Pros & Cons of Agility Multichannel: Analysis of a Leading PIM Software

What are the pros and cons of Agility Multichannel?
The pros and cons of Agility Multichannel can be gleaned from its strong attributes such as scalability, customization, robust features, and easy integration with external apps and systems. However, being only quote-based, it does not give you a definite idea beforehand how much it costs.

Are you searching for a product information management (PIM) software, specifically for e-commerce? There are several leading PIM software solutions in the market and you would be hard put to come up with a shortlist. With this analysis of the pros and cons of Agility Multichannel, we will help you narrow down your choices.

Agility offers many features and capabilities that we’ll explore more below. In the end, we hope this Agility Multichannel pros and cons will guide you into making an information-based decision.

Pros & Cons of Agility Multichannel analysis

Why do you need a PIM solution for your e-commerce business? Can’t it be undertaken by ERP systems?

Or perhaps more robust BPM platforms?

These systems provide certain helpful functions like visibility over product manufacturing processes or inventory levels. However, they don’t have the specialization of PIM – extensively managing product information and all related data.

There are a dozen data sources that PIM solution can handle and unify. This process of managing information from multiple sources becomes complicated as your business grows and your catalog of products expands. You need PIM for this.

Furthermore, PIM is vital to product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers because products epitomize the brand. And a brand’s messaging must be consistent especially with the changing consumer shopping behavior.

A 2019 survey by Marketing Land found out that online shoppers now want more information (including multiple images and videos) on product pages. Consumers are also asking more questions about a product and expecting clear answers from brands.

Source: Marketing Land

The above graphic only underscores the need for PIM. This type of software will help you come up with accurate, updated, and accessible product info as well as consolidate data sources. It will not only enable you to deliver a consistent brand message but also enable excellent customer experience.

Is Agility up to the task? We’ll know when we examine more closely the pros and cons of Agility Multichannel. But first, let’s have a quick look at what it is.

What is Agility Multichannel?

agility multichannel dashboard example

Agility Multichannel brings together the capabilities of PIM and MDM to help you provide consistent, comprehensive, and contextual product information to your customers. The solution allows you to fill in the product information demands of customers from whatever channels and touchpoints.

Agility synchronizes and updates all product data and information. Further, it stores all information in a central location for easy access and retrieval. And as reflected in its name, the software supports multichannel data sourcing and delivery.

If you want to learn more, simply sign up for Agility Multichannel free demo here.

Agility Multichannel offers a modular interface for unparalleled flexibility. It lets you customize workflows to match task requirements and individual roles and needs.

The software comes with functionalities of a document management software, enabling dynamic workflows for deeper collaboration. Furthermore, it offers data quality management to preserve information integrity as data undergoes processes.

The system boasts of scalability to keep up with rapid product expansion and SKU counts. Moreover, you get real-time analytics on product performance, automation tools to manage processes at every stage, and product content and history with performance feedback.

Agility Multichannel is a product of Magnitude Software, a technology solutions provider based in Texas, USA. The company has offices in half a dozen cities around the world.

It counts among its customers some of the most popular global brands such as Adidas, Office Depot, and Avon.

The software pricing is by quote. As such, it allows the vendor to craft special custom packages to fit your budget and requirement.

Agility Multichannel key features include:

  • Agility modular interface
  • Analytics and reporting
  • API monitoring
  • Business intelligence
  • Product information intelligence
  • Data asset management
  • Dynamic information warehouse
  • Data quality control
  • Documentation management
  • Data modeling & manipulation
  • Business process overview
  • Data integration
  • Web services support
  • Microsoft Excel integration
  • Microsoft Powerpoint integration
  • Online helpdesk support

Agility Multichannel Pros & Cons

One Source of Product Truth

While it has multichannel capabilities for data sourcing and delivery, Agility provides one master data repository. This allows you or anyone that you grant access privileges to view, manage, and aggregate business data and product information.

And similar to content or digital asset management systems, there is file versioning, content optimization, governance as well as data security capabilities.

Agility blends PIM with master data management to give you a single source of truth for all your products and related processes. This enables you and your people to be on top of business and operational matters.

Having Agility at the center of your e-commerce strategy translates to the effective delivery of product information to your customers and other end-users from whatever channel.

Built for Ecommerce

The software is designed to address issues in this age of distributed commerce. You’re not only competing with others but more so with yourself.

You need to streamline the process of sourcing, organizing, and delivering information to today’s inquisitive and demanding customers wherever they may be. Agility is built for such demands.

It is able to reduce time-to-market, enable rich content, and simplify data aggregation. It even facilitates syndication to multiple channels with accurate content through data validation tools.

Agility lets you get rid of time-consuming and complicated product introductions. You’ll have your products quickly positioned in the market complete with all the necessary information and documentation.

Streamline Processes with Speed

Accelerated processes are made possible with Agility Multichannel. It streamlines product stages and processes right from the manufacturing or sourcing of products up through the build-out, syndication, and enrichment of content to e-commerce and all other channels.

The software’s data validation and integration tools automate gathering product information and updating in an instant once approval is triggered.

The data syndication tool is an integral capability of the software’s data management system. After data preparation, enrichment and approval are done, Agility automatically publishes data to various downstream channels such as your website or online store. Everything is viewed and tracked through intuitive dashboards.

agility multichannel workflow dashboard example

Guided workflow dashboards speed up product information/content creation, validation, and publication.

Preserve Data Quality

Even when product data and information go through several processes, Agility makes sure that data is not tainted.

The software enables you to adapt and customize content for each channel and preview it in context, exactly the way your customers will see it.

You can fine-tune with precision each channel for a depth of content, visual appeal, SEO and other parameters. This is to ensure that product information reaching your customers is consistent.

Agility guarantees the accuracy of content throughout each stage of your customers buying cycle.

Functional and Flexible

Agility’s flexibility and functionality let you swiftly expand product ranges and rapidly grow SKU counts. It lets you replicate and build on existing processes so you don’t have to go back at the start every time you introduce a new product line or enter a new channel or market.

Bottlenecks in ecommerce operation can quickly go out of hand. Hence, you need to have functionalities to assist not only customers but also partners and stakeholders.

In this regard, Agility Multichannel offers content optimization through its Agility Modular Interface (AMI). It effectively consolidates vital product data into a centralized digital workspace where it can be analyzed and optimized to align with business goals and strategies.

Consolidated Analytics and Reporting

Real-time financial and performance analytics lets you examine data by product, brand, line or range. You can access in a single view all of your product content and history and blend them with performance feedback.

In fact, data can be visualized, drilled down, predicted as well as traced right to a specific product manager or concerned individual.

Interactive analytics tools can be refined and adapted for your reporting needs, whether they are for enterprise-level or standard reports.

There has been user feedback on the software slowing down when dealing with huge amount of data. It has never been validated, however, if the problem is with the software or actually with the user’s system.

Agility Multichannel reporting dashboard example

Agility Multichannel’s reporting dashboard drills down to give you the numbers that matter.

Integrates with Existing Ecosystems

Agility offers air-tight integration with multiple systems from many leading vendors such as IBM (WebSphere), Oracle (WebLogic), and Microsoft (SQLServer).

Likewise, it connects and works with Salesforce CRM, Adobe Creative Cloud, Magento, Marketo, Google Analytics and over a dozen other external apps and services.

Agility provides customizable APIs to fill all business-led requirements.

Moreover, data integration is built on top of the industry-leading Pentaho suite to give you powerful BI and data mining capabilities.

World-class Customer Support

An independent industry analyst has rated Agility number one in customer satisfaction for five consecutive years. Also, Agility was cited for its comprehensive online helpdesk and complimentary two-day intensive user workshops in North America and Europe.

These provide venues and forums for introducing new product releases and product development feedback.

Aside from the aforementioned, Agility also offers an information-filled blog, tutorial videos and webinars, email, and live chat support. The last two are your best options for getting a price quote from the vendor.

Through these support mechanisms, users can easily gain access to important knowledge resources or seek assistance for technical and product-related issues.

Does Agility Multichannel Make the Grade?

This is for you to determine based on the information you gathered here. But you have to admit there are very compelling reasons to invest in this PIM software.

For one, you can deliver consistent, complementary, and correctly targeted product content anywhere.

Another thing, Agility allows you to manage product relationships and assortments. Moreover, you can increase the numbers of SKUs while decreasing the time it takes to get your offerings to market.

Also, it offers feedback that lets you determine product enrichment needed to drive maximum ROI.

Best of all, Agility makes your processes efficient.

It lets you build product completeness for all new channels in today’s digital environment that instantly connects customers with the product information they need. Of course nothing beats signing up for Agility Multichannel free demo to find out if Agility has enough case in its favor to suit your setup.

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