Pros and Cons of Everflow: Analysis of an Affiliate Marketing Software

What are the pros and cons of Everflow?
The pros and cons of Everflow revolve around its powerful affiliate marketing features. The system offers companies of any size and type capabilities like analytics, automation, and monitoring that are sure to boost their affiliate marketing efforts. However, the app has a bit of a learning curve, which is easily resolved by the tutorials that the vendor provides.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you might want to give a robust affiliate marketing software such as Everflow a try. To help you do this, knowing more about the pros and cons of Everflow would help you not only identify your need for such a solution but also decide if it’s the right tool for you. This powerful software offers companies of all types and sizes automation, analytics, and monitoring features. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the tool’s most prominent features, benefits, and even its limitations, if any. By the time you’re through with this reading, you should be able to decide if the tool is the one you’re looking for.

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Affiliate marketing continues to grow, with famous bloggers and influencers still depending on the practice for revenue. However, the practice has been undergoing changes owing to developments in the broader business landscape.

Affiliate marketers must pay close attention to these changes if they are to continue to make valuable revenue streams. Examples of these trends include the need for engaging content, adapting to mobile and voice search technology, recognizing the role of influencers, and putting the spotlight on smaller affiliate marketing networks.

Of these mobile marketing has been making the most noise as current mobile marketing stats reflect.

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Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)

Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2019 : 5.9


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2018: 5.4


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2017: 4.9


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2016: 3.4


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2015: 2.9


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2014: 2.4


Total Spending in Affiliate Marketing (In Millions of Dollars)
2013: 2



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Now, some parties harbor an unfavorable view of affiliate marketing. But current affiliate marketing figures indicate otherwise. More businesses have been taking advantage of this marketing method, with many large companies getting into the fray.

The growth of the affiliate marketing industry is also a testament to its continued use, with many companies spending top dollar on affiliate marketing. To add to these positive developments, the use of modern analytics has also been driving this marketing channel. 

The future of affiliate marketing looks rosy, with experts seeing an increase in the use of push notification and native ads in the industry.

Meanwhile, a 2018 study has revealed that affiliate marketing has likewise become an ideal revenue stream and conversion driver for many businesses. These developments are proof that affiliate marketing is not going away anytime soon as more and more companies turn to the practice to boost their income and pursue growth.

What is Everflow?

Everflow dashboard example

Everflow is a cloud-based platform that helps users manage all their affiliate management and partner tracking processes. It is ideal for use by affiliate marketers, publishers, and ad agencies, offering them analysis, monitoring, and automation features and the ability to handle up to a billion clicks.

The solution also allows users to track and analyze campaign performance using analytics and provides them with a better understanding of reports using visualizations. Everflow can be used in conjunction with marketing plan templates to ensure optimal results.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Everflow free trial here.

Everflow can track all actions and events relevant to campaigns, including the number of clicks, payouts, and cost-per-click, among many others. What’s even better is that the system can detect sources that are seen as fraudulent, allowing marketers to deal with them accordingly.

The app’s SmartSwitch feature addresses this problem, with which you may use specific criteria to set rules that aid in identifying fraudulent sources. These are but some of the benefits that make Everflow one of the most robust affiliate marketing software around.

Everflow provides you with the following key features:

  • Base conversion separated from events reporting
  • Global event postback
  • Granular reports no pivot tables
  • MTTI reporting
  • Customizable alerts for fraud
  • Proxy IP blocking
  • Pull reports quickly with 1B+ daily clicks
  • Manage offers & publishers
  • Responsive in-platform chat support
  • Free & simple API
  • Detailed breakdown on every click delivered
  • Default and custom reports
  • Bulk blocking on the placement level
  • Active directory

Everflow Advantages and Disadvantages

Everflow is easily one of the top marketing platforms around, providing businesses with valuable insights into their organization’s performance. Such ideas, in turn, allow them to craft sound strategies, putting these companies on the path to profitability and growth. But the system has more benefits to offer as you’ll find out below.

The Right Offers for the Right User

Some of your users are bound to receive unsuitable offers. Everflow generates Smart Links for users to address this problem. Smart Links are essentially a collection of your products, services, offerings, and even partnered products. This capability ensures that your offer does not go to waste while guaranteeing that users get only matching offers.

Offers can be viewed easily from Everflow’s dashboard.

Centralized Monitoring

The app aids businesses in the management of affiliate marketing-related entities, including affiliates, influencers, and strategic partnerships. This capability allows you to keep tabs on your performance across a variety of channels while letting you use metrics in making critical decisions.

Campaign Optimization

Everflow can optimize your campaign while cracking down on fraud. Its SmartSwitch feature lets you assign automation rules using specific criteria as a basis. These criteria include event and conversion rates, margins, and click-to-conversion rates.

For example, the software will automatically block traffic from a source that does not deliver conversion even if it has been providing a high volume of clicks. Using this feature results in time savings by immediately stopping wrong sources in their tracks.

Assign automation rules using Everflow’s SmartSwitch feature.

Powerful Reporting

Everflow can pull critical reports in an instant. The analytics that come with the software reflect those of top marketing automation platforms, which allow you to break down data into more straightforward information.

Data related to your campaigns can be viewed to analyze the same. For instance, partner performance is displayed by categories like cities, countries, and placements, to name a few.

Everflow’s reporting feature keeps you informed of all affiliate marketing developments.

Robust Targeting

Everflow lets you use set targeting requirements as you set up your offers, ensuring that only relevant users get them. Targeting requirements can be applied using platform, sorted by country, cities, and device type, among others. For users who fail to match conditions, the system’s Smart Links and Fail traffic see to it that your offers do not go to waste.

Anti-Fraud Capability

The system allows you to stop fraudulent sources by setting rules that automatically detect and block them. This feature protects you in cases like unacceptable partner placements and click-to-conversion times that are deemed unnatural.

Track Your Events and Conversions

Everflow eliminates the possibility of you missing out on any aspect of your campaigns as it can track performance events and any payout type. The system likewise monitors promo codes, cost-per-click, revenue, cost-per-event, and impressions, among many others.

Everflow can monitor clicks, conversions and payouts from a single dashboard.

Harness the Power of Google Cloud

Everflow is built around Google Cloud, which makes it capable of processing clicks in the billions at fantastic speed. Aside from this, you get to access all the information you need for use in comparisons, analysis, and in crafting data-driven decisions.

If there ever is a downside to the platform, it is the fact that it has a bit of a learning curve, which is easily remedied by the tutorials that the vendor offers. But once you learn how to use the system, everything is pretty much a cakewalk.

In-App Messaging

Everflow comes with a built-in messaging tool so that you’ll never again be cut off from your affiliates. You can also use the same for accessing and exporting email information.

Excellent Support

The vendor offers excellent support that can be accessed 24/7, with a team of competent experts always on stand by to address issues and concerns as you report them. Everflow’s support comes in the form of phone calls, chat, email, and tickets.

Everflow: Is It the Right Tool for You?

Everflow is undoubtedly one of the best affiliate marketing platforms around. This powerful piece of software does not only take good care of your affiliates, but it also ensures that you do not fall victim to fraudulent sources.

Its targeting capabilities also see to it that only the right offers reach the proper users. Also, no offers ever go to waste as the system routes them to a collection of your own offers and even services. Such benefits make Everflow easily among the top affiliate marketing tools in the market.

Having learned about its feature and their corresponding benefits, It would not be a surprise if you decide to have the tool in your marketing arsenal. But don’t just dive straight into a deal. The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Everflow free trial here.

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