Review of HouseCall Pro: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Field Service Management App

hcpSan Diego, CA-based HouseCall Pro is a mobile app/web-based platform that allows home service providers from plumbers to electricians to run and grow their service businesses with ease. The app also connects service professionals to the HouseCall booking app, where customers can re-book their service professional with the push of a button in a seamless “Uber-like” experience.

It’s been called the premier field service management and marketing tool on the market because of its feature-rich easy-to-use interface and its incredibly responsive development roadmap oftentimes releasing brand new weekly features and updates. This makes the app different from traditional field service management and CRM platforms.

In our detailed HouseCall Pro reviews, we’ll present the following information that will help you assess the app:

  1. The highlights of HouseCall Pro
  2. What we like most about HouseCall Pro
  3. What customers say about HouseCall Pro
  4. Awards granted to HouseCall Pro
  5. HouseCall Pro SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

What are the highlights of HouseCall Pro?

  • It uses transactional and community rating system model similar to Uber; hence, it’s positioned as the “future” of home service.
  • Simple CRM features like thank-you postcards and emails increase your recurring business through enhanced customer experiences.
  • Workflow automation helps you focus on getting the job done, while freeing you from manual administrative tasks ranging from estimates and scheduling to dispatch and invoicing.
  • Centralized location means all your customer data, invoices, and other important files remain secure in your personal secure cloud.

What We Like The Most About HouseCall Pro

1. You compete on value, not price

If you’re a service provider that puts a premium in customer satisfaction, HouseCall Pro will work wonders. Housecall Pro bridges the gap between the service provider and the customer by automating job experience touch-points. Automated text messages get sent to your customer when a job is scheduled, when your tech is on their way, and when the job is closed out. Additionally, you will enjoy automatic invoicing and receipts that get sent as you complete your job flow. This creates a great high-touch experience that your customers will love because they will be informed in every step of the job process.

With Housecall Pro, customers enjoy a differentiated experience. Housecall Pro allows you to build your own rule-based post-card and email marketing campaigns. Job reminders, thank you cards, and re-booking reminders will fire off automatically once you set them, resulting in unprecedented customer delight and an inevitable increase in word-of-mouth referrals.

The best part about Housecall Pro is that the technology works for you, effectively eliminating hours and hours of weekly administrative work and thoroughly reducing missed recurring business opportunities.

2. Almost all types of home services are accommodated

HouseCall Pro has the most versatile platform, accommodating nearly every service industry vertical with ease. The platform supports service categories such as plumbing, electrical, maid, carpet cleaning, heating and air, and much more. If you’re a home service provider, it’s likely your category is listed in the app. Housecall Pro has built intuitive, industry-specific features that accommodate incredibly well to every industry.

Housecall Pro features comprehensive recurring job scheduling, estimate to job conversions, automated price lists and addresses, and drag-and-drop technician dispatch from both the mobile device and the web. Any change made to a job will seamlessly update in real-time across all devices. This eliminates any miscommunications that may have otherwise taken place with traditional workflows.

3. Usability is simple but powerful

Like the customer-end interface, the merchant backend is designed for non-tech users. It has a simple system that gets you covered with tasks ranging from scheduling, dispatching, and locating jobs from your Android or iOS mobile device (also from desktop computer) to automating invoice and receiving payments efficiently. Likewise, the in-app messaging helps you deliver fast customer support with the ease and utility of an SMS or email.

But don’t let the app’s simplicity fool you, behind it is an enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure designed by ex-engineers of Qualcomm Labs, famous for employing the brightest in mobile software development. The app lets you manage booking, billing, payment, and other administrative tasks using on-demand data, payment gateways, and GPS technology.

Furthermore, unlike home service apps such as RedBeacon and ServiceMagic, HouseCall does away with lengthy job description forms and job bidding in the customer end interface. Customers book appointments by contacting you directly in the app–when they need you. You don’t waste time scouring over job requests that don’t materialize.

Customers see your rating, fixed price and can contact you right away.

Customers see your rating, fixed price and can contact you right away.

4. Great marketing tools to reach a wider market

It is reported that less than 2% of the $400 billion home service industry use online and mobile platforms today via HomeJoy and RedBeacon. However, by introducing the Uber model in home services, HouseCall Pro is changing the landscape in the home services industry, similar to what Uber did in the taxi industry and AirBnB did in the hospitality business. In short, getting your service company on board HouseCall Pro today is a great strategy to reach a wider market tomorrow.

Think of the app as word-of-mouth advertising ten times over. The app’s creators understand that people are weary of poor home services or the prospect of inviting strangers into their homes. When customers start wising up to the idea that they can get quality home service providers that have been background checked by both vendor and customers, HouseCall will be the marketplace that pulls together customers and service providers. You want your business to be in this place.

Aside from this industry-shifting reason, the app gives you other marketing tools to spread the word about your business. You can target or retarget customers through postcard or email campaigns. The app has a one-time blast or ongoing campaign option, which lets you use a template, personalize the message, and upload pictures. Customized postcards cost 65 cents per card, but emails are free. In a market where repeat business is essential, this trivial but critical tool can make a big impact on your ROI. When an existing customer calls in for the same service again, you’re the default provider (you need to save the customer record though).

Likewise, the app uses mobile locations via GPS to recommend you only to customers within your territory.

On this note, it would have been nice, even for an extra fee, if the app provided market analytics in your area, such as, customer volume per category and seasonal demand trends. It has these raw data in its database, which could be processed into market insights.

Create thank-you postcards fast and delight customer for effective CRM.

Create thank-you postcards fast and delight customer for effective customer relations management

5. Less paperwork, more work when everything is centralized

You’re probably using numerous apps to manage job appointments, keep files, provide customer support, and market your business, stringing together different apps for documents, spreadsheets, calendars, calculators, emails, etc. Putting everything in a single platform helps you get organized and run your business hours more efficiently.

Instead of shuffling papers, finding a customer file is easy in the app. Likewise, you can manage your field technicians easily with real-time job updates and notifications. The field teams can alert you about their work while on location, which is critical in the home service industry, where changes can happen in a snap during a house call for external reasons (weather, customer availability, etc.). This is useful also in cases when you need to schedule shared resources, for example, expensive equipment or a specialist technician.

The HouseCall Pro mobile app also lets you stay organized while on the go. For instance, you can view your calendars, receive payments, and get directions to the next job all in your phone. This is handy for an individual or small-scale service provider team, who needs to perform a job, while managing other jobs elsewhere. If you’d like to see how it works in action you can easily get a HouseCall Pro free demo and test the service yourself.

Keeping track of your job schedule and dispatch  is easy with the in-app calendar.

Keeping track of your job schedule and dispatch  is easy with the in-app calendar.

6. Automatic billing and payment

HouseCall Pro lets you accept cash or check payments from customers, but it is most useful for automating billing and payments. There’s no need for a dongle or card swipe device because transactions happen online.  This is convenient for companies that provide regular checkups or have a steady stream of repeat job orders.

The going Housecall Pro credit card rate is 2.69% plus $0.30 cents for all major card transactions, which is lower than standard online transaction fee of 3%. Moreover, the vendor charges a 10% referral fee for new customers (billed only when the job is completed; none for existing customers) on top of your monthly plan, which starts at $69 per month for up to three users. The app caters not only to multi-technician businesses, but also to individual owner/operators.

No need for clunky dongle to accept payment in your phone.

No need for clunky dongle to accept payment in your phone.

7. Live Map turns your phone to GPS tracker

You don’t need additional hardware for GPS vehicle tracking, HouseCall allows your smartphone to track your field technicians’ real-time locations. Live Map uses the built-in GPS in smartphones to help service providers find their customer’s location. It’s a common feature, but you can also use it to ping your customers while your technicians or you are on the way by pushing the “on my way” button. Doing so helps your customers to estimate your arrival down to the minute, giving them more window to do things other than waiting for you; for instance, use the bathroom before the plumber shows up or get a few more minutes of snooze. This is a small thing that busy customers may appreciate and, who knows, recall your service for it in the future.

“On my way” button gives your customers more window to prepare before you arrive.

“On my way” button gives your customers more window to prepare before you arrive.

HouseCall Pro Pricing Plans

HouseCall Pro offers three pricing plans:

Free Plan

The free plan is offered for 1 user. It includes all baseline features such as business apps for iOS, Android and web, customer booking app, unlimited low-fee credit card processing, custom profile to attract new customers, real-time dispatching, default provider in booking app, QuickBooks and Google Calendar online integration. It’s  free to use with existing customers and also has GPS vehicle tracking and unlimited email re-marketing. There is no contract and you can cancel the free plan any time you wish.

Grow Plan: $79/month or $69/month (annualy)

This plan is offered for 2-10 users. It includes all the baseline features mentioned in the Free Plan, plus a company chat in-app, postcard and email marketing, and QuickBooks online integration. 

Manage Plan: $199/month or $175/month (annualy)

This plan can be used by an unlimited number of users. It includes all the baseline features mentioned in the Free Plan, plus the company chat in-app. Two new features are coming soon: advanced reporting and GPS breadcrumbs.


What customers say about HouseCall Pro

You can read dozens of happy user reviews about HouseCall Pro and most of them revolve around two things: their customers are happy and the HouseCall Pro support is great.

Chandler from Classic Care Services, Inc. said the text and email alerts that the app sends (from scheduling to estimates, invoicing and receipts) made customers appreciate his professionalism. He said he now relies on the app for much of his workflows. “It has become my CRM, scheduling, invoicing, estimating and payment system.” He wished though that the mobile app had the full functionality of the web portal.

Meanwhile, Jim of After Five Plumbing likes how the app integrates with QuickBooks. HouseCall sends his sales data to QuickBooks, making his accounting easier. “You no longer have to sit down with a calculator and add everything up at the end of the month.”  He said he only needs to enter his non-recurring daily expenses and run reports to see the big picture. “With the HouseCall Pro I have my job cost when I talk to the customer and can make changes quickly if I have to.”

For Robert, who runs Robert’s Carpet Cleaning, he’s happy with the attention he gets from customer support. “They have responded within a few minutes every time, even on weekends.” Like Chandler, he mentioned that his customers love the communication alerts they get from the start of the job to receipt of payment. “Plus, they get a thank you postcard about a week later automatically.”

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