exceeds the limit, additional charges will be incurred.

1. Startup Plan

This plan caters to small businesses that are just getting acquainted with knowledge management systems. It has all the base features offered by Document360 priced at $59/month per project ($49 if billed annually).

What’s included in the Starter Plan? 

  • 2 team accounts ($5/month per account)
  • 5GB storage 
  • ($1/month per additional GB)
  • 10,000 visits/month ($1/month for additional 1,000 visits)
  • 1 project version
  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited article version
  • File manager
  • Global CDN

The team accounts can be the owner or editor or anyone assigned with a contributing role. While the Startup plan supports unlimited articles and article versions, its 5GB storage accommodate not only the text documents but all of the data in your knowledge base (images, files, other media, etc.) All files are also easily organized with the help of the file manager feature which allows you to create folders, sub-folders, and tags. 

The article versions feature is a helpful tool when it comes to tracking the changes made to a specific article by comparing the two versions. Meanwhile, the project version allows you to clone your entire knowledge base, which is helpful when it comes to beta testing of new designs, additional functions, and more. In case you will need additional storage or you need to expand your page visit limit without upgrading your plan, the additional charges are affordable enough to do so.

Document360 documentation editor

Get a preview of how your knowledge base will look like as you build it.

2. Business Plan

Ideal for a growing business, this plan starts at $179/month per project ($149 if billed annually). It also has the same features as the Startup package plus the following:

What’s included in the Business Plan?

  • 5 team accounts ($7/month per account)
  • 50GB storage ($1/month per additional GB)
  • 50,000 visits/month ($1/month for additional 1,000 visits)
  • 2 project versions
  • Private knowledge base
  • Analytics and reporting (30 days)
  • Backup and restore (30 days)
  • Notifications (all channels)
  • In-app assistant
  • Custom Javascript/CSS/HTML
  • Integrations and API access
  • Export to PDF

At this price point, your knowledge base can accommodate more team accounts, has larger storage, a higher number of visits, and more project versions. Aside from the public knowledge base, you can now also create a private knowledge base. A private knowledge base requires account registration before end-users can access exclusive content. Another feature helpful feature is the in-app assistant that you can add to your website or the mobile app. This is a widget that provides further assistance to your end-users when it comes to finding the information they need. You can also export your knowledge base to PDF, so your end-users can access it even when they are offline

Multiple integration capabilities also start in the Business plan. These integrations include internal and third-party applications such as Google Analytics, Intercom, Disqus, customer support tools like Freshdesk, and more. You can also automatically send notifications across the best communication software systems (Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, etc.) depending on the triggers you set.

Document360 can automatically backup your project daily. In case you need to restore your project to its prior state, you can do this as well. Reporting and analytics allow you to monitor your knowledge base’s performance as well as your team’s contributions. You can keep track of which article does well, which does not, which content is frequently searched, and more.

Document360 site visibility

Keep track of which readers and how many are using your private knowledge base.

3. Enterprise Plan

A larger company accommodates a larger number of data and records a larger number of activities. Priced at $359/month per project ($299 if billed annually), Document360’s Enterprise plan is also currently the most recommended among the four with the following additional features:

What’s included in the Enterprise Plan?

  • 15 team accounts ($9/month per account)
  • 150GB storage ($1/month per additional GB)
  • 150,000 page visit/month ($1/month for additional 1,000 visits)
  • 6 project versions
  • Analytics and reporting (90 days)
  • Backup and restore (90 days)
  • IP restriction
  • Security groups and roles
  • Audit logging (90 days)

Enterprise has additional security measures in place. The IP restriction allows you to limit the usage of knowledge base to a specific IP address or a range of IPs. You can now limit the access of your team members based on their roles in the project. Moreover, tracking your team members’ activities within the project is now possible. These activities include which member gained access to a file or document, the revisions made, and others.

Document360 admin setting

Document360 gives you visibility of your team members and their activities.

4. Enterprise Plus Plan

As the most expensive among the four plans, the Enterprise Plus starts at $599/month per project ($499 if billed annually). This particular plan is best for established corporations with multiple knowledge base pages to create and maintain. This plan has the same number of features as the Enterprise. Some features are expanded to accommodate the needs of a larger business:

What’s included in the Enterprise Plus Plan?

  • 30 team accounts ($9/month per account)
  • 300GB storage ($1/month per additional GB)
  • 300,000 page visits ($1/month for additional 1,000 visits)
  • 12 project versions
  • Analytics and reporting (180 days)
  • Backup and restore (180 days)
  • Audit logging (180 days)

Which Document360 Plan Is Right for You?

Choosing the right plan will all boil down to several considerations. Among these considerations are the size and nature of your business, your intended audience, and your budget. For small businesses that are still new to knowledge base creation and management, the Startup plan is a great option.

The Startup plan has all the standard features that will introduce small business owners to the general structure of a knowledge base, which makes it is less complicated to manage. Upgrading to a higher plan is easy to keep up with your growing business. However, free trials are still the best way to decide which plan is right for you.

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