Pros & Cons of Condo Control Central: Analysis of a Property Management Software

What are the pros and cons of Condo Control Central?
The pros and cons of Condo Control Central revolve around its communication features, calendaring, filing system, and security, among others. The system offers property owners and managers a way to effectively communicate with residents and manage their day-to-day operations. Used to its maximum potential, the application can change how you operate for the better.

Did you know 36.6 percent rent of American rent? That’s a sizeable market for property owners. But along with opportunity comes a lot of challenges.

It’s your job to make sure your condos are safe and accessible. You also need to make sure disputes are kept at a minimum, and that your tenants live there comfortably. But with so much going on, how will you keep track of everything?

Property management software is the answer. Condo Control Central is a good example of this. It also helps streamline your security system, as well as effectively manage amenity and parking bookings.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of Condo Control Central and a briefer on the product. You’ll find out if its communication features, calendar tool, file system, and security are up to your expectations. That way, you can make the right call on whether or not it is a good fit for your business.

condo control central pros and cons

Managing properties is a thankless job. They make an effort to ensure that everything is running smoothly. That means collecting rent, acting on service requests, and making sure that announcements are properly spread.

Should anything go wrong, the property manager will be blamed. So, it’ no surprise that more than 62 percent of property managers quit their job.

home rental

What’s more, in Lauren Staley’s blog post entitled “The Average Life Span of a Property Manager”, she stated that the longest a property manager will stay with the job is nine months.

However, with the right property management software, day-to-day operations will be easier. 

What you need is an application that has all the features you will need. Will Condo Control Central meet your expectations? Let’s break down the details starting with an overview. 

What is Condo Control Central?

Condo Control Central is an application that digitizes your property management operations. It makes it easier for property managers, board members, and security to handle day to day operations.

Through the app, you can track, monitor and approve amenity bookings with ease. Residents can even pay for their deposits through the app’s secure methods. The best part is that they can do all of that and more through the Condo Control Central app. 

Additionally, you can integrate other software with Condo Control Central. Some of the software you can integrate with Condo Control include: Aviglon, Condo Manager and Constar among others. Through integration, you can manage your property and residents with ease.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Condo Control Central free trial here.

Condo Control

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Try out Condo Control with their free trial

Condo Control Central can also help manage the packages coming in and out of the property. Just log in the deliveries into the system, and notify the recipients for pick up. This ensures that packages are delivered to their rightful owners and spend less time in storage. 

Condo Control Central currently offers Core and Premium support to its customers. To know the price for your building, you can request a quote from their website.

The following are key features of Condo Control Central:

  • Calendar Management
  • Committee Management
  • Document Management
  • Event Management
  • Property Database
  • Website Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Commercial Properties
  • Contact Management
  • Expense management
  • Lease Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Rent Tracking
  • Tenant Database
  • Tenant Portal

Condo Control Central Advantages and Disadvantages

Condo Control Central is one of the best property management software available in the market today. It is best known for its comprehensive features. But before you make a final decision, know the pros and cons of Condo Control Central. So, you can decide if it is the right software for your business.

1. Easy communication for everyone

Condo Control Central has plenty of features. One of them is allowing managers to make announcements. This makes it easier to disseminate information throughout. You can schedule to send announcements for a specific group of residents or communities. 

One difficulty that was mentioned with this feature is with older residents who refuse to enroll in the program. Their reason was the lack of computer experience. An easy to use communication program for the building might be best for residents of all ages in case you come across a similar problem.

2. Discussion Forums for residents

The discussion forums feature allows residents, managers, and owners to engage in conversation about the residence. This is the perfect place for everyone to raise concerns and bring issues to the management’s attention.

Through these forums, residents can come together to come up with collaborative ideas on how they can make the residence a better place to live or do business.

New users of Condo Control Central finds using it and its features difficult. But after using and navigating through its dashboard, users will soon find their way around it easily without much trouble.

As the owner, keep a close eye on the discussions through email alerts. That way, you can put out the embers of a heated conversation before it turns into a wildfire.

3. Events Calendar to keep everyone posted

If you’re celebrating events or want to remind residents of any maintenance happening on specific days so they can plan around it, use the calendar feature. 

You can also create and manage specific events for particular groups and residence. If you already have a complete list of events happening for the year, you can post them on the calendar. That’s because it has an unlimited number of events that can be added.

You can send out customized invites for everyone by attaching files to the events calendar. With this, everyone knows what to expect and can even participate if they wanted to, helping create a more inclusive community. 

Keep everyone updated through the calendar feature

4. File library for references

The file library is a great document management program place to store any relevant documents for residents. That can include a copy of the building rules, or even lease terms for each tenant. 

As the owner, you can customize who can see and interact with each file in the library. It also supports multiple file types including, but not limited to .pdf, .doc, and .xls.

Users reported that the system has a limitation of document size permitted as well as difficulty in organizing the documents. This isn’t much of an issue if you and your residents won’t be uploading any large files into the system library. 

Pinned reminders and other types of documents aren’t significant and should have no problem getting uploaded to the library. 

File library allows you to store and customize access on each file

5. A website for your building

One way to attract prospective residents and buyers to your condo is through a website. Condo Control Central offers an easy way for you to design and maintain a site for your condo. 

Through this feature, you can design a website for your condo with ease. It also allows you to upload high-resolution images to showcase the available facilities.

Additionally, you can include a login and registration option on the website. Thus giving your current and new residents easy access to the application’s portal. From the site, they can easily make service requests and book amenities as needed. 

6. Service requests made easy

To stay on top of resident concerns, you will need a reliable help desk software. It helps keep track of service requests. That way, no request goes unnoticed.

All resident requests are collected through the app. It is then stored in one location for easy viewing. You can then get in touch with the requester to help resolve the issue. 

Automatic reminders are sent out to make sure that no open request is left unattended. And any updates are sent to the requester for transparency. 

Residents can send service requests to you on the fly

7. Resident classified Ads

To help build a community among your residents, they can post any ads promoting items for sale on your building’s resident classified ads board. 

Each resident has quick access to the digital classified ads board and can post as needed. As the administrator, you can choose to approve all ads before it goes public. 

One downside of this feature is the lack of alerts. Residents don’t get notified about new listings right away. The reason behind this, according to Condo Control Central, is that they are doing their best to prevent users from unsubscribing to their email notifications.

Even without alerts about new listings, residents can still see the new listings by checking the classified ads regularly. So, you can see the ads you want to see and not bombarded by every single new ad posted by other residents.

Through this feature, your residents can get to know their neighbors and help them find items for sale within the community. 

8. Record keeping made easy

Record keeping is made a lot simpler through the app. Now, you can keep track of everything happening in your building. 

This feature serves as a type of task management software for employees. It lets them stay on top of their to-do lists every day. Additionally, you can place deadlines, assign tasks and follow specific tasks. That way, you also know what each employee is doing. 

This allows you to keep track of which tasks aren’t started yet. You can even attach files to these tasks to serve as references or reminders.

Lastly, the application also serves as a type of billing and invoicing software, where residents can easily make payments and bookings through this feature without trouble.

9. Security and Concierge

Safety is the number one concern for residents. To help enforce security and to keep everyone safe, the Security and Concierge highlights a variety of features. 

One of which is monitoring visitor parking.  Through this feature, Residents can also register guests and give them access to the parking area. Thus, eliminating the problem of parking space hoarders. It also makes it easier for everyone to get a guest parking permit.

Lastly, it can also help keep track of authorized personnel who can enter units while the owners are away, keeping your property safe.

10. System Integrations

Another way to make Condo Control Central more efficient is by integrating it with other software. Integration leaves a lot to be desired since it can only integrate with a handful of applications. 

However, quality over quantity reigns as all these apps can be used to make it easier for your team to manage the building and its residents’ needs effectively.

Moreover, some of the apps you can integrate with Condo Control Central include Constar, Yardi, Avigilon, Condo Manager, VMS, Stripe, and Snaile.

Does Condo Control Central fit for your business?

With most businesses embracing the digital age, it only makes sense for you to do the same. The digital solutions that Condo Control Central offers bring your business to the modern age. It can also entice potential residents to your doorstep as well.

Users are happy with the solutions that Condo Control Central offers. Even if there is currently a lack of integration options, it is still a handy piece of software to have for your business. 

It can also serve as a one-stop-shop for you and your residents. Send announcements through the system, mark events on the calendar and make it easier for your residents to file paperwork and pay rent with ease. 

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Condo Control Central free trial here.

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