Pros & Cons of mHelpDesk: Analysis of a Popular Field Service Management Software

What are the pros and cons of mHelpDesk?
The pros and cons of mHelpDesk are: it streamlines a lot of the mundane tasks in field service from job orders to invoicing; it has great field-based tools like on-site data sourcing and GPS tracking; and it offers an offline version so your workflow won’t be disrupted. But, as with any robust tool, it takes time to learn all the features and fully optimize the app. Once you do, however, you can expect to improve day-to-day efficiency and realize more profits.

You may be frustrated at the tons of work you need to attend to every day because they won’t allow you to provide excellent customer service. Or you may feel that it’s time to graduate from spreadsheets and emails, great tools that can become cumbersome should the business expands.

Getting help from technology is the right direction to take. Field service management software can help you win more job orders, schedule works with accuracy and coordinate dispatch better. They also help you send invoicing and collect payments on time. One such app is mHelpDesk. It has strong features for pre-sale tools, job management, live mapping and mobile apps, among others. But does it match your requirements? It doesn’t help that its pricing is by-quote only, leaving you with less room to deduce if it’s a good investment or not.

Well, fret not, in this article, we have compiled the pros and cons of mHelpDesk to help you decide if this field management software will meet your expectations. By reading our review on the pros and cons of mHelpDesk, you get a solid look at how it works and, more importantly, in the context of your needs.

pros and cons of mhelpdesk

It’s a good day to be in the field service industry today and especially in the next few years. After all, the field service market forecast is pegged at $5.08 Billion by 2023. One of the key drivers of this growth is the increasing adoption of technology, in an industry that, just a few years back, is known to embrace the motto with no qualms, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Manual process works for me, so why should I change?

Well, many providers have realized that what works is not enough in a field crowded with providers trying to outdo each other. If scheduling takes a day to confirm for one company, another one would come up with half a day and would likely get the job order. If you, for instance, rely on word-of-mouth to get more clients, your competitor can get thrice your workload by having access to an online marketplace. Providers are also getting a whiff of the potential of technology like mobile, wearable devices and especially IoT to increase the efficiency of FSM in maximizing on-site resources and speeding up work turnaround on the go.

Lest you fall behind the competition, it is but timely to try one of the popular FSM apps in the market. But before you do, let us walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of mHelpDesk to help you gauge if this is for you or not.

What is mHelpDesk?

mHelpDesk is an award-winning cloud-hosted field service management tool that thousands of small and medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers can use. It covers nearly all of the steps involved in a business transaction, from pre-sales customer contact to generating invoices and settling payments. 

Team members can use this software from any device at any location, and mHelpDesk lets you work offline if needed. It comes with all possible forms of customer support, too. So, you can always find an answer to any inquiries you may have about how you can use this software, be it by phone, live chat, email, live webinars, training videos, and user community forums. These features make mHelpDesk a  top alternative to a popular FSM app.

If you want to see this software in action, you can easily do so when you sign up for mHelpDesk free trial.

mHelpDesk has the following key features:

  1. Lead Management
  2. Mobile Job Manager
  3. Real-Time Communication
  4. Payment Processing
  5. Online Booking
  6. Mobile Scheduling
  7. Workflow Management
  8. Inventory Tracking
  9. Superior Customer Support
  10. Informative Knowledge Base

mHelpDesk Pros and Cons

Field Service Automation

mHelpDesk smoothes a lot of processes involved in business operations and offers CRM functionalities. You can track prospective leads while setting aside those that don’t match your company via real-time alerts and automatic response systems to close the deal with your potential customers long before your competitors. You can create and reuse service estimates, calculate job costs and profits in no time, and email or print these for your customers on-site or at your office.

When your customers agree to work with you, a few clicks or taps is all it takes to convert your service estimate into a job entry in the platform interface. There’s no need to waste time copying and pasting data over, which lessens the risk of double data entry. The mHelpDesk widget is also customizable so that it matches your company website design, and the vendor’s confirmation page and emails can be edited to blend well the branding of your company, too.

To help your teams from different departments, mHelpDesk allows you to easily share customer notes, price estimates, and job details to keep your communications transparent and improve your overall customer experience. As an added convenience for your customers, mHelpDesk lets them book appointments directly from your website, which makes your company more accessible for those who are unable to give you a call or send an email. Should your customers book appointments for times your staff isn’t available, you can reschedule them to a better time as needed.

You can easily send estimates by automating recurring job orders or using templates.

Manage Jobs Easily

mHelpDesk spares users from scrambling through drawers full of folders and piles of paperwork by offering quick access to notes from customers, job notifications, and status updates from team members working on-site jobs. If you have specialist staff members or teams that often work on a certain type of job, you can use mHelpDesk’s auto-assignment functionality.

When a customer hires your company for a job that meets your preset conditions, these specialists will be assigned and notified accordingly. For other staff members, you can schedule their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks using a drag-and-drop calendar; or reassign them as needed. That way, you can optimize your operations and meet your deadlines in a timely manner.

To make sure everything is in order, mHelpDesk offers on-site data collection as well as GPS tracking for complete visibility over your staff members, location-based report generation, and GPS-stamped clock-in and clock-out. Any data collected at the job site can be sent back to your headquarters in real-time so your staff can respond immediately.

The platform also offers an offline mode, which will let them work uninterrupted even at locations with no signal or internet connection. After your team member completes the field job, they can convert the details into an accurate and professional invoice with just a few clicks. Customers will be able to sign these invoices right away on your hired staff member’s device and pay in cash, check, credit card, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) right then and there.

Service Solutions

mHelpDesk is a comprehensive solution that lets users view and complete all their tasks in one interface. The software keeps everything organized for your convenience, so that you don’t have to scramble for the right folder or paper files. It is compatible with any kind of document that you might need and can be accessed on any mobile device. Viewable data include your teams’ work history, customer work orders, leads and price quotes, and invoices.

While it will take time to digitize all of your existing data and make sure no entry was doubled, the convenience you get in exchange for all that effort will be worth it. What’s more is that with mHelpDesk taking care of your record keeping needs, your company can take the eco-friendlier route by going paperless. With your staff equipped with smartphones and tablets, they can collect customer signatures through touch screens while avoiding double data entry and keeping all information accurate and consistent. Should there be a need for any data correction, you can easily retrieve their information, but if there aren’t any mistakes that need fixing, you can focus more on running your company.

Sending invoice is fast, just fill in the blanks.

Covers Different Industries

mHelpDesk’s interface is one that anyone can learn how to use, regardless of their background or the industry they work in. It displays and organizes your pending and current tasks on one screen, allowing you to keep your teams in the loop at all times with real-time job status updates. This also lets you know where your staff is at all times, what jobs are assigned to them, and when they’ll complete said jobs. If you need to swap out employees because one of them cannot report to work, it can be done through mHelpDesk.

Owners of companies that offer cleaning, lawn care, and other scheduled services can take advantage of the recurring jobs and invoicing capabilities of mHelpDesk as well. Completed jobs immediately make their way into your accounting records, speeding up the billing process; and instead of having repeat customers book your services multiple times via the website, you can agree to a consistent job schedule with them depending on their needs.

Workflow Management

The features of mHelpDesk let it adapt to your company instead of the other way around. You can create forms with custom fields to obtain the information you need from your customers, and the latter can access these tailored forms through the mobile app. You can categorize these custom fields depending on your industry and the job types you offer. Staff members can lend customers a hand by filling out these forms for them. GPS tracking lets you assign jobs to teams based on how close they are to the jobsite, as mHelpDesk has a built-in job list in its mapping feature. This can be tweaked as desired as well.

While your team members complete jobs that require the use of spare parts, you can track inventory via mHelpDesk. You receive notifications of any deductions to your inventory depending on which components were used for the job. If you have a pending job that needs a part that is currently out of stock, these notifications will alert you if you need to purchase any before tackling the next task.

Furthermore, learning how to use mHelpDesk will still take time, but that’s a far cry from having to relearn your entire job management system. All your old documents can be migrated to this platform, and you can focus more on the execution of your jobs instead of the planning. The learning curve won’t be as extensive, because the skills you’ve already picked up while honing your craft and starting your business can only be highlighted further by the tools you use.

Find your customers fast with integrated mapping and GPS.

Smoother Recurring Jobs

Some companies require consistent jobs completed at certain intervals, such as weekly house cleanups or semi-annual car maintenance. These can get monotonous eventually, but mHelpDesk lessens it somewhat by allowing you to schedule these recurring jobs using its calendar feature. Customer appointments can be modified as needed, and you can assign these jobs to certain staff members or teams. These can also be modified to be automatically assigned to certain specialists depending on rules and conditions you set beforehand.

Consistency is one of the qualities of a business that earn and retain customer trust, giving you what seems like a tougher responsibility. Despite this, however, you can keep track of everything and make sure you miss no jobs by setting up a calendar of recurring jobs on mHelpDesk. That way, you can ensure your customers and staff that automated alerts and progress updates will be sent. Finally, with recurring jobs comes recurring payment. Using mHelpDesk, you can automatically send invoices after your staff completes the job to avoid manual billing computations and making sure you get paid faster.

Mobile Job Manager

Other than a convenient mobile app, mHelpDesk offers powerful features that simplify and streamline business operations. Through offline access, managers and business owners don’t need to worry about unplanned downtime, saving you from unexpected costs. At the same time, your teams can still work with all the data they need even if they are stationed in an area with a lack of WiFi connection or network signal. However, once an internet connection is available again, the app will automatically sync all updates to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Some field technicians don’t prefer communicating via the in-app messaging feature or email, so mHelpDesk allows you to send jobs via text message. This works two ways, so your staff members can update the status of their jobs via text as well. These can all be done on the app, and all messages will be recorded in the communication log. For reaching out to customers, you can send them auto-generated responses to inform them that you’ve received their request as well as notifications and job updates as you make progress. Push notifications and “on-the-way” alerts can keep your team and customers up to date respectively. Custom message templates can be made to thank them for their business, show some of your past reviews, ask them for reviews, display links to your company’s credentials and policies, and more.

Scheduling and Dispatching

If you know which of your staff is available, you can easily plot out and dispatch them to jobs sent by customers. mHelpDesk lets you view your teams’ schedules in one color-coded interface that is fully customizable and can automatically update depending on recurring jobs that have been plotted beforehand. After viewing the calendar, you can assign tasks and dispatch field workers at their soonest availability to open jobs to make sure your operations run smoothly.

Other than syncing with the Google Calendar integration, this feature of mHelpDesk lets you view your individual staff or teams according to assignments and schedules. This gives you a clearer view of what jobs you can assign to certain team members. Also, arranging your list according to assigned jobs will prevent you from accidentally assigning multiple jobs to a staff member who is currently working elsewhere.

Easy Reporting

Portability and mobility are one of the greatest strengths of companies that utilize cloud-based software. As one of these field management platforms, mHelpDesk saves time by displaying easily readable team timesheets in one interface, admin access, simplified payroll processing, and letting you generate and send downloadable reports in a few clicks or taps. This means no more wasted trips back and forth from your main office, timely transactions, and streamlined business operations.

mHelpDesk lets you build advanced or templated and reusable reports according to your needs, covering customer reporting, financial reporting, staff productivity reporting, and custom reporting. You get to create grids, graphs, and charts for saving and archiving as different file types and display productivity stats like total jobs per team member, hours spent per job, completed jobs, and clock-ins and clock-outs. Financial tracking lets you monitor outstanding balances per customer, lead source or service revenue, sales tax, job type sales, or customer or staff sales. However, many users still profess a lack of more options to customize the report fields. This will depend on your needs on how much is more, so the better next-step is to try the app yourself.

Lots of Integrations to Choose From

mHelpDesk integrates with many different solutions to help with your operations. These include QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Google Calendar, HomeAdvisor, Authorize.NET, Stripe, and PayPal. All of these integrations can be set up quickly, and you can enable real-time two-way synchronization for your team members using QuickBooks and Google Calendar. mHelpDesk allows you to sync multiple calendars on Google Calendar, while majority of its competitors allow only one. Your employees can sync their own Google Calendars with mHelpDesk to give you a full view of their task schedules.

For job payments, you can half the time it takes to fulfill payments and update invoices through online payment integrations, as Authorize.NET, PayPal, and Strip accept AmEx, Discover, Mastercard, and VISA. For job automation, you can use the HomeAdvisor integration for call tracking, real-time alerts, automated customer contact, and instant estimates and booking alerts.

Will purchasing mHelpDesk now benefit your business?

After reading the pros and cons of mHelpDesk, you can now be sure of what tools and features your company needs from this type of platform. Clearly, the software has plenty of bells and whistles, but do you need all these? If you plan to grow the business fast, definitely yes. You’ll need all the help you can get to manage job orders, your expanding workforce and finances. You may also find that mHelpDesk isn’t the cheapest in the market, but when you calculate your ROI, it may be one of the best in value-for-money terms. The best way to get a feel of the software is to test it out for yourself. You can do just that without spending a single penny; simply sign up for mHelpDesk free trial.

If you think this app isn’t cut for you, there are plenty of field service management software for small business out there, one of which may fit your needs.

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