Review of Nutcache: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning Project Management Software

nutlogoThe whole idea of a project management solution is to help you streamline the entire process from quote to managing project details and to collecting payment. This is the proposition of Nutcache – an all-in-one collaborative project management app that includes flexible time tracking, invoicing, and expense management.

Launched in 2013 as a freetime tracking and invoicing app that quickly gained a strong following, the software now offers more robust features, such as, project dashboards, collaborative boards, and comprehensive reports, which are geared towards bigger and more complex projects. Many users will be happy to know that even after Nutcache became a full-fledged project management software the freemium version is still available.

However, to fully appreciate Nutcache’s main features like Project Screen, Collaborative Boards, Project Dashboards, and Recurring and Overdue Invoice, we recommend you subscribe to Pro version ($14/mo) or Enterprise ($250).

In this review, we’ll highlight the main features that we believe are Nutcache’s strengths both in its free and paid versions. We’ll also discuss the awards Nutcache won for excelling in a number of our criteria for best-in-class B2B solutions. What’s more, we’ve collated a wide range of user comments about the app and presented to you the most recurring testimonials.

What are the highlights of Nutcache?

  • It’s an all-in-one collaborative project management app that includes flexible time tracking, invoicing and expense management, letting you streamline the process from creating quotes to managing projects, to generating invoices and to receiving payments
  • Centralized Project Screen where you can manage logged hours, collaborative boards, attachments, expenses, and invoices in one place for greater clarity
  • Assign specific members and tasks to projects for greater collaboration and easier time log monitoring
  • Project Dashboards and Reports let you see the big picture for strategic decisions
  • Collaborative boards are flexible that adapts to your preferred methodologies and workflows, including Agile, Scrum, and Kanban
  • Board overview shows the board’s critical information so you can closely monitor the project and project outcomes
  • Use boards, lists, cards as standalone container for ideas, tasks, activities, other notes
  • Time Tracking that lets you use multiple web timers, track by duration or start/end values, see detailed calendar view with color coding feature, link tasks/members to specific projects for specific time logs, and generate time sheet by project or member
  • Project-specific time-tracking, expense, invoice modules make it easy to capture billable hours and direct costs even if you have multiple simultaneous projects
  • Expenses can be grouped by categories and subcategories to simplify cost management
  • Detailed expense reports keeps project costs under close scrutiny
  • Nutcache offers powerful tools yet it remains easy to set up and simple to use with an improved display grid that allows you to search records, filter categories, and add column without leaving the dashboard

5 Things that We Like about Nutcache

1.  Seamless project management process from quote to payment

If you’re still managing projects with separate tools, try calculating how many hours you’re losing from getting the project off the ground and running it. It starts with creating a quote, then planning and organizing the tasks, schedules, and deliverables before you can actually start managing the daily, weekly, and monthly details with budget and timeline. In between milestones, you probably need to send an invoice and you have to dig a lot of files just to calculate work hours and expenses. Following up on payment will also take time; in the meantime, you have to keep tab on the on-going project.

You’ll be surprised that the loss can run into days on a monthly basis, and weeks on a quarterly period, time which you could have spent to focus on the real strategic and tactical needs of the project. If you’re using separate project management, collaboration, time tracking, and invoice apps, you’re not maximizing the potential of seamless automation.

From this perspective, we look at Nutcache’s all-in-one collaborative project management solution as the main benefit, that is, you can rely on its Project Screen to help you focus on making overall project decisions, while keeping a close eye on the details. An improved display grid now allows you to search records, use filters, and add columns right in the grid.

Also, all project-related records–tasks, boards, time logs, expenses, invoices, file attachments–are kept in one location, so everything is centralized.  This gives you more control and can speed up project completion.

The Project Screen allows you to manage projects, work hours, collaborative boards, attachments, expenses, and invoices without having to leave the screen. For example, you can build projects for different clients, track real-time work hours with graphs, create and keep boards for specific projects, allocate expenses to any of the projects in one place or bill a project using time-tracked logged hours and expenses.

We can see the following scenario that illustrates Nutcache’s all-in-one seamless project management process:


The Estimates module has an intuitive interface that makes it faster to input the service or product, compute the tax, write the terms, tag which project the deliverables belong, and send the quote to the client in the spot. You can even send a quote in the client’s language.

Project management and collaboration

Once the project is approved, use the Project module to set the start/end values or duration of the project period and enter the billable hours against an estimate. Meanwhile, collaborative boards let you engage teams and decision-makers, and even external partners like clients and freelancers. You can manage activities and task lists and keep the project within budget and deadlines. By simply linking members to projects, they can now participate in the project. As the project progresses, Project Dashboards let you monitor status and milestones with real-time data and visual aids.


You can extract the billable hours from the Time Tracking module, where you and your employees enter the actual time spent for specific project tasks. This means you can record the actual time spent on performing specific deliverables right away (no more racking your brains for hours) and build transparency with clients.

After the project is completed, simply generate an invoice inside the Project module. This is one of our favorites, the ability to aggregate data from Expense Tracking and Time Tracking modules and create an invoice at once. What could be a day or two (even more for complex projects) of creating this invoice is now reduced to a few clicks, then you can simply send the invoice via email.

The email option isn’t just for convenience, but also for efficiency when you only have so much time and people to run the business. Where a project is already accounted as revenue, any additional costs to collect–for instance, sending an agent to the client’s office–chip dollars off this income, so the email option is a great way to minimize this potential recurring superfluous expense. As added backup, you can enable the software to automatically email you a copy of the invoice.

Likewise, you can create recurring invoice (paid version) in different frequencies. You can also set the start and end dates to ensure collection will be on schedule, too. Nutcache will also notify you of any overdue invoice (paid version only) so you can act on it at once.


Clients can pay you fast with the software’s integration with leading payment gateways, such as, Stripe, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize, or 2Checkout. It also accepts major credit cards like Mastercard, Discover, Visa, and Amex. The online payment greatly simplifies collection especially if you have clients abroad, who are connected to any of these payment channels.

2. Collaborative boards make it easy to implement Agile, Scrum, Kanban, or your own methodology and workflows

It’s one of newest additions to the Nutcache suite, which adapts to your preferred workflows, including Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. You can create boards per project and organize them with lists and cards the way you want it based on resources, phases, departments, costs, etc. Team members, clients, and suppliers can also share their comments and collaborate on a board. A board overview sums up the project’s critical information, which is helpful to track the big picture and anticipate potential issues before they happen.

Likewise, the boards are designed to help you organize tasks, events, and data into their relevant categories for easy sorting. They are also useful for incremental tasks and keeping your team intact and focused throughout changes in the project, which are a fixture in Agile/Scrum environments. They are your real-time visual ticklers to track project’s progress, and allow you to know who’s working on which task, which is a very handy tool for implementing Kanban.

Other uses of boards include:

The Boards can also be your repository of ideas and future plans for easy reference. To maximize Boards, we recommend you get the Pro version because only one board is allowed in the free version.

3. Project Dashboards and Reports let you see the whole picture quickly while you can still keep tabs of the details

Only available in the paid version, Project Dashboards are critical to your strategic decisions. Graphical displays make it easy to spot how your on-going projects stand vs. your targets. You can also get billable vs. non-billable ratio to see if you’re maybe bleeding money, and examine your collectibles at a glance.

Furthermore, you can compare more critical variables, such as: total invoiced vs. estimated ones; incurred costs vs. estimated ones; and actual worked hours vs. estimated ones. The module also shows the top five services and employees with most hours, a helpful insight when you’re assessing your 80/20 balance, that is, 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your clients.

The Project Dashboards also let you print a project status report with graphic indicators for all the critical data. You can either sort and print based on project or project status.

Likewise, the Reports module gives you more strategic planning capabilities, such as:

  • Customer aging
  • Revenue by client, product, or service
  • Account statement
  • Payments history
  • Tax summary
  • Time tracking by employee/project
  • Project analysis

Graphic indicators help you assess your project’s health and, if needed, institute interventions at once.

4. Time Tracking and Expenses modules make it easy to bill costs in simultaneous projects

Time Tracking kicks in the details, when your employees start logging in in their separate schedules to do their assigned tasks. What would be a time-consuming effort to check all these details to monitor costs and delays (hence, additional costs) is easily accomplished with Nutcache.

The software lets you sort time spent by employees or projects and see their billable hours. This way, you can identify possible bottlenecks or task overruns and manage costs across projects before they get bloated.

On the other hand, Expenses helps you bill costs to clients. Simply assign an expense to a project and it can now be included once you generate an invoice. The module is practical to ensure all billable direct costs are located in one place and organized by projects. During invoicing, the expenses are easily accounted without having to sort through spreadsheets or, horrors, folders of receipts. Likewise, the module helps you track your obligations to suppliers. It registers your payments including the amount, supplier, and item, plus you can add a note for reference.

Nutcache recently added awesome time-tracking features that let you:

Run multiple web timers to track simultaneous projects


Track time by duration or by start/end values


View detailed calendar with color-coding features


Link members or tasks to projects; they can now log in time specific to the linked project


Get a quick overview of all time entries listed by members or projects


5. Quite simply, it’s simple to use

The signup is straightforward with only three steps to set up the account, plus Nutcache’s intuitive and simple interface is easy to navigate and use.

Wherever you are in the app it’s easy to get your bearing back using the left panel bar. It has all the modules laid out in clear structure: Company, Projects, Boards, Time Tracking, Sales, Expenses, Contacts, Maintenance, and Reports. The organization of subpages is also neat; you can toggle open/close them below their main pages.

If you run into problems, the software has a Knowledge Base that covers the basics and discussion forums to get answers from other users. You can also reach the vendor through their email, social media, help center, and blog. Paid plans are offered priority support over freemiums.


Did we say the free version is still awesome?

Nutcache actually started as a freemium invoice and time-tracking app and many freelancers and small business owners fell in love with the software because it used to offer unlimited users, clients, estimates, and invoices (it’s a bit disruptive in the industry where freemiums were often bare-bones of their paid versions).

Recently, the vendor released its Pro and Enterprise versions, but the freemium version of the software is still available with the maximum number of users and companies set at two. What’s more, you still get unlimited projects, time tracking, invoices, and expenses. Likewise, with 1 GB storage, the Nutcache free version is still one of the more robust freemiums that we’ve seen lately.

If you want unlimited companies you now need to upgrade to Pro ($14/mo), which gives you more features, including: unlimited guests/boards; recurring and overdue invoices; project dashboards; and VIP Support. On the other hand, if you want unlimited users, you have to get the Enterprise plan, which also offers unlimited boards and more storage (500GB).

Nutcache Pricing Plans

Nutcache offers three plans and a 30-day free trial for the Enterprise plan. You can easily sign up for Nutcache free trial here.

Free: $0

The fee plan offers support for 2 members and 2 organizations. It also gives you 1 active board, 1 guest/board as well as unlimited projects, unlimited time tracking capabilities, unlimited invoices & expenses and unlimited Attachments. You will get 1 GB storage.

Pro: $14/month

Everything in the Free plan, plus support for 2 members (additional members can be purchased for $5/member/month). You will also enjoy unlimited number of organizations, 10 active boards, unlimited number of Guests/Boards and 10 GB of storage. Other useful features include: recurring and overdue invoices, project dashboards, time tracking timers, invoice templates, and VIP Support.

It’s also possible to buy extra members, storage and boards if you need them.

Enterprise: $250/month

This plan has all the features of the Pro plan, plus it gives you unlimited members and boards as well as 500 GB of storage.


What customers say about Nutcache?

A look at Nutcache’s social media networks, review sites, and media mentions shows that many customers are happy with the app. But a caveat, many of these comments were posted before the freemium’s unlimited users and clients offer was toned down. Still, other users claim of the app’s ease-of-use and frequent updates as two main recurring positive comments.

“As they claimed in their web, it’s really easy to set up,” Jean, VP for events marketing in Reno, NV, said. She said the Expenses module helps her to closely monitor direct costs when her agency conducts on-location campaigns, when contingency costs usually arise. “Extra transportation for additional logistics or an extra day in a hotel are the norm in our business when we have to deal with lots of factors including the weather.”

On the other hand, James, an interior designer with a client base in Chicago, IL, like the Boards for generating ideas and moving them to execution. “My work requires me to push my team to come up with ideas, while giving them some distance to let the creative juices flowing. The Boards lets me do this.” He also mentioned that, occasionally, clients will inject irrevocable suggestions that can alter the whole idea. “I can stop the presses at once, regroup my team, and backtrack using the boards and see at what stage we can alter the idea.”

Awards and Quality Certificates won by Nutcache

Verified Quality Seal

sealNutcache was awarded the Verified Quality Seal by a panel of B2B software experts for the strictest quality standards. The seal is a unique trust seal exclusively awarded by FinancesOnline, which highlights the quality of the software’s features and tools, as well as the reliability of vendor to provide excellent customer support. The seal indicates that after closely scrutinizing the functionalities of Nutcache versus its promises, the app passed our quality tests and is guaranteed to meet customer expectations and satisfaction.

Expert’s Choice Award for 2016

expert2016The award is granted to software that addresses the current demands of the B2B and SaaS markets with effective and solid functions. Nutcache’s all-in-one infrastructure–from quote to project management, to billing and payment–greatly enhances business productivity and efficiency. Likewise, our panel of experts found that Nutcache is easy to set up and can maintain a high level of performance even with complex and multiple projects. The intuitive navigation panel and graphical layout make it easy to use the tool and apply your preferred methodology, such as, Agile, Scrum, or Kanban. The app also tells you if you miss out an important data before performing an action, while helping you organize documents in however manner that fits your need. The intuitive navigation panel and graphical layout make it easy to use the tools and apply your own or preferred methodology, such as, Agile, Scrum, or Kanban. The app also tells you if you miss out an important data before performing an action, while helping you organize documents in however manner that fits your need.

Great User Experience Award for 2016

ue_2016This award was granted to Nutcache in recognition of the especially high quality of user experience the software provides. We evaluated such elements of the app as the simplicity of starting work with Nutcache, its UI design and usefulness as well as other factors that have an impact on facilitating the work process. In all cases Nutcache provided us with a very satisfying experience showing that the app was designed with its users comfort in mind.


Best Free Trial Award for 2016

trial_2016We evaluated the quality of options included in the free trial. In comparison to many similar B2B solution Nutcache free trial offers unlimited projects, time tracking, invoices and expenses, and attachments. Its freemium remains one of the best free apps in the SaaS industry for offering valuable functions that allow users to effectively use the software indefinitely. In fact, with 1GB free storage, the free tools are more robust than other free trial offers or freemiums.


An Interview with Sébastien Boyer from Nutcache

Sébastien Boyer, Product Manager of Nutcache

Sébastien Boyer Director of Products from Nutcache

We talked with Sébastien Boyer, a Director of Products from Dynacom Technologies, the company behind Nutcache, about the app’s value proposition–what makes it stand out from other project management/invoicing solutions. He vendor cited three main reasons why you should use it.

Why is Nutcache unique?

“It’s an all-in-one project management solution,” said Sébastien Boyer. “Everything comes together in Nutcache to provide full coverage of all project management aspects, from ideation to realization.”

Boyer said the comprehensive dashboards let you keep a close tab on your budget and progress, while the integrated time-tracking ensures you get to bill all work hours related to the project. “Expense tracking will help you with budgeting and profitability analysis.” Come billing time, the app allows you to create an invoice either from scratch, based on logged time and expenses, or based on project milestones.

He also mentioned that Nutcache is unique because it gives you flexibility in managing projects. For instance, he pointed at the fact that collaborative boards adapt to your methodology. “You can focus on milestones or resources and team members, but also follow methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban or any other that crosses your mind.”

Likewise, you can manipulate data with ease by using data grids to filter and group “giving you endless reporting capabilities.”

The app’s collaborative tools also make Nutcache unique because, according Boyer, they build transparency. “You can invite your clients and stakeholders to your project collaborative boards and give them access to your status updates and project advancement data, giving them the possibility to react and comment on a daily basis rather than only once a week.”

Moreover, the tools  allow you to work closely with team members and clients alike without worrying about confidentiality. “Access rights can even be limited to viewing only, or set to full editing capabilities,”  said Boyer.

Specific problem scenarios solved by Nutcache

Sébastien Boyer also painted three cases that illustrate how specific app features can help when applied to real scenarios that you might encounter in one of your projects.

Staying in the loop

“Kate is a team leader in a graphic design agency and mom of two lovely kids. Every afternoon, she has to leave work early and go home to greet her kids as they arrive from school. Thanks to Nutcache’s real-time collaborative features, she’s able to keep track and make adjustments to her teammates’ work, attach missing documents to a project and respond to any unanswered comments her clients would have made about a job. All this from the comfort of her home.”

Effective time tracking and fast billing

“Patrick owns a landscaping business and employs 10-12 employees during the summer peak period. Tracking the time his employees spend on various contracts and bill his clients accordingly used to be a real nightmare, but now thanks to Nutcache’s integrated time tracking and expense modules billing his clients is a real breeze. In a few clicks, the timesheets are done, the invoices are created and sent out and Patrick can get paid online quickly!”

Flexible project management workflow

“Richard is a project manager in a software development organization. Many of his clients prefer to be billed progressively, so Todd uses Nutcache’s collaborative boards with an Agile/Kanban twist to bill his clients as the work progresses. Within each project board, Todd creates 4 lists, each of them labeled 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completed, and in each list he adds cards corresponding to the tasks to be done plus one card for billing the client. Once the tasks from a list are complete, all Todd needs to do is generate an invoice ready to be sent to the client and voila!”

Nutcache SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction
Our experts have conducted detailed Nutcache reviews detailing its features, user feedback, customer service, and other key aspects. Using our SmartScore system we gave Nutcache a very satisfying score of 9.2, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 100%. If you’d like to try out the software on your own you can easily get Nutcache free trial here.

If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.

Stephanie Seymour

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