15 Best Cloud Scheduling Software for 2022

What is the leading cloud scheduling software?
The leading cloud scheduling software is It comes with customizable boards, which are perfect for various operational needs. Beyond employee scheduling, it provides companies with tools to create workflows for IT, marketing, sales, and more. The app aims to help you run your entire organization on one platform.

The scheduling of shifts for employees is one of the most difficult responsibilities of managers and company owners. It might take a lot of time and effort to figure out who should and should not be working when. This is particularly true if you have a large crew or a complicated timetable. Using cloud scheduling software streamlines this otherwise difficult operation.

It used to be that only the largest companies could afford employee scheduling software but cloud-based services have made this achievable for all organizations. Cloud-based employee scheduling applications are now widely available from a variety of vendors. Firms may use it with as few as five workers or as many as 15,000 people in a variety of sectors.

Many cloud scheduling software companies are out there, and it might be difficult to find the best one. With the following list of the top 15 cloud employee solutions, we want to assist you in narrowing down your choices. This guide will explore their most important features, costs, and other information.

leading cloud scheduling software

Whether you are a manager or a business owner, you want the best for your workers and your organization. Luckily, improving shift employees’ job satisfaction and retention is as easy as learning more about their needs and expectations.

When it comes to employee scheduling, it’s critical to consider both the demands of the business and the well-being of workers. Unfortunately, up to 80% of employees claim they have no control over their work schedules at all, with many of these low-quality schedules common among low-wage workers.

Source: Everhour, 2021

The pandemic has brought seemingly permanent changes in the mindsets of both employees and businesses. Realizing the value of their health and well-being, many are prioritizing work-life balance. In fact, almost half of the workforce is willing to take a pay cut of up to 5% as long as they can work remotely. Companies are benefiting as well, with 63% of high-growth organizations already adopting the “productivity anywhere” work model.

As a result, managers and business owners are now dealing with increasingly complex scheduling challenges. To keep up with this, you must include one of the top cloud employee scheduling platforms below as part of your productivity suite.

List of Cloud Scheduling Software

1. dashboard is a premier platform for team collaboration for those in need of an all-in-one online workplace. Its flexible features allow you to map personnel availability, create a scheduling board, and more. You may use a form to gather your team members’ schedules and availability preferences. If you have employees who work shifts and need to create a weekly calendar, the People Column’s graphic feature will make it much easier.

When an employee is allocated a shift, you can also use this board to create automation that will alert them through email. Using this method is a great approach to keep everyone informed and up to date. In the same way, you may add more columns to the schedule board to keep track of scheduling requirements. With, formulas can be easily created to account for capacity and schedule requirements.

Price Range: offers affordable plans from Individual (free) to Enterprise (by quote). For teams, the Basic package costing $8 per seat per month is perfect for managing all your team’s schedules and working on one platform.

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What is unique about

  1. Custom solutions.’s unique approach to productivity solutions means companies can create custom workflows to match their needs. It comes with powerful drag-and-drop technology, so you do not need expertise in development.
  2. Centralized Work OS. The platform popularized the idea of Work OS, an all-in-one business solution that goes beyond productivity. That means you can run your entire operations using only
  3. Made For Collaboration. The solution is optimized for collaboration and teamwork. It provides live updates, comments, and drag-and-drop content that helps you maintain and boost productivity as a team.

Detailed Review

2. Sage HR

Sage HR dashboard

Human resource management software Sage HR, formerly known as Cake HR, is a cloud-based solution for organizations of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. It helps in recruiting, performance reporting, shift scheduling, costs, and other HR-related tasks. Online shift scheduling and leave scheduling are now available to all employees who have access to the platform.

Sage HR makes it easy for workers to keep track of their vacation and sick time as it can be calculated down to the hour. Plus, users will always be aware of who is on vacation and when they will return with only a few clicks. They may also check the company’s schedule at any moment. Furthermore, this workflow eliminates the need for cumbersome documentation and the use of spreadsheets.

Price Range: Sage HR provides modular pricing; you can choose the perfect solution that fits your operations to a tee. Its core HR and leave management module, along with the shift scheduling feature, only costs $8.5 per employee per month.

Sage HR

Sage HR

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What is unique about Sage HR?

  1. Robust HR Functionalities. Sage HR comes with HR features to digitize your entire workflow. You can take advantage of functionalities such as eSignature, a workflow builder, announcements, and much more.
  2. Simplified Shift Scheduling. Create shifts, change schedules, and notify your employees with just a click of a button. Start with pre-defined templates, so you do not need to do everything from scratch.
  3. Modular HR Features. Sage HR ensures that you are only paying for the features that you use. It comes with other modules such as Leave Management, Performance, Timesheets, and much more.

Detailed Sage HR Review

3. When I Work

When I Work dashboard

When I Work is an easy-to-use time clock program that works on any device such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or even tablets. The application makes it easy for both employers and workers to keep track of their schedules. Employees may now log in and out of work through their mobile phones. Workers in the field may use their phones to clock in, or you can set up a dedicated station inside your office.

Its scheduler makes it simple to plan out workdays and determine whether or not a certain shift requires more staff. By making it easier for workers to input their desired vacation days, businesses may reduce their time to integrate individual calendars. You can monitor how many people work in each role and each shift with only a few clicks, ensuring that every day has enough staff.

Price Range: When I Work is one of the most affordable employee scheduling solutions out there, which was developed with small and growing businesses in mind. Pay only $4 per user per month for up to 100 employees. This includes its time, attendance, scheduling, and messaging features.

When I Work

When I Work

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What is unique about When I Work?

  1. Built For Teams of Any Size. When I Work was created to scale as your business grows. It adopts not only team size but also the number of locations or branches.
  2. Auto Scheduling. The platform simplifies schedule development, so you do not need to spend hours working on a spreadsheet. You can create your week’s schedule and send it out to your employees with just a click.
  3. Ensure Shift Coverage. When I Work helps you meet business needs and improve employee satisfaction. You can match your current capacity to your shift needs and see who confirms your shift openings.

Detailed When I Work Review

4. 7Shifts

7shifts dashboard

With 7Shifts, restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments can increase staff attendance, distribute workloads more fairly and efficiently, and save on labor expenditures by as much as 30%. Managers like 7Shifts because it simplifies their scheduling tasks and frees them up to provide excellent customer service.

Numerous business owners have found 7Shifts to be a time-saving solution for creating schedules, communicating with staff, reducing labor costs, and reducing or even eliminating the need for overtime. As an employee, you may use 7Shifts to be more productive and to conveniently request shift changes and paid time offs. Thanks to the app, they may also simply access their schedules on their mobile devices. 7Shift’s real-time alerts make it easy for managers and workers to communicate with each other about shift schedules and any updates or modifications that have been made to their schedules.

Price Range: 7Shifts is free for one location, this includes its simple scheduling and time clocking feature. Choose the Entrée plan ($34.99 per month per location) if you want functionalities that can improve operating efficiency and labor costs.



Try out 7Shifts with their free trial

What is unique about 7Shifts?

  1. Made for the Hospitality Industry. 7Shifts was developed with restaurants, bars, hotels, and similar companies in mind. The platform meets the unique requirements of deskless workers and optimizes team management.
  2. Schedules in Minutes. The platform can be up and running in just three steps. All you need to do is set up your account, add schedules and employees, then click to publish.
  3. Powerful Productivity Features. The application also comes with important functionalities to run restaurants. It includes a time tracking tool, team communication, task management, and much more.

Detailed 7Shifts Review

5. SubItUp

SubItUp dashboard

SubItUp is a web-based tool for managing staff scheduling in a variety of businesses. It is a versatile and straightforward scheduling tool that can be tailored to suit the scheduling demands and answer the scheduling issues of workplaces. It eliminates scheduling problems and complications by arranging shifts automatically. Once a schedule or shift has been set, all available personnel are immediately allocated to it. Schedules may be issued depending on parameters such as seniority, priority, personnel credentials, shift needs, and more.

Using SubItUp, you may keep track of your team’s working hours and availability. You can easily change an employee’s schedule to accommodate fluctuations in their availability and shifts in their planned work hours, thanks to this tool. Employees’ working habits and their planned hours may be shown in the system’s payroll reporting and human resources functions.

Price Range: Arguably one of the most affordable cloud scheduling platforms around, SubItUp provides a Simplify plan for small teams costing $0.78 per employee per month. It already comes with employee management, basic scheduling, social scheduling, and more.

Detailed SubItUp Review

What is unique about SubItUp?

  1. Conflict-Free Scheduling. SubItUp ensures that your employees do not experience any conflict in their schedules, regardless of its complexities. Whether an employee works for several managers or just one, you can automate their schedules without worrying about issues.
  2. Avoid Manual Scheduling. You can create shift templates and auto-schedule for up to one year. It is easy to add employee prioritization, availability, travel buffers, and other factors that can affect the schedule.
  3. Social Scheduling™. This allows your team to self-manage schedule drops, adds, and swaps among themselves. It opens up the managers’ time for other priorities and tasks.

6. Jobber

jobber dashboard

Jobber is a web-based field service management tool that whose goal is to assist small enterprises in growing their capacity. Thousands of field service providers and their office managers rely on it since it is simple to use and dependable to increase operational efficiency. Thanks to Jobber’s extensive range of robust tools, small companies will be able to provide top-notch customer support without significantly compromising their budgets and limited resources.

No matter how many staff members you have at your disposal, making a schedule is always a challenge. A few mouse clicks are all it takes to produce tasks, pick customers, and allocate them to your teams. Jobber gives you the freedom to do what you need to do when you need to do it. This tool’s different calendar views make it easier to deploy your team in a timely and efficient manner since they clearly show your team members’ availability.

Price Range: Jobber comes in  three packages for different types of service businesses. Aside from the Core plan ($39 per month), growing companies can subscribe to the Connect plan ($199 per month), which is great for seven users.

Detailed Jobber Review

What is unique about Jobber?

  1. Easy Scheduling for the Service Industry. Create a job and assign it to one of your team members in just a few clicks. Add colors and other customizations so you can easily see the “big picture.”
  2. Simplified Dispatching. You can set up five different views to ensure that all jobs are assigned. It will also help you avoid overbooking, underbooking, and double booking.
  3. Better Customer Service. Jobber helps you determine your team’s availability while they are on the field. You can compare schedules, see who’s available for dispatch, and check time slots.

7. Deputy

Deputy dashboard

Deputy is a time and task management application that helps you keep your team’s responsibilities in order. Manage your day-to-day duties and administrative responsibilities efficiently to run your organization. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core business without having to worry about manually monitoring every team member’s designated job for the day, including their time-offs and attendance.

Using the app’s flexible scheduling tools that can handle numerous departments, you can save labor expenditures while still ensuring effective team management. Using the auto-schedule capability, you can easily generate fresh timetables for each department. Publish the schedules and update the team by email, SMS, or push notifications to make sure that everyone is up to date on everything that is going on. Improved productivity is achieved by carefully allocating time and schedule to each member of the team.

Price Range: Deputy provides four subscription packages with key features to match your needs. The Scheduling features cost only $2.50 per user per month, including unlimited shifts, employee scheduling, auto-scheduling, and more.

Detailed Deputy Review

What is unique about Deputy?

  1. Create Schedules in Minutes. You can build your schedule, book the right staff, and choose the right time slots with its intuitive interface. You can also fill shifts by considering employee skills, availability, cost, and more.
  2. Analyze Labor Costs. Deputy ensures that you will not run out of budget due to labor costs. It comes with a view of wage costs comparing it with your sales.
  3. AI-Powered Auto-Scheduling. In just a few steps, you can fill out your scheduling while maintaining revenue. Avoid unnecessary wage costs with its real-time labor demand forecasts.

8. Paycor

Paycor dashboard

Paycor is a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform that offers a wide range of recruiting, HR, and payroll solutions. Recruiting, onboarding, timekeeping, payroll, and tax compliance are all included in this all-in-one HRIS system. Its automated and precise procedures enable you to make better labor expenses and time management choices by collecting and monitoring employee hours using Paycor’s time tracking system.

The platform’s employee scheduling software allows HR directors to develop, manage, and communicate schedules while allowing individuals to monitor, control, and receive work schedule changes. Paycor’s scheduling tool also allows managers to approve workforce changes and match job-based credentials with the right department or position to maximize budgets and increase production.

Price Range: Paycor offers solutions to both growing and large organizations. However, its workforce management feature, which comes with employee scheduling, is available in the HCM plan costing $199 per month ($12 per employee per month).

Detailed Paycor Review

What is unique about Paycor?

  1. Everyone is on the Same Page. You can allow employees to set their availability and update their schedules in real-time. This creates a balance between business needs and employees’ well-being.
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses. Paycor comes with budget capping and real-data analytics. These features help you reduce labor costs and forecast expenses.
  3. Mobile Scheduling. You do not need to be in front of a computer to manage schedules. The Paycor app lets you create, edit, manage, and view work schedules anywhere you are.

9. Homebase

Homebase dashboard

Using Homebase, businesses can easily build schedules for their employees and precisely pay each one of them while doing so. Restaurants, bars, and other similar enterprises may benefit from the scalable software’s scheduling and time tracking features. It streamlines the scheduling and time-tracking processes, allowing company owners and managers to create plans that maximize income while minimizing absenteeism.

Managers can create and manage schedules instantaneously on the web or mobile app and then send notifications to their staff through email or SMS in real-time. Using Homebase’s scheduling software, managers and staff may work together to avoid scheduling mistakes like overlapping shifts and other inefficiencies.

Price Range: Homebase offers a free Basic plan for one location, which is available for unlimited employees. You can start at the Essentials plan ($19.95 per location per month) for more powerful features, which come with functionalities like team communication, performance tracking, and remote tools.

Detailed Homebase Review

What is unique about Homebase?

  1. Instant Scheduling. Homebase aims to save you time and effort with its intuitive and easy-to-use scheduling features. Create and publish schedules in minutes, whether you are on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Notify in Real-Time. Improve team engagement and communication by ensuring that you are always on the same page. The platform sends alerts through text, email, or the app every time you publish or update anything on the schedule.
  3. Optimize Shift Management. You can use templates and auto-scheduling to further optimize your shifts. Track availability and time off to avoid conflicts with your employees.

10. Planday

planday dashboard

Planday is an employee scheduling software that offers managers the tools and functions to manage their workforce effectively. Management and staff alike benefit from the program since it allows them to work smarter rather than harder. A shared view of work schedules, including shift swaps, absences, punch clocks, and other features, links managers and workers across all devices.

For businesses with several locations or divisions, Planday departments allow you to set different timetables for each division. You can effortlessly accept requests from your employees to determine their availability and take vacation time. Employee absences may also be tracked in Planday, including earned vacation, training, or sick days. This gives you a complete picture of your employees’ activities.

Price Range: Planday provides four packages that aim to serve various businesses and team sizes. You can start with their Starter plan (€2.49 per user per month).

Detailed Planday Review

What is unique about Planday?

  1. Multiple Schedule Views. Planday makes it easy to manage and view your schedules through its various views. You can get a snapshot of the schedule through its monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly outlook.
  2. Smart Scheduling For Compliance. The platform helps you analyze patterns in your work schedule to ensure that you are following regulations and rules. Schedule employees based on their skills, contracted hours, and other compliance requirements.
  3. Template Scheduling. You can create a template of your scheduling if you already have one that’s working for you. This makes creation easier each time, which streamlines your operations.

11. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 dashboard

Using Bitrix24, organizations may simplify their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. With its robust features, you can manage leads and pipelines, segment clients, and operate your ecommerce company. Employers may use it to determine the best working hours for their employees, organize their workers, and better manage their businesses.

The software’s employee scheduling solution can forecast labor costs while increasing productivity. It is easy to create timetables for your staff days and weeks ahead. Using Bitrix24’s calendars, it is more efficient for you to determine your business needs and employee availability. You can even set up an absence chart to plot different types of time offs, such as on vacation, sick, on the road, and more.

Price Range: Bitrix24 is available for free for individuals. But, for growing teams, they can start with its Basic plan costing $49 per month for up to five users. It comes with collaboration, CRM, a contact center, and more functionalities.

Detailed Bitrix24 Review

What is unique about Bitrix24?

  1. Big Picture View With Calendars. Bitrix24 comes with calendar features so you can easily plot your schedule. Anticipate business needs and avoid double-booking with its intuitive interface.
  2. Integration With CRM. The employee scheduling tool integrates closely with Bitrix24’s CRM platform. This creates a seamless workflow, ensuring all employees are updated with customer-related activities.
  3. Full-Suite Business App. The platform aims to provide you with all the tools you need to run your business. It comes with tools for communication, tasks, projects, customer management, contact center, and even website management.

12. Humanity (formerly ShiftPlanning)


Employee scheduling and management software developer and vendor, Humanity (formerly ShiftPlanning) serves companies and organizations worldwide. For managers and workers alike, it’s billed as an easy-to-use solution that offers a unified platform for scheduling, payroll, HR documentation, as well as many other services that can be used at any time.

A robust, easy-to-use schedule builder included within the platform enables users to create schedules, copy shifts, and import schedules in a jiffy, among other features. Employees may establish their availability and manage trade using a real-time scheduler, making it a collaborative tool as well. Visual and interactive design means that users can now spend less time organizing their schedules and instead spend more time focusing on their company.

Price Range: Humanity aims to provide you with bespoke solutions, so the vendor provides custom pricing for their services. They include three packages for different companies: Starter, Classic, and Enterprise.

Detailed ShiftPlanning Review

What is unique about Humanity?

  1. Data-Driven Planning. Using Humanity’s platform, you can view business peak periods and downtimes. This allows you to manage employee schedules and meet business demands.
  2. Customizable Rules For Compliance. You can create custom rules which automate your compliance with existing policies and laws. This ensures your employees and business are protected from accidental violations.
  3. Match The Right Worker With The Right Schedule. Humanity takes factors such as seniority, availability, and preferences into account. Then, it automatically fills out schedules and time slots, matching them with the right people.

13. Fourth (formerly HotSchedules)


Fourth, formerly HotSchedules is a mobile cloud-based platform created for the hospitality industry. Operational difficulties, including hiring, training, scheduling, business information, and shift communication, are automated by the platform. In addition to optimizing labor costs, reducing turnover, and increasing worker efficiency, its workforce management system helps operators achieve these goals.

Create, communicate, and manage personnel schedules with the all-in-one restaurant scheduling application. It minimizes the amount of time it takes to establish, discuss, and maintain schedules for managers. Restaurants can now book the correct employees at the right time and save money on labor expenditures, thanks to the system’s comprehensive reporting and forecasting features. Employee clock-in and clock-out times may be monitored via integration with point-of-sale systems.

Price Range: Fourth aims to provide custom solutions to different types of businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, and more. As such, their pricing model is available by quote through their sales department.

Detailed HotSchedules Review

What is unique about Fourth?

  1. Smart Scheduling. Fourth takes into account factors such as weather, local events, and current trends to analyze employee availability. It helps you forecast whether your team can meet business demands, avoiding labor costs.
  2. Operational Efficiency. It comes with a manager workflow tool that plots tasks and logs them as completed. This provides a valuable operational snapshot, helping you maintain efficiency along with the schedule.
  3. Powerful Mobile App. The mobile-first approach to Humanity means you can control and manage schedules right on your phone. Create time slots, swap shifts, and monitor availability wherever you are.

14. Shiftboard


Shiftboard is an excellent online scheduling tool for mission-critical industries such as construction companies, hospitals, and more. The powerful employee scheduling tool enables managers to develop, disseminate, and execute staff schedules in minutes, while workers can log in, examine their schedules, and indicate their availability directly on the system.

What matters most for companies is having a full staff and allocating assignments to those who have the appropriate degree of expertise and qualifications to do their tasks successfully. When it comes to arranging shifts, Shiftboard eliminates the need for phone calls, post-it notes, and spreadsheets. Managers may create schedules on the fly, regardless of whether employees are part-time, contractual, paid by the hour, or volunteers. For all of that, Shiftboard has you covered.

Price Range: Shiftboard provides two software suites, each with its subscription plans available by quote. ScheduleFlex is perfect for service-centric companies wanting flexibility, while SchedulePro is for bigger enterprises focusing on production.

Detailed Shiftboard Review

What is unique about Shiftboard?

  1. Tailor-Fit Schedules. Shiftboard aims to serve organizations where scheduling is a critical requirement. It provides configurable solutions that can adjust to industry needs, organization type, and location.
  2. SchedulePro for Production Efficiency. It was developed for the energy, petrochemical, corrections, and manufacturing industries. The demand-based features ensure that production is always running by filling out time slots.
  3. ScheduleFlex for Service-Oriented Companies. For organizations relying heavily on manpower, ScheduleFlex provides powerful features. It can adapt to complex and dynamic employee schedules and business needs.

15. Aladtec

Aladtec dashboard

Employee scheduling and labor management are made simple with Aladtec, an online solution that is available round-the-clock to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Through a slew of customizability options, it can handle both the most sophisticated and the most basic aspects of managing employees. It’s ideal for front-line workers and companies in fields like law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, and communications.

Employees can monitor their schedules, manage their papers, and start or reply to various communication channels. Depending on their availability, they may sign up for a variety of shifts. As a result of the absence management and attendance management function, it is simpler to compute the working hours of each staff member when drafting the paycheck.

Price Range: Aladtec, now part of TCP software, provides a free trial so you can test out its features. For pricing, you need to contact their sales representatives for custom quotes.

Detailed Aladtec Review

What is unique about Aladtec?

  1. Scheduling Made Easy. Aladtec caters to organizations with rotational scheduling. It can accommodate both simple and complex time slots such as 24/48, California, Panama, and more.
  2. Employee-Centric Assignments. Workers can submit their availability and desired schedules. They can mark time slots as Available, Unavailable, and Preferred.
  3. Flexible Schedules. Employees can sign-up for shifts based on seniority, hours worked, or time of submission. They can also trade shifts and choose as many (or as little) time offs.

Meet Operational Needs With Cloud Scheduling Software

The use of an employee scheduling program aids management in allocating resources according to company needs and job priorities. In this way, operations can remain efficient while ensuring that employees can enjoy a work-life balance. Plus, this level of flexibility in the workplace has been shown to increase employee productivity and motivation compared to workers who are required to adapt their schedules and obligations due to sudden shift changes or over/under coverage.

With cloud scheduling software like, you can improve the way you keep track of the distribution of your resources and the availability of your workforce. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to see all of your resources in one location and provides you with a centralized view. Many of these solutions also offer entire suites of tools such as those for project management, HR, timekeeping, and much more.

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