Pros & Cons of Absorb LMS: Analysis of a Top Learning Management System

What are the pros and cons of Absorb LMS?
The pros and cons of Absorb LMS are evident in the learning experience it provides to students. It enables learners to follow a learning path tailored to their own needs. In this regard, the platform helps you get started through its feature-rich content libraries. As with most LMS solutions, don’t expect robust project management functions here.

If you have been frustrated with the lack of candidates with the skills you are looking for, then you are not alone. Recruiters all over the world are experiencing this problem. And many companies are also realizing that they need to look inside rather than outside for the right candidate. That is why they have turned towards learning management system.

You may be doing so, too, and are doing in-depth research into the ones that you are considering. You have certainly come to the right place, as we are going to take a closer look at the capabilities of Absorb LMS. We are going to examine its key features and look at disadvantages if any.

Absorb LMS review

Eighty-three percent of HR professionals said that in the past 12 months, they have been having difficulties in recruitment because candidates lack requisite skills. The top-cited reason is competition with other employers, followed by the lack of experience, and the deficiency in the skills necessary for the job. The latter is the biggest problem for companies worldwide. This has led the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to conclude that skills shortage is a global dilemma.
According to SHRM, candidates are lacking in both technical skills and soft skills. In the former, the areas of concern are trade skills, data science, science/engineering/medical. In the latter, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and problem-solving along with the capability to deal with ambiguity and complexity and, lastly, communication. Those are all skills in high demand; for example, companies are looking for candidates with BI knowledge. If these trends continue, numerous industries over the world are going to be affected severely. And by 2030, talent shortage could reach 85.2 million people, making companies lose up to $8.5 trillion in unrealized opportunities.

Top 3 Technical Skills Candidates Lack

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Source: Society of Human Resource Management

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But there are things that companies can do to ensure that they are not wanting in top talents. One of those is by investing in their current workforce. Their employees are sure to appreciate this, too, as 87% of millennials value professional development. To start, a business can invest in an elearning platform such as Absorb LMS. This software has a varied set of tools that can help organizations ensure that their workers have the right skills to do their jobs confidently. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of Absorb LMS and discover how it can serve your employee development needs.

What is Absorb LMS?

Absorb LMS dashboard

Absorb LMS is an integrated learning management system that assists you in developing your workforce. This award-winning platform is designed to meet your training needs whether you are a startup, an SMB, or a large corporation. It has smart administrative tools, allowing you to make the most of the platform. It also helps ensure that you spend most of your time not on repetitive tasks but on meaningful ones such as interacting with learners.

With Absorb LMS, you can look forward to a software that molds to your requirements. Likewise, you can find various training solutions within the interface. For example, you can customize the application for training your partners on how to comply with your rules. You can also configure the system to help your customers get acquainted with your products or services.

Absorb LMS also enables you to segregate your enrollees to make certain they access only the dashboard and the courses relevant to them. There are hosts of other features of Absorb LMS adhering to a single tenet: learner-centrism.

Absorb LMS

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Absorb LMS provides you with the following key features:

  • Smart Administration Workflows
  • Social Learning Features
  • Content Libraries
  • Course Creation and Management
  • Multi-tenant Platform
  • Multiple Learner Interfaces
  • Custom Learning Paths
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrated eCommerce Component
  • Third-party Integrations

Pros & Cons of Absorb LMS

Curated courses

One of the foremost pros and cons of Absorb LMS are related to its content libraries. With the platform, instant ROI is achievable. That is because it has ready-made content that you can distribute to learners. This means that as soon as you utilize the solution, your employees can begin brushing up on basic skills, such as skills in customer service, as well as enhance their knowledge.

You can also rest assured that the content Absorb LMS offers is top-notch. Various leading elearning providers curated the courses offered by the software. There are thousands to choose from so you can be sure to find one that works best in your industry. There are courses provided for the development of skillsets, too, such as accounting, management, and sales.

Moreover, there are different content formats available. These enable courses to be more engaging. On top of that, the courses allow you to interact more with your students through quizzes, videos, and microlearning content. But if you want to control the arrangement of modules in a chapter, it is best to do so before uploading them to the platform. Nevertheless, you have full flexibility when it comes to organizing the chapters in a course.

Absorb LMS homepage

You can start creating courses right off the bat when you log in to your Absorb LMS account.

Engaging learning process

Absorb LMS brands its platform as learner-centric. It is easy to see why; apart from the learning process being engaging and interactive, there is also a social aspect to it. To that end, the software provides administrators with social collaboration tools.

When new students first get on board, they are greeted by a welcome billboard. Administrators can use the billboard to promote certain courses or to make announcements. This way, everyone would be able to see important messages from your organization regarding the elearning program.

Other than that, Absorb LMS helps you ensure that students truly maximize the platform. That is possible with social integrations like Facebook and Twitter. With this feature, they can learn new things even when they are on social networking sites. This paves the way for instant interaction, with comments, replies, and reactions.

Tailored training

Every student absorbs knowledge and learns new skills differently. That is why it is important to tailor their user experience according to their needs and preferences. Because that experience is what would allow them to enjoy the platform and continue learning through your courses.

One way you can do this is by differentiating the interfaces that your employees and customers see. You can even curate different experiences for various departments in your company. You can further offer them personalized learning with geolocalized courses. On top of that, if you have partners, you can direct them to the seller training center as soon as they log in to ensure that they have easy access to the courses they need.

Furthermore, Absorb LMS makes certain that learning is smooth and enjoyable on any device. Yes, the platform is mobile-friendly, which is in line with upcoming elearning trends.

Absorb white label

You can start giving the best learning experience to students with branded interfaces.

Courses monetization

If you want to monetize your courses, doing so would be easy with Absorb LMS. The software has an out-of-the-box ecommerce module that can assist you in creating a new revenue stream. There is an integrated shopping cart that can connect with 70 numerous payment gateway services. With so many partners to choose from, you can extend convenience to your customers.

It is also possible to sell seats in a course in bulk. The system can generate unique enrollment keys that streamline course buying for clients. On top of that, you can offer special discounts and promotions to customers. This way, you can make your courses more attractive to purchasers.

However, you do not have to provide discounts and codes manually each time for your buyers. Absorb LMS has an intelligent pricing structure. You can configure this to offer lower prices to members and regular prices to non-members. In line with that, you can make available additional courses to select audiences.

Automated administration

Keeping track of all LMS-related tasks could be challenging for you and your administrators. To help you with that, Absorb LMS has an automated administration capability. One automation functionality involves scheduling and repetitive tasks. Because of this, you can take back the time that you can use on more important responsibilities.

Additionally, there are triggers that you can configure to ensure that workflows run consistently. This makes sure that everyone down the line can do their job quickly and efficiently. This also makes certain that users complete their tasks on time.

On top of it all, you can take advantage of integrations. By interfacing with third-party solutions in your digital toolbox, you can streamline the exchange of data. One example of the use of integrations is onboarding new hires. If Absorb LMS is connected with your HR system, it can create new accounts automatically for the latest employees to begin their onboarding without delays. But it must be noted that the solution is not capable of synchronizing tasks and due dates with calendars, though deadlines can be seen conveniently on the system itself.

Comprehensive reporting

Absorb LMS has a comprehensive reporting suite. With it, you have direct access to relevant information such as how many courses there are in the system and how many students are enrolled overall. There are presets available as well, which allow you to narrow down information quickly. And if you need them, you can also create custom filters and have the solution remember those for future use.

Absorb LMS is also capable of distributing analytics and reports to shareholders by itself. You only have to set a schedule for reports and the software takes care of sending them to recipients’ emails. So, even if they do not have access to the platform, they can be apprised of the goings-on within the LMS.

Despite the robustness of the reporting suite, though, it has its downsides. For example, it does not have in-depth project management and reporting functions. Other users have also noted that the tool lacks the attention given to other components of Absorb LMS.

Absorb LMS BI management

Absorb LMS has a Business Intelligence module that is a premium feature separate from other reporting functions.

Platform organization

One of the attractive facets of Absorb LMS is its ability to support multiple departments and the different units within them. It has a multi-tenant functionality as well, enabling you to work with various clients simultaneously. Overall, this works well except for this scenario: if a department has 50 learners but you want to enable access to a library for 45 of them, you have to do so for those 45 people instead of restricting access for the 5 excluded learners.


Absorb LMS pricing information is not available on the vendor’s website. It is on a by-quote basis, which means the price is tailored to the number of people you want to accommodate within the system, including administrators and students. This may make it sound costly, but the feature-rich platform makes the investment rewarding.

Helping the organization to evolve from within

To combat that, businesses can opt to develop the knowledge and skills of their existing employees instead. By doing so, not only are they plugging the skills gap, but they are also empowering their workforce. Skills training leads to confidence and agility at work, thus, they are better able to handle challenges that they may encounter down the line.

With the help of elearning systems like Absorb LMS, it is possible for skills enhancement to occur within your facilities. Workers can even learn during their off-work hours because of the platform’s mobile accessibility.

And as discussed, among the pros and cons of Absorb LMS are the multiple content formats. These make learning more engaging and interactive, as employees (and even partners and customers) can cut the monotony of text-only resources. Apart from that, the solution offers a tailored training experience. This means that every staff member can follow a learning path customized to their skills and knowledge needs.

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