5 Best Sales Automation Systems Perfect for Large Businesses

What is the best sales automation software for large businesses?

The best sales automation software is according to our experts is HubSpot Sales. It’s part of the famed HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales and Service tech stack, which gives you a 360-view of all your customer interactions and touchpoints, allowing you to benefit from all chances of surfacing opportunities and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

In a perfect sales world, sales teams would be spending all their precious time trying to close deals. In reality, you have to split your time to take care of documentation, contracts, presentations, while ensuring that your inventory is up to task and prices are at optimum ranges.

As many businesses have found, the solution to this problem is to get sales automation software. With it, you not only free yourself of many mundane and repetitive tasks, but you also have at your disposal a smart engine that automatically collects and prequalifies leads to ensure you are working with your prospects with the best potential to turn them into loyal customers.

In this guide, we present five of the best sales automation software to consider in 2022.

sales automation systems

What are the best sales automation software solutions for enterprise?

Sales automation software is already empowering many businesses to realize their revenue targets. In 2019, their combined sales software purchases amounted to $5.5 billion, up by 8.55% from the previous year. Forrester expects sales automation software spending to leap to $25.1 billion by 2023, indicating a vigorous 14% annual growth rate.

Rapid technological developments still underway will most likely force you to evaluate your current application of choice, promising to alter the nature of competition and the overall industry landscape in so many ways. Consider that currently, 63% of businesses that employ sales automation software confirm that they are able to beat their competition because of their use of the platform. Are your ready to play with the big boys? If you are just considering adopting sales automation software in your company, you are joining 58% of major industries like healthcare taking the same path, though a good 51% of all companies are already on it.

While shopping around for a sales automation software, you might as well note developments in the field that might have profound implications for your operations. While predictive lead scoring, artificial intelligence (AI), the novel concept of customer micro-moments, messaging apps, and native ads are getting their own share of the sales and marketing tools headlines, content and influencers remain the foundation of any sales and marketing campaigns.

More specifically, content will still dominate purchase decisions, with content leads close showing an astounding 8 times more positive results than any traditional leads. Social media influencers will also dominate conversations and shift buying decisions, so it pays to look at how you can make the most of your sales automation software purchase to take advantage of these decisive areas.

This compilation of reviews by our experts presents five of the top solutions that you can easily find and try out online. You can also extend your insight into the industry with this closely related topic of how to automate prospecting and improve the quality of your leads.

5 Best Sales Automation Systems For Large Businesses

1. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales easily tops our list of the best sales automation software. It is the sales component of the HubSpot triumvirate of “hubs” essential to successfully run modern businesses, the other two being Marketing Hub and Service Hub. HubSpot Sales provides a comprehensive set of sales tools to help sales agents shorten and successfully navigate through the entire sales lifecycle, from generating sales leads and closing the deal. HubSpot Sales runs optimally with HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Service, but you can integrate it with other applications as well, most notably Salesforce. As with the other hubs, HubSpot Sales also runs on top of the widely acclaimed HubSpot CRM, which provides all the crucial tools to manage contact profiles. As well, the application can be operated via any browser or mobile device, with a dedicated add-on for Google Chrome.

HubSpot Sales sales automation system covers the entire spectrum of selling. For sales agents, there’s the lead prospecting automation, with a full suite of email alerts that you configure to conveniently fit into your own schedule; an insight tool that allows you to glean details from your prospects’ activities and profiles before communicating with them; an automated process to pull in all essential information about your leads; automation of contact and deal creation; provision of time-saving email templates; automation of email sending; scheduling of meetings; summarizing sales calls so you can proceed to the next call; recording and automating deal-related activities; and auto transfer of key details for proposal making.

For managers, HubSpot Sales automation lets them configure the program’s lead rotator so you don’t have to manually assign leads to the right salesperson. The matchup could be based on geographical location, company size, or any important criterion to ensure the lead gets the right person assigned to them.

Lead scoring is a crucial tool for any sales team and HubSpot Sales allows managers to automate the process by looking into critical sets of data to determine the quality of leads and assign which ones to prioritize.

Finally, managers can use the app’s reporting automation to send highlights to agents via email to guide them in their sales tasks, from quota targets to company revenue benchmarks.

If you want to check its comprehensive feature set you can easily sign up for HubSpot Sales free trial here.

HubSpot Sales

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out HubSpot Sales with their free trial

Why choose HubSpot Sales for your large business:

  1. Advanced email functionality. HubSpot Sales for Enterprises adds an extra layer of automation, a safeguard capability, so you don’t risk irritating prospects by a deluge of emails. You can set up the number of emails to send to more acceptable levels and override them with high-priority sends.
  2. More filter for analytics. You can now add a specific URL structure, select domain level or session country to give you more depth to your analytics.
  3. HubSpot CMS. Part of HubSpot’s Enterprise Growth Suite, HubSpot CMS not only lets you create websites but also set up everything to facilitate a more compelling buying journey, or align marketing and sales better.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive incorporates the capabilities of a customer relationship management (CRM) right into its popular sales tool, an approach that is not so different from how HubSpot does it with its CRM tool smartly integrated with its business hubs. Thus Pipedrive efficiently pulls in contact information and intelligently manages them in conjunction with the needs of sales teams.

Foremost to Pipedrive’s design objective is to empower sales teams to manage their sales pipelines, improve their lead prospecting, qualify leads better, and close deals in less time than when doing them manually. A key Pipedrive feature, it integrates easily with your email, which allows you to conduct all your lead communication right inside the application. Its visual pipeline lets you easily spot weak and strong areas in your sales drives, and assign the right people for each lead with marked priorities. You can conveniently match deals in line with revenue targets using a sales forecasting tool, while its full mobile implementation lets you stay on top of deals and task no matter where you are.

With insight from its own studies, Pipedrive sees sales automation as a path to spare your company the cost of sales agents using a large chunk of their time attending to administrative tasks rather than attending to leads and closing deals. To that end, its Smart Contact tool already incorporates artificial intelligence to take care of automating and organizing contact information that serves as your leads base, effectively serving as your virtual assistant. Smart Contact not only pulls in contacts but it’s also capable of lead pre-qualification, which already saves you precious time laboring through all the names, companies that will fit in as leads worthy of pursuing further.

Beyond the Smart Contact is the more powerful Workflow Automation tool, another AI-powered tool that takes care of the more mundane tasks associated with managing sales pipelines. Workflow Automation handles just about anything in the sales process, from data entry, deals analysis, generating reports and drumming up forecasts to help your team streamline their sales activities. The Pipedrive dashboard accommodates all the diverse functions related to your sales progress, from emails, communication, to meeting activities. The configuration panel should let you automate any sales workflow that you see fit, to help you concentrate on the more important task of closing the deal.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for Pipedrive free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out Pipedrive with their free trial

Why choose Pipedrive for your large business:

  1. Fully customizable web forms. Use web form templates or customize them to your needs. The web forms are fully automated to create contacts from those who use them and provide leads to your sales pipeline.
  2. Powerful link options. You can link specific products to leads, clients or any contact so start your sales pipeline.
  3. Multiple integrations. With more than 100 integrations possible, Pipedrive lets you expand your lead prospecting in numerous ways while fully automating the process, making your dashboard a powerful command center.

3. xSellco Repricer

For most e-commerce organizations today, Amazon is where the action is; consequently, we are seeing a raft of applications that are designed to help businesses make more revenues from the Amazon juggernaut, with varying degrees of success. Along this line, xSellco Repricer is unique, having had an enormous success helping Amazon contenders deal aggressively with the competition and navigate their way to success in the Amazon jungle.

The key to xSellco Repricer is its Buy Box tool, which lets users automatically adjust their pricing at the fastest time possible. The pricing is always aimed at optimal rather than the lowest rate, smartly taking into account how competitors adjust their own prices or when they run out of stock. In essence, it’s pricing automation at its best, employing simple logic and quick implementation.

The xSellco Repricer pricing tool first conjures its magic by looking up your top 10 competition for the Amazon Buy Box, with full support of insights and monitoring. You can set up your SKU parameters and adjust as you see fit, after determining the success of each weight. The application is versatile enough to let you configure other rules in order to face off successfully with each important Amazon rival.

Why choose xSellco for your large business:

  1. Stave off competition. If you are a big business and with a substantial presence on Amazon, then xSellco will save you from aggressive competition left and right, saving you from unwise price decisions that happen when you have less insight into how the competition structure their pricing.
  2. Avoid selling at a loss. You can’t be in business selling at a loss. Xsellco Repricer helps you avoid this: simply input your costs and the application will only post pricing at a profit margin.
  3. Effective on multiple channels. xSellco Repricer manages your pricing for every Amazon marketplace, serving up a portal on which you can expand your business across the globe.

4. Pardot

A 2012 acquisition by Salesforce, Pardot provides extensive lead management and marketing automation tools, serving as a bridge to extend the capabilities of your sales teams. With the prospect information safe in your CRM, Pardot will do the rest managing the lead with timely campaigns that you can easily track and measure. With the insight provided by the platform, you can then optimize for the best campaign across your sales funnel.

With your automated marketing campaigns, Pardot automatically collects the contact information for lead management later on. You could conveniently visualize how your sales and marketing align with each other and generate ROI figures to see the big picture and determine your strong and weak processes, campaigns, and agents. All of these contribute to fast-tracking your entire sales cycle, marking priority leads and designing campaigns that best suit them.

Central to Pardot lead generation is a personalized campaign fed by the wealth of prospect information from its CRM data. Key prospect data are used to build dynamic, personalized experiences to guide the lead through the entire sales journey.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for Pardot free demo here.

Why choose Pardot for your large business:

  1. Powerful lead generation. From giving you stunning templates to deploy on your websites that are automatically integrated with your sales and marketing workflows, to drag-and-drop smart forms from which Pardot automatically collects and validates emails, to multiple search activities and social channels, Pardot actively pulls in quality leads to kick off your sales and marketing campaigns.
  2. Intelligent Lead Management. Once your contacts and leads are in, Pardot smartly processes the leads for nurturing, assessment and qualification, segment the lead according to priority filters and finally, automate the repeating tasks so you direct your time and efforts to where they could be put to more productive use.
  3. Harmonized Sales and Marketing. With CRM integration and use of campaigns pre-approved by the marketing teams, Pardot ensures that marketing and sales are always in sync with each other and making the most of what the other teams have to offer.

5. bpm’online sales

Rounding up our five best sales automation software, bpm’online offers its sales capabilities in tandem with marketing and service platforms around a CRM foundation. Aside from lead management and marketing campaigns, however, bpm’online Sales also provides a suite of tools to handle orders and invoices. These capabilities, which the company terms “out-of-the-box processes,” are founded on the idea of comprehensively tackling the entire sales cycle through perceived processes that would serve as an efficient guide for companies to kick-start their business operations while being confident of utilizing the best industry practices for their systems.

bpm’online sales automation handles the whole sales cycle, from prospect, lead and customer acquisition, nurturing, evaluation and development, to closing and order and customer retention. All of these are managed by an interface that sports the look and feel of social media pages, which makes even non-experts feel at home with the software at the outset. The interface is consistent no matter if you are working from your desktop workstation or from any mobile device.

Why choose bpm’online sales for your large business:

  1. Automate multiple processes. bpm’online has automation at its heart, from modeling of complex processes to managing collaboration or just simple provision of approval for use of documents, the application is as flexible and capable of automating any task thrown at it.
  2. Manage field employees in the digital age. Use map applications or modern geo-tags to schedule and monitor field visits of any representative. Each data serves as a basis to analyze and determine the effectivity of your field teams.
  3. Order and invoice automation. Unique to bpm’online sales from the other 4 sales automation software under the scope here, the solution provides a set of tools to automate orders list, history, website order processing, the creation of schedules for both payment and supplies, order approval, issuance of invoices, even analytics for both orders and invoices.


While loads of new technologies are on their way, a sound approach to kickstarting your sales automation software adoption is to stick with the tried and tested foundations first, which include lead prospecting, lead nurturing, lead qualification, and deal closing, before testing your feet on the newest technologies now emerging. Not only will it give you the true look and feel of the solution, but gives you solid basic to fall back to when you have decided to pursue advanced techniques and find yourself faltering for some reason.

You can also check our guide on the best 20 marketing automation software applications here.

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