Pros & Cons of CloudTalk: Analysis of a Leading Business Phone System

What are the pros and cons of CloudTalk?
The pros and cons of CloudTalk center around user adoption, scalability and pricing. It is easy to set up and use. You can start with a small business plan and scale to enterprise features later. And pricing is on a per-user basis, so you only get to pay for what you need.

What is the most important feature when it comes to business phone systems? It can be price, budget is the end-all for many. It can be flexibility. If you have a mobile sales team or a home-based support team, you’d appreciate a mobile deployment. It can also be scalability. You want to grow with the system, not migrate to another one–a big headache–once your needs grow.

Can CloudTalk meet these requirements? To help you decide, we prepared this pros and cons guide of CloudTalk. We’ll discuss what it is (and not) and how companies can benefit from it. We’ll also show you the few disadvantages that come with the territory.

cloudtalk pros & cons

Phone call preference by customers is waning. At least that’s what The Northridge Group found out in their 2018 study. Customer calls received by phone took a dip from 57% in 2017 to 43% in the following year. But 43% is still a huge number, so ditching the phone may lose you a sizable chunk of your market. 

Besides, there’s no telling if customers would one day prefer phoning in again and listen to a human voice, instead of taking their issues with a chatbot. Because on the other end of the customer preference spectrum, 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that provides personalized experiences. Nothing says personalized than talking with a person, one-to-one. 

VoIP cost & savings

Likewise, based on VoIP statistics, the VoIP market is expected to grow from $83 B in 2015 to $140 B in 2021 driven by cost savings, as highlighted in the graphics above. Even as customers are shying away from phoning in, businesses are finding systems like CloudTalk a must-have tool for internal communication.  

The good news, operating a business phone system has never been more cost-effective. Virtual phone systems like CloudTalk solves the common problems with traditional PBX, such as cost of hardware, a complex system that leads to poor user adoption and buying expensive tools you don’t need yet like a PBX that can handle 20 simultaneous calls when you only receive five at most at the moment.

So, you’re on the right track to choose a cloud-hosted business system. The question is, will CloudTalk meet your expectations? Before we discuss the pros and cons of CloudTalk, first, let’s find out what it is.

What is CloudTalk?

CloudTalk dashboard example

New York-based CloutTalk is a virtual phone system that you can set up for your call center operations. It comes in three apps: desktop, mobile and web browser. It allows you to run an internal contact center at a minimal cost compared to outsourcing or traditional PBX-based infrastructure. By leveraging cloud hosting on a SaaS model, CloudTalk lets you operate anywhere in the world while bringing the cost to a manageable monthly subscription. Pricing starts at $10 per user/month. 

The basic plan gives you the standard tools in a small business call center outfit: unlimited inbound and internal calls, click-to-call function and automated call distribution. You also get an unlimited number for seventy-plus countries and a mobile app to access the system on the go. Clearly, it meets the requirements for a small business VoIP phone system. But, will you outgrow its features?

The good news is the solution scales to enterprise features. This is advantageous during seasonal sales increases, say, the holidays, Black Fridays and Amazon Prime Days. You can avail of sophisticated tools like speech to text, integration with Salesforce and other systems, unlimited concurrent calls, unlimited outbound calls, smart queueing and custom reporting. All these on a month-to-month term, meaning, you can revert to the basic plan post-holiday sales.


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Try out CloudTalk with their free trial

With access to local numbers worldwide, you can set up your own offshore hotline. CloudTalk lets you route international numbers anywhere in the country. That means you can assign the right agent based on, not just skill, but on the region.

The toll-free numbers, meanwhile, make it easy for customers to call you. This opens up sales opportunities and increases customer satisfaction.

The vendor provides U.S.-based support and will walk you through the setup or other technical issues that you have questions about.

Advantages & Disadvantages of CloudTalk

Visibility across call activities

CloudTalk puts all call activities in one place and syncs them. If you are a manager or business owner handling a large pool of agents, you get to access the latest conversations. This gives you a clear picture of how your support or sales is performing and pinpoint issues that are bogging them down. 

Conversely, the system archives all call records (it doesn’t delete any). That means disputes about past conversations, whether with an agent or customer, can be easily resolved. You can also run call activities through CloudTalk’s advanced analytics to see patterns and insights that can help you improve customer satisfaction.

However, analytics is only available in advanced plans. You will find the basic package limiting once you start catering to a larger customer base.

cloudtalk visibility

Using an intuitive interface, CloudTalk helps you make calls from your desktop or mobile easily.

Handle call volume with ease

The solution combines the robustness of traditional PBX systems and the flexibility of a modern cloud-based phone system. This allows you to manage call volume even if you have a small team. Featuers like tagging, smart queuing and call routing enable agents to facilitate calls in an organized way. 

Recording and power dialer meanwhile helps you handle unlimited concurrent calls and unlimited inbound and intracompany calls. The power dialer is particularly useful to ensure agents are calling the right person at the right moment. It gives your agents the convenience to make more calls and more chances to close deals.

Setup is easy and supported

It is a cloud-based, SaaS system, so expect the setup to be a breeze. You start by choosing how to deploy CloudTalk, via desktop, mobile (iOS or Android) or web browser. Then you are asked to create an account. That’s it, you’re ready to import contacts. You can do so by bulk or individually. With your permission, the system will also scan existing CloudTalk users in your contact and Facebook lists. 

The only challenge is choosing which plan works best. That’s on you, although the vendor will likely help you decide.

cloudtalk setup

Being a cloud solution, CloudTalk is easy to set up, right away you can manage accounts, calls, cases, reports and tasks in one location.

Have your own offshore call center

You might want to have an offshore suppor team for either of the two things: gain presence in an offshore market or cut labor costs. Or you may want both. In any case, CloudTalk fits in. It is accessible through cloud and deployed via desktop, mobile and browser. Setting up an offshore team can be as simple as designating mobile phones to agents. That simple and cost-effective. 

Furthermore, the offshore call center can handle your U.S. customer base. CloudTalk can route calls over the internet, so your offshore agent is connected to your U.S. customer.

On-the-go, anywhere flexibility

Your agents can access the system and your records over the internet. That gives you flexibility where to set up your contact center and localize your agent pool to the convenience of your customers. You can deploy the phone system in all three apps, desktop, mobile or browser. CloudTalk will sync your records, so everything is updated.

cloudtalk ease of use

You can access your CloudTalk account from any device and make calls on the go.

Pricing is friendly to small businesses

We know that cloud communication helps small businesses compete with enterprises. CloudTalk is one example. You can start enjoying a full contact center with as little as $10 per month. Pricing is also on a per-user basis, so you can manage costs down to how many agents you have at the moment. The basic plan gives you the essential tools to start a call center. These include unlimited inbound and internal calls; unlimited call queuing; and automated call routing. On top of that, you get the mobile apps, a click-to-call tool and international numbers in 70+ countries.  

Scaling is smooth, painless

If you are a startup with a vision to exponentially expand in the next few years, CloudTalk fits your situation. From running a basic, generally inbound call center, you can grow to conducting unlimited outbound campaigns and further grow the business. You can also scale to skill-based routing, smart queueing and unlimited concurrent calls. These are all critical tools when handling a huge customer base. 

Likewise, CloudTalk provides advanced features like analytics with unlimited history. You can backtrack call activities to resolve an issue, for example. Premium plans also give you Sentiment & CSAT score and real-time client dashboard, both important to managing customer satisfaction at scale. 

As your call records turn to a ton of data, the vendor claims to have enterprise-level security. You also get wider integrations, open API and developer support to configure the phone system along your requirements.

Seamless Integration

CloudTalk has a dedicated integration with Salesforce. That can easily sync your customer-facing units: CRM, sales and support. All related customer data are consolidated, you avoid inconsistent or repetitive conversations with customers. A sales rep, for example, knows the customer’s past purchases by simply pulling up CRM data, allowing for a more personalized conversation.

A caution, as far as integration with other CRM systems, you need to explore that aspect. You do have an open API and developer support in advanced plans, so don’t expect integration to be a problem with most systems.

Is CloudTalk For You?

Going back to our case at the beginning of this pros and cons of CloudTalk review: does CloudTalk meet the requirements for flexibility, mobility, scalability and budget? We believe so, as we’ve explained in detail above. When you compare it with other VoIP software, you’ll see how cost-effective it is. 

If you’re a small business, it is easy and affordable to set it up. You can have a fully functional call center that fits your budget. If you are a growing business, the system adapts to your expanding requirements. And if you are an enterprise, the vendor can tailor fit a solution based on the number of users and call volume. The best way to find out if this business phone system will adapt to your situation is to sign up for CloudTalk free trial.

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