Pros & Cons of Maropost Marketing Cloud: Analysis of a Popular Marketing Software

What are the pros and cons of Maropost Marketing Cloud?
The pros and cons of Maropost Marketing Cloud focus on the software’s ability to automate campaigns on multiple channels, including email, mobile, and social media. Though it may take some effort to master its interface, the software also offers advanced features for customizing workflows and using customer data to build more personalized customer experiences.

Given the benefits of multichannel marketing, single-purpose marketing tools might not be the best choice for growing businesses. The good news is that there are many marketing software today with built-in multichannel support. Through these apps, businesses can use just one system for automating campaigns for email, mobile, social media, and web marketing.

One such multichannel marketing tool is Maropost Marketing Cloud. To provide a clearer picture of its capabilities, this article will discuss the pros and cons of Maropost Marketing Cloud. In this way, you can decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

Maropost Marketing Cloud pros and cons

Data-driven marketing has become the name of the game among businesses today. Collecting and analyzing data can bring various benefits to marketers, with metrics such as ROI and conversion rates providing support for critical business decisions. More importantly, the growing demand for tailor-made personalized experiences requires marketers to efficiently leverage all available customer data to their advantage.

The growth of data-focused marketing technology solutions also points to the increasing role of data in marketing campaigns today. According to the 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape, the number of data marketing solutions grew 25.5% in 2020, the highest compared to other marketing technologies.

Source: 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape

As such, it’s important for growing businesses to choose a marketing tool that can help them make the most of customer data. Maropost Marketing Cloud is one such software, with its features for helping businesses use customer data to improve engagement and build personalized marketing campaigns.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Maropost Marketing Cloud and explore its specific features and capabilities. Succeeding sections will also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of integrating the platform into your business’ digital marketing strategies.

What is Maropost Marketing Cloud?

Maropost Marketing Cloud dashboard

Maropost Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses automate marketing campaigns and tasks. Through the software’s capabilities, businesses can also use customer data to build personalized journeys that help boost customer engagement. Using the platform, business owners and marketing teams can track a wide variety of metrics, including purchase history, demographics, and website activity.

The software provides support for multichannel marketing, combining features for email, social media, and mobile marketing into one platform. Using Maropost Marketing Cloud, marketing teams can leverage data to increase engagement for email campaigns, optimizing factors such as send times. The software also allows businesses to use SMS and push notifications to reach their target audience and keep customers engaged. Additionally, Maropost Marketing Cloud helps ensure that campaign messaging across social media channels remains consistent.

Maropost Marketing Cloud

Maropost Marketing Cloud

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As a marketing automation software, Maropost Marketing Cloud also helps users save time and effort. The platform automates routine tasks, such as scoring leads and scheduling emails. As a result, users can focus on analyzing customer data and creating effective marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Maropost Marketing Cloud seamlessly integrates with over 500 apps, including eCommerce software such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. The software also supports REST and GraphQL APIs for users who need more flexibility in their marketing workflows.

Detailed Maropost Marketing Cloud Review

Key Features of Maropost Marketing Cloud

  • Multichannel marketing support
  • Website and engagement tracking
  • Email marketing automation
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Push notifications
  • Lead and audience segmentation
  • Lightboxes
  • Customized landing pages
  • Journey Builder
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Acquisition automation
  • Social media calendar
  • Transactional emails
  • 500+ third-party integrations

Pros & Cons of Maropost Marketing Cloud

Efficient email marketing automation

Maropost Marketing Cloud comes with powerful tools that help businesses to maximize the benefits of email marketing. The platform provides a unified 360-degree view of customers and segments, making it easier for marketers to create dynamic, personalized content for emails. Personalized email campaigns are essential to the success of digital marketing strategies, especially since 72% of customers engage only with campaigns that are relevant to their individual preferences.

Aside from these features, the platform offers various capabilities to help marketers save time on creating and launching email campaigns. For instance, through the platform’s Journey Builder, marketers can use drag-and-drop functions to map out email designs complete with text, images, and buttons. Through triggers, actions, and filters, users can also automate email campaigns through Journey Builder. Marketers can also use Journey Builder to set up remarketing programs for events such as cart abandonment.

To ensure efficient personalization of emails, Maropost Marketing Cloud also comes with a Recommendations Engine. This engine uses advanced machine learning to recommend personalized content to customers based on their website visit history.

Additionally, Maropost pros and cons include improved email deliverability. For instance, the platform offers various send options, including Priority Send and Send Time Optimization. Tools such as Deliverability Score and Spam Checker also help ensure that emails get delivered to customers’ inboxes.

Maropost Marketing Cloud WYSIWYG Editor

Maropost Marketing Cloud comes with a WYSIWYG editor for easier email design.

Powerful mobile marketing features

In addition to email marketing automation, Maropost Marketing Cloud offers mobile and SMS marketing automation. SMS marketing can be an effective strategy for digital marketing, especially since 75% of consumers want to receive special offers through SMS.

Through the platform, marketers can set up schedules for sending SMS messages to segmented customer lists. Users can also create SMS lists for easier customer segmentation. Aside from SMS marketing, Maropost Marketing Cloud also provides features for mobile app messaging. Marketers can use the platform to set events and trigger personalized alerts and push notifications for app users. The software also allows users to schedule broadcast messages.

Additionally, Maropost Marketing Cloud makes it easier for marketers to accurately measure mobile app engagement. Through the platform’s mobile app analytics, marketers can track mobile app usage and get accurate numbers for metrics, such as total sessions, session length, and new users.

Maropost Marketing Cloud SMS Campaign Dashboard

Maropost Marketing Cloud makes it easier for marketers to set up SMS campaigns.

Easy, unified social media marketing

Aside from automating email and mobile marketing campaigns, Maropost Marketing Cloud also serves as a centralized platform for social media management. Marketers can connect Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles and pages to the platform and create ‘playlists’ for automatically posting content to these accounts.

Once playlists are created, the platform randomly rotates marketing content through connected social media accounts. This automation feature removes the time-consuming manual effort needed for publishing fresh content to social media.

Moreover, one of the pros and cons of Maropost is that it seamlessly integrates with Facebook Lead Ads and Twitter Lead Generation Cards, so customers can fill out lead generation forms on social media sites. In this way, marketers can grow their customer lists without clients having to leave social media platforms. These features also make it easier for marketers to retarget audiences on Instagram and Facebook.

Versatile web marketing tools

To round out its suite of marketing automation capabilities, Maropost Marketing Cloud also comes with tools that can help track and boost website engagement. For instance, the platform has a built-in Acquisition Builder that marketers can use to create customized lightboxes. These lightboxes are designed to appear as an overlay on a specific webpage and can be used for lead generation strategies.

In addition to lightboxes, the Maropost Marketing Cloud platform allows users to create personalized, dynamic landing pages. These landing pages can feature a wide variety of content, including text blocks, images, and customized forms.

Though some users have noted the platform’s steep learning curve, the software allows marketers to build landing pages and lightboxes through WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editors.

Maropost Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Maropost Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder allows users to set up triggers and actions for email and SMS marketing campaigns.

Extensive data tracking and reporting

One of the benefits of using Maropost Marketing Cloud is that the platform comes with comprehensive reporting and data tracking features. For instance, to complement its email marketing management capabilities, the platform also offers a web tracking feature. Through web tracking, marketers can monitor the webpages customers view when they click through to the website from emails.

Through web tracking, the platform can capture a wide variety of data, including contact profiles, web funnel performance, orders, and web conversions. Advanced web tracking capabilities are also possible through customized scripts.

In addition to web tracking, Maropost Marketing Cloud also offers an extensive selection of customizable reports. Though users have reported the platform’s reporting features to be a little clunky, the software offers a wide variety of built-in templates for campaign performance reports, journey reports, and transactional reports. The platform also lets marketers create customized reports to track metrics, such as deliverability and growth and attrition.

Maropost Marketing Cloud Customized Reports

Maropost Marketing Cloud allows users to create customized reports, including growth and attrition reports.

Hundreds of integrations available

Maropost pros and cons include the platform’s ability to work seamlessly with businesses’ tech stack. As such, the platform offers built-in integrations with over 500 third-party apps. Aside from social media and shopping carts, the platform integrates with data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Tableau to help marketers collect and drill down into customer data.

Additionally, the software also integrates with marketing and CRM platforms such as Keap and Salesforce for easier imports of contact information and ecommerce data. Users can also modify the platform’s functions according to their needs through APIs.

Is Maropost Marketing Cloud the right choice for you?

Maropost Marketing Cloud comes with a number of important features that can help businesses streamline their multichannel marketing strategies. For instance, the platform combines email marketing, SMS and mobile marketing, and social media marketing into a single system. By centralizing marketing processes into one platform, tracking campaign performance and monitoring key website metrics also become easier.

However, while the platform’s unified setup and comprehensive features work for businesses utilizing multiple marketing channels, it may not be ideal for small businesses focused on just one or two channels. This is important, especially considering the monthly cost of using Maropost Marketing Cloud.

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