20 Best Time Tracking Tools in 2022

What is the best time tracking tool in 2022?

The best time tracking tool in 2022 is Time Doctor, a time tracking software for both in-house and remote teams. The solution boasts of a precise time-tracker—up to a second—and can take screenshots of your employees’ device at set intervals. You can even allow a client to have access to these screenshots and productivity reports at no extra charge. Time Doctor has a built-in notification feature and gives employers an overview of what their team does, what applications and websites they’re using, and how much time they spend on each.

It has been said that the lifeblood of your business is money and time. The correlation is clear—time is gold or put another way time is money. Wasted time is money lost. On the other hand, time that is efficiently tracked, organized, and managed will be the basis for billable work for your projects and employees. It becomes the revenue engine for your business. Hence, it is imperative that you get the best employee time tracking tools.

Time tracking solutions help you keep tab of the work put in by your team and the progress of your projects (project time tracking). It gives you the tools like timesheet, project tracker and project management report to monitor and record time spent on tasks and projects. You can use it to set deadlines and targets for more effective project time management. It can even integrate with HR and payroll systems as well as accounting solutions to give you an accurate employee work time tracker tool.

Time tracking software is the electronic or digital counterpart of the traditional paper timesheet and can be a standalone platform or an app integrated with other solutions that require time tracking functionality such as accounting and project management software. It is an indispensable tool for professionals including accountants, lawyers, and freelancers who bill their clients by the hour. It is also used in many industries for tracking work hours of employees and teams, for measuring and assessing project performance, and for automating or simplifying timekeeping tasks and processes.

While most solutions offer basic tracking of time duration (work hours), others provide more advanced tools to measure work produced during a given time. This is most beneficial for companies involved in manufacturing, construction, or transportation that are more focused on determining production, building, or mileage and the time it took to accomplish or cover these. Time tracking software can automatically generate billing and invoices based on work output and the time spent, and on some software even run costs and estimates against tasks and projects.

Whether used as part of a PM software to prove billable hours to clients or to monitor employee time and effort, time tracking tool software will prove to be vital for your organization. How so? Did you know that businesses spend roughly 80% of their productive work hours manually consolidating data before they can run their payroll? The best case for the use of time tracking solution is the losses incurred by companies due to wasted time.

Credits: Business Insider

One of the clear benefits of this software is that it will pay for itself with the savings you’ll realize from efficient time management. In fact, you can check more time tracking software benefits here. The thing to remember is that accurate time tracking is instrumental to many vital business and project management processes such as calculating project ROI, ascertaining budgets, estimating task duration, and others. To help you with the aforementioned, you need a good project time tracker or project management solution with time tracking tools such as those we’ve included here.

Top Time Tracking Software

It is important that you assess your requirements when getting a time tracking tool. If you work on projects, there are many PM solutions that come with built-in time tracking functionality like those in this list. If you opt for a dedicated time tracker tool, you don’t have to worry if it will work with your other apps. Most time tracking software can integrate with other business and productivity solutions like accounting, payroll, and HR systems. Below we’ve gathered the top products and highlighted their time tracking features and capabilities so you’ll be well informed when you decide to get one.

1. Time Doctor

A smart time tracking solution for remote teams, Time Doctor provides detailed analytics of where time is spent in the work day. It offers an accurate way to track time spent working and time spent on breaks, allowing your team members to be more productive and maximize the use of their time. It enables you to view applications and websites visited by employees as well as screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes while they work. The time tracking data is accurate to the second so you can see and verify where time is spent. You can use the data to bill customers or to have an accurate record for paying staff.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Aside from time tracking and screenshots, the software also provide tools for chat monitoring, sharing data to clients, generating customized data reports, tracking websites and apps being used, and automatically calculate payroll for easy payment of employees based on fixed salaries, or on hours tracked with Time Doctor. Payroll is fully customizable and includes a variety of payroll periods, supports all currencies, and utilizes leading online payment gateways. The software can help your company to improve business processes by analyzing exactly where time is spent, and managing remote employees like they were with you in the same office premises.


  • Accurate time tracking to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.
  • Helps you stay focused by nudging you when you are distracted from work.
  • See detailed insights on how you spend your time, identify weaknesses, and fine-tune processes for better time management.
  • Integrates with leading project management apps such as Trello, Asana, and Basecamp.
  • Has a range of configurable options to let it adapt to your needs.
  • All information, including screen captures, is encrypted when sent to the Time Doctor servers.

Detailed Time Doctor Review

2. Wrike

Leading project management software Wrike got high marks in our reviews, for good reasons. It is built to provide you speed and efficiency especially if you handle remote and distributed teams. The cloud-based platform enables multi-functional groups to collaborate and work effectively from a single location.

Wrike lets you plan, schedule, prioritize, discuss, and keep track of team tasks and project progress in real-time with a few simple clicks. It is the project management solution of choice by over 17,000 organizations nationwide including global brands like Google, Adobe, and HTC.

You can easily sign up for Wrike free trial and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.



Try out Wrike with their free trial

With Wrike, you gain visibility over all your team’s projects with real time reports and status. You get to simplify planning, enable collaboration through centralized communication, and streamline workflow. In other words, you’ll be able to organize everything you need to complete your project in one place as well as keep your priorities straight and your goals in sight. One of its many features is time and budget tracking that helps you keep track of how time is being spent by project or by team member for more precise planning and budget management.


  • Timer tool to facilitate accurate time logs and track time spent on a task.
  • Timelog View shows timelog entries for all tasks and subtasks within a particular folder or project.
  • Data is consolidated into a Time Spent column in Table View which you can add to your project overview.
  • You can create a custom field for “Estimated Time” if you’re using Wrike Enterprise. You just fill it out at the start of your project and compare it to the actual number of hours spent working to give you a side-by-side view for accurate estimations on future projects.
  • Workload view will help you adjust the team’s workload to ensure they are delivered on time.

Detailed Wrike Review

3. Sage HR

Sage HR is a cloud-based HR platform equipped with features to help HR professionals and companies streamline various functions such as recruitment, shift scheduling, and expense tracking among others. The software offers six modules you can choose from based on your needs. These are Timesheets Management, Expenses Management, Recruitment Management, Shift Scheduling Management, Leave Management, and Performance Management. The tools and features that come with each module also vary but all have modern automation features to help you improve your business and HR processes.

If you are looking for a software that can help you easily manage employee shift schedules, Sage HR can be an excellent choice. You can quickly modify shifts and notify your team members about the changes. Also, Sage HR uses dro-and-drop functions so that users can use have an easier time using the app. Even non-tech-savvy colleagues can make edits and manage the different values and metrics in the app.

Sage HR

Sage HR

Try out Sage HR with their free trial


  • Track every billable time or non-billable hours and see how much time you’ve spent on a ticket or project. Sage HR has powerful recruitment management features like landing page designed, friend referral, and custom pipeline changes.
  • You also access HR analytics and reporting on key metrics to help in informed decision-making.
  • Timesheet management features include Simple Interface to Update Hours, Configure Working Patterns, and Automatically Pre-fill Hours from Time Off Data.

Detailed Sage HR Review

4. Zoho Projects

Popular PM system Zoho Projects is designed to assist you in making your processes more efficient so you can finish projects within your timetable. It is equipped with features to improve team collaboration, facilitate project monitoring, and enhance your productivity and output. Getting work done on time with Zoho Projects is made possible with its milestones, tasks, and task lists to plan your work in advance. It is able to divide large and complex projects into manageable units as well as schedule recurring tasks and subtasks based on your deadlines.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Zoho Projects free trial.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Try out Zoho Projects with their free trial

Zoho Projects is loaded with a variety of collaboration tools to connect your teams, clients, and consultants. It also provides in-depth visualized insights through charts and graphs, allowing you to report on your activities, track opportunities, and capture eventual drawbacks. It likewise offers an unparalleled system for task monitoring, letting your employees share and discuss data at an organizational level. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly to ensure the best possible interaction between network members, and uses Gantt charts to showcase the progress of your projects.


  • Timer for tasks with entries automatically logged in your timesheet to help calculate actual working hours in a project.
  • Timesheets can record the start and end date of tasks and contains detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project.
  • Export timesheet in various formats and send them to your clients, project managers, stakeholders for billing or employee payroll.
  • Record billing hours and choose reports based on users, billing, or period.
  • Establish an approval process and billing status for timesheets.

Detailed Zoho Projects Review

5. ConnectWise Manage

A rundown of ConnectWise Manage pros and cons revealed more of the former than the latter. It lets you connect all vital business processes in a single application, helping you increase accountability among employees across various teams and departments, and acquire one source of truth for your business. It is designed to streamline operations and processes, allowing you to maximize your resources with error-proof ticketing, clear lines of communication, and robust documentation. The online PM platform with reporting features and dashboard lets you understand your business better and make more accurate business decisions.

ConnectWise Manage combines the capabilities and tools for project management, customer service, sales, and billing capabilities, eliminating the need to use several systems simultaneously. It can collect and store all your data, and provide you full visibility of the progress of your projects and operations. When it is time to bill your clients, the platform consolidates all notes, time entries, expenses, and products from your departments and makes them available to your Finance team for easy generation of detailed invoices.

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage

Try out ConnectWise Manage with their free trial


  • Track every billable time or non-billable hours and see how much time you’ve spent on a ticket or project.
  • Automate carrying over tracked billable time, notes, products sold, and expenses into invoices for precise billing.
  • Allocate time to associated agreements and SLAs and keep accurate notes that are easily accessible to the whole team.
  • Enable your teams to track their time on-site, keeping time accurate and notes immediate, so that you don’t miss out on earned income.
  • Faster and more efficient approvals of timesheet through accountability tools.

Detailed ConnectWise Manage Review

6. When I Work

When I Work dashboard

When I Work bags one of the top spots on our list of best time-tracking apps because its design allows for effortless automated monitoring of every employee’s clock-in and attendance. Its tools effectively cut the time it takes for employers to track productivity through a seamless continuous recording of clock-ins, which is reflected automatically in your payroll report.

When I Work features intuitive monitoring tools that integrate scheduling, attendance checking, and payroll. Moreover, it supports mobile check-ins, allowing users to log in through their smartphones, while it captures attendance with ease. Push alerts are automatically sent to both the employee and the manager when the former is late for work or forgets to check in. Likewise, real-time monitoring is possible and employers can adjust shifts and schedules accordingly.

If you want to check its premium features at no cost you can easily sign up for When I Work free trial.

When I Work

When I Work

Try out When I Work with their free trial

Using When I Work also lends to your staff more accountability. Using GPS, the app reveals the employees’ actual location in every check-in, a handy tool to monitor discrepancies and inconsistencies especially when processing salaries. Furthermore, the software lets you generate reports summarizing an employee’s attendance and workload should you plan for performance evaluation or forecast staffing needs.


  • Mobile Check-in allows employees to clock in for work through their smartphones.
  • Check-in Locks only allows employees to check in during scheduled shifts which effectively prevents overages.
  • Mobile alerts are sent whenever a new schedule is available.
  • Notifications are sent to remind employees of their check-in time.
  • Geo Pins are available for verification of check-ins by employees for payroll purposes.
  • It’s absolutely free for businesses with only 75 employees or less.

Detailed When I Work Review

7. Clarizen

With Clarizen features, you get an enterprise-grade project management solution that offers a unique combination of robust project management tools and high-quality social collaboration solutions to help you and your teams successfully execute and deliver projects. The cloud-powered software enables you to manage projects and connect the enterprise from a single, collaborative work management solution.

Clarizen offers a well-defined work structure that connects tasks, projects, and conversations, allowing you to tie powerful management to social engagement. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Clarizen free trial.

It also gives you a faster way to manage work, initiatives, and projects. It automatically prioritizes budgets, projects, resources, portfolios, and tasks, and makes sure that critical information and resources are always managed properly. It lets you configure your workflows, centralize and share resources, align communications, automate repeatable processes, get all around real-time visibility, share project data, and track progress. Clarizen currently powers some 2,300 fast agile enterprises in 76 countries worldwide.


  • Automated time tracking and real time reporting.
  • Configurable custom field for time entries.
  • Automatic association of work hours with the correct task.
  • Streamlines reporting and time approval by populating appropriate billing rates for each task and automatically assigning timesheets to the correct departments.

Detailed Clarizen Review

8. Deputy

Deputy is a tool that helps maintain tight schedules while at the same time aids in effectively managing your teams. The app has powerful scheduling features that are effective for multi-department scenarios. There’s an auto-schedule feature too where the system automatically creates a shift structure using your data points.

The platform ensures that every task, urgent or menial, is taken care of.  Deputy utilizes color-coded interface to see at a glance which tasks are completed and which are nearing their deadline. The app also empowers you to communicate with everyone in your team by sharing messages or vital updates.

Deputy supports seamless integration with a variety of industry-leading HR management, POS, and payroll solutions. With third-party apps like Dropbox, Zapier, Xero, and Myob, you can save lots of time and resources, have a more streamlined workflow, and gain access to useful insights.


  • Mobile clock in and clock out with smartphone’s geolocation capture and tablet/iPad’s facial recognition.
  • Deputy Tasking provides staff with total visibility into their tasks.
  • Deputy Journaling keeps a record of how each employee is faring on their jobs.
  • Advanced shift swapping opens up a suddenly available shift to everyone or to a certain group.
  • Deputy Newsfeed ensures that everybody is kept updated with the latest important news.

Detailed Deputy Review

9. Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a fast and powerful project management solution that allows streamlined resource planning and management. Give it a try once and you’ll immediately see why the spreadsheet method is the last resort in managing schedules, plans, and reports. It’s able to handle constant changes in staff schedules thanks to its lightning-fast capability to add, move, delete, or edit bookings. It also features an all-in-one calendar tool where all members are allocated to. Every meeting, project, and client is visible in the calendar and each member’s availability bar is displayed.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.


  • Add or edit schedules and bookings within seconds.
  • One intuitive calendar to see team’s visibility at a glance for quick and efficient planning.
  • Fully customizable fields and filters to make schedules or reports in any intended way.
  • A personal dashboard that always updates users on which task they’ll be working on for the week and more.
  • Overtime tracking feature determines which staff are overworked and which projects take a lot of time.

Detailed Resource Guru Review

10. Intervals

Intervals is an all-inclusive project and task management solution that features robust time tracking capabilities. Powerful project management tools, like visual dashboards, real-time graphs, and budget estimates, are at your disposal. Tasks can also be broken into milestones and the daily assignments are sent through email. Jobs can be rescheduled easily and smoothly through the drag and drop interface. Moreover, Intervals features accurate time tracker that can simply be clicked and then you can get back to work. It’s accompanied by visual reports, mobile app, and timesheets that can be submitted weekly for approval.


  • “Nag” generation for overdue timesheets.
  • Mobile iOS and Android apps allow time tracking and task management on the go.
  • Keep every project within the scope of allotted budget.
  • Gain both granular and hi-level insights into your data.
  • Document storage with robust capabilities such as version control and support for any file type.

Detailed Intervals Review

11. Homebase

Homebase is a top time tracking tool for its intuitive, easy-to-use features that allow for a smoother and quicker payroll process. It packs a punch for it offers all the essential features when it comes to time tracking—timesheets, employee scheduling, time clock, and even hiring tools are all available in one centralized location.

Its comprehensive time tracking tool is fool-proof. It leaves no room for gaps as employees can clock in wherever and whenever with its native mobile app. As employees work day in and day out, their time logs are automatically recorded on their individual timesheets. Come payroll, computation, and verification can be done with just a click.

In addition, it has a schedule builder. Its scheduling tools allow for the smooth handling of changes because prior to scheduling, employees can easily input their preferred shifts and leaves. Should there be unforeseen conflicts, employees can easily trade shifts among themselves.


  • Its time tracking tool is integrated with timesheets. Payroll is instant.
  • Employees can clock in conveniently with their own phones.
  • Simple user interface that requires no advanced technical skills.
  • Availability of a communication tool that allows users to interact with the entire team in an instant.
  • Real-time tracking allows users to track their labor costs from any device.

Detailed Homebase Review

12. Workpuls

Workpuls Interface

Workpuls is a time tracking software that helps businesses track the time that employees spend on their tasks. It serves as a helpful and intuitive tool for smarter project organization, budgeting, and proof of work. It lets you optimize resources, manage employee time and projects, and execute schedules to bring out the full potential of your manpower. Available online and on-premise, Workpuls is incredibly easy to use, enabling you to improve your workflows and practices and maximize productivity.



Try out Workpuls with their free trial

With Workpuls, you can easily make accurate documentation of time spent on work and keep a close track of your tasks and projects to make sure you can catch up with deadlines. Workpuls also offers an app and website usage feature that enables you to monitor which apps and sites employees are using during their work hours. This feature details the frequency of use for each site or app, as well as the identity of users and the total time they spent working on their tasks.


  • Track working hours, productivity, and staff expenses
  • Determines workforce productivity pattern during different times of the day
  • Alerts and notifications to remind employees and managers when productivity levels reach an all-time low 
  • Triggered screenshots from each employee’s dashboards
  • Client access so they can track the status of the projects that your employees are working on

Detailed Workpuls Review

13. ProWorkflow

Among the many ProWorkflow benefits you can gain are project visibility and control to help you collaborate seamlessly with your teams and complete projects faster. It comes with features and tools that are scalable to meet the requirements of freelancers, SMBs, and large enterprises. The software gives you a quick overview of your current status for active, finished, and future work, as well as a global view of your projects and tasks through a Gantt-style timeline. You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs.

You can also keep everyone updated with the messaging tool where you can attach and send files, and choose whether to make them private or public.

ProWorkflow keeps all project information in one organized page with its Project Dashboard where you can control workflow and workload, create and delegate tasks, and upload and share files through drag and drop functionality. The platform also allows you to utilize company-wide overviews and interactive timelines to manage projects easily. It also lets you plan projects by taking into account staff availability, set realistic deadlines, and break down projects into easily doable task lists that have subtasks.


  • Multiple methods for tracking time wherever you are.
  • Built-in timer you can start or stop or add a new entry.
  • Editable and movable timesheets with drag & drop or traditional entry
  • Desktop time tracker widget to access projects, tasks, files and messages.
  • Mobile app for full access to your time, projects, tasks, and reports.
  • Create quotes and invoices based on budgeted time and actual time spent on projects and tasks.

Detailed ProWorkflow Review

14. Basecamp

Going over the Basecamp details, we’ve learned that this widely used online project management solution offers simple setup and operation, and lets you organize people, delegate tasks, and monitor progress right from the outset. The fact that Basecamp was the first to introduce remote project management make it all the more a reliable solution for connecting your team members wherever they are, even if they are time zones apart from each other. The software brings with it an array of features and capabilities to let you efficiently monitor your projects and get things done on time and on budget.

The user-friendly platform allows you to organize tasks in to-do lists, with due ranges and dates, and assigned employees to eliminate confusion. You can prioritize and reorder tasks, and tailor the workflows to your requirements. It can help you summarize accomplishments, generate automated reports, share ideas and proposals, and set up reference conversations to ensure that all team members are on the same page. You can ping and chat with individuals and groups in real time, and manage documents and files with the ability to store, link, tag, share, or comment on your information using simple drag-and-drop mechanism.


  • Time tracking functionality can be enabled for your to-do lists.
  • It has integration with over a dozen time tracking apps and widgets to give you a web-based timesheet you can use to run payroll, create invoices, and generate reports.
  • You can produce time tracking reports up to 6-month date ranges.
  • You can enter time tracking data for every project.

Detailed Basecamp Review

15. Paymo

Modern PM solution Paymo is intended to help SMBs manage their projects from end to end. To ensure seamless workflow throughout the entire project life cycle, it is equipped with tools and features for task management, team collaboration and communication, resource scheduling, invoicing, mobile support, Gantt Charts and Kanban boards, time sheet reporting, and automatic time tracking. Paymo enables you to identify project issues and challenges, accurately track time spent on projects or tasks, and empower your team to become more productive.

Even if you’re not a project manager, Paymo makes project management easy with its array of tools such as time-saving templates, milestone alerts, task lists, and many more. You can have your team or company on the same page wherever you are and stay organized; share everything with your team; and keep track of the progress of your projects, tasks, budget costs, etc. You can break complex projects into manageable task lists, delegate tasks in just a few clicks, and set milestones.


  • Has Web timer to record time spent on projects or tasks in your browser.
  • All time entries are saved with start and end times for accurate time reports.
  • Desktop time tracker widgets allow you to track work time which can be recorded either via stopwatch or added manually in bulk.
  • You can use the rule filtering system to automatically link time spent to the right projects.
  • You can visualize timesheet data in a familiar calendar style with day, week, month and agenda views.

Detailed Paymo Review

16. Harvest

Harvest is a web-based business management application that comes with a very useful time tracking tool you can use for monitoring personnel time as well as generate and send professional-looking invoices directly to customers. It has a smart and intelligent interface, which is easy to operate. The system basically streamlines and smoothens the time tracking process, making it easy for users to stay on top of business processes. It helps you feel the pulse of your business ad understand where your time going, how much your projects really cost, and how much your projects are bringing in.

Harvest harnesses the power of time tracking to give you visibility over your business and projects. As such, it includes features such as powerful reporting tools to provide users with real-time access to information on time, projects, and budget. You get reliable and actionable insights to make intelligent business decisions, estimate projects, and make sure that profitability is attained.


  • Be in control of the time tracking process with just a click of a button.
  • Easily monitor and update time data on the weekly timesheet.
  • Mobile compatibility lets access the platform and track time anywhere at any time from any device.
  • Automated notifications to staff for their time reports for easy for management.
  • Manage and distribute time efficiently across your business.
  • Generate and send invoices to speed up the sales process and boost revenue.

Detailed Harvest Review

Our Mavenlink overview revealed that this online project management system brings together advanced project management, resource planning, collaboration, and financial tools in one simple and intuitive platform. You get to manage all team and project activities with collaboration features that centralize and prioritize all conversations, activities, tasks, and financials in one convenient location. The software also offers financial and benefits management, creative and professional service automation, advanced search, and automated insights.

To help you stay in control of workflow and project information, Mavenlink stores, organizes, and shares all files related to your projects. Its task management capabilities let you track time and budgets, create sub-tasks and integrate with Google Apps for seamless file syncing. It also integrates with many business systems and apps to give you a fully extendable and scalable platform applicable to companies of all types and sizes. It also includes tools for project and team management, messaging and conversations, time and expenses, invoicing and online payments, file management, and financial reporting.


  • Universal time entry facilitates tracking time to approving it.
  • Online timesheets for tracking billable and non-billable time and expenses at the project or task level.
  • Record time as you work or easily log hours at the end of the day or week.
  • Log time and expenses on the go using the mobile app to give managers instant visibility into where hours and dollars are being spent.
  • Real-time time and expense reports let you analyze time and expenses tracked across your organization.

Detailed Mavenlink Review

18. ClickTime

ClickTime provides businesses and professionals with a robust web-based time tracking platform that simplifies the way you manage your time, expenses, and other resources. It offers a wealth of features that allows you to monitor working hours, generate efficiency reports, and empower employees to be more productive. You can quickly print reports using nearly 100 templates and out of the box reports to cover any timesheet and expense reporting requirement. With ClickTime, you can accelerate the approval or rejection process for paychecks, invoices, and reporting.

As a time monitoring software, ClickTime is equipped to help you track your employees’ working hours and ensure that all billable time were actually spent on work. It can also assist you document and manage your expenses as it is able to perform expense management-related task directly from your smartphone like uploading receipts, reviewing expense proposals, approving expenditures, and preparing your budget, among others. Furthermore, it also gives you the means to predict the profitability of your business with its Project Insights feature, making it an end-to-end budgeting application built for businesses that monitor time.


  • Easy time tracker lets you track employee hours, plan and approve employee time, and gain new insights into your organization.
  • Automatically record employee costs, billing rates, accrued time-off, and more.
  • Track time online, on your phone, or through Google Calendar or Chrome.
  • Combine timesheet and expense management to streamline expenses, approvals, and reimbursement.
  • Gain employee insights, plan employee hours, and get real-time window into your projects.

Detailed ClickTime Review

19. Hubstaff

Hubstaff has everything you need to run your business like clockwork. The time tracking software is designed to help you effectively manage the workflows and productivity of your remote teams, and come with an array of features and functionalities and features, including tracking keyboard/mouse activity and taking random screenshots for proof of work. It also allows you to set budget and time limits on working hours as well as utilize GPS for location monitoring. With its capabilities, Hubstaff is an ideal tool for companies that run remote teams, as well as consultants and freelancers who need to provide accurate reports on billable work time.

Hubstaff lets you easily manage multiple projects and different teams from a single location, and set settings and permissions for each team and individual employees. It works well for employers and employees alike since its time tracking capabilities ensure that employees are working during business hours and send accurate invoices so businesses pay the right amount for actual work delivered. It also provides in-depth reporting to guide decision makers, and works on all major operating systems and platforms.


  • Compatible with all popular project management solutions.
  • Comes with desktop and mobile apps, allowing teams to track time whenever and wherever they work.
  • Online timesheets allows you to record employee hours and view reports on your browser.
  • Monitors productivity to let you see work unfold in real time via screenshots, app and URL tracking.
  • Built in automated payroll system for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.
  • Employee attendance tracker and staff scheduler lets you see who is working when at any given time.

Detailed Hubstaff Review

20. Workfront

Workfront pricing is by quote, but that’s because it can be tailored-fit to give you only features that you need or the whole comprehensive, enterprise-level solution for work management, project management, and collaboration. You’ll be able to get a 360-degree view of your operations to easily spot issues and trends and help every member of the team whether they are from sales, marketing, IT or admin. You and your team will become more aware of every situation, optimize projects, and take total control. With Workfront, your company can have a unified work environment where individual employees as well as teams can connect for work. It provides full project visibility, along with reporting features for project managers, stakeholders, and executives.

The software facilitates project planning and management, and allows you to utilize effective methodologies like Waterfall and Agile. Having advanced project management capabilities alongside collaboration tools and social features, you’ll be able to improve processes and empower members to work together and enhance performance and output. The platform supports unlimited customization and comes with more than 80 standard reports. It offers real-time updates from dashboard information and reports, giving each team members access to reliable and accurate data.


  • Built-in timesheet management portal allows you to create and manage timesheets for your team members.
  • Capture hours for issues, tasks, and project with timesheets that managers can review and approve.
  • Learn how much time is spent by users in various roles (e.g. team member, project manager, executive, business partner).
  • Plan and optimize available resources efficiently and see if teams are over or under-used.
  • Rebalance workloads automatically with time utilization.

Detailed Workfront Review


There you have it, the best-in-class time-tracking apps on the market today. Of course, to fully appreciate your choice of solution, do check if the vendor is offering a free trial. That way, you get to evaluate the app firsthand and see if it truly fits your actual workflows and requirements. A good starting point is to consider our top recommendation. You can sign up for Time Doctor free trial to see how it works for your company firsthand.

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