Pros & Cons of Juro Contract Automation: Analysis of a Top Contract Lifecycle Management Software

What are the pros and cons of Juro Contract Automation?

The pros and cons of Juro Contract Automation lie in its ability to speed up contract signing workflows with its top-notch automation and contract management features. It delivers an enhanced contracting experience and simplifies complicated contract signing scenarios. Developments around tracking changes and mass sending of contracts, however, are a work in progress.

Regardless of the type of business that you have, there’s a high chance that your contracts get passed around between different teams. Managers, employees, vendors, and even in-house legal teams often need to interact to properly execute contract agreements. With so many parties involved in contract negotiations, data visibility becomes one of the biggest issues that businesses face head-on.

This said, let’s find out if visibility is one of the many strengths of Juro features. As an industry-leading contract automation software, Juro supports businesses throughout their entire contract lifecycle management.

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the pros and cons of Juro Contract Automation and provide an in-depth analysis of its key functionalities. With this guide, hopefully, you can get all the information you require to decide whether the solution is well worth the money for your business.

Juro contract automation pros and cons

Digitization is replacing manual processes and large volumes of paperwork in modern workplaces. A joint study conducted by Xerox and Coleman Parkes reveals that 37% of businesses have implemented digitization plans, resulting in improved access to information and the elimination of transcription errors. And for contract managers, this means modernizing the entire contract lifecycle in their organization.

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How Many Businesses Plan to Digitize Manual Processes?

How Many Businesses Plan to Digitize Manual Processes?
Will digitize paper processes in 1–3 years: 12%

Will digitize paper processes in 1–3 years

How Many Businesses Plan to Digitize Manual Processes?
Already implemented digitization plans: 37%

Already implemented digitization plans

How Many Businesses Plan to Digitize Manual Processes?
Have advanced in digitization of paper processes: 28%

Have advanced in digitization of paper processes


Source: Xerox (2021)

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As the lifeblood of any business, contracts are vital for long-term success and stability. With business growth, however, comes more complex paperwork and lengthy contracts. In turn, it becomes increasingly challenging to handle the unstructured data brought about by outdated systems and information silos.

The automation and digital transformation of contract management have led to a wide range of improvements to businesses. These include better contract visibility, shortened approval times, and improved document management. Likewise, implementing a proper contract management system made it possible for businesses to streamline processes surrounding the contract lifecycle—from creation and authoring to the review and approval phases.

Juro Contract Automation is among the myriad contract management solutions available today. It combines the benefits of contract digitization, automation, and enhanced reporting capabilities to help businesses simplify their contract management. In the following sections, you’ll find out more about Juro and its pros and cons to see if it fits the needs of your business.

Overview of Juro Contract Automation

Juro dashboard

Juro Contract Automation is an all-in-one contract automation platform. It is packed with cutting-edge features that remove information silos for various types of businesses. Perfect for HR, sales, procurement, and legal teams, Juro offers powerful contract automation capabilities. It helps businesses handle complex and large contract volumes. In addition, it provides several automation tools to improve productivity and reduce contract cycle times.

The software comes with a contract editor, allowing teams to easily draft agreements and revise them accordingly at any given time. With Juro’s contract editing features, teams can edit different parts of a contract and facilitate approvals. The software also offers an eSigning tool, allowing businesses to sign their documents more securely and conveniently.

Juro Contract Automation

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Try out Juro Contract Automation with their free trial

Juro is available in four pricing plans. One of the best things about it is that it features a free plan, which lets you create a free account on the platform. This allows you to have access to features like a template editor, eSignature tool, and Kanban dashboards. The free plan also lets you handle 50 contracts for one user.

Meanwhile, Juro’s Lite plan costs $59/user/month billed annually and includes 500 contracts, unlimited templates, and a maximum of five users. For teams handling a much bigger volume of contracts daily, Juro offers a Team plan for $90/user/month. This includes everything in the Lite plan and supports an unlimited number of contracts and a maximum of 10 users. As for businesses working with multiple teams, the platform also has a Business plan that is available by quote.

Detailed Juro Contract Automation Review

Key Features of Juro Contract Automation

  • Contract management
  • Self-serve contracts
  • Workflow builder
  • Contract templates
  • Dynamic agreements
  • Version control
  • E-signature
  • Automation features
  • Commenting/in-browser editing
  • Compliance/completion tracking
  • Contract query/text search
  • OCR capabilities
  • Renewal alerts
  • Third-party integrations

Pros and Cons of Juro Contract Automation

All-in-One Contract Management Solution

As a comprehensive contract automation solution, Juro replaces apps like Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, and DocuSign. It provides everything you require for your contract workflow in one platform. The platform also eliminates the need to switch between different document management software, emails, PDFs, and Word files. From editing tools to automation and e-signature features, Juro simplifies the contract lifecycle. This results in better productivity for your team and faster approval of negotiations and legal documents.

Moreover, Juro offers powerful features to help you create and edit contracts right from your preferred browser. Its in-browser editing tool leads you through the entire process—from drafting to revising, updating, and signing. It also allows you to add important clauses and make comments and suggestions to your document while maintaining version control.

Self-Serve Contracts

Juro features a self-serve contract editor that lets you generate your own contracts from scratch. You can do this by using highly customizable templates with smart fields, contract text, integrations, and native eSignatures. The platform also allows you to edit existing routine contracts so you can quickly generate legal documents at scale.

While more developments in tracking changes are on the way for Juro, it still performs well in recording all revisions, updates, and actions made to your document. This eliminates information silos across departments and makes it easier for you to track all the changes in your document.

Juro Self-Serve Contracts

Juro enables file-sharing with users, allowing your team to work closely with your clients in drafting contracts.

Unified Contract Workspace

Juro also serves as a secure contract database for businesses. With its flexible data layer, it provides teams with a unified contract workspace. It allows you to monitor contracts throughout their entire lifecycles—from creation to signature, approvals, and beyond. This way, you no longer have to waste time digging around for the static files that you need.

With Juro’s centralized data repository, you can easily store contracts and find them in organized folders and tabs. Using tags and labels, you can also follow up on which contracts are already completed or which ones still need to be signed.

Juro Unified contract workspace

Juro’s dashboard, where you can see your contracts and their status at a glance.

Streamlined Workflows

The best workflow tools simplify business processes instead of complicating them. As one of Juro’s key features, Juro offers a no-code workflow builder. This helps teams stay in control of the processes surrounding their contracts. Juro lets you define the end-to-end process of your legal documents, from creation to signature and execution. It also allows you to create approval pipelines without relying too much on IT support.

Using drag-and-drop tools, you can create and organize the different stages surrounding your contract workflow. For instance, you can add tabs and categorize contracts based on their status. This allows you to see at a glance which contracts have already been signed or are still pending approval.

Juro also provides Kanban dashboards that come in handy when you have a large number of open contracts to manage. By arranging your files into a Kanban view, you can easily keep track of their progress more quickly. In this way, you can effortlessly pinpoint which ones need to be prioritized, leading to a faster turnaround of contract completion.

Insightful Business Analytics

Another essential feature of Juro is its real-time business analytics, which enables you to assess your business performance based on the number of contracts you have processed and executed. It lets you track each document’s status and the performance of each department in drafting and managing contracts.

In addition, Juro offers helpful insights on how long it takes for your contracts to get signed. By providing you with the number of contracts you process each month and insights on end-to-end processes, the platform helps you to identify the bottlenecks in your workflow and how best to resolve them.

Juro Analytics

Juro offers an insightful analytics feature to help you keep track of your business performance.

Efficient Contract Negotiations

Successful negotiations happen by deploying effective strategies for team communication. As a collaborative solution, Juro ensures efficient communication between employees and clients, enabling them to work together on drafting contracts within a single, unified platform.

While the platform has yet to add a feature for mass sending of contracts, it allows for sharing documents with other users, letting teams work closely with clients on the drafting of contracts. in this way, important changes on clauses and revisions to the contract can be tracked and checked immediately by managers and legal teams.

To maintain a shorter negotiation cycle for your contracts, Juro equips you with in-browser commenting features that let users add suggestions to documents in real-time.

When negotiating the terms of a contract, your team and clients can exchange comments in the shared file. In this way, you can answer questions, add or remove terms in the contract, or revise clauses without the need to start from scratch and rewrite the entire document.

Juro Contract Automation: Nice to Have or a Must-Have?

In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, businesses have always stood on the precipice of digital transformation. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic imposing office closures and tightened margins, organizations are forced to immediately address inefficiencies and take leaps in their current business operation strategies.

At the center of all these is the digitization of workflows, which includes contract management for most enterprises. As a vital part of any flourishing business, contracts require great attention to detail and careful monitoring. This is especially the case in a remote setting where the parties involved communicate only through a computer screen. To keep pace with today’s market pressures and shifting industry demands, managers are called upon to find newer and more effective ways to digitize their outdated contract management processes.

The likes of Juro Contract Automation fulfill this very purpose. Packed with self-serve automation tools, a data-rich repository, and collaborative workflows, the platform simplifies contract management for legal and business teams. Needless to say, it makes contracting processes significantly easier, cutting down the time it takes to create contracts and track their completion progress. To see for yourself if Juro Contract Automation is right for your business, you can sign up for Juro free trial and explore the software’s capabilities.

On a related note, you may also check out our guide to eSignature software to find the best eSignature apps that you can use for your contracts.

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