Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe eSign Services: Analysis of Leading e-Signature Software Solutions

What is the top alternative to Adobe eSign Services?

The top alternative to Adobe eSign Services is PandaDoc, a web-based document platform that does not only offer e-signature but also document creation, sharing and delivery features. It can help businesses create documents such as receipts, quotes, and contracts, among many others, making it highly suitable for different corporate departments. PandaDoc even lets you customize your documents by adding images and logos, allowing you to project your brand.

Adobe eSign Services helps you to electronically sign and send business documents and it is considered by many as a major product in the category. It offers document workflow customization on top of its e-signature and document sharing functionalities. However, the tool, just like any other platform, has its limitations, which necessitates searching for alternative solutions. For instance, the interface is not as intuitive as you’d like it to be. Form creation is also a tad difficult, requiring attention to detail and care.

Here, we have compiled the top 10 alternatives to Adobe eSign Services. Whatever of these solutions you choose, you will get to enjoy core functionalities on top of the digital signing capability, such as signing workflows, audit trails, regulatory compliance and notifications. Take a look at your options, one of which may just be the ideal app for you.

Adobe eSign Services alternatives

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe eSign Services

Surely, you took the right step in considering e-signature. But if your bosses or colleagues need convincing, consider these stats: In 2018, 67% of agents were offering e-signatures – an increase from 54% in 2016, according to Insurance Digital Revolution reports, proof that more and more organizations are leveraging their workflows with digital technology. Meanwhile, a leading bank in the US has reduced processing errors by 90%, decreased document handling costs by 80%, and cut future risk by 50% using e-signature software.

What is Adobe eSign Services?

Adobe eSign Services

Adobe eSign Services helps businesses speed up signature-based procedures, allowing you to sign, send, manage, and track documents from your business apps and website browsers. The application seamlessly integrates with a variety of deployment methodologies and leading software systems. For these reasons, it is used by numerous Fortune 1000 companies as well as healthcare organizations and financial institutions. Key features include sign in bulk, reuse templates and documents, fax back globally, e-sign documents anywhere, and collect signatures on your website. The vendor offers affordable pricing packages as well as reliable support through phone.

Benefits of Adobe eSign Services

  1. You can customize document workflows to fit your business process.
  2. Customize the platform by adding your company’s key messages, logo, and tagline.
  3. Utilize the Shared Document Library to store and share frequently used files.
  4. Use the Mega Sign Tool to send a file to a large number of receivers.
  5. You can sign using a stylus or mouse and even make a signature using its iOS app.
  6. Deliver a fax cover sheet in local languages to global signers.

Below, you will learn how the top 10 alternative solutions stack up against Adobe eSign Services. We will detail each app’s unique features so you can make a quick comparison.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc dashboard

Web-based document management platform PandaDoc is designed to help users in the creation, delivery, and sharing of documents online. It likewise promotes paperless transactions by allowing users and their clients to sign pertinent documents. The platform is highly recommended for corporate departments such as sales, legal, marketing, operations, and finance. And since it is powered by the cloud, document sharing is made as easy as can be. Using the system, you are able to create documents like contracts, receipts, proposals, and quotes, to name a few. You can even add custom elements to your documents such as logos and images so that you get to retain your brand.

PandaDoc has been pushing to further help users by giving the app more features and functionalities. For example, the system can now send to multiple recipients, which can be viewed locally as it now supports French and Italian languages. It also makes sure that all emails are accurate, detecting errors encountered by the system. Recipient interfaces can be customized while fully automating sales processes. Documents can be tracked by the solution and stored in a central location, away from prying eyes. Its latest integration with Salesforce, meanwhile, can boost productivity using its advanced settings while its Sandbox deployment has been improved to ensure that Salesforce integration remains seamless.


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Why use PandaDoc instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It can send documents to multiple recipients.
  2. Its Salesforce integration improves productivity.
  3. It allows users to add custom elements to documents.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of PandaDoc?

  1. It can customize document workflows.
  2. It allows users to sign using a mouse or stylus.
  3. It can deliver a fax cover sheet in local languages.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can match this software against the top PandaDoc alternatives.

Detailed PandaDoc Review

2. Juro

Juro pricing

Juro enables users to create, revise, approve, send and sign contracts conveniently. Built for medium-sized and large companies, it accelerates workflow and approval with its secure technology so you can rest assured that all your transactions are safe and sound. Top features include dynamic agreements, collaboration/markup, metadata management, OCR capabilities, and e-signing.

What makes Juro great is that, as a contract automation tool, it goes well beyond collecting e-signatures. The platform comes with a contract lifecycle management system equipped with a no-code workflow builder. This lets users manage everything from creating drafts to having them approved. It comes with version control options to support collaborative editing. Moreover, the platform has smart notifications that alert you of any deadlines. 

Lastly, Juro can also integrate with various third-party systems so it can easily adjust to your unique needs. Of course, if you feel like this platform does not fit your requirements, you can scout for other Juro alternatives here.

Juro Contract Automation

Juro Contract Automation

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Why use Juro instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. Juro offers comprehensive contract management and built-in e-signatures.
  2. It automates entire workflows from draft creation to approval.
  3. It comes with OCR capabilities, text search, and version control tools.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Juro?

  1. Adobe eSign comes with mobile sending and tracking options.
  2. It comes with configurable time stamps and digital IDs.
  3. It is built to cater to both small and large businesses.

Detailed Juro Contract Automation Review

3. Oneflow

Oneflow dashboard

Oneflow packs e-signature, contract creation, collaboration, and analytics features into one powerful sales proposal and contract automation platform. The inclusion of these key functions allows sales teams to present clear, natively digital sales proposals. This ensures that they could focus on sharpening their sales efforts without being hampered at the contract signing stage.

To speed up creating digital contracts, users simply access the platform’s library of contract templates. Once they avail of one, they can simply customize elements using the built-in editor. The digital contract is not limited to text, too: users can add other media formats like videos to raise the level of contract validity. Once done, they can save the edited contract to use as template for succeeding contracts.

Oneflow deploys fully compliant, legally binding e-signatures. Clients can opt to sign contracts with electronic IDs supported by SMS and email authentication, for good measure. Oneflow protects signed contracts with an electronic seal, ensuring it is safe from tampering. These are robust features, but you can still expand your choices by checking out these Oneflow alternatives.



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Why use Oneflow instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It provides a contract lifecycle management.
  2. It comes with audit trails for added protection.
  3. It is GDPR compliant.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Oneflow?

  1. It can send files to a large number of recipients.
  2. It can customize workflows.
  3. It allows users to store and share files.

Detailed Oneflow Review

4. OnTask

OnTask dashboard

We have included OnTask in this list of top 10 alternatives to Adobe eSign Services because it is a robust tool that is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. While primarily a forms automation software, this platform can support digital signature capture and signature auditing. It even integrates with other business systems so you can streamline processes across software systems. This allows users to implement fully digital processes as well as accelerate all transactions. For your peace of mind, the system is built to comply with HIPAA, SOC2, and FERPA, and all signatures collected using the platform are legally binding under the ESIGN act.

OnTask has more features and functionalities to offer that are sure to benefit organizations who want to speed up their document signing process as well. For starters, collaborative document editing can be done in real-time, making it possible to personalize them prior to delivery. It also supports automated workflows, if/then conditional branching, as well as form routing to ensure that all filled out forms are sent to the correct database. Last but not least, this cloud-based platform can be accessed from iOS and Android devices, which means document signing and data collection can be done even on the go. If you think OnTask still does not match your preferences, take a look at some OnTask alternatives here.



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Why use OnTask instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It allows you to collaborate on documents in real-time.
  2. It offers security standards-compliant, mobile-ready forms that support e-signatures.
  3. It comes with automated approvals and workflow routing.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of OnTask?

  1. You can easily manage user preferences and settings.
  2. Work with certificate-based digital signatures.
  3. Utilize turn-key integrations for quick deployment with enterprise apps.

Detailed OnTask Review

5. Honeybook

HoneyBook dashboard

Honeybook is an end-to-end business management solution created to aid small businesses in connecting with clients, preparing contracts, as well as collecting pay for rendered services. With this, you can not only send contracts for esigning but also manage other work activities. It even provides tools such as project management, booking management, and lead capture. As such, it comes as a highly recommended Adobe eSign Services alternative for those who are looking for a platform that can handle operational processes other than contracts and proposals.

The abovementioned features aside, Honeybook also has an expense tracker and organized calendars so you have a bird’s eye view of your operational performance. Its online payment collection system also supports credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers so processing transactions is a breeze. Moreover, the platform can integrate with third-party systems, making it highly flexible. Last but not least, the platform is also accessible via iOS and Android devices, so you can review and approve contracts as well as communicate with clients while on the go. In case this platform is not for you, feel free to take a look at these viable Honeybook alternatives for more choices.



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Why use Honeybook instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can e-sign on any device – mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Stay on top of projects and streamline client communication.
  3. Accept online payments directly through the platform.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Honeybook?

  1. Offers automatic form field detection and generates self-serve forms.
  2. You can track and manage signed documents with time stamps.
  3. Allows users to create workflows specific to document signing.

Detailed HoneyBook Review

6. SignRequest

SignRequest dashboard

SignRequest enables you to sign digital documents utilizing your legally valid electronic signature. This helps you to save money and time while speeding up approvals, enhancing your processes, and improving your sales. The solution is affordable provides all the document signing needs of businesses of all sizes. Plus, the tool is flexible and scalable, and can be tailored to fit different business requirements. The system is easy to learn with even novices able to master it without much training. In addition, the solution uses SSL 256-bit encrypted technology to keep your documents safe and secure.

To date, SignRequest just keeps on getting better and better with new features and functionalities constantly being added to the tool. It is now able to integrate seamlessly with Dropbox, automatically backing up documents that have been signed. Email designs have likewise received a facelift, providing more detailed explanations to users. The system’s default signing method is now done by typing, making signing a lot easier, but for those who prefer drawing, the feature could be toggled between the two. Overviews of SignRequest are stored by the system, along with important reminders and messages. Finally, documents are kept safe with the use of passwords.

Why use SignRequest instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can quickly integrate it with your business workflows.
  2. It makes the signing process fast and easy.
  3. It is a secure storage hub for all your digitally signed documents.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of SignRequest?

  1. You can use passwords and permissions to control document access.
  2. Create signable web forms and embed them in your website to provide multiple users effortless access to files for signature.
  3. You can work on the platform from your business app, browser, or mobile device.

Why not try comparing this solution with SignRequest alternatives to appreciate better the app’s features?

Detailed SignRequest Review

7. DocSketch

Docsketch dashboard

Docsketch is an e-signature software designed not only to make document signing easy; it also helps you monitor and track your documents, even providing you with an audit trail.  Very intuitive to use, even first-time users will appreciate its drag-and-drop features. Your signatories can also sign on different document formats like Word and PDF. But more than that, Docsketch tells you exactly who has opened your documents, and who needs further reminding.

Signed documents are one thing, secure archiving is another. Docsketch does both tasks well, giving you a legal record of every activity that’s got to do with your document. You can also customize exactly the staff personnel or department who can see your documents,  keeping private things well-hidden from unauthorized access.  A paid account lets you gain entry to an extensive template library you can draw from to make document preparation a lot easier.  On top of all these, all Docsketch documents are also fully compliant with US and international esignature laws.



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Why use Docsketch instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It fully automates the document signing process using an intuitive interface.
  2. This app lets you know exactly who has opened your documents so you don’t have to guess who else needs to be reminded.
  3. It gives you access to a 25,000 document template library to make document preparation a breeze.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Docsketch?

  1. This app has the capability to detect form fields to expedite signing and avoid errors.
  2. Adobe eSign allows a wide variety of esigning options such as users in India signing with their Aadhaar number from the national biometric ID system.
  3. Its configurable time stamps can be used to confirm the validity of e-signatures and the authenticity of documents.

Compare this app with Docsketch alternatives to make sure you’re getting the kind of tool that you need.

Detailed Docsketch Review

8. Signaturely

Signaturely dashboard

Signaturely is an electronic signature software designed for SMBs and freelancers. Through the platform, users can easily collect legally binding signatures for a wide variety of documents. These signatures comply with the ESign act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. The same is true for other data gathered through Signaturely documents, such as initials, dates, and information entered through textboxes and checkboxes.

The software supports more efficient document management, as it serves as a centralized platform for storing important paperwork such as contracts. Signaturely also allows users to create templates for commonly used documents, speeding up HR processes such as onboarding. Documents can be sent to multiple signers, while automatic reminders ensure that electronic signatures are collected on time.

Features for importing contacts and sending contracts in bulk also make Signaturely a good choice for businesses that handle a large volume of documents. Document tracking capabilities allow users to view changes made to documents and enable easier auditing.

Why use Signaturely instead of Adobe eSign?

  1. Signaturely makes it easy to send documents to thousands of signers.
  2. It allows users to quickly see which recipients have viewed and signed documents.
  3. Automated follow-up features help ensure that documents get signed on time.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Signaturely?

  1. Adobe eSign Services allows users to sign with a tap or swipe.
  2. Through the platform, users can embed custom forms and collect payments.
  3. Users get the option to require signers to verify their identity before a document is opened.

Check our list of Signaturely alternatives to view similar software.

Detailed Signaturely Review

9. Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign dashboard

Digital signature platform Zoho Sign helps organizations quickly and smoothly conclude deals by taking the signing process to the cloud. This gets rid of the need for businesses to scan and send documents to their customers, who get to digitally sign legally-binding documents. For users who are constantly in the field, this cloud-based solution will keep your business going as it has integrations with popular Zoho products, including Zoho CRM and Zoho Writer. It also plays well with third-party applications like DropBox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive. The app is highly suitable for small businesses regardless of industry type.

Users can set expiration dates for their documents, of which they are reminded of when the time approaches. For those who are facing multiple parties, you can set multiple recipients to sign documents, ensuring quicker response times, which can help you run your business smoothly. You can even set the order by which to send out documents for signing. And before you send out documents, you can review them using previews that the system generates, this way, you are sure that everything is in order before having them signed. If you find the software still wanting in terms of features, there are more viable Zoho Sign alternatives here.

Detailed Zoho Sign Review

Why use Zoho Sign instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It integrates with numerous Zoho products and third-party apps.
  2. It automatically sends reminders about expiring documents.
  3. It can set the order by which documents should be sent out.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Zoho Sign?

  1. It can be customized by adding corporate elements.
  2. It can customize workflows.
  3. It allows users to sign using a mouse or stylus.

10. Encyro

Encyro dashboard

Encyro is a secure file sharing software that comes with electronic signature collection capabilities based on global e-signature legal standards. Encyro’s primary function is to provide users with a secure platform for sharing, sending, receiving, and organizing files and data. As such, users can expect the same level of security when using the platform’s e-signature feature.

Encyro E-sign offers more secure encryption and access control. As it complies with IRS Form 8879 requirements, it is ideal for tax preparers. The platform also provides free tamper verification. Every signed Encyro E-Sign document comes with a web link that allows for more efficient verification.

Designed with the security of sensitive documents in mind, Encyro E-Sign gives users multiple access control options to ensure the protection of documents during the entire transaction. For additional convenience and efficiency, signers can choose to draw their signature even if they’re not using a touchscreen device. They can also opt for a typed signature.

Moreover, users can create custom electronic signature requests. They can add their brand’s logo and business details both in the email notification body and the signature page. Additionally, users can save their branded pages as templates.



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Why use Encyro instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It offers 16 layers of security and automated encryption.
  2. It comes with free signature tampering verification.
  3. It is compliant with IRS 8879 e-signature requirements and other global legal standards.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Encyro?

  1. It lets users add custom form fields.
  2. It allows users to collect payments online.
  3. It helps users send documents for signing to multiple signers in bulk.

Check out Encyro alternatives to learn more about your options.

Detailed Encyro Review

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