Zola Suite Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the User-Based Plans?

How much does Zola Suite cost?
Zola Suite costs $59 per user per month for the Core plan, $79 per user per month for the Enterprise Plan, and $89 per user per month for the EnterprisePlus Plan. The Core plan includes matter management and basic document management. The Enterprise plan comes with more powerful billing and reporting features, while the EnterprisePlus plan gives you added security options.

Investing in a server-based system might have made sense to your law firm years ago. But have you checked the hidden fees you might not have thought about when you signed the contract? Firstly, a server-based system is costly to maintain. You need to pay for the hardware, upgrades, and an IT person to maintain it.  Secondly, you also have to factor in the business cost of lost workdays due to server downtime.

Moving to a subscription-based law practice management software helps you avoid these costs. You no longer have to pay tens of thousands of dollars on a one-time basis. With a subscription-based model, you only pay for the number of users you have, which lowers your upfront costs. In addition, it’s also more flexible as you can switch to a different plan when your user base grows. 

Zola Suite offers different subscription-based plans, so you don’t have to worry about server costs and complicated license pricing. This solution gives you everything you need to manage your law firm, from client cases to firm expenses. Thus, you also realize savings if you use separate software to store documents or generate invoices and reports. In this pricing article, we’ll present the different Zola Suite pricing plans. Knowing the inclusions in each plan will help you decide the right one that suits your needs and budget.

zola suite pricing plans

Like all other industries, technology is changing the legal landscape. Proof of this is how much law firms are willing to spend on technology to meet their goals. A 2020 American Bar Association (ABA) survey revealed that 48% of law firms spend more on technology than they did the previous year. Only 26% said their budget had remained the same, while 2% said theirs have decreased.

However, the irony is that law firms are not that quick to embrace cloud-based technology. Based on ABA’s 2019 Cloud Computing survey, lawyers who reported using cloud-based services rose from 55% in 2018 to 58% in 2019. That’s a rise of a measly 3%. Also, there was a slight decrease in the number of lawyers who did not use cloud services. From 33% in 2018, it went down to 31% in 2019 or by 2%.   

law firms and legal practice management software

Another surprising revelation is the typical user of practice management software. With the bigger budgets they have, one would expect large law firms to be its biggest consumers. However, ABA’s 2019 Practice Management survey results say otherwise. For the past four years, firms with two to nine attorneys represented 43% of the user base of law practice management software. This was followed by firms with 10 to 49 attorneys at 33%. In contrast, firms with more than 100 attorneys accounted for only 22%.

No matter what size your law firm is, there’s likely a package among the Zola Suite pricing plans for you.

Overview of Zola Suite

zola suite dashboard

Zola Suite is a complete law practice management software that gives you a 360-degree view of your operations. Built by lawyers for lawyers, Zola Suite features a user-friendly cloud-based interface. This end-to-end solution combines matter and email management, document automation and management, and timekeeping and billing in one platform.

Firms of different sizes can benefit from Zola Suite. Small firms can use Zola to keep case files organized in the cloud and effortlessly generate invoices. Firms with 10 to 20 attorneys can streamline their document storage process. Midsize firms with multiple locations can use its time billing features to track attorney’s billable hours wherever they are. With apps for iOS and Android, you always have important case information at your fingertips.

Zola Suite allows law firms to have a central repository for all case matters. As a result, everyone has a single view of the truth. Consequently, you can move away from paper-based processes that are common in the industry. 

Detailed Zola Suite Review

Law firms can be more agile with the help of Zola Suite. They can manage leads from their websites and turn them into paying clients, which recent legal marketing statistics have proved to be effective. Communication is faster with a secure portal where clients can send documents as well as receive invoices.

Zola Suite also enables law firms to be more profitable. You can bill clients in multiple ways and set up different timers to track all case activities. With reports for productivity, accounting, compensation, and more, you can check the financial health of your firm at any time.

The key features of Zola Suite are:

  • Matter Management
  • Intelligent Email
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Document Automation
  • Time & Billing
  • Complete Business Accounting
  • Client Portal


Zola Suite Packages and Pricing Plans

Zola Suite offers three main plans: Core, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. With the Core plan, you get the standard matter and document management features, one TB of storage, and basic billing and reporting capabilities. On the other hand, the Enterprise Plan provides you with unlimited storage and more powerful document automation, billing, and reporting features. The EnterprisePlus plan unlocks advanced billing and accounting tools, plus unlimited custom permission profiles.

Core Plan

The Core plan starts at $59 per user per month if paid annually or $69 per user per month billed monthly.

With the Core plan, you can enjoy powerful matter management capabilities. Zola Suite’s email with built-in intelligent features allows you to automatically store a copy of an email to a certain matter. Advanced calendar management features like Smart Suggest lets you quickly add matter-related contacts to an invite. In addition, you can create tasks, delegate tasks, and save frequently created subtasks as templates. Thus, you don’t need a separate task management software. With the Core plan, you get one customizable matter list and set up columns and filters.  

Core users get up to one terabyte of storage with a limit of five GB per file. It also allows you to manually or automatically manage file versions. Instantly create folders as new matters come in. You can import files and even folder hierarchies straight from your desktop. Moreover, a Microsoft plugin lets you access and save files from Word. This saves you a lot of clicks and boosts productivity.

Zola Suite’s billing and accounting features help keep your practice profitable. It offers various ways to capture billable hours and customize invoices. Zola Suite supports industry-wide standards like UTBMS and LEDES invoicing, allowing you to enjoy smooth, hassle-free transactions. You can process credit card payments with LawPay and sync up to two bank or credit card accounts.

Who is this plan good for?

The Core plan is a great fit for small law firms. You can use it to track time while on client calls or emails. With its built-in accounting tools, you don’t have to use spreadsheets, or third-party law firm accounting software to manage your books of accounts.

Zola Suite integrated email

Zola Suite allows you to automatically save emails related to a matter.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan costs $79 per user per month, paid annually, or $89 per user per month, paid monthly.

With the Enterprise plan, you get all Core plan features and more. For example, you get unlimited custom lists instead of just one custom list in the Core plan. On top of the usual document automation capabilities, you get unlimited document storage of up to 10 GB per file. In addition, integration with LawToolBox allows you to create rules-based calendar events based on procedural rules. This saves you time and eliminates human error when calculating deadlines manually. For lawyers, observing the rules is paramount, and even more so in countries with the strictest laws.

What sets the Enterprise plan apart from the Core plan is its more powerful billing and accounting features. With the Enterprise plan, you can sync an unlimited number of credit cards and bank accounts. Better manage your trust accounts with the ability to view or print ledgers per matter. Moreover, you can keep track of vendor bills and accounts payables, as well as generate tax forms.

When billing clients, Enterprise customers can use rate cards rather than setting up user rates repetitively in the system. They can also do custom allocations where you can distribute a partial payment to team members who have billable activity with the client. In this case, the user determines the amount each team member gets rather than the system determining the allocation.

Who is this plan good for?

The Enterprise plan is ideal for midsize law firms with 15 to 100 attorneys. Zola Suite is a good fit for these firms that want to move away from a hodgepodge of on-premise legacy systems to a fully integrated cloud-based platform.

Zola Suite assign allocation

Zola Suite allocation dashboard.

EnterprisePlus Plan

The EnterprisePlus plan costs $89 per user per month paid annually or $99 per month paid monthly.

Included in the EnterprisePlus plan are all the features of the Enterprise, plan plus a whole lot more. For matter management, you get an unlimited number of custom lists for you to insert any data you want into matters. You can set these fields up as text, checkboxes, pick lists, and more. 

Not only do you get unlimited storage but also a larger limit for file sizes at 25GB. The EnteprisePlus plan is the only package that includes zDrive. This allows you to edit and save documents straight from Zola without uploading or downloading files.

With EnterpisePlus, you get more options for billing and accounting. For example, you get access to split billing to divide the invoice for one matter between multiple clients. Conversely, if a client has several matters within a billing cycle, you can create a consolidated invoice. 

With the EnterprisePlus plan, you get the same reporting and dynamic CRM features as the Enterprise Plan. Similarly, you also get defined SLAs, unlimited remote training, a website marketing yearly audit. However, EnterprisePlus users have an edge when it comes to security. They get an unlimited amount of custom permission profiles, giving you complete control of how you manage user access rights in your organization.

Who is this plan good for?

Firms who want to improve their bottom line will benefit from Zola Suite’s robust set of accounting reports. These include statements for profit and loss as well as assets and liabilities. These will come in handy for managing partners who want to ensure their firm’s profitability. 

zola suite zdrive integration

Downloading zDrive allows you to work on files within Zola Suite.

Buying the Right Software for Your Practice

As with any software, it is best to assess your firm’s needs before committing to a contract. You should understand how the solution addresses your needs. In other words, the solution should work for you and not the other way around. Have a list of must-have features versus nice-to-have features so you don’t get lost in the sea of functionality.

As you narrow your search for legal case management software, look for a vendor with transparent, easy-to-understand pricing schemes. In this way, you can have a good estimate of how much the software costs with your current user base. Also, it will be easy to predict the costs of upgrading if your needs grow in the future. Taking advantage of a free trial also wouldn’t hurt.

Zola Suite offers you all this and more. Their fuss-free pricing structure lays out what’s included and what’s not in a given plan. With a free 10-day trial, you can see for yourself how the features work and if it’s the right fit for your practice.

Even in a very traditional field like law, technology is upending how things are done. With practice management software like Zola Suite, you can keep your practice competitive today and in the future.

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