12 Best Remote Monitoring Software Solutions in 2022

What is the best remote monitoring software?

The best remote monitoring software is Atera. It boasts of a robust and comprehensive suite of tools for IT infrastructure monitoring and development. It also provides you with out-of-the-box functionalities for incident management, root cause analysis, and network monitoring and insights for optimal efficiency.

Back in the days, traditional IT support meant going to premises and fixing computer problems. With remote monitoring software, you no longer have to burden yourself with interrupted times for on-site IT support, causing your business recurring costs, employee productivity, and burnout. Getting a remote monitoring system does away with these issues. Fixing software becomes more efficient, faster and less costly.

However, remote monitoring and support software comes in a variety of features. But they do share underlying similarities, mainly they afford you the benefit of immediate IT support sans the complex algorithms and installations. Some of the key factors to consider are process management and control setups, technical support, proactive system monitoring, and security protocols.

Here, we present to you twelve of the best remote monitoring software available in the market based on key features, scalability, reputation, pricing and integration. The list makes it easy for you to get an overview of the market and compare the features and benefits. Our team has made this review as comprehensive and digestible as possible to help you shortlist the best-fitting solutions. Whether it be through a flexible pricing package or a cutting-edge suite of intuitive and comprehensive support tools, this review has you covered.

remote monitoring software

Cloud-based IT support is definitely making a permanent mark in the industry. According to a report by Forbes, more than 50% of IT spending will be cloud-based by 2018. Nine out of 10 companies are joining in this digital revolution for wanting better organizational agility and mobility, enhanced collaboration, rapid innovation and enhanced security. And according to the 2018 Technavio market research report, the IT management solution industry will see a 9% CAGR between 2018 and 2022. This implies that there is no other perfect time for companies to invest their IT spending for streamlining operations.

Of course, security remains a major concern in IT support. Around 66% of IT professionals agree that security is one of the main points for consideration in adopting any cloud computing platform.

While monitoring software may seem pretty simple in layman’s term, there is more to it than meets the eye. It is a multi-pronged system that involves several processes for incident management, change management, and problem management. Some monitoring software solutions even have built-in knowledge management systems in place.

With the unprecedented domination of cloud-based solutions over traditional support, IT will continue to be a prevalent investment and driver in the industry. It was estimated that the hiring of IT technical specialists would go down by 5% by 2021 and AI-enabled customer-facing service desks will rise to around 25% percent by 2020.

With the right solution for you, your business can keep up with industry standards. You can significantly cut costs, boost productivity and focus on sound strategy and planning. Of course, the first step forward is to determine the right solution for you.

12 Best Remote Monitoring Software

1. Atera

Atera dashboard example

Topping our best remote monitoring software list is Atera, an all-around MSP toolbox that comes with various business tools for remote PC monitoring and management, ticketing, customer management and automation. With its RMM module, you can enable on-demand IT support for your business through proactive issue spotting, root-cause analysis, patch management and more. MSPs enjoy the benefit of having to resolve and manage technical issues without the strenuous travel times and interrupted workflows. As an RMM solution, you have absolute control over your IT infrastructure, from networking monitoring for small and medium-sized businesses to automated help desks and scripting. Atera also facilitates patch management, IT asset databasing and inventory, security checks and more.

More than a remote monitoring solution, it also comes with a billing and invoicing module fully integrated with QuickBooks and Freshbooks and lets you document every payment transaction. This module is as good as any invoicing app you’ll find out there. Technicians can also enjoy its capability for mobile viewing as it lets them resolve IT issues anytime and anywhere.

If these sound like appealing features for you, you can see it happen in real time when you sign up for Atera free trial.

The solution offers support for Windows, Linux, Mac and web and comes with native applications for Android and iOS. Atera plans start at $79 per technician per month.


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2. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager dashboard example

ManageEngine OpManager offers a simplified and end-to-end solution for remote monitoring for heterogenous, enterprise IT networks. It features a unified network monitoring solution that lets enterprises monitor devices like routers, firewalls, wireless LAN controllers, servers and anything that is IP or network-connected. Users gain comprehensive monitoring and control over network assets. It has a multi-level thresholds capability so users can monitor network performance, set caps, and receive immediate notifications and alerts for errors and bottlenecks. The solution is also user-friendly and doesn’t require much technical skills. You can also access templated dashboards or you can create your own.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with features.

The software is supported through Windows, Linux, Web, and offers native apps for Android and iOS. Currently, the solution offers device-based pricing and quote-based pricing models.

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3. Glasswire

Glasswire dashboard example

Next on our list is Glasswire, a free network remote monitoring software for businesses of any size that offers viable visual network monitoring, security, network performance monitoring, and connection detection tools. With its visual network monitoring module, users can view all previous and current network activity on an intuitive dashboard.  You can also fast-track host monitoring to resolve any malicious activity occurring on your servers. Added security is ensured by visualizing network data so you are aware of communication flows and processes occurring over the cloud. It also features discreet alarms for suspicious activities within your network or external threats trying to break into your system.

Among its unique features is a network time machine module that lets you view your network activities even from way before. Using a graph with accompanying time sliders, you can check your network activity for a particular day, week, or even month.

To catch a glimpse of these multiple tools and how they could impact your business, you can sign up for Glasswire free trial.

The solution has a native app for Android and starts at $39 per month with an option for bulk purchases through quote-based plans.

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4. EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer dashboard example

EventLog Analyzer documents your log data from the internet and encrypts them for use in audits and analysis. It automatically hashes and time-stamps the data to ensure integrity and transparency. It also features an agentless and agent-based log collection and import capability so you can correlate and sift through tons of data in your system. Custom log parses capture fields in different formats. The software consolidates log data from routers, firewalls, routers, switches, etc to gain insights on security policies and rule changes, logons and offs, and any malicious data entry.

With EventLog Analyzer, you have a solution that can implement a comprehensive audit to counter data theft, identity attacks, and downtime tracking. Its integrated data management system captures web attacks, failed logons, database server activities and more to prevent any major breach on your end.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for EventLog Analyzer free trial.

The solution is supported through Windows, Linux, and Mac and offers no native apps for Android and iOS. Plans are available on a quote-based basis.

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5. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist dashboard example

Zoho Assist equips small and medium-sized business with an intuitive, creative freeware for remote troubleshooting. Among its key selling propositions is its bi-directional file transfer mechanism for easy sharing of files across multiple devices, a live chat feature for communication and collaboration, and a capability for scheduling sessions for remote support.

Moreover, it comes with built-in tools for working across multiple monitors, printing from a remote device and rebooting or reconnecting from the computer. It gives users cutting-edge tools for remote access, screen sharing, security and transparency and a comprehensive customization capability for branding and operations.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Zoho Assist free trial.

The solution is supported through Windows, Mac, Web, Windows Mobile, and comes with native apps for iOS and Android. Plans start at $8 per technician per month, inclusive of primary features such as file transfer, instant chat, multi-monitor navigation, session transfers and more.

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6. InterGuard

Interguard dashboard example

InterGuard equips your business with tools that significantly increase productivity, adhere with compliance, safeguard critical information and conduct employee investigation. It’s also designed to ensure that disruption is at minimal by working discreetly. There are four core modules which could be utilized individually, ideal if you’re looking for something specific. One module for web filtering, another for remote endpoint lockdown, the other is for preventing data loss and finally, for monitoring and investigating employees. You could also have these four work together for complete security and compliance while supercharging productivity.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for InterGuard free trial.

The software’s lack of minimum requirement regarding the number of licenses to buy, coupled with a discount on high volume purchase, makes it perfect for business of any size. The cloud-hosted version can be availed for $7.08/agent/month starting after 4 licenses. The on-premise version is available by quote.

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7. Zabbix

Zabbix dashboard example

Zabbix is a unified, free and open-source solution ideal for all business types for streamlined monitoring of network data from virtual machines and devices. The software facilitates the speedy gathering of network data, data visualization, and instant alerts and notifications on technical issues. Zabbix is easy to set up and configure and comes with creative templates for integration and installation.

Among its key selling features is Zabbix Agent module which lets users track network utilization metrics in a snap. Its notification and communication module also makes for the swift delegation of alerts, notifications, and streamlined communications among stakeholders.

Aside from automated metric collection and communication, it also boasts of tools for trend prediction, anomaly detection, problem forecasting, intelligent alerting, event correlation, and remote command executions.

Zabbix is purely web-based in terms of support. It is deployed as a freeware.

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8. SolarWinds RMM

SolarWinds RMM dashboard example

SolarWinds RMM offers an intuitive, user-friendly tool for maintaining, managing and securing IT infrastructure and support for businesses and MSPs. With SolarWinds RMM, your team gets a comprehensive suite of tools for network monitoring and management. Users are afforded tools for security checks, performance monitoring, and issue and event management. The software also offers a robust security module, strengthening your protection from malicious content on the cloud. It is capable of fully centralizing and automating patch management without the use of third-party tools. It comes with modules for ticket generation, knowledge base and portal, and workflow management for efficient deployment of IT support.

Moreover, it offers a compact suite of tools for endpoint detection and response. With it, MSPs can detect and mitigate threats when ransomware invades your business’ IT infrastructure. The module includes automated rollback, real-time financial analysis, behavioral AI, and forensic analytical tools.

SolarWinds RMM is supported through Windows and Mac and has native apps for Android and iOS. You can gain hold of its various features and benefits by securing a quote-based plan with the vendor.

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9. Nagios XI

Nagios XI dashboard example

Nagios XI equips businesses of any size with a flexible, reliable, intuitive solution for enhancing network performance, infrastructural integrity, and incident resolution. The software lets you track all assets and components of your IT infrastructure by providing a comprehensive showcase of data relevant to operations. Among its primary modules is its log server module which allows businesses to view, analyze, and question logs from all devices and locations. The module consolidates data and packages it into useful business insight. The module lets users pinpoint incidents faster and identify correlations among events.

Nagios also expedites quicker access to data pertinent to IT infrastructure. It comes with an intuitive web platform that provides a quality overview of hosts, services, and network devices. Its capacity planning module lets users identify problems in a snap and develop and design plans to rebuild the IT infrastructure. It also comes with reporting and analytical tools, configuration wizards, and multiple users capabilities.

The software is supported through Windows, Linux, and Mac. It has no native apps for mobile. Nagios XI standard edition plans start at $1995, and already includes some flagship features, including configuration wizards, advanced reporting and visualization, custom user dashboards, dashboard deployment, and more.

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10. Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar Remote Support dashboard example

Bomgar Remote Support gives IT professionals a compact set of tools for controlled and integral remote access. Users can access any device from anywhere in a protected manner to resolve IT issues. With its high-level remote monitoring module, Bomgar Remote Support lets users manage, monitor, and control access for incident resolution. A password protection module ensures that privileged users’ privacy and data integrity are never compromised. Passwords are stored in a vault with high-level security measures in place. Bomgar also encrypts all your connections so administrators have a seamless and secured journey on the cloud.

The software has collaboration features, session forensics, web and mobile consoles, credentials management, and more.

It is supported through Windows, Linux, Mac, and has native apps for Android and iOS. Plans start at $1,795 per concurrent license, but interested parties may also secure a quotation for owned appliances with advanced features and deployment.

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11. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold dashboard example

WhatsUp Gold is a unified network monitoring software designed for medium and large managed service providers (MSPs) and IT enterprises to map network infrastructure and troubleshoot efficiently. Users can track connections among devices as well as visualize and present network statuses and transactions. Its network mapping module gives users the power to surface a plethora of network reports for various devices, servers, and machines.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art topology-aware monitoring that identifies network errors and activities to effectively alert you for malicious attacks. You occasionally receive multi-platform, customizable notifications so you can resolve issues as they happen. Users can also leverage its customizable dashboards to tailor-fit reports, applications or tools and streamline administration and support.

WhatsUp Gold has web-based support and has native apps for iOS and Android. The software offers a free trial and is offered on a quotation basis.

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12. TeamViewer

TeamViewer dashboard example

Rounding up our best remote monitoring software list, TeamViewer, another open source, built-in, free remote access software for small and medium-sized businesses. While it has similar capabilities with other big names in the market, TeamViewer differentiates itself by offering a powerful set of tools for IT infrastructure management. It has remote device control which lets you control remote computers, Android, or Windows 10 mobile devices on the go. Users also enjoy cross-platform access, whether from PC to PC, mobile to PC, among others. A user and device configuration management module lets you create permissions and access and curating groups for specific access controls. Control transfer is also made easy with TeamViewer to facilitate smoother workflows.

More than the expected remote monitoring functionalities, TeamViewer also features comprehensive reporting, ticket management, automated mass deployment, service queueing, custom branding, and management consoles.

TeamViewer is supported through Windows, Linux, Mac, and Windows Mobile. It has native apps for Android and iOS. It is a freeware, but potential users can avail of its one-time license purchase for as low as $749, inclusive of more advanced functionalities such as single-user license, unlimited endpoints, Wake-on-Lan, PC2PC, Mobile2PC, and more.

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Select the solution that fits your needs

An important thing to consider is the capability of the remote tracking and monitoring module for each application. Carefully evaluate how well the solution could fit into your current business workflows and models. Remember that the tools that come with the software may gradually affect how your team works in the long run. An overhaul of the current process may prove to be difficult for bigger and more diverse teams.

Having mentioned that, also determine the support you will need considering your workflows and standard processes. Will a solution that offers only web-based support suffice? Or would you rather opt for a multi-support system that caters to businesses with a wider device dependency? Atera, ManageEngine OpManager, Zoho Assist, Solarwinds RMM, Bomgar, and TeamViewer offer the widest support for various popular devices.

And since remote monitoring solutions involve a lot of data, you should also painstakingly research what security measures or tools come with the packages. To what extent will your data and logs be protected from cyber attacks or malicious content? Some solutions may not have a comprehensive security tool included. But in any case, you need to attack-proof your infrastructure. You may want to check the best IT security software to help protect your IT infrastructure from malicious threats.

Moreover, since efficiency relies heavily on an integrated communications system, identify what specific tools or built-in functionalities come with the software that enables smooth communication flow among various stakeholders. You may also determine how well a remote monitoring solution seamlessly integrates with a range of communication software solutions.

Lastly, before you finalize your purchase decision, make sure that you do the crucial step of taking the free trial route. Consult with the vendors and gain a comprehensive background of these solutions to determine which offer the most well-rounded proposal. For our top solution, for example, you can sign up for Atera free trial.

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