Review of Samanage: Pros, Cons and Pricing of Award-winning IT Service Desk

samanageSamanage is a very popular ITIL-ready IT service desk and asset management solution that can be deployed via cloud. It promises to streamline your IT support workflows and give you full visibility of IT assets from purchase to depreciation. In this detailed Samanage review, we’ll analyze all the important aspects of the app and we’ll discuss the elements that really deserve attention.We’ll also review the most common user comments about the software to show what actual people using Samanage think about their service. Hopefully after reading our analysis you’ll have a better understanding of what the software does and how it can help you company. 

Samanage is not so popular without a reason. It scored very high in our test of help desk software services and our our review team was impressed with the features and quality of service provided by this tool. You’ll be able to read more about the top features of Samanage later in this review. There is also a section devoted to our interview with the company’s CEO who answered a few of our questions related to the app’s usability and future plans for its development.

What are the Highlights of Samanage?

  • It’s an ITIL ready and fully featured service desk
  • Intuitive dashboards and robust reporting
  • Dual SSO capability
  • Full visibility of assets’ lifecycle
  • Self-service portal, knowledge base, service catalog for offloading mundane tasks
  • It’s scalable for both large enterprises and small-medium companies

You can learn more about Samanage advantages and disadvantages from a full review on our site.

5 Things We Like About Samanage

1. Essential features you need for IT service desk

Samanage adheres to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), meaning, it has all the important features that meet the service support needs of the largest IT operations. These include incident, problem, and change management on top of standard ticketing.

In a matter of weeks, we were able to streamline our service requests and delivery flows by providing everyone–the big boss to support agents to rank and file across departments–greater visibility of their requests. Likewise, an agent can quickly raise a ticket by simply clicking the “+” button on the interface. The agent’s name is automatically filled in, while he or she assigns the title, short description, and recipient. The agent can also select the category or subcategory, the last being unique to Samanage as far as we know.  

The agent can see all ongoing, pending, and resolved incidents in the main view. It can be fully configured to immediately show data that matters: due dates, sender, receiver… so there’s no need to click on each incident when prioritizing. An intuitive feature that we noted is that instead of clicking a ‘Resolve’ button to close a ticket–the standard in ticketing apps–you change the ticket status to ‘Resolve’. More cumbersome, we know, but it’s a precaution to ensure the ticket has been double checked.

Meanwhile, the asset management gives you a full view of the asset’s lifecycle from its purchase to disposal. It pays to track company laptops and mobile devices through Group Policy or Domain Login Scripts especially if you’re implementing a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. You can quickly see important data on the asset, such as, performance, location, and specs.


2. It’s visually and intuitively designed

The Dashboard provides immediate insights on all IT-related incidents across your company. Values are presented in graphs, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPI) to help managers and executives get the big picture without scouring through data piles. Be warned though, the dashboard is preset to show all values; hence, you’ll spend some time customizing the features that you want.

We also like the dual single sign-on (SSO) capability of Samanage. Many service desks don’t support SSO or only permit it but via third-party apps like Google Apps and Microsoft Active Directory. Samanage allows both, so SSO is seamless. Upon signing on, users can be assigned roles and access levels across the full range, from read-only to absolute administrative control.

The only drawback is when you don’t need some of these features, your service desk might be carrying unnecessary baggage and cost. Mind that Samanage is ITIL-compliant; if you’re not gunning for strict standards or if you’re a small or medium player, make sure to be clear about your specific needs during price quotation to avoid paying for unused extra features.


3. More efficient IT by offloading non-core daily tasks

“Is the PC plugged?” It is tech support’s most hated thing: the mundane tasks of repeatedly addressing the same problem or problems that can be fixed using, well, common sense. IT should focus on real not trivial problems, like server crashes or system bugs. A quick fix for this is to offload the mundane little tasks from IT support and create a self-service portal. Most helpdesk solutions offer this feature, Samanage included. But not all are ITIL-certified, so they lack full service catalog capabilities that Samanage features.

With an IT Service Catalog, you can define and publish which support services are accessible on your online site, much like a shopping cart of business services. The catalog also serves as a, for lack of a better term, firewall against nuisance requests.

Your IT support can also document best practices and common issues and cull them into FAQs inside the Samanage’s Knowledge Base. This alone can reduce resolution workload so IT support can focus on solving more complex issues. There’s nothing unique about the Knowledge Base–search, tags, edit, documentation are all standard features–except to say that it’s backed by a reliable ITIL-compliant backend.

Expectedly, Service-Level Agreements (SLA) is integral to Samanage. It does what SLAs do, including:

  • Help you set service alerts and targets
  • Measure performance
  • Keep tab of response time
  • Deliver your support commitments.

Our experience with Samanage’s SLA is, to say the least, very positive. We were able to customize our SLAs based on user and service type. We also got to use rules to define our SLA optimum, warning, and critical values. In our case, SLA was helpful for weekly, monthly, and quarterly security checkups. For example, a missed weekly anti-virus maintenance sends off a warning, while a missed quarterly task alerts us that a critical task has been overlooked and can open our database to possible hacks. Other notable features of Samanage SLA are:

  • Daily grading view
  • Robust reports
  • Automated alerts
  • Setting of business hours
  • Problem management.


4. You can monitor your assets’ entire lifecycle

Samanage asset management can handle both software and hardware assets, and both whole or parts of the asset. You have over 200 properties for the hardware depository, such as, CPU, disks, sound cards, etc. Tagging  makes it easier to define the item’s status and assign it to users and track its performance. Similarly, the service desk has robust software repository. You can easily retrieve software details, and, more critically, detect security bugs or unauthorized installation.

What we find really practical, especially for a large company, is the fact that all major OSs are supported (Windows, Mac, Unix, Android, iOS), so we daresay all devices with an OS can be installed with the Samanage Asset Management. One more, who ever wants to dig into piles of warranties? We don’t, so we like that Samanage delivers warranty details automatically when we need it.

One of Samanage’s value propositions is that it lends organizations greater visibility on issues and incidents; well, we think the vendor should extend the visibility pitch to its asset management.


5. Scalable for businesses of any size

You can have an IT service desk only, an asset management service only or an integrated solution. Samanage is designed for full ITIL compliance; expectedly, large corporations will find it aligned with their service desk workflows. However, the solution being a cloud service, is also scalable to the needs of small and medium businesses. This provides companies much agility to scale their support infrastructure as business expands or contracts. The vendor provides a quotation based on the number of support agents and asset devices. Whether you have 5 or 500 agents, your pricing plan can be tailored to match your IT operational scale.

Samanage Pricing Plans

The vendor provides supscription price quotation based on the number of agents (ticketing) and devices (asset management) your company has to ensure your pricing plan matches your requirements. It’s also possible to include rates for unlimited assets and agents.

You can easily ask questions regarding your price quote via customer service or live chat. You can learn more about Samanage prices here.

Available pricing plans include:

  • IT Service Desk
  • IT Asset Management
  • Integrated IT Solution

What Customers Say about Samanage

We examined dozens of comments from actual users of Samanage and found out three consistent positive things customers like about this service. One is its user-friendly UI. “Its user portal is intuitive and simple enough for end users,” said Mike, a junior IT administrator from a company that uses Samanage on regular basis. “Agents can easily track tickets and communications about incidents,” he said. Junior administrators are often at the forefront to receive direct complaints from users, so we thought this comment is saying a lot about the software.

We also found out that many high-level IT professionals like Samanage’s asset tracking features. “It’s easy to deploy it via GPO,” admitted Harvey, a system analyst from a large enterprise. “We have plenty of laptops being used by sales on location so having a stable cloud asset tracker helps”. Another system director also said that Samanage helps him to organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance even while he focuses on system development.

Perhaps the most common positive comments about Samanage is its reliable customer support. “We can contact them via chat, email, phone… the options give us a lot of flexibility,” mentioned one of many satisfied customers.

Awards Won by Samanage

2016 Supreme Software Award

supreme1This award is given only to top B2B products and reflects the fact that Samanage provides the highest possible level of service. It highlights the vendor’s extensive knowledge of the industry they’re selling to and the needs of their customers. Samanage not only provides full ITIL-ready IT service desk and asset management capabilities, but matches these with reliable customer service. The software is regularly upgraded to address current market needs, making it one of the benchmarks for the latest development in their industry.

2016 Experts’ Choice Award

expert2016This award is given by our team of experts to products that we think show especially good quality in terms of satisfying the current needs of the B2B and SaaS markets and help companies with solid and efficient solutions. As a fully ITIL-compliant service desk and asset management software, Samanage offers a complete range of IT integrated solutions, both for large enterprises and small, medium companies. Its ability to streamline support workflows, enhance visibility across IT operations, and provide excellent customer support have earned the software one of our main awards.

2016 Best Free Trial Award

trial_2016This award is given to software solutions with a comprehensive free trial offer. We really appreciated the fact that Samanage free trial allows potential buyers to fully assess the product’s key features and gives users the fully featured plan and enough time to review the software based on their needs or situation. The Samanage free trial allows potential customers to fully appreciate the ITIL-ready features including robust reporting, self-service portal, and a fully featured ticketing system.


Great User Experience Award

userexperienceThis certificate is granted to products that offer especially high level of user experience. We evaluated how easy it is to start using Samanage and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process. After some time spent working with the software we found their interface very easy to understand. From the support end, we appreciated the ability to track tickets and incidents with ease. Furthermore, Samanage dashboard is really intuitive, providing high-level decision makers with quick insights on key data without the need to drill down to details for strategic planning.

An Interview with CEO of Samanage


Doron Gordon CEO of Samanage

We talked to Doron Gordon, founder & CEO of Samanage, and asked him a couple of questions that we hope reveal a bit more about Samanage as a software and its role in supporting your work.

Why is Samanage unique or different from its competitors?

Gordon cited two value propositions of Samanage. First, he said it allows companies of all sizes to deliver excellent IT support by streamlining processes, having greater visibility across IT operations, and agility to scale their service desk. “It’s the only Enterprise Service Management software that provides a platform to reimagine how IT can deliver value to the organization,” Gordon said. Second, he pointed out that Samanage allows you to oversee the entire asset lifecycle. You also get critical data beyond the specs of the asset. “The agent then reports back daily to Samanage with data points of interest regarding the asset’s performance, location and other key aspects.”

What typical service desk problems can be solved by Samanage?

A good service desk should allow you not just to see into your IT operation, but glean insights from data. This is, in fact, one of Samanage’s strong points, Gordon said. “With reporting, measurability, and insights from Samanage, IT is armed with the data to showcase the true value of IT to organizational leaders.”

Moreover, the CEO said their solution lets companies do away with clunky platforms that are not scalable. And even as the system is upgraded, Gordon said: “Samanage updates the application with little to no interruption of service, providing users with the quickest time to value and a new pathway to the future of IT.”

Another common problem solved by the vendor is high service cost. Gordon stressed the fact that Samanage support team is always on hand to assist its clients. “Through the Samanage Community, phone calls, live chat and social media, Samanage team members are literally just a click away to answer questions and accept feedback.”

Finally, Gordon has shared his thoughts about the importance of insights and visibility in a full ITIL-ready service desk and asset management solution. “Customers are seeing past the basics of hardware and software issues, and through growing visibility and insights, are finding a larger role within the organization. Removing the chaos of multiple solution requirements, Samanage customers can confidently and easily assess incidents, projects, and assets in a single place.”

Samanage SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction

Our experts have conducted a full Samanage review detailing its features, user feedback, customer service, and other key aspects. Using our SmartScore system we gave Samanage a very satisfying score of 9.6/10, while our Customer Satisfaction Algorithm estimates the overall user satisfaction rating for the software at 98%. If you’d like to have your product considered for any of FinancesOnline awards or quality certificates please contact us.

Nestor Gilbert

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