How to Make Coffee and Share Fun Coffee Tips Like a Pro

Coffee Infographics_thumbnailLike a good friend, a good cup of coffee comforts us, makes things feel right and sparks beautiful ideas. Store on fun facts, helpful hints and fascinating frugal clues how to choose the right fit to your coffee tastes from this infographic which spreads information and inspiration perfect for your second cup.

Learn how to make coffee from the world’s beloved coffee blends like a pro to serving the perfect coffee nibblers that goes with what flavor. Ever tried liquor coffee or cloves on your coffee before? Want to know what you have in common with Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence? The answer is in her venti! Enrich your knowledge (and your pockets) with lots of frugal ways to enjoy the cup of life without spending like a celebrity coffee nut! You may also want to read our most expensive coffee article to find out more about emerging trends and which brands have that unique taste of luxury.

The infographic celebrates the free-spirited coffee lover who does away with rigid coffee drinking rule  and enjoying a good cup one’s own way. This is exactly how our coffee friend blogger Ryoko Iwata of does – preparing her own cup and savoring it just the way she likes it! Most coffee fiends will agree that’s the secret to finding real joy with a good cup of coffee.

Check out this infographic and discover more coffee fascination beyond fun facts about your favorite all-day fix:



Special thanks to Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino for helping us with creating this infographic.

Elizabeth is also the author of a book ‘Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through‘ that you can ORDER HERE.


Make Your Own Coffee Your Own Rules:  The Free-Spirited Way Coffee Lovers Enjoy Their Coffee

Ryoko Iwata, blogger and certified coffee lover

Ryoko Iwata, blogger
and certified coffee lover

Since early times when coffee beans was considered a treasured commodity reserved only for the high and the mighty, to modern times when it now serves as the great equalizer, meaning everyone can enjoy it anyway he or she wants, this fascinating beverage has played an important role among the affairs of men.

Over time, rules and standards have evolved surrounding the preparation, serving, and drinking of coffee, which led to a division among coffee drinkers. The good news is, when it comes to these “rules,” there is no right or wrong side. What matters most is that one truly imbibes the joy of living, simply and uninhibitedly, from sipping coffee – the cup of life.

While coffee experts are the connoisseurs follow some strict standards in coffee preparation and drinking, most certified coffee lovers like Ryoko Iwata prefer it their way, enjoying the freedom of personal preference and flexible coffee-drinking options.

Ryoko writes about her love for coffee in her blogsite She also has a good number of followers on her blog’s Twitter and Facebook pages, where she further spreads her fascinating ideas and interesting finds that concern all things coffee.

This fun and perky Japanese lady is based in Seattle, where she is surrounded by the best coffee houses in the U.S, enriching her coffee-tasting adventures. Coffee beans from the Lighthouse Roasters in Seattle is her favorite, and she likes dark roast blend with a hint of chocolate.

When I travel outside of Seattle, I always research the best coffee shop in the destination and try to visit them to taste their coffee. Going to good coffee shops while traveling has become one of my favorite activities.” Despite the success of her blog, Ryoko remains what one may call a true-blue simple coffee fan, admitting that she likes and makes her own cup of coffee.

Ryoko candidly shared to us that she  doesn’t enjoy a shot of pure espresso. “I don’t drink shot of espresso, but with milk I can enjoy it. I think as long as you enjoy the taste of coffee with whatever way you like it, that’s the most important.

Coffee experts recognize that many countries have their signature coffee add-ons that have become part of the people’s coffee-drinking culture. It’s one of coffee’s magic, and yet, there are those who just want to keep things straight and simple.

Ryoko agrees on just enjoying coffee as a matter of personal taste – and style. “I don’t drink flavored coffee, I don’t put stuff on my coffee.  I don’t like to add things to it,” to which she added, “I don’t call those sweet smoothie type of drink coffee though.

Her free-spirited approach to drinking coffee also reflects in her views about coffee substitutes. For Ryoko, the more, the merrier. Being Japanese, she naturally loves tea as well, so it’s not surprising that she roots for green tea too, as a great coffee substitute. If she were to make a personalized coffee-tea variant, she reveals, “I would like to make green tea latte. I like green tea!

So how does her love of coffee affect her wallet? Not so much, which is a nice thing for all coffee lovers without the huge money to spend for it like a celebrity. Ryoko actually makes her own coffee and she loves homemade coffee blends.

In fact, among other things, Ryoko’s love for coffee stems from tasting the delicious latte that her boyfriend’s dad makes at home. “I’m sure he is a passionate coffee person, but I don’t think his espresso machine is the most expensive one,” she shares, affirming that one need not have the latest high-priced coffee gadgets to enjoy a really satisfying cup.

Indeed, while there are many coffee houses serving the most exotic blends, the best coffee experience one can have is one prepared in the comforts of your own home – a cool way to save while enjoying your hot blended indulgence.

Just like Ryoko, celebrate the free-spirited coffee lover in you by throwing away some rigid coffee drinking rules, and enjoying a good cup your way.


Allan Jay

By Allan Jay

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Janus SG says:

I also love coffee. Rules come and go, but for coffee there are still coffee-drinking standards that I like to follow. I only use my "Moka Espresso" to make my coffee, which I trust very much in this business of making coffee for me. No French Press machine and I never made my coffee on stove. Brown sugar goes into it, the more raw sugar, the better. Brown gives my cup good and rich brownish frothy effect on top. I never can use refined sugar as it give me some body aches. And use only demitasse cups for my espresso, all white color to set off the blackness of my coffee better. All these takes 30 minutes, long time for most people in Sg but I need that long time to get what I want. Not very simple, but I get the taste and look of coffee the way I like it. I have never try coffee making on stove before. I think it can be good too because the secret to good coffee is not in the manner of cooking but in the coffee beans. Use fresh and buy in markets not more than two weeks in stock.

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Corinne Oconer says:

I've been looking for some ideas for coffeeshop logos and mug designs and I found this article. I'm glad I did, I like the color theme and I think I got some workable inspirations from here. Btw, hurray for enjoying coffee your own way. I'm not such a big coffee drinker (2 cups max a day, brewed with sugar, no cream. We make our own brew at home, much like how the drip style is presented here) but I am all for enjoying it the way I prefer it and not what coffee specialists [if you call them that] say. For me, there's no proper or improper way of making, preparing and especially drinking coffee. I read somewhere that espresso should be kept and enjoyed pure, but I put sugar and a little lukewarm water to dilute my espresso because that's the only way I can drink it, and I need the red eye shot to keep up with work and the kids. On the other hand, I also think that the place and occasion dictate the way how coffee should be served and enjoyed, though I think this is more for tea drinking? But I'm all for letting my hair down and enjoying it just the way I like it. I'll surely keep that in mind whenever I'm out having coffee.

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Venice says:

Could be that the place and the occasion dictated the way how we drink our coffee but I'd prefer that people and establishments today loosen up a bit, especially in big hotel coffee shops. I agree with enjoying coffee your own way. This should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience, not stressful and all those silly stuff some experts want people to do. I remember the best coffee experience I had, it's in a coffee shop in a Doubletree hotel in Missouri. The coffee master (I'm not sure if that's what you call them) laid on this coffee table the nicest-smelling brewed coffee, and arranged two basket trays of sugar and little cream pots and sweeteners. I know it's all so ordinary in a hotel, but his personal service included a candid conversation that we don't have to put anything on our coffee if we don't want to, never mind how artfully he has served everything in front of us. That was really nice. The hotel also had this huge oatmeal cookies they gave to guests as a welcome treat, and it was perfect with the coffee! It was years ago but I think that memory stuck (I remembered right after reading this) because it was all good, being rejuvenated after a tiring trip by a good and really warm coffee experience and nothing expensive on our part. how great was that!

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