Pros & Cons of FACT-Finder: Analysis of a Leading Conversion Engine

What are the pros & cons of FACT-Finder?
The pros & cons of FACT-Finder are manifest in its ability to increase conversion rates, deliver remarkable customer experience, and support omnichannel strategies. The software provides powerful features like self-learning navigation, recommendation engine, and personalization engine. However, the conversion engine is primarily built for online stores targeting customers in Europe.

So, your exclusive deals stand out, the pricing is on point, and the site is mobile-ready. Even better, you are offering product discounts and excellent video demonstrations. Yet, even with your best effort, the bounce rates keep skyrocketing. But wait! Have you deployed the right site search solution?

A robust site search software can open the doors to unlimited sales opportunities for your online store. Take FACT-Finder, for example; the solution can help you increase conversion and boost average order value. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to what FACT-Finder can do for your business.

Our experts looked under the hood of FACT-Finder to uncover its strengths and weakness. Notably, they paid close attention to its onsite search, selling, and personalization capabilities to reveal how it works. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros & cons of FACT-Finder, as asserted by our experts. The goal is to abridge your decision-making and help you gauge if FACT-Finder is the right site search solution for your business.

pros and cons of fact-finder

The rapidly evolving customer affinities, coupled with changes in online shopping behavior, have stimulated the need for enhanced site search strategies. Today, online shoppers like relevant and personalized search results. Apparently, customers want to find the product they are looking for as fast as possible. They relish the ability to filter results based on attributes such as brand and price. It’s no surprise, then, that 80% of online shoppers will abandon an e-commerce store with poor search functionality.

The e-commerce industry is quickly changing, and so are the demands and needs of online shoppers. For example, there is a drastic shift in shoppers preferences in what they anticipate in website navigation and how they utilize the site search functionality. The changes have overwhelmed online retailers with immense pressure to flex and deliver the experience visitors expect across all channels. Consequently, there is a surging need to increase search result variability, provide personalized results, and adopt product strategies that embody in-depth customer segmentation.

The Importance of Site Search Function On E-commerce Websites

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To date, many e-commerce websites have failed to meet the needs and demands of modern consumers. Many lack the effective attribute-centric navigation; the “no result found” page is widespread and worse, some searches return less relevant results. The predicament has resulted in increasing bounce rate, which has been a vexing problem and the death knell for many e-commerce traders. On average, the global e-commerce conversion rates range between 2% and 4%. However, with a reliable site search solution, like FACT-Finder, the conversion rates can be higher.

So, is FACT-Finder the product for you? Let’s find out.

What is FACT-Finder?

FACT-Finder is a powerful onsite product search, merchandising, and navigation solution designed for medium business and large enterprises. It’s also a robust solution boasts robust tools to support cross-channel strategies for online stores. More importantly, the solution enables webshops to increase conversion rates, support omnichannel business, and deliver remarkable customer experience.

Built with AI at its core, FACT-Finder responds to search, click data, and navigation data more effectively. Mainly, the built-in AI enhances semantic understanding and boosts the product display elements of the platform. Also, FACT-Finder blends AI with machine learning to analyze individual customer’s pattern to streamlines onsite search and deliver relevant search results.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for FACT-Finder free trial here.


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That’s not all; FACT-Finder features an error-tolerant conversion engine. The engine is language independent, which means it delivers consistent search results regardless of the language. Aside from that, the engine is accurate as it leverages a patented Worldmatch algorithm to provide tailored results. However, the conversion engine is primarily built for online retailers targeting customer in Europe. Therefore, if your target customers are outside the European region, FACT-Finder may not be effective for your sales strategy.

When it comes to integration, FACT-Finder works with some of the popular e-commerce platforms. It integrates with Magento 1, Magento 2, Presta Shop, Oxid, Shopware, Spryker, IBM WebSphere, and Hybris. While the suite of integrations is not significant, FACT-Finder offers a consolation. It allows you to use the vendors SDKs for free to integrate the available solutions to your system.

FACT-Finder provides you with the following key features

  • Powerful personalization engine
  • Self-learning navigation
  • Error-tolerant conversion engine
  • Builtin Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Semantic Enhancer
  • Data-driven tracking
  • Campaign manager
  • Recommendation engine
  • Management interface
  • Behavior tracking
  • Analytics
  • Attribute generation
  • Virtual categories
  • Product tagging
  • Product data normalization
  • Shop navigation
  • Business rules

FACT-Finder Advantages & Disadvantages

Personalized Experiences

Personalized results to increase your conversion rates.

Personalization is fundamental if you want to achieve their full sales potential of your online store. When it comes to customization, FACT-Finder can help you stand out from the cutthroat competition. FACT-Finder’s personalization engine records customer’s product interactions to maintain full details based on customer click and browsing behavior. Notably, the engine captures session ID for each page views. It also notes the customer ID if they are registered with your store. This way, the solution can serve up product offerings that reflect the customer’s preferences and personal interests.

Besides, the personalization engine ensures that the most suitable items appear at the top of each search results. It also makes it easy for customers to choose products using traits like price segments, color, size, and brands. This way, it eliminates the long, tiresome searches that customers hate. By delivering custom-tailored results, customers are thrilled and feel obliged to reward you with more sales. As a result, customers become loyal to your e-commerce store, conversion rates improve, and the revenue per customer increases.

The best part is that no code or integration is required to implement FACT-Finder personalization. The personalization engine works out of the box. Besides, it leverages marketing-leading technology which is activated separately for each sales channel. The technology enables you to magnify learning from each customer experience to deliver the results every visitor wants.

Faceted Navigation

As mentioned earlier, customers nowadays want to find the product they are looking for in a flash. But, is it feasible for webshops to deliver instant results? Well, it’s a daunting undertaking, especially for retailers with a wide range of products. However, providing instant results is achievable with FACT-Finder’s faceted navigation.

The solution’s faceted navigation is user-friendly to both the retailer and the shopper. First, the software automatically creates product categories and classifies newly listed items with ease. This way, it makes it easy for the retailer to adjust category page filters, thereby saving time.

On the other hand, FACT-Finder faceted navigation is beneficial to the customers. The platform provides dynamic filters to abridge product selection. The category pages display filters either as brand filters, color tiles, texts, or price ranges with interactive sliders. Additionally, FACT-Finder supports self-learning filter navigation to help customer refine search results. It’s interesting to note that the filter navigation adapts the customer click and browsing behavior. As a result, filters that are mostly selected are served up first, making it easy for customers to find the product they are looking for.

Most important, FACT-Finder’s faceted navigation helps you evade “no page found” problem. The solution automatically prevents filters that deliver no results from being displayed. This means, it only serves up filters that feature relevant results to keep all customers engaged.

Onsite Search

The e-commerce industry is a dynamic space, one that presents hurdles in plenty. From rapidly changing customer preferences and unpredictable market changes to emerging sales channels and devices. There are numerous online stores, the competition is stiff, and buyers are not easy to come by these days.

This means that to achieve longterm success, online retailers must learn to make the most out of visitors that land on their store. This is where FACT-Finder’s onsite search capabilities come in handy. As you may have noted, most of the online purchases start with a product search. The faster you can deliver results, the higher the conversion rates and the larger the shopping basket. However, bearing in mind that customers are bound to make complex search queries, spelling mistakes, and typos, it’s never easy.

That said, with FACT-Finder, no error can stop a sale. The system support error-tolerant search, delivering relevant results even when the customer makes spelling mistakes or typos. The patented search algorithm works in tandem with the smart suggest function. When a customer types a few letters, the software searches your catalog to find items that mirror the search query best.

Moreover, there is a robust semantic enhancer that optimizes the search results. The semantic enhancer learns the customer interests and delivers the most precise product suggestions to trigger purchase impulses. Also, FACT-Finder’s onsite search supports self-learning recommendations. This means that the search automatically learns customer interests based on shopping behavior. It then suggests higher-value products or complementary alternatives to increase the overall customer value.

Predictive Basket

Drag-and-drop functionality to simplify shopping.


Additionally, FACT-Finder is not only designed to boost conversion, but it also improves retention rates.  The predictive Basket leverages the built-in AI to streamline reordering. The feature implements industry-leading algorithms to classify the customer’s behavior pattern. Then, with the help of AI, it delivers a list of custom-tailored product suggestions.

That’s not all; the predictive basket takes shopping to an entirely new level. The function studies customer shopping routines and provides timely reminders of forgotten or overlooked items. Understanding the customer’s personality boosts customer loyalty and ultimately, the retention rates. Besides, the predictive basket’s drag-and-drop usability streamline shopping and helps you deliver the fast experience that customer relish.


Another feature that makes FACT-Finder stand out is the merchandising module. Basically, the module provides tools that enable you to ignite customers’ emotions and draw their attention. For example, the campaign manager enables you to create theme-centric campaigns to stimulate powerful visual incentives to purchase. It also allows you to generate virtual categories to match the current trends and the most prevalent customer’s interests. Ultimately, it enables your upselling and cross-selling campaigns to produce valuable additional sales.

On the other hand, FACT-Finder allows you to bundle popular labels on a single page to impress the brand-oriented customers. The brand worlds are heralded as rewarding businesses that boost both upselling and cross-selling strategies. They deliver strong purchase stimuli, enticing buyers to make spontaneous decisions to purchase higher valued or complementary products within a specific label.

Also, the advisory campaigns bring the expertise of experienced salesperson into digital e-commerce space. The advisory campaigns are generally designed to help you lend a hand to your customers and simplify their decision-making. They allow you to ask strategic questions to understand the customer’s requirements, preferences, and even the preferred area of usage. The advisory campaigns, coupled with interactive recommendations, build customer loyalty and reduce cart abandonment by a significant rate.

Recommendation Engine

Perfect recommendation to complement products in the basket.


FACT-Finder also features a powerful recommendation engine. The engine analyses relevant data like click history and webshop’s purchase data to recommend complementary categories and products. Moreover, the recommendation engine utilizes self-learning technology to optimize the offer displayed to the customer. It ensures that the recommended product reflects the customer’s personal preference to increase the probability of impulsive purchase.

It also identifies the attributes to suit the product initially selected by the customer. Besides, it intelligently evaluates all the items dropped in the shopping basket to provide recommendations that complement each product. By streamlining accessories coordination, the engine increases cart value and significantly reduces abandonment rates.

Mobile Ready

The proliferation of mobile internet usage means that mobile devices are becoming key tools in purchase decision making. Mobile commerce is poised for rapid growth. As it stands, customers use their smartphones to shop or gather pricing and product information. This shows that the customer journeys are no longer linear and they usually involve multiple touchpoints.

For this reason, online retailers must create fast loading websites, straightforward filters to refine search results, and most importantly, easy-to-use search bars. FACT-Finder provides special mobile channels built to paraphrase autocorrected terms back to their right and original meaning. Its dynamic filters limit the online store’s products to only the most relevant articles. Besides, it ensures that products with the highest purchase probability are automatically displayed on top. As a result, it boosts your customer experience strategy and enables well-informed mobile visitors to find it easy to buy from your store.

Is FACT-Finder Perfect For Your Business?

There you have it; our post on the pros & cons of FACT-Finder. Now, the ball is your court. Its time to find a  solution to address your dwindling conversion rates. Hopefully, our analysis of this site search software will help you make a wise decision.

Remember, you are in the e-commerce business for longterm success. This means, besides having a reliable inventory management software, you need to find a site search software that will help you exploit the full potential of your online store and meet the needs of your target customers. Ideally, the site search solution should offer high-performance navigation and search functions.

Does FACT-Finder meet the criteria?

We highly recommend FACT-Finder because we believe it has all the tools you want in a site search solution. The software comes with a powerful personalization engine that delivers highly relevant, personalized search results. Besides, its self-learning navigation, coupled with the recommendation engine, ensures that customers find the product they are looking for as quickly as possible.

More importantly, FACT-Finder has an error-tolerant conversion engine that serves up accurate results regardless of the language, spelling mistakes, and typos. On the flip side, the conversion engine is best for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to establish footprints in Europe. This means that the conversion engine is not ideally perfect for retailers targeting customers outside Europe. Aside from that one problem, FACT-Finder seems to be a good site search solution for retailers looking to increase conversion and boost customer loyalty.

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for FACT-Finder free trial here.

Nestor Gilbert

By Nestor Gilbert

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