Tovuti Pricing Plans: What’s included in the packages?

How much does Tovuti cost?
Tovuti costs are based on the number of learners and whether you’re getting basic or premium features. All pricing plans are by quote. Professional services like content assembly and website design can be added on top of the subscription.

Whether you are setting up an online learning program for your organization or selling to the larger external audience, having a modern LMS system is a must to leverage today’s technologies. Micro-learning, blended learning, mobile learning—all these and more are possible with Tovuti and other similarly well-designed SaaS LMS solutions.

But even as you have an array of top-of-the-line LMS options out there, choosing one may eventually boil down to one thing: pricing. 

In this guide, we focus our attention on Tovuti pricing plans, arguably, one of the simplest and most flexible packages we’ve seen by far in the learning platform niche. You will see below how straightforward the pricing is, the inclusions and the difference between the plans. Plus, you will also get to understand how else the vendor can help set up your online learning initiative for success.

tovuti pricing plans

What are the Tovuti pricing plans?

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic made online learning the go-to model for schools, this industry has been seeing consistent growth over the last decade. In fact, pre-pandemic, Research and Markets predicted that the online education market will balloon to $350 billion by 2025. We can only expect this forecast to grow exponentially as more organizations shift to online learning this year.

Driving this market growth are key trends that are shaping up how we learn. For instance, microlearning and personalized learning are making learning more attuned to the needs of the learner. Similarly, gamification is transforming learning into a fun-filled, more engaging experience. Not to mention, the impact of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) on learning as students get a “first-hand experience” exploring spaces in three-dimensional environments.

Source: Allied Market Research, 2019

Nevertheless, these LMS trends won’t mean a penny if your LMS isn’t up to speed. The easy solution is to go for modern LMS systems like Tovuti to leverage the latest technologies in online learning.

Overview of Tovuti LMS

Tovuti dashboard

Tovuti is a flexible LMS designed for either corporate training or school online learning. It also helps you branch out to ecommerce, allowing you to sell courses via a fixed price or by subscription. The learning platform suits businesses of any size, schools and individual content creators.

A built-in course authoring tool makes it convenient to develop and deploy lessons right inside the system. Tovuti supports PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, video and image files and SCORM content.

Furthermore, you can automate repetitive workflows, gate content, geofence notifications and auto invite learners to virtual or live events. Likewise, the LMS can be white-labeled with your colors and logo and even create branded portals by department.

Other key features include gamification, social profiles, virtual classrooms, custom reports and dashboards, personalized learning paths and end-to-end support.

Tovuti integrates via Zapier and provides an open API in its premium plan. Pricing is by quote, the details of which are explained below.

Detailed Tovuti Review

The following are Tovuti features by category

  • Content
  • Elearning
  • User experience
  • Users
  • Gamification
  • Notifications
  • Virtual classroom
  • Events
  • Ecommerce
  • Branding

Tovuti Pricing Packages

Tovuti pricing is neatly packaged into two plans that you won’t have trouble deciding which one suits your need. Pricing is by quote based on increments of user batches starting from 0-50 learners up to 6,000-12,000 learners. The software can also handle beyond 12,000 learners.

In general, the difference between the basic plan (Core) and premium plan (Pro) is that the former lacks virtual classroom, ecommerce modules and SCORM-compliance, plus the following features are pared-down: notifications, content creation, user experience, users and integrations. 

On top of both plans, you have the option to solicit professional services offered by the vendor, including content assembly, website development and managed services. 

Let’s take a look at the details.

Core Plan

tovuti activity dashboard

A sample activity dashboard in Tovuti showing key learning metrics.

The Core Plan is designed for those planning to provide online learning to their team or organization. It can be your department, company, school or any organization that requires an internal learning or training infrastructure. This said, the plan excludes virtual classroom and ecommerce modules. 

The features, however, are enough to author diverse content types, manage user groups and deliver courses via desktop or mobile. Plus, it has standard gamification tools to help nurture learner engagement.

Take note, all basic features are also available in the premium plan.

Content Authoring Features

Course authoring tools are built into the system so the content you create in Tovuti is ready for use. You can create over 40 interactive content types without the need to plug in third-party apps or import files. As the system is cloud-based, your Tovuti courses are readily available via desktop or mobile device.

Note that the plan is designed for creating content inside the system. It won’t allow you to import SCORM-compliant courses. You can, however, import files such as video and audio files, PowerPoint, PDF and other standard file types. You can even import PPT files into interactive content while restricting downloading of sensitive details.

The basic plan is perfect if you are starting course content from scratch. Otherwise, go for Pro Plan to build on existing SCORM lessons.

Tovuti Core Plan also features a media library that can act as a single-source of truth for reference materials such as handbooks, technical documentation and tutorial videos. 

Course Management Features

Once you’ve built your content, the basic plan makes it easy to manage your course materials from enrollment to lesson tracking and rating. You can organize content in many ways across courses, even repurpose it for different lessons. 

You can track each learner’s progress and generate individual reports based on different learner’s engagement and milestones. That said, Tovuti allows you to customize learning paths by creating a checklist of activities, courses, evaluation and other metrics based on one’s learning pace. Based on milestones, learners can be pipelined across different levels as they complete the lessons. You can be sure each learner advances to the right stage with access to the right materials.

You’ll also have an easier time ensuring that a learner completes a lesson with the way quizzes and assessments can be inserted at any point of the course. For one, quizzes can be embedded in videos and presentations, forcing learners to watch the lesson for answers. Should your course follow a sequential structure, you can gate it to ensure there’s no skipping lessons.

User Experience Features

While Tovuti supports blended learning in the premium plan, the Core Plan only supports micro learning and mobile learning. In most cases, these are enough to guarantee course completion by giving learners the flexibility to pace their learning experience with bite-size content and access them while on the go through a mobile device.

Tovuti allows you to organize content using Netflix-style algorithm. Learners simply click on the recommended video, PDF, or presentation, ensuring they are on the right learning path. 

Learners get a landing page or a learner portal that can be personalized. For example, showcase a learner’s earned badges or certificates and leaderboard rank. Incidentally, learners can generate a user transcript of their badges, certificates and milestones to help them keep track of their progress, and share the transcript in a secure environment.

The portal can also display a learner’s assigned lessons, upcoming events and checklists. Learners can also display their social profile in this portal for a more personalized touch.

Meanwhile, the LMS and your content are mobile responsive. That means learners can access them from any internet-connected mobile device without the need to install an app and worry about limited device memory.

User Management Features

The basic plan lets you organize learners into user groups based on permission settings, bulk lesson assignments or milestones. This feature gives you the flexibility to move, sort and group learners in ways that are meaningful to learning goals. 

With granularly defined user permission, the system allows you to even create subgroups with access to specific materials. Moreover, you can add as many user profile fields as you need for myriad ways of organizing user groups.

Adding users is also convenient via bulk import. You can, however, add users manually should that make more sense. 

Likewise, enabling single sign-on (SSO) gives learners the convenience of accessing different courses and materials without having to log on repeatedly.

Other Features of the Tovuti Core Plan

  • Gamification
  • Notifications
  • Event management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Certification management
  • Team Lead Dashboard
  • Marketplace

Pro Plan

tovuti video

Tovuti is popular for interactive and video course materials.

In the premium plan, you get two modules that are not available in the basic plan: virtual classroom and ecommerce. Plus, a number of the features are bumped up, as explained below. The Pro Plan suits well anyone selling courses or any organization that wants to deliver custom content or integrate its course programs into a larger learning ecosystem.

Virtual Classroom

You can integrate Tovuti with popular video conferencing apps such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Webex. The integration allows you to facilitate a virtual class seamlessly inside Tovuti instead of shuffling to and from different systems. A built-in attendance tracker ensures you stay on top of who’s out or in during every session.

Likewise, you get to organize learners in breakout rooms where they can work in groups. This feature also comes handy for individual consultations that you want to conduct simultaneously but separately.


This exclusive Pro PLan feature allows you to monetize your courses. The ecommerce platform lets you sell courses in three ways: fixed price, by subscription or through affiliate marketing. It also allows you to sell hard copies and manage orders, taxes, currencies, product images and more. Credit card processing is also available via payment gateways such as Stripe,, Converge and Heartland.

Getting the Pro Plan gives you the opportunity to repurpose your content and sell them online. For instance, a company with a library of management training courses can offer them to other companies via the ecommerce platform. 

Furthermore, you can sell to a global market because everything is online. To help you further extend your market reach, Tovuti allows you to assign multiple levels of affiliates and monitor their contributions via an affiliate dashboard. You can also offer promo codes and track which coupons are popular among your customers.

Other Features Exclusive to Tovuti Pro Plan

  • SCORM compliance
  • Integrated course content library
  • Mobile apps
  • Blended learning
  • Communities and Forums
  • Single sign-on
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Zapier integration
  • Open API

Professional Services

An optional, a la carte services are also available should you need assistance with content development, course assembly, website customization and support for rollout preparation. 

Here’s how Tovuti pricing is broken down for the optional services:

Content assembly

Tovuti will hep you create and organize courses based on your parameters. Content can be in PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, video or interactive.

Small – $6,000

  • Up to 3 courses
  • Up to 9 lessons
  • Up to 9 interactive content
  • Up to 3 quizzes

Medium – $10,000

  • Up to 5 courses
  • Up to 15 lessons
  • Up to 15 interactive content
  • Up to 5 quizzes

Large – $20,000

  • Up to 10 courses
  • Up to 30 lessons
  • Up to 30 interactive content
  • Up to 10 quizzes

Custom plans are available by quote.

Website Customization

Design Intro – $2,500

  • Discovery session
  • Top bar + header
  • Navigation
  • Up to 3 content blocks
  • Footer 

Design+ – $5,000

  • Up to 6 content blocks
  • Design up to 3 views

Design Complete – $7,500

  • 1+ page up to 3 content blocks
  • Design up to 6 views

Readiness to Launch

This package will help you prepare for a course program rollout ensuring that everything is in order for a smooth ecommerce experience. Key areas to be evaluated and given recommendations include courses, lessons, events, subscriptions, media items, community, forum and landing pages.

Likewise, your learning paths and automation workflows will be reviewed for outcomes, click-throughs, transitions and more. 

Tovuti Subscriptions

As additional services, the following licenses are available by subscription to further expand your course offerings or reinforce your learning management process. The fees are to be quoted.

  • License content libraries. Allows you to tap into 8,000-plus prebuilt, plug-and-play courses.
  • Add user licenses. Gives you the flexibility to meet a growing audience or customer base by adding user seats on demand.
  • Managed services. You can outsource your learning site’s initial configuration and monthly management for a recurring fee.

Which Tovuti Plan is For You?

It should be pretty straightforward to know which Tovuti pricing plan suits your need. If you are targeting an internal audience—for instance, corporate training or online program for your class—the Tovuti Core Plan almost always is a good fit. But if you want to get into ecommerce or tap into an external larger audience, the Pro Plan should be perfect. 

You can also scale the plan to suit your growth curve. For instance, start with the basic plan then bump up the features to premium as you gain more audience. However you approach your learning program, Tovuti has the right plan for it.

If your needs are specific to small operations, you might also be interested to check these top LMS solutions for small business.

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