ShipHero Pricing Packages: What’s Included in Each Plan?

How much does ShipHero cost?
ShipHero costs $1,850/month. This is the starting price of ShipHero’s Brand plan, which includes all the basic features you need to kickstart your order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping operations. ShipHero also offers the 3PL plan and Enterprise+ plan that cost $1,995/month and $2,750/month, respectively.

At first glance, it may seem like shipping and order fulfillment are straightforward processes—all you have to do is print a label, paste it on a package, and then pass it on to your carrier so your products get delivered to your customers. However, there’s more to ecommerce fulfillment than meets the eye—in fact, it brings out the most difficult challenges that online businesses face on a regular basis.

For customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for an item to be delivered, only to learn that it’s out of stock or that the shipment is likely to arrive later than expected. Such hiccups in your processes can damage your business’s reputation or affect future sales. Thus, it’s important to implement best practices and use the ideal tool to minimize errors in your processes and ensure efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment.

This is where ShipHero, an industry-leading order fulfillment software, comes extremely useful for ecommerce businesses and 3PL providers. As a comprehensive solution that offers ecommerce shipping and order fulfillment tools, it comes at a variety of affordable plans that can be tailor-made for your unique business needs. To help you choose the best plan, this article offers a closer look into each of ShipHero’s pricing schemes, as well as the key features and benefits that it offers.

ShipHero pricing packages

ShipHero Pricing Packages Table of Contents

Since the early 2000s when Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers introduced ecommerce to the world, customer expectations and behaviors have taken a dramatic shift. As generation after generation propels the continued growth of the ecommerce industry, changes in online shopping behavior have significantly impacted the way many online retailers do business.

Order fulfillment is one fundamental aspect of ecommerce businesses that could make or break the livelihood of online retailers. In one particular survey, 73.6% of online shoppers reveal that item delivery is one of the most important factors that affect their overall shopping experience. This is second only to clear communication, with 75% of shoppers saying it is also a key factor in their purchase experience.

Source: Convey (2020)

This highlights the importance of modern order fulfillment tools such as ShipHero, a robust solution that provides ecommerce businesses and 3PL providers with the tools they need for smooth shipping, order management, and inventory management. With affordable and simple pricing plans designed to fit your business requirements, ShipHero is a reliable tool for smarter and cost-effective order fulfillment and order management.

What is ShipHero?

ShipHero dashboard

ShipHero is a multichannel order fulfillment platform that simplifies inventory management, shipping, and warehouse management for 3PL providers and online retailers. It offers tools for order management, barcoding, returns, and batch picking, allowing you to facilitate your online retail processes in an orderly fashion.

ShipHero provides the functionality of a sophisticated order fulfillment and warehouse management software. The platform is designed for small to large businesses, with built-in and scalable features that you can use as your business grows. As an all-in-one warehouse, shipping,and order fulfillment platform, it is the ideal solution for ecommerce and retail brands, such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Etsy stores.


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Key Features of ShipHero

ShipHero offers a number of useful tools to simplify warehouse management and order fulfillment processes. It comes with a robust inventory management system that lets you manage locations, lots, stocks, and cycle counts. With this tool, you can easily keep tabs on your products and gain centralized access to all your sales channels.

Regardless if you’re using various ecommerce platforms or shipping carriers, you can take advantage of ShipHero’s one-click integrations to connect with different platforms. For instance, it automatically syncs inventory across multiple ecommerce stores, such as eBay, Shopify, Walmart, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Etsy. In this way, all changes to your inventory are recorded as they happen. You can easily view received items, fulfilled orders, cycle counts, restocked returns, and manual updates in real-time.

ShipHero is also known for its smart and extensive set of order management tools, enabling you to prioritize and ship orders in a neat fashion. Using ShipHero’s custom workflow and automation features, you can take full control of how you want each order to be processed. For instance, you can configure rules to prioritize shipments or personalize orders for first-time, repeat, or VIP customers.

When it comes to shipping, ShipHero integrates with various shipping hubs and carriers, including FedEx, DHL, Shippo, and WebShipper. By connecting directly to your preferred shipping carrier, you can use your negotiated rates for cheaper and smarter labels. ShipHero also allows you to set rules for shipments and optimize shipping rates. This ensures that you can always go for the most affordable shipping options.

The following are key features of ShipHero:

  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-channel management
  • Vendor management
  • Shipping management
  • Returns management
  • Customer portals
  • Self-service returns widget
  • Dynamic slotting
  • Product identification
  • Forecasting
  • Automation rules
  • Barcode scanning
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Warehouse routing
  • Mobile app
  • 3PL billing
  • Static slotting
  • ContractoOptions
  • Account manager
  • API access

ShipHero Pricing Plans

ShipHero offers various pricing plans that can be tailor-made to fit your business requirements. On the vendor’s website, there is a pricing calculator that you can use to adjust the number of store connections and users that you need for your business. This way, you can rest assured that you will only be paying for the tools that you will be using.

To start off, there are three different plans that you can choose from: Brand, 3PL, and Enterprise+. All plans include five user seats and up to 10 store connections for Brand and Enterprise+ plans. Below, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of each pricing plan.

Brand Plan

ShipHero’s Brand plan starts at $1,850/month. It includes basic features such as warehouse routing, lot and expiration tracking, shipping rate shopper, and automation rules. This is the ideal plan for small teams with 10 store connections, and it allows up to five user seats.

With the plan, you’ll be able to use various inventory management types, such as kitting, cycle counting, and barcoding. ShipHero also offers slotting tools to help you position and arrange your products. In any kind of business, organizing product locations can have a significant impact on the performance of fulfillment operations. Thus, you can take advantage of ShipHero’s slotting options, dynamic and static slotting.

Static slotting

Static slotting is ideal for businesses that focus on fewer SKUs with high turnover. For warehouses with fixed product bin locations, static slotting is the most optimal choice since it requires fewer steps when picking orders or replenishing inventory. For instance, SKU bin locations can be updated even without tracking SKU counts in each location. Each SKU you create is given a primary bin location so when pickers fetch them, they will be easily directed to its location.

Dynamic slotting

Unlike static slotting, the dynamic slotting category requires SKU inventory counts in each location. This makes it a viable option for businesses that need to accommodate the variability in their product turnover rates. This allows you to keep the highest-selling SKUs near the packing area, reducing the additional workload to fetch and ship products and allowing you to keep a more accurate inventory count in each designated bin location.

ShipHero helps you track and manage all orders in multiple sales channels.

What’s included in the Brand plan?

  • Automation rules
  • Lot & expiration
  • Warehouse routing
  • Returns
  • Kitting
  • Static slotting
  • Dynamic slotting
  • Cycle counting
  • Account manager
  • Barcoding
  • Order management
  • Barcoding
  • Order management
  • Bulk order ship
  • Reporting
  • Setup & training
  • Shipping rate shopper
  • 365/7 support
  • Contract options
  • API access
  • Bulk order ship
  • Reporting

3PL Plan

ShipHero offers a plan specifically built for 3PL providers starting at $1,995/month. This includes all features of the Brand plan as well as customer portals, account manager, Sandbox account, and marketplace listing. Like the Brand plan, 3PL’s starting price includes five user seats, with the option to add users at an extra cost.

The 3PL plan is loaded with features that come handy in logistics and supply chain operations. With its list of ecommerce integrations, you can easily connect with various sales channels and manage all orders in a centralized hub. As ShipHero enables you to connect your warehouse to all of your online stores, it lets you keep accurate records of the availability of your products and allocated orders.

Other features unique in the 3PL plan include a customer portal, billing management, and marketplace listing and promotion.

Billing management

ShipHero provides billing management features designed for 3PL providers. Using ShipHero, you can create billing profiles for each of your customers and generate each customer’s bills on a weekly or monthly basis. There is also an option to invite a 3PL client to any of your warehouses. This way, customers can see the warehouse on their personal accounts.

Return portal

Returns are sometimes unavoidable and it can be a tricky process if you don’t have the right tools for it. With ShipHero, you and your customers can manually generate return labels, minimizing the efforts of your team for a real-time customer service.

With ShipHero, you can keep accurate tabs on each order’s status.

What’s included in the 3PL plan?

  • All Brand features
  • Account manager
  • Customer portals
  • Marketplace listing
  • 3PL customer portal
  • 3PL billing
  • Sandbox account

Enterprise+ Plan

Enterprise+ starts at $2,750/month. With the plan, you get the same features offered in the Brand plan, plus exclusive access to dynamic slotting and access to a dedicated account manager. It also includes order fulfillment and warehouse management tools, including order automation rules, multi-warehouse routing, and shipping method mapping.

Warehouse routing

With ShipHero, you can manage multiple warehouses and keep track of all inventory transfers, purchase orders, and order management in one platform. This way, everyone in your team can easily locate, modify, or view each order’s status. Every order change is logged in real-time, along with additional notes on who, when, and why the change is made.


ShipHero is directly integrated with numerous shipping hubs, enabling you to find the most affordable shipping methods across carriers. The software lets you set your own shipment rules, track shipping costs, and optimize carriers and methods to get the cheapest rates for each order. In addition, it has smart shipment tracking features that automatically send tracking information to your customers.

What’s included in the Enterprise+ plan?

  • All Brand features
  • Increase API rate
  • Account manager
  • Dynamic slotting
  • Sandbox account
  • Contract options

Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Scheme

ShipHero offers a quick and easy outsourced shipping and fulfillment service for Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce stores. This comes in a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme, which means you will only have to pay for what you ship, and there will be no need for you to pay for setup and receiving fees. Also, inventory storage basically comes for free as long as your products get shipped within 60 days. Once that time has passed, only then will ShipHero charge you for storage fees.

ShipHero offers extensive inventory management tools to help you manage locations, lots, and cycle counts.

ShipHero: An Optimized Order Fulfillment Software

As the foregoing discussion shows, ShipHero is a comprehensive order fulfillment solution that plays well to the needs of large businesses running their own warehouse and for online retailers looking to outsource fulfillment and shipping services. The three pricing plans—Brand, 3PL, and Enterprise+—serve the needs of businesses of any size.

Depending on your business requirements, you can add or optimize which features to add to your chosen plan and ensure that you’ll only be paying for the features that you need. But if it’s outsourced shipping and fulfillment services that you require, then the best option for you is the pay-as-you-go fulfillment offering of ShipHero.

ShipHero offers numerous features that set it apart from other order fulfillment solutions that exist today. For one, it has the capability to simplify the most complicated operations in warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping, and returns management. Whether it’s inventory tracking, generating shipping labels, finding the best shipping rates, billing customers, or managing returns, ShipHero makes your life easier by providing you with the right tools to master your ecommerce operations.

On a related note, you can also check out these detailed pros and cons of ShipHero for a more in-depth analysis of the software’s features and benefits.

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