WorkBright Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Subscription Plans?

How much does Workbright cost?
WorkBright costs $158/month for its Tier 1 plan, $210/month for Tier 2, $368/month for Tier 3, $578/month for Tier 4, $1,247/month for Tier 5, $1,969/month for Tier 6, and $3,609/month for Tier 7. In addition, the vendor charges an extra sum for premium features, including ATS, E-verify, and user permissions.

WorkBright is among the many HR software systems that are well-known in the industry—and for a good reason. With tools such as fingertip signature, automated email reminders, and photo upload, there is no doubt that this solution can streamline your onboarding process. Now, all you need is to ascertain if this employee onboarding software offers all the features you need at affordable pricing.

To help you get things right, we’ve dissected WorkBright pricing to reveal all its aspects. We’ll discuss in detail the available pricing plans and highlight all the features that go with each plan. This is in a bid to abridge your decision-making and help you find a plan that’s best suited to your specific employee onboarding needs.

workbright pricing

In the modern, dynamic job market, enhancing employee retention is high on the agenda for many organizations. Why? Well, studies show that 69% of new hires stay longer at a company due to good onboarding experience. On the other hand, having a poor onboarding process can be detrimental to company operations. To be more specific, HR managers say that it lowers productivity (16%), brings inefficiencies (14%), and leads to high employee turnover (12%).

Impact of Poor Onboarding According to HR Managers

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Onboarding is like a first date, and thus your first impression matters a lot. It tells the new hire a lot about the organization, and the entire experience can dictate how long they stick around. To suffice, a Digitate study revealed that a negative onboarding experience doubles the likelihood of new hires seeking out another employer. To prevent this dreaded scenario, you have to ensure that each employee is afforded an exceptional onboarding experience.

What you ought to know, however, is that the onboarding process begins long before the new hires show up for their first day of work. The experience they get when uploading their assets, such as certifications and licenses or when filling out the Form 1- 9 documentation also counts. For this reason, it’s justifiable to invest in a solution like WorkBright and mastering efficient employee onboarding tips to smoothen out some of these vital, prior processes.

WorkBright Overview

Workbright dashboard

WorkBright is a cloud-based employee onboarding software designed to help businesses of different sizes easily integrate new hires into their workforce. With it, new hires can upload photos of certifications, licenses, and other relevant documentation directly to their employee files. It also enables employees to fill out any necessary forms straight from their smartphones.

If there is any document that requires a signature for verification, WorkBright helps facilitate this. Using best-in-class signature technology, the solution permits new hires and employers alike to append legally-binding esignatures by fingertip on a smartphone or mouse on PC.



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In addition, WorkBright offers automated email reminders. With the reminders, you don’t have to chase down new hires or constantly nudge them to complete forms. Rather, the solution sends out customized reminders to employees who act a little slow in checking items off the onboarding list. A link to the employee account is embedded in the emails, so they can check the pending forms and act accordingly.

Even better, WorkBright quashes the worries that you have about I-9s compliance. The Smart I-9™ tool offers easy-to-follow guides through the otherwise complicated form. This way, it ensures that each employee has an easy ride filling out forms while allowing employers to counter-sign them as they stream in or in bulk on the first day.

Last but not least, WorkBright negates the chances of an employee submitting wrong or erroneous files. This is because its incorporated validation field helps flag errors upfront, so employees can address them in good time. Also, the employee error resolution process is pre-configured with automatic email alerts. The alerts outline what is wrong with employee files, and propose the right remedy to get things right.

Detailed WorkBright Review

Key Features of WorkBright

  • Fingertip signature
  • Photo upload
  • Automated email reminders
  • Smart I-9
  • Remote I-9
  • Employee error resolution
  • Digital HR filing cabinet
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration
  • Unlimited onboarding administrators
  • E-Verify
  • User permissions

WorkBright Pricing Plans

Onboarding Pricing Plans

As you already know, HR software solutions have different pricing packages. When it comes to the onboarding pricing structure, WorkBright offers seven pricing tiers based on the number of onboards you hire per year. The pricing plans follow a quote-based model and are designed so to cater to the needs of all businesses, small or big. Whether you hire 1, 50, or 50,000 employees/contractors in a year, you’ll surely find a suitable pricing plan.

The following are the available onboarding pricing tiers:

  1. 1 – 100 onboards: Starting at $158/month
  2. 101 – 250 onboards: Starting at $210/month
  3. 251 – 500 onboards: Starting at $368/month
  4. 501 – 1,000 onboards: Starting at $578/month
  5. 1001 – 2,500 onboards: Starting at $1,247/month
  6. 2501 – 5,000 onboards: Starting at $1,969/month
  7. 5000+ onboards: Starting at $3,609/month

Features included in each of the seven tiers:

  • Fingertip signature
  • Photo upload
  • Automated email reminders
  • Unlimited custom forms
  • Reports
  • All standards government forms
  • World-class tech support
  • Secure hosting
  • Unlimited onboarding administrators

The above prices are approximated. To ensure everyone is paying for exactly what they need, WorkBright compiles custom quotes for each organization. As such, to find your precise pricing, you should request a quote from the vendor. Some of the things the vendor will take into account when computing the final pricing include:

  • Onboarding pricing tier
  • One time implementation fee (based on the complexity of your forms setup).
  • Add-ons and premium features.

Besides, as you’ve already noticed, the pricing varies based on the numbers of new hires you onboard per year. But, who qualifies as an onboard? According to the vendor, an employee qualifies as an onboard only if he/she logs in your account and completes 3 or more files. Interestingly though, WorkBright doesn’t charge for administrators. You can have as many admins as your workforce calls for, and not a single cent will be charged for those.

Add-Ons and Premium Features Pricing

Over and above the aforementioned onboarding pricing, WorkBright charges an extra fee for its add-ons and premium features. The tools are ideal for organizations that need more than just a simple onboarding software. They are designed to enhance WorkBright’s capability, thus making it one of the top HR software solutions for hiring institutions and departments.

Some of the premium features and add-ons include:

Applicant Tracking – Starting at $166/month

WorkBright ATS

WorkBright ATS streamlines the entire applicant tracking process from posting a job to hire.

Before you embark on the onboarding process, you first need to hire a great team, and doing so is easier said than done. Enters the best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). With WorkBright’s ATS, you can find candidates, screen them to spot top talents, and hire them into your organization. This tool is for you if you want to handle the entire process, from setting up an online job application to onboarding, and everything in between.

Some of the things you can accomplish with the integrated ATS include:

  • Set up a custom, branded career portal.
  • Publish job openings on over 500 free and/or paid job boards.
  • Preset questions to automatically screen candidates.
  • Create a team to view, comment on, rate, and hire candidates.

Remote 1-9 – Starting at $129/month

Employees are required to fill out the Form 1-9 and provide information that authenticates their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Generally, the employee is required to complete section 1 of this form not later than the first day of work. This means that when new hires show up for the onboarding process they must fill out Form 1-9, immediately.

But, what happens when you hire and onboard employees remotely? WorkBright Remote 1-9 enables you to be on the right side of law and maintain a legal workforce. It makes it super easy to scan and transcribe the form from a smartphone. Plus, it allows you to appoint an authorized representative to complete section 2 (employer’s part) on your behalf, making the entire process seamless.

E-Verify – Starting at $89/month

WorkBright E-Verify

WorkBright’s E-verify allows you to quickly verify the employee’s employment eligibility.

When you hire one or two employees, it’s a breeze to verify their identities and employment eligibility manually. But, when the number is in the hundreds, or even thousands, validating the information on bunches of Form I-9 becomes virtually impossible to achieve manually. This is where E-Verify comes into play.

WorkBright allows you to transfer data from the employee’s profile to E-Verify with a single click. The system automatically checks each employee’s information and categorizes it as either an approved or unresolved E-Verify case. For unresolved cases, the system has a built-in workflow that provides easy-to-follow work-throughs to help employees resolve the case.

User Permissions – Starting at $49/month

Employers in the US are obligated by a jumble of several federal and state laws to maintain the privacy of employee’s personal data. When you are onboarding new employees, however, personally identifiable information is available to administrators. This can jeopardize the privacy of this information and put the organization on a collision path with relevant authorities.

To put you on top of data security and privacy, WorkBright allows you to set user permissions. With it, you can restrict what administrators can see or access and even bar them from altering forms and settings. Additionally, you can customize reports so that the data presented is just what the administrator has access to.

Which WorkBright Pricing Tier is Best for Your Organization?

WorkBright pricing caters to the unique needs of each business. As such, the vendor has a plan that offers the tools you need to streamline, not just the onboarding process, but also the hiring of employees.

As to the question of which tier is best for you, it solely depends on the number of employees you onboard each year. For example, if you only need to onboard less than 100 employees, the first tier is designed with you in mind. On the other hand, if it’s a large enterprise that needs to onboard more than 5,000 new hires, the seventh tier is ideal.

Selecting the best tier is as straightforward as it gets, but computing the final price isn’t. There are a plethora of factors to consider, including the implementation fee based on the complexity of your forms, premium features, and the add-ons you need. But, regardless of the many factors that must be considered, WorkBright pricing is flexible, and it should be easy to find a befitting plan and reap the benefits of the HR system.

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