Pros & Cons of Board: Analysis of a Top Business Intelligence Software

What are the pros and cons of Board?
The pros and cons of Board revolve around its sophisticated, all-in-one infrastructure. Aside from business intelligence, it also offers performance management, advanced analytics functionalities, and others. Board can also be deployed both on cloud and on-premise. This business intelligence solution, however, currently only has limited integrations.

Gathering customer data is a standard business practice that is supposed to help relevant departments and the business as a whole make better decisions. Furthermore, chances are the software systems being used to streamline business operations have their own databases and take some time to consolidate all useful data. In cases such as this, a fully integrated platform like Board can be useful. Even so, the pros and cons of Board is something to consider first before deciding if this technology is right for your business.

In this article, we will look into the benefits and the disadvantages of Board, one of the award-winning business intelligence software available in the market, and see if using it in your business organization makes sense.

board pros and cons

Operating in a data-driven industry has pushed businesses to reinforce business intelligence, especially when it comes to addressing the challenges that come with the surge in data being collected. With the volume of data that will be produced by the end of 2020 reaching approximately 44 trillion gigabytes, separating the useful ones from the rest is a challenge that business intelligence is prepared to handle.

As the foundation of business strategy, business intelligence, or BI, plays a crucial role in helping companies gain a competitive advantage. Traditionally, companies have to wait for the annual reports before they can even begin to assess the overall health of the business based on a year’s worth of data. But with the digitization of business processes, business intelligence software solutions have helped companies significantly improve their data-driven decisions by ditching the inefficient manual business intelligence processes in favor of digital tools that offer real-time and more accurate data for business analytics.

But despite the growing recognition of the benefits brought by using business intelligence applications, the level of importance placed on business intelligence still varies across the globe.

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Meanwhile, looking into the organizations that utilize business intelligence platforms, a 2019 survey reveals that at least 81% of research and development, executive management, operations, finance, and IT functions have benefited from using business intelligence tools in 2019.

In this article, we will look into the pros and cons of Board, which is one of the award-winning business intelligence solutions available in the market, and see if using it in your business organization makes sense.

Overview of Board

Board dashboard

Board is a business intelligence system that provides businesses with a powerful platform that’s equipped with comprehensive BI capabilities. These capabilities include data discovery, data gathering, self-service analytics, simulation, real-time reporting, and many others. This business intelligence solution is designed to cater to a broad range of industries, such as retail, financial services, construction, healthcare, nonprofits, and more.

With Board, decision-making is made easier and faster by automating functions and steps involved in the processes. Automation can be applied through the different stages from data discovery through performing in-depth analysis and generating reports. Aside from automation, Board also comes with a powerful toolkit that allows businesses to build sophisticated predictive and data mining models from scratch, create simulation applications, and update databases, among others. Furthermore, Board reinforces collaboration among all relevant functions of the organization that are involved in strategic planning and making critical decisions in one powerful platform.

Despite its sophisticated design that integrates business intelligence, performance management, and predictive analytics in a single system, Board is easy to use. Users can navigate the platform and utilize its tools with minimal support. And in case users need more information or assistance, Board has a very active community and support portal, and also offers training assistance to those interested.

Board, however, is not a perfect intelligence software. It has its drawbacks, some

Detailed Board Review

Board has the following key features:

  • Reporting tools
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Multiple deployments
  • Granular security
  • Automated drill-downs
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time data modeling
  • Multi-user data entry
  • Workflow management
  • Native mobile app
  • Visualizations
  • Data integration
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • MS Office integration
  • Spreadsheet formulas

Pros and Cons of Board

All-in-One Platform

One of Board’s main strengths goes beyond being just a business intelligence system. This software solution combines business analytics and corporate performance management with its business intelligence capabilities, thus making it a full-featured business intelligence application that fits the needs of medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

By unifying the functions of data discovery, reporting, advanced analytics, and performance management, businesses will not only be able to visualize data sets but also the current and future analytics trends and forecasts. Furthermore, Board gives a clear view of the company’s overall performance to assess if it is satisfactory.

Industry Agnostic

Businesses under different industries have different operational intelligence requirements, key performance indicators, and other factors relevant to business operations. But regardless of the industry, business organizations share the same need for good analytics. As a highly flexible and full-featured business intelligence solution, Board is equipped with powerful tools for companies to use to unlock insights that are crucial to their decision-making process.

For example, insurance providers can take advantage of Board’s advanced predictive modeling and simulation tools to assess the risks of product lines, services, portfolios, and more. Retail businesses, on the other hand, can use Board in analyzing sales trends, stock positions, and the performance of a store or branch based on predefined KPIs. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from Board’s planning and forecasting features, ensuring that the level of production and expected sales are aligned perfectly.

Fully Integrated and Transparent Planning Process

Board aims to make sure that all teams and departments involved in the planning process are on the same page. By unifying all the necessary business data and keeping everyone involved in the strategic planning, sales, and operations planning, HR planning, and financial planning, businesses will be able to assess the resources they can utilize as well as their production capability. This also reinforces transparency, as well as collaboration and accountability.

Board budgeting, forecasting

Board helps improve the accuracy of budgeting, planning, forecasting, etc., by reinforcing digital transformation across finance activities.

Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

Board is not only user-friendly, but it also encourages its business users to be more independent in their approach to data analysis. Having the right tools and the right platform can help top managers and decision-makers access the data they need instead of relying on the IT department for data analysis. Furthermore, Board’s business toolkit has everything you need for data modeling, building and updating databases and data presentations, creating simulation applications, and more.

Advanced Simulation Capability

Board is not only capable of simulating scenarios but also outcomes based on the information that users add during the creation of the simulation application. This feature is particularly helpful when a business is going to launch a new product or service and needs to have a more solid grasp of how the actual product or service will play out in the market. By adding information such as values for turnover rates, validation rules, accounting values, and more, a company will be able to identify areas of improvement and adjust accordingly.

Board advanced tools for sales forecasting

Board comes with advanced tools to help businesses predict possible sales outcomes based on factors determined by the company.

Code-Free Application Building

With Board, you can create applications such as simulation tools even if you are not a programmer or do not have an IT background. Building an application using Board’s platform can be but a four-step process that starts by integrating Board with any data source. Once connected with the data source, Board then automatically creates models and discovers other details, such as product measurements, product or service descriptions, dimensions, etc.

Using Board’s business toolkit, you can also create simple and complex dashboards or visualizations by simply dragging and dropping objects and data into the Board Capsules. Board Capsules hold various objects, including charts, spreadsheets, reports, navigation menus, etc., that you can use in creating dashboards and applications. And to make the application work for your business’ unique needs, you can easily define the business rules to ensure that the application or dashboard matches your business process.

Multiple Deployment Options

Board is designed to cater to cloud-based software solutions, but it also works seamlessly with on-premise systems. Board Cloud is powered by Microsoft Azure, a powerful IT management system that supports the Board’s reliability, performance, scalability, as well as state-of-the-art security. Depending on what works better for your business model and operations, both cloud and on-premise versions deliver the same functionalities and reliability to cater to your business intelligence needs. Board also has native applications available for iOS and Windows mobile devices. The mobile applications, however, currently only supports limited features, including data entry, analysis, reporting, and not the more advanced functionalities.

Extensive Learning Resources

Board provides its users with an impressive repository of learning resources. These resources introduce the best ways to utilize Board according to your business’ industry and specific operational requirements. Some of these resources include videos, case studies, and reports by actual analysts. Webinars, training, and a support center are also available. Furthermore, the community portal is where you can discuss and exchange ideas with fellow Board users and other industry professionals. If you are a new user, you can also request a free demo to see how Board operates in action.

Board learning resources

Board offers its users an extensive list of learning resources, including online training.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing helps businesses plan their software investment schedule. With software pricing easily visible from the vendor’s website, those in charge of software purchase can submit clear proposals with cost computations easily verifiable.  When it comes to its pricing scheme, Board does not make its pricing available to the public; interested customers have to get in touch with Board and request a price quote. While this may not be an issue to some clients, there are businesses that may prefer standard fixed pricing plans that are also readily available online. Board’s pricing has earned a mixed bag of reviews, one side claiming that the price range lies on the expensive side. Although this pricing model aims to ensure that clients’ plans match their companies’ needs and resources, the cost will still be a major consideration to some businesses.

Access to MS Office Tools

Board’s data models, charts, etc., can be accessed directly from your MS Office documents by adding the Board Office Add-in. Furthermore, your Excel spreadsheet can transform into a Broad client. This means that you have the option to view, edit, and review Board reports in your spreadsheet. This feature also supports an offline functionality, which allows users to input data on the spreadsheet even without an Internet connection. Furthermore, all information added offline will be automatically synced once the Internet connection is restored.

Through Board Office Add-in, you can also add live Board tables and charts to your Word documents. The same function also applies to PowerPoint presentations. Embedding live links in the Office documents also automatically syncs all relevant updates in your PowerPoint presentations.

Board MS integration

Board integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint presentations that can directly source data from Board.

Limited Third-Party Integration

Integration is arguably Board’s major drawback. While the software solution currently integrates with MS Office tools like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it does not give clients other native integration or even third-party extension options. This can be too limiting to potential clients who use multiple cloud-based tools, as facilitating connectivity between them is not natively possible this time.

Should you get Board as your business intelligence solution?

Examining the pros and cons of Board brings forth the benefits of a well-integrated business intelligence solution.  A state-of-the-art business intelligence software solution, Board redefines the platform by incorporating advanced functionalities. Aside from its advanced features, Board gets even more ideal due to its powerful and user-friendly interface. Not only does it allow its users to be self-sufficient, but it also makes navigating the platform hassle-free with minimal support. Also, it allows users to perform tasks more efficiently even with minimal support.

You can also match up Board against other top business intelligence software systems the better to appreciate its features for specific use cases.

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