20 Best Project Management Software for Enterprises

While industry experts have embraced the long-heralded IoT and prevalence of AI in every piece of software code that is now in the market, one development that has relatively gone under the radar is how Agile is finding its way into enterprise workspaces all the way down from small businesses. It’s a rather peculiar development given that where business adoption is concerned, the direction of change is usually the other way around.

To see this paradigm shift in action, look no farther than our current entries in this listing of the best 20 project management software for enterprises. In this article, we take a detailed look at their features to help you pick the right fit.

project management software for enterprises

The features that bind these solutions tell an overwhelming story: kanban is finding greater adoption among enterprise project management software solutions. And Kanban with its easy-on-the-eyes boards that you can easily manipulate around like real-world objects is nothing but a methodology based on the principles of Agile.

The clue to this interesting chain of events comes from Babson College, where research shows that the median workforce age grows older directly as businesses grow larger. The converse equally holds: the younger the business, the younger the employees. Minus the biases on doing things, younger employees are more receptive to new approaches of fulfilling their work. Unsurprisingly, they discover that Agile, helped by the influx of tools to augment its capabilities, makes them more effective in beating deadlines.

The workplace landscape is changing right before our eyes, with the kind of wide-ranging repercussions last seen only in the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

But Agile isn’t the only feature you should consider in an enterprise project management system. Our select solutions below will point you to what makes a great solution for complex projects.

Clarizen: Agile, Kanban in the Center of Workplace Cultural Wars

Thus far we have been discussing the best 20 project management software for enterprises. How about if you have small businesses too? Fret not and head over to our work on the best project management software for small businesses, too. Another one but with wider scope is our compilation of SaaS tools for small businesses.

1. Clarizen

Taking the first spot on the 20 best project management software for enterprises is Clarizen, a seasoned hand valued in the industry for its flexible, scalable and secure project management solution. Clarizen will streamline your operations by helping you automate critical business processes, customize and fine-tune your workflows. A powerful communication tool is built in, ensuring your teams are always working on the same page and committed to timely collaboration.

Other essential Clarizen features allow you to leverage precision data analysis, giving you insights that you will find nowhere else, put to better use. The software also allows you to share project data and use its tracking capabilities to monitor your project.

Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for the Clarizen free trial here.

Why choose Clarizen for your enterprise:

  1. Work only on projects that matter. Clarizen helps you determine which projects are really worth your time based on the resources and budgets you have at hand. This ensures you are not working on projects that do not really contribute to the objectives of your company.
  2. Collaboration like never before. The platform allows stakeholders to work with any team on a given project, with communication built right in the application so everyone can swap ideas and execute them as desired.
  3. Tight operation management. Centralized document repository, real-time schedule and progress representations and tight expense sheets and timesheets ensure everyone is being productive and contributing to the project objectives.

2. Wrike

Serving multiple industries since 2006, Wrike is today recognized as among the leaders in addressing enterprise project management needs. Wrike is noted for the way it has used various tools like in-depth industry research to provide concrete metrics to back its platform offering, quite useful in diverse enterprise settings.

The result is a product that is carefully designed to optimize productivity, efficiently matching available resources with projects and teams, minimizing costs while ensuring project deadlines are met on time or ahead of schedule. Among the Wrike collaboration tools, for example, is an excellent editor to ensure teams are on the same page about revisions in images and documents, presenting project elements on a well-designed workspace.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Wrike free trial here.

Why choose Wrike for your enterprise:

  1. Expert hands to ensure a smooth transition. Enterprises have uniques needs. To ensure smooth implementation, Wrike has a team of experts to guide you through what can be a challenging process of change and implementation.
  2. Excellent support. Aside from expert consultants, Wrike throws everything your way to ensure you get the most of the application, whether via email, live chat, or phone.
  3. Enterprise-grade security. Security is a prime enterprise concern. To address this unique need, Wrike enforces top-level security measures, including OKTA, SAML for single sign-on as well as various high-level security protocols.

3. for enterprises is designed around three fundamental components of project success—business processes, teams, and handling of tasks and projects—addressing each one in turn. dives into your enterprise’s core processes and finds ways to create workflows that harmonize project proponents, handlers, and all the teams and stakeholders involved.

Not forgetting its agile roots, is designed to be capable of functioning under any scale, with support for any number of users you could throw at it. Users will appreciate its nifty, modern interface that is easy to customize to suit individual user needs. With reasonable pricing, the application has earned plaudits and supporters from many quarters.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the free trial here.

Why choose for your enterprise:

  1. Secure and compliant. is GDPR compliant, ISO and AICPA-SOC certified, which means your enterprise is operating in the most reliable environment.
  2. Dedicated account manager. You get an application expert who is exclusively attendant to your concerns and needs.
  3. VIP training. enterprise gives you an onboarding experience that ensures capable hands at the end of each program.

4. Smartsheet

Smartsheet enterprise edition provides the same powerful project management application with a spreadsheet look and feel, with more extensive out-of-the-box integrations, real-time communication and synchronization, and enterprise-grade security and governance controls to let you set limits for different users in your organization. The expanded security allows you to view and analyze access reports and audit trails among others, to ensure no enterprise assets are compromised at any time.

Smartsheet claims to have garnered 72 percent of Fortune 500 users, arguably because of its familiar interface, scalable features, and vendor reliability.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for a Smartsheet free trial here.

Why choose Smartsheet for your enterprise:

  1. Solid support system to ensure the application works for you. Smartsheet provides a number of training methods and styles, a selection of paid support programs that you can choose from, along with consulting services that can be tailored to perfectly match your enterprise needs.
  2. Top-grade security for uncompromised operations. As no asset is safe in the hands of online predators, Smartsheet has incorporated the toughest security measures and governance controls to safeguard your data and other critical assets.
  3. Automate at scale so you get results that are consistent everywhere. Smartsheet’s Control Center lets you manage diverse enterprise teams so they could produce impressive results no matter the scale.

5. for enterprises combines portfolio management and project management in a single comprehensive solution that scales seamlessly with your organization with all the efficiency and control features that enterprises need to oversee multiple teams in real time. Fully cloud-based, backs its solution with advanced security capabilities, rapid deployment, and an intuitive interface to get various enterprise teams running in no time.

All the essential project management tools—planning, scheduling, tracking/monitoring and reporting—are easily handled by, ensuring that teams stay on one page with stakeholders over established metrics and objectives.

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a free trial here.

Why choose for your enterprise:

  1. Advanced Gantt Charts. for the enterprise provides a superior Gantt Chart that not only lets you manage and monitor tasks, but also links scheduling and dependencies automatically.
  2. Ready for the global stage. is fully set up to factor in national holidays while allocating tasks to multiple teams spread across varying time zones.
  3. A wealth of resources to ensure your success. provides books, helpful user community and templates, as well as extensive training to meet any needs as you deploy the application across your organization.

6. Workamajig Platinum

Workamajig Platinum bundles together finance management, resource management and project management in a comprehensive package that is priced less the more user you add to your in-house or agency teams. For implementation, you have the option to avail yourself of assistance right from Workamajig experts or hire the services of outside consultants.

Specially built for creative teams, Workamajig Platinum scales to any number of teams, with a powerful analytic and reporting engine to help you sort out variables in requests and services, to improve on areas where they could do more to increase their productivity. Our Workamajig Platinum review has more about this project management tool.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a Workamajig Platinum free demo here.

Why choose Workamajig Platinum for your enterprise:

  1. See only the tasks that matter. You can set up task management screens so you only see the ones that require your full attention.
  2. Start projects on the right budget. Workamajig makes it easy to define budgets that teams can stick to from beginning to end of project life cycle.
  3. Protect assets with multiple security protocols. SAS 70 and SOC 2 compliance defines the rules for auditing an organization’s internal controls, while LDAP and SAML2 cover all the protection and authentication your organization needs.

7. ReQtest

In simple terms, ReQtest is a project management software that provides the essential tools for software development, from eliminating bugs to other functional issues that prevent its eventual introduction to the marketplace or the workplace. If you’ve ever encountered any piece of software that suffers from poor functionalities, slow execution, often freezes or crashes or just behaves in unexpected ways, then you understand what solutions like ReQtest are for.

Sporting an easy-to-use interface, ReQtest takes the pain of ensuring that software requirements are successfully met via test cases and the test plans and test runs designed around them. This ReQtest overview by our experts discusses in more detail the intricate workings of this application critical to your own enterprise success.

Why choose ReQtest for your enterprise:

  1. Cloud convenience. You don’t need complex machinery and complicated installations to use ReQtest. An internet connection and a browser are all you need to access the full capabilities of ReQtest.
  2. Outstanding support. Even if your enterprise involves multiple teams, ReQtest provides experts who are always on standby to guide you through the whole maze of testing processes.
  3. Visual, agile. An advocate of agile principles, ReQtest provides advanced data visualization so you can manage the entire bug management the easiest way possible.

8. Zoho Projects Enterprise

Kanban again finds an adopter in Zoho Projects, the vendor’s project management platform that also integrates powerful social project management and comprehensive issue tracking components. These are on top of standard project management tools that long-time users of the application have come to know. An issue like a bug can be presented as kanban cards, their journey to resolution presented on columns that match their current status.

Zoho Projects pricing depends on the size of your business, with plans for small and enterprise teams. Each tier has distinct features not available to the ones below it, with the enterprise plan introducing the most advanced features, even the new ones just fresh from the development labs.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Zoho Projects free trial here.

Why choose Zoho Projects for your enterprise:

  1. Social media approach to collaboration. Stream updates that are a hit in social media channels like Twitter are finding widespread adoption in other applications. In Zoho Projects, its Project Stream empowers teams to update one another in a familiar environment.
  2. Extensive security coverage. Taking a page from Fort Knox, Zoho throws in all the proven security measures old and new to ensure your data do not fall into the wrong hands any time.
  3. Famously outstanding support. Zoho has always been built on strong relationship with its clients, and the same approach fundamental to the success of the company applies to Zoho Projects.

9. Hive

Another kanban- and cloud-based entry in the best 20 project management software for enterprises is Hive, which implements its project management and collaboration software through a nice-looking interface that you can fill with Gantt charts, kanban boards, tables, and project and task calendars, each within a click of mouse when you want to switch views.

There are more than a thousand ways to integrate Hive with third-party applications and add-ons, which should make life easier for your enterprise teams. Our expert piece on Hive pros and cons has more details on how the solution aligns with any enterprise needs.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a Hive free trial here.

Why choose Hive for your enterprise:

  1. Advanced support. Your enterprise plan will give you not only a dedicated account manager, but also full rollout support from expert Hive personnel.
  2. Hive Analytics feature. An enterprise-grade tool, Hive Analytics gives you a machine learning engine to extract the most crucial insights from any data you feed it.
  3. On-premise installation option. Available only to enterprise clients, this option gives you more peace of mind to never suffer from protracted contributions from your remote teams.

10. Zoho Sprints

Designed based on Agile principles and using Scrum boards, Zoho Sprints covers project needs from planning and tracking, in-depth analysis, communication-collaboration, visual representations, to billing. The SaaS solution comes in an elegant interface, accessible via any mobile device.

Additional Zoho Sprints details include a free offer for up to three users and two projects, while ten users go for an $8.3 starting price. As with other Zoho business solutions, Zoho Sprints is backed by the vendor’s solid and friendly support people.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set you can easily sign up for Zoho Sprints free trial here.

Why choose Zoho Sprints for your enterprise:

  1. Sprint along with Agile scrum boards. If your teams are fans of Agile, then Zoho Sprints offer a familiar environment for them to thrive on.
  2. Resolve backlogs. Sprints’ Plan gives you a special module to resolve backlogs, ensuring the project in question will never miss a critical element again.
  3. Extras that make the difference for your projects. Tools to facilitate proactive communications and continuous evaluation, along with payment modules and solid support, make Zoho Sprints a compelling, well-rounded partner for any enterprise project.

11. Asana Enterprise

Asana Enterprise gives the same stunning visuals to facilitate efficient and seamless communication and collaboration that the standard offering provides, with the addition of enterprise-level security, expanded customer support and tighter administrator control over sensitive settings. For example, there’s a new member setting that limits user provisioning and service accounts.

Among highlights of Asana benefits is the way enterprise version allows you to work with experts for a unique training plan, backed by solid support to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new hires. Higher level of security includes SAML and the capability to block user-introduced integrations that are not permitted by your company.

Why choose Asana for your enterprise:

  1. Expanded dependencies. Asana Enterprise provides a better level of project planning, associating start dates with more ways to create dependencies as you see fit.
  2. Superior data control. From encryption, backups, data deletion and data export, Asana Enterprise ups the ante to ensure you rest better away from your organization.
  3. Hands-on support. Asana looks after the success of your enterprise, assigning you top experts to help you navigate through any transition issues and needs.

12. Jira

Featuring scrum and Kanban boards, Atlassian’s Jira is a solid project management tool that lets your enterprise team operate based on agile conventions. In addition to the standard Jira capabilities, the enterprise edition gives you a more solid footing with a 24/7 support, which should make those upgrades and on-the-fly changes less of a challenge for your IT teams. There’s the vendor’s Atlassian University, giving comprehensive Jira training to your new hires, and a community of Enterprise customers that you can tap to exchange ideas to bring out the best of the software.

In terms of Jira pricing, Atlassian is lauded for its clearly detailed a la carte pricing, which gives you the best terms to match your project requirements. The plans are based on a number of users, monthly or annual payment schemes, along with thousands of third-party add-ons to choose from and their corresponding prices.

Why choose Jira for your enterprise:

  1. Solid connectivity and disaster recovery measures. Atlassian implements a high-end clustering system that reduces any occurrence of downtime, with a contingent recovery system to counter any chance of disaster brought about by hardware failure.
  2. A solution that scales and grows with you. Atlassian designed its high-end Data Center to be readily scalable to meet the demands of your enterprise as you expand beyond the horizon.
  3. Agile roots mean a solution that provides flexibility all around. Varying individual temperaments translate to different preferences of doing things. Jira addresses this workplace reality by providing a platform that is fully customizable, from the way triggers to workflows behave, among others.

13. Trello

Web-based and designed on kanban methodology, project management application Trello offers its enterprise edition with all the familiar Trello features and the added advantage of unlimited boards and cards, SAML IdPs for more secured sign-ons, enterprise-class restrictions and top-notch customer support among others.

Trello for enterprises retains the simplicity that has earned it plaudits from thousands of users, and the same principle is also applied via a simplified billing for enterprise teams.

Why choose Trello for your enterprise:

  1. Tighter security for your enterprise. Trello implements security measures that are on par with the best practices recognized in the market. Your online traffic is covered by the safest protocols so you don’t have to worry about critical data leaking and falling into evil hands.
  2. Super Admin to rule them all. One of the most requested features in project management applications, so admins do not spend all their weekends fixing issues that could have been addressed earlier, not much later.
  3. Priority Support. For your enterprise subscription, Trello spares no expenses to provide top-of-the-class customer support, with its experts just a phone or email away.

14. Taskworld

With a user-friendly design to handle all the essential processes and tasks, Taskworld envisions an efficient file and project management for PMOs everywhere. The cloud-based enterprise project management offering expands on the gorgeous board visuals with a stringent, enterprise-class data security, VPN connection option, and dedicated private servers available across the world.

Prominent Taskworld benefits include its feature-packed communication tools and stunning templates, so project planning can sail through deadlines with everyone onboard contributing to the total success of any project.

Why choose Taskworld for your enterprise:

  1. Superb data security. Your enterprise data is hosted by Amazon data centers, which are watched over by security guards 24/7 and spread over multiple geographical sites. Best-practice authentication protocols ensure your traffic is not easily breached and compromised.
  2. Diverse VPN connection options. As a distinct model and provider of data security, Amazon defines the VPN protocols to give your organization another layer of security for your data assets.
  3. On-Premise Option. While Taskworld is a hundred percent cloud-hosted solution, it could provide on-premise installation for enterprise-grade customers. It comes with an additional cost, which you could discuss with the vendor.

15. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project enterprise edition (Enterprise Project Management—EPM) addresses the entirety of enterprise project and investment life cycle, with components for resource management, portfolio management and the core project management. An analytic and reporting component ties everything up for lessons and insights to help enterprise decision-makers in their succeeding projects.

Microsoft EPM provides customizable forms and a sophisticated means to customize workflow. Our Microsoft Project review also highlights its portfolio management feature that lets you draw up strategy priorities amid competing investments, keeping an eye on budget and resource constraints.

Why choose Microsoft Project for your enterprise:

  1. Ready for the enterprise. Microsoft Enterprise Project Management is fully scalable, which empowers your organization to implement distributed operations.
  2. Broad extensions and integrations. Already natively supported by a diverse Microsoft software solutions ecosystem, Microsoft EPM is also easy to integrate with hundreds of third-party applications and add-ons.
  3. Proactively monitor the performance of projects and portfolios. Built-in business intelligence tools give you critical insights to your projects which you can share with stakeholders in real time.

16. Limble CMMS

For enterprise teams that handle repair and maintenance projects, Limbe CMMS offers a compelling set of tools for a no-fuss month-to-month fee. With no setup fees to worry about, you can alter plans as you wish. Your payment empowers you to leapfrog traditional spreadsheet and calendar-extensive approach to commissioning maintenance works and instead harness the latest technology that simplifies and automates your operations.

As our Limble CMMS overview shows, the application covers all the crucial components of maintenance operations, with its mobile app ensuring that you stay in touch with your teams on the go.

Why choose Limble CMMS for your enterprise:

  1. No-fuss problem reporting. Logged in or not, anyone can report a problem and get notified when the problem has been fixed.
  2. Powerful location dashboard. From a single screen, you can view all pertinent details to any work order or request, along with who is doing what.
  3. Intuitive interface. Maintenance work can be overly complicated, but Limble CMMS simplifies it and puts every essential thing in order.

17. Proggio

Proggio’s flexible approach to project management is through a multi-view workscreen that lets you see the entire project life cycle either as columns of interdependent boards or progress lists. For managers, a portfolio view populated by Gantt charts lets them see at a glance how schedules and projects match up. All ongoing projects are executed within the framework of budget and resources planning defined right from the beginning.

Other Proggio benefits include Tight Jira integration and a mobile access to project plans, which are among the top handy features of this elegantly designed collaboration application.

Why choose Proggio for your enterprise:

  1. Strong dedication to visuals. If your enterprise teams do better with more prominent visuals, then Proggio is a strong match for how they work.
  2. Excellent resource management feature. Budget and cost come into play from the moment plans are made to the time the project has been completed.
  3. Holistic approach to project management. Proggio’s philosophy is built on the primacy of humans over the tasks that they do. Dedicated workforce, not automatons that drag their feet every step of the project stage.

18. Minterapp

While standard project management tools ensure that you are able to execute projects with strict compliance to plans and budgets, at the end of the day you will want to have on hand detailed information about the time spent for the project from every department involved. You also want to generate the corresponding invoice for them. Minterapp does that, and it also helps you come up with cost estimates for the times you need the detail to close any project.

As this piece on Minterapp pros and cons shows, getting paid for projects is the core idea of Minterapp, and it is the perfect complement to any of the other solutions in our list of the best 20 project management software for enterprises.

Why choose Minterapp for your enterprise:

  1. Small footprint, crucial service. There are no complex operations involved in extracting the time components of each project, but this simple functionality is also the most crucial for any enterprise.
  2. Professional look. Choose from among sleek and professional-looking invoice templates to command more respect from your clients.
  3. Auto reminders, no frayed nerves. Negotiating late payments can be a daunting task especially if you are lacking in the gift of tact, so leave it to Minterapp to do the rest for you.

19. qilo

If your project happens to involve planning portfolio programs, you know you are in for an endless sleepless nights poring over how to build your team, allocate resources, assign responsibilities, define project goals, and map out how to monitor progress. Fortunately, a solution like qilo exists. This enterprise project management specializing in OKR removes inefficiencies in the planning and implementation process to help you facilitate agile plans, increase accountability, and boost overall productivity. It also allows you to cascade your objectives and key results to maintain consistency across departments and employee levels.

qilo features include agile goals and task management boards as well as business vision and organization values alignment to help you get complete control over your projects. It also comes with proprietary analytics features like execution velocity scoring to help you check if your plans are on track. Moreover, it offers gamification tools to help you increase the engagement and productivity of employees.

Why choose qilo for your enterprise:

  1. Robust agile project planning and execution. qilo provides users with all the tools they require to map out priorities and resources and align their strategies according to their company objectives. It comes with agile task management tools and business vision management solutions so that your projects can yield faster and more impactful results.
  2. Powerful user engagement. This platform is not only equipped to help you relay the right information to your team and make sure that your projects are going as planned. It also provides tools to boost user engagement such as gamification and leaderboards. With these features, you can easily identify top performers and reward them accordingly to encourage other employees to do just as well.
  3. Comprehensive and personalized enterprise package. qilo offers its customers quote-based plans that are personalized according to their operational needs. This way, they can be sure that they are paying only for functionalities that they will actually use.

20. Task2Bill

Task2Bill is a task management, project management and invoicing tool rolled into one. A kanban board takes care of the task functionalities, allowing you to keep track of project status in a simple visual interface.

For the invoicing and payments component, Task2Bill allows you to couple milestones and payments, a handy automation tool that does away with what could be a labor-intensive process manually. Time tracking and other Task2Bill features are as intuitive, making this a more extensive solution for linking projects and billing.

Why choose Task2Bill for your enterprise:

  1. Simple and intuitive way to bill projects. Each step to the solution is easy to understand, doing away with switching applications to facilitate effective billing.
  2. Reasonable plan to suit your enterprise teams. You can provision up to 200 users and 100 projects, which are, often, more than what large enterprise teams can manage in a month.
  3. Excellent support structure. Task2Bill experts are available 24/7 for any need of assistance, while an FAQ and community page provide ample resources to familiarize with the software.
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Most people often look for the best project management software but I think there's only the "best one for you". Every software has it's own style, and people have different tastes.
Personally, I like Asana and Quire the most. They have great features and they have an easier interface to navigate. Some people prefer softwares with more features though, like Jira and Wrike. It depends on what features you need.

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