Pros & Cons of Oracle Hospitality: Analysis of a Top Hotel Management Platform

Technology has radically changed the hospitality industry. Customers’ expectations continue to rise even as the industry tries to keep pace with the changes. The service mantra is to be better, faster, and more hassle-free than ever before. This explains the increasing demand for robust technological solutions like PMS, POS, and hotel management software, that can keep up with the times.

Clearly, there’s a need for industry players to level up whether we’re talking about checking in at a hotel, dining at a casino f&b outlet, or disembarking from a cruise ship. Technology is widely acknowledged as one of the potent accelerators for business revenue by helping ensure a better customer experience. And it is in this area where a hotel management software like Oracle Hospitality can offer much-needed help.

This article on the pros and cons of Oracle Hospitality enumerates some of the features and limitations of the software. This is an excellent way to help you determine whether it is the ideal hotel management software for your business needs.

Oracle Hospitality pros and cons

There was a time was when standardization and homogeneity were the norms in the hospitality industry.

Today, the scenario has taken 180 degrees.  Increasing personalization or individualization has become a mainstay among top trend predictions this past couple of years. Millennials are swiftly taking over the market used to be lorded over by the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, and they’re bringing along their new set of expectations, attitudes, and preferences to the fray.

Millennials Social Media Behavior and the Hospitality Industry

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As digital natives, millennials rely heavily on technology for their recreational decisions.  Hospitality for millennials is about taking to social media to decide on which hotel to book, which to avoid, where to share their experiences, and where to travel next. For a generation raised on the wonders of advanced technology, this segment of the market is also banking on the industry’s widespread use of technology to meet their rising expectations.

Now, more than ever, there’s a pressing need for holistic and integrated hotel management solutions that not only serve the needs of a particular service area but synergize and orchestrate all the complex services involved. This is the only way to ensure the smooth flow of information within the organization, between departments, and among the staff.

Information is key to guaranteeing customer satisfaction every step of the way. For a hotel guest, that means snag-free online booking, a smooth check-in, hassle-free dining, right up to effortless check-out.  Take away the uninterrupted flow of information and it’s easy to see that a lot of things can go wrong.

What is Oracle Hospitality?

Oracle Hospitality dashboard

Oracle Hospitality is an enterprise-level platform that provides solutions that fulfill the hospitality industry’s needs for innovation, service efficiency, and simplified IT requirements,  At its core, the objective is enhanced customer experience made possible through the use of innovative technology. This is the kind of technology that seeks to better understand the guest, and orchestrate the management of different services for frictionless execution and delivery.

More than just offering software, Oracle Hospitality is a comprehensive suite comprised of hardware, software, and connected services that include cloud-based solutions to enable companies to know their clients better, deliver enhanced customer experiences, as well as create more revenues by accepting direct bookings and payments.

Since the industry is wide-ranging, with sectors that have different needs and requirements, the Oracle Hospitality platform adopted a three-pronged approach: Hotels Technology Suite, Casino and Gaming Products; and Global Cruise Ship Products. Each offering is meant to home in on the particular needs of each sector.

Detailed Oracle Hospitality Review

Key Features of Oracle Hospitality

  • Enterprise cloud solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • Back office
  • Central solutions
  • Property management solutions
  • Retail
  • Kitchen management
  • POS
  • Hotel food and beverage
  • Distribution
  • Fleet management
  • Materials management

Pros & Cons of Oracle Hospitality

1. The Oracle’s Open Architecture Advantage

The ease of linking newer cloud management applications and third-party offerings with whatever applications you are using at the moment is a distinct advantage offered by Oracle’s open architecture.  This trait, coupled with Oracle’s fully-integrated foundational systems, ensures a cohesive and smooth-flowing approach to managing all the critical facets of your operations. Oracle’s cloud solutions offer scalable, secure, and mobile-enabled features to allow you to increase operating efficiency and optimize productivity while raising the quality of customer experience.

2. Customized Enterprise-level Solutions

Oracle Hospitality doesn’t just offer enterprise-level solutions as a single template answer to fit the different sectors of the hospitality industry. Instead of one, Oracle has designed three, to better cater to the varying needs of hotels and resorts, casinos, and cruise ships. Each one offers an integrated system to help boost your capabilities to deliver excellent customer service; a centralized management system to reduce the complexity of IT requirements while enabling streamlined operation, and the scalability to let you grow the business minus burdensome additional expenditures.

Oracle Hospitality SIMPhony POS

3. Decades of Pioneering Innovative Solutions

Oracle has been in the field of pioneering innovative answers to the pressing needs of different industries for the past four decades. Aside from its experience and track record, the company continues to pour massive investments into research and development, from $1.4 billion in 2005 to $5.3 billion in 2017.  With 40 years of learning and refining its approaches, Oracle continues to come up with pioneering solutions that enable businesses and companies to deal with the changing hospitality industry landscape.

4. Leverage Mobile Innovation to your Advantage

Untethering you from the constraints of wired communications enables you to do much more away from the confines of your desk or office. Get your employees to approach your guests instead of making them go to a counter. Provide services. answer queries, handle reservations, and payments on the spot. Reduce long lines and waiting times. Oracle Hospitality provides you with capable mobile solutions that can increase your staff’s productivity; optimize the stationary conversion capability of handheld devices; and deliver service anywhere it’s needed.

5. Insightful Analytics and Reporting

Apart from innovation, analytics and reporting are among the strengths of Oracle. It’s part and parcel of the cloud solutions it offers that include customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource management, human capital management, among many others. Visibility is key to being on top of every situation, which is why Oracle Hospitality offers tools that give you cross-enterprise insights on business performance; easily access and view forecasts and other information, and organize data in easy-to-view dashboards.

Oracle Hospitality mapped out optimized solutions for cruise ships

6. Dedicated Solutions Suite for Hotels

Industry studies have noted that cloud-based solutions are helping pave the way for more connectivity–enabling disparate operations to link up for cost-efficiency; recognizing guests who frequent a sister establishment or hotel and extending incentives like complimentary gift certificates, and taking note of the personal preferences of returning customers. This is exactly why Oracle Hospitality has come up with the Hotels Technology Suite.

This suite includes modern tools for Property Management so you can fully administer your hotel operations, from room reservations to banquet services and everything in between. There’s also Central Solutions to help you gain a full view of property activities, customer information, revenue management, and centralized sales support. Lastly, there’s eCommerce and Mobility to let you use the most ideal wireless management solutions for growing the business.

7. Dedicated Solutions for Cruise Ships

While technology has altered the way cruise vacations are run, technology can also be harnessed to make the process smooth and fuss-free. Oracle Hospitality is at the forefront of innovating the cruise ship experience through its intelligent fleet management solutions. Its Cruise Ships products include the Oracle Fleet Management Systems to help orchestrate all the complex steps even before guests step on board with an online system that transfers reservation information from shore-side to ship-side.  This continues onwards to systems that manage check-in, onboarding, dining-in, even offshore excursions, culminating in hassle-free debarkation.

Oracle Hospitality Micros 3 Tablet

8. Dedicated Solutions for Casinos

With Millennials playing a bigger role in influencing the direction of the hospitality industry, the gaming industry is facing the challenge of gaining revenue from a segment that is not fully embracing the traditional casino games. The remedy is to make the shift and grow non-gaming revenues instead. To survive, casinos can no longer be standalone gaming places but be transformed into full-on entertainment venues, anchored by excellent guest services. Here’s where Oracle Solutions come in handy with its Casino and Gaming Products.

As a fully integrated system, Oracle Hospitality can provide casinos with a cohesive approach that connects all critical areas like PMS and food and beverage POS; synchronize player or guest information to facilitate registration; provide menu discounts to players on a tiered basis; allow rewards and points redemption, and so much more. This helps ensure zero-friction customer service from end-to-end: from casino to hotel right down to the dining outlets.

Excellent Hotel Management Platform for Hotels, Cruise Ships, and Casinos

In this guide on the pros and cons of Oracle Hospitality, we can see that it’s not an empty boast when the vendor describes its Hospitality platform as best-in-class when it comes to providing effective solutions for hotel management software. The three-pronged approach is well-delineated and gives the business owner an inkling of how well Oracle understands all sectors of the hospitality industry and their particular needs. In essence, it’s more than just a hotel management solution but a complete suite of hardware, software, and interconnected services solutions that also takes in the elements of POS, PMS, and other tasks geared towards further elevating the overall customer experience.

The general feedback on the quality, robustness, and usability of the platform is positive; with the shortcomings stemming from the support side as well as the software’s relative complexity when it comes to addressing the needs of smaller businesses.

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