Four Factors For A Successful Test Environment Management Transparency

Test Environment Management is all about controlling, managing, and handling entire environments of testing the data. It may be considering various components such as hardware, software, database, middleware, applications, as well as test data that is managed by tools. It also conders procedures and resources effectively.

With a huge number of tools expanding day by day, it is becoming challenging to manage the test environments. Now, it solely depends upon the businesses to manage multiple and unreliable test environments that can result into higher operational costs and low test coverage. Major challenges followed by the businesses these days is Configuration Issues in Environment, scarcity of dedicated test environment team, it has very less reusable value. Business in such field may be a risk for higher investment and lower returns.

There are many companies that are working for the better test environment models. For those businesses, here are four major factors that actually matters for a successful Test environment management transparency.

Test environment is basically a major requirement for any successful business to perform better and without any error. Read on the following one to make your business reach the success you dream for.  

Managing the Resources

The resources here means the team of the employees working for the testing procedure. It can be a major factor for a successful transparency of the entire test management environment. For transforming your environment to the best, the first step is to build a dedicated test environment team at the enterprise level. This team must serve as a unique performer of all the test related activities. It should be able to held accountable for entire test environment as a functional resource at the enterprise level. There can be many challenges that you will face in managing the resources and are easy to overcome by adopting the test environment management enterprise model with certain difficulties initially.

At enterprise level, the team of your resources must maintain the common terminology. Certain businesses do not believe in this and therefore are affected by the lower standardization. A higher standard lead to better understanding and efficiency for secure information. Then comes the knowledge management amongst the test environment team members. The team must have planned a well structured knowledge base for the management of the test environment and should make sure that the information is available to end users.

Planning the Strategies

Businesses working with Test environment management should define the some strong and effective test environment strategies to manage the environment at enterprise level. The entire test management team is selected on the basis of the production and future test requirements. The team must always support the process of standards and should look for improvements at every level. The success of the team is mainly based on how strong the planning of the model is. The entire test team need to understand the business requirements from the beginning stage at the time of release so that the team can plan accordingly.

Due to the most environment facing challenges, strategy planning has become a necessity these days. This planning may play an important role in implementing reference script into the test environment. So that the test environment management can work functionally. When defining the test level strategy, we must stay aligned with the enterprise level strategy of the test environment, IT infrastructure of the entire ecosystem, and the release pattern.

Along with better planning of the strategy that should be kept in mind is to create and manage the end to end test environment instead of testing applications in the fragmented environment. The most important thing in planning the entire test environment management is to plan equally for testing all the four activities like design, build, manage, and Refresh & reuse. Main aim of the test team is to test day to day operations and its aim must be to result the entire development to be free from errors. It all at the end depend on the planning and a strong test environment planning can lead to a successful and error free design.

Optimized Processes

Not only in ecosystem, in every field, simplified and consolidated usage of assets is important for cost optimization. Optimizing the test environment management process would help in better and efficient results of testing. It is necessary to define and implement the best practices to get better results. For building an effective test environment management process, the team requires discussion, elaboration, and validation of the entire business. Gone are the days to use the traditional processes for testing the design smartly. The testing environment process these days require every information of the asset, owner, contact details, physical location details and many more like this.

Optimizing a testing process is one of the most tedious and challenging job at the enterprise level. Once you consolidate the assets, your organization would have to review the process regularly. Earlier, the Test environment management  were least prioritized due to the poor quality and undefined process that was used to test the designs. Unlike production environment, testing environment process are totally different. To have efficient results in test environment, it has become necessary to define and implement the best practices.

Demand forecasting planning also leads to a better and efficient result of test environment. But it is a challenge due to the unavailability of the test environment estate. Cross team collaboration is also a major factor that plays an important role and proves to be an effective process for the test environment management. It majorly affects the on time environment provisioning, incident resolution and effective results. The only requirement for the test team is to maintain the unity and all together work for an error free IT ecosystem.

Begin the testing from the very beginning of the developing. In managing the test data efficiently, it is required to have end to end test case planning as fragmented test data can not fulfill the test requirements.

Testing Automation

When testing is automated, it will help you reduce the dependency. It will ensure the turnaround time for test environment provisioning is better and will be improved. There can be many activities in the entire process that can be automated with the help of single or multiple tools.

For auto provisioning, quality test management software tools are available that help in auto deployment and test data management. Some of the businesses nowadays have put high investment to improve the turnaround time for test environment provisioning. They take help of cloud technology as well as service virtualization for better results. When you automated the provisioning process on cloud, you can full ad-hoc environment request and make sure that the on time test environment is available with lesser cost and effort. There are many examples of businesses getting success with the help of automated test environment.

When you understand the challenges of the test environment, it becomes necessary for every organization to establish a most wonderful practice at the enterprise level so that the organization can mark unbeatable success. So keep these factors in mind and establish your test environment management accordingly. Also, spend some on making the tests automated to get effective results and error free IT ecosystem.

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Nestor Gilbert

By Nestor Gilbert

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