Top 10 Alternatives to Intelex: List of Popular EHS Software Solutions

EHS stands for (Environmental Health and Safety). EHS software can be used by businesses to reduce risk and comply with EHS regulations. Take a look at these stats on the impact of occupational safety to employees: 45% of workers don’t feel comfortable mentioning unsafe behaviors to their supervisors and peers; 75% of employees opine it is important for them to feel secure and safe in their workplace; 72% of employees are not aware about their company’s EHS efforts. This makes it important for businesses to inform their workers about the safety methods they adopt.

Moreover, 45% workers wish to have the capability to provide feedback to their EHS team, while 50% of employees care about their company’s energy and water conservation measures, access to recycling, and whether their company seriously considers its impact on the environment. Likewise, the global EHS software market is projected to reach $7.38 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 11.1%. These stats show how important is for companies to adopt EHS software to enhance their employees’ safety and security.

However, how do you select a suitable platform for your business needs from the scores of quality solutions out there? We make your task easier by analyzing the key features and benefits of Intelex, as well as the top 10 alternatives to Intelex in this article.

What is Intelex?

Intelex is an EHS software tool that offers key features to enhance the performance and quality standards of companies. It is a scalable platform that can be used by all kinds of businesses in multiple industries such as construction, automation, manufacturing, health and education. This web-based system stores and manages data in centralized locations to help companies evaluate performance, ensure risk management and compliance, and generate audit reports. In addition, the program is compatible with popular browsers and mobile interfaces. Finally, you can integrate the add-ons to expand the functional capabilities of the software.

Benefits of Intelex

  1. Its interface provides a flexible user experience and can process simple as well as complex tasks.
  2. It provides a range of useful features including email notifications, configurable data storage, community support, data security, intuitive dashboards, and task management.
  3. It helps businesses meet their internal and external safety and quality measures.
  4. It provides the capability of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  5. It streamlines the data collection process and helps to analyze key performance indicators and effectiveness.

If you think Intelex is too basic for your needs, you have other options. We also look at the key features and benefits of the top 10 alternatives to Intelex.

1. Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate

Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate is an environmental health, safety and quality (EHSQ) solution designed to meet the needs of medium-sized and large enterprises operating in high-risk and heavily regulated industries. This enterprise-class EHSQ program’s support team helps users create and implement specific strategies for their company’s concerns. It is built on the Microsoft platform and integrates smoothly with many MS programs including Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint. In addition, the software is compatible with mobile devices to enable documentation and reporting on the go. You can compare this solution with Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate alternatives to see how it excels.

Why use Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate instead of Intelex?

  1. It combines multiple modules based on a client’s requirements and specifications.
  2. It incorporates the familiarity and user-friendliness of the Old MS Office and the new products of Office 365.
  3. Its capabilities include auditing, risk assessment, incident forms, and more.

Why use Intelex instead of Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate?

  1. It offers key features to boost your company’s quality and performance standards.
  2. It is a scalable platform that can easily meet your enterprise’s growing needs and demands.
  3. It is a web-based solution that stores and manages data in centralized locations.

2. Medgate

Medgate is a web-based solution that can boost your company’s EHS standards. This centralized platform enables businesses in different industries to efficiently store data, automate workflows, adopt preventive management instead of risk management, and evaluate audits regularly. It comprises 6 modules designed to improve industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and EHS efforts. The software provides capabilities that empower businesses to conform to regulatory standards such as HIPAA, Safe Harbor, DOT, ADA, FMLA, and OSHA. If you wish to scout for other programs, take a look at these excellent Medgate alternatives here.

Why use Medgate instead of Intelex?

  1. It offers multiple benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability.
  2. You can define and evaluate the key performance indicators of each department over a period of time.
  3. Through its modules, organizations can streamline safety protection methods, minimize absenteeism, track medical trends, and mitigate risks.

Why use Intelex instead of Medgate?

  1. Businesses can use it to evaluate performance, ensure risk management and compliance, and generate audit reports.
  2. It is compatible with popular browsers and mobile interfaces.
  3. You can enhance the program’s capabilities by integrating add-ons as per their functional usage.

3. Enablon EHS

Enablon is a reliable and popular operational risk management, EHS, and sustainability software tool. It is utilized by more than 1,000 global organizations to mitigate risks, manage their social and environmental performance, and drive greater profits. With this cloud-based EHS platform, businesses can become fully sustainable. The tool maximizes performance and boosts business productivity based on data-driven decisions. It enables enterprises to effectively manage operational risk while complying with safety and health regulations and industry standards. You can also take a look at these excellent Enablon EHS alternatives here.

Why use Enablon EHS instead of Intelex?

  1. It helps organizations to eliminate manual environmental data entry and validation.
  2. It ensures regulatory compliance and simplifies environmental performance monitoring.
  3. It helps to keep operational risks at a manageable level with effective internal control.

Why use Intelex instead of Enablon EHS?

  1. Its interface offers a flexible user experience and can process simple to complex tasks.
  2. It offers useful features such as community support, data security, intuitive dashboards, and task management.
  3. It enables companies to meet their internal and external safety and quality measures.

4. Field iD

Field iD is in this list of top 10 alternatives to Intelex because it is a leading EHS compliance management program that provides a selection of advanced features. It enables companies to create a safer workplace through these features. The tool uses the arrangement of RFID tags and barcodes to automate the EHS procedures in organizations functioning in different industries. Its key features include reporting interface, asset tracking, safety dashboards, and more. Businesses of all sizes in sectors such as manufacturing, food processing, mining, energy, construction, and others can make good use of this software. For more viable options, browse these Field iD alternatives here.

Why use Field iD instead of Intelex?

  1. Its RFID tags can be connected through Bluetooth or USB which diversifies the available tagging options.
  2. By using its centralized dashboards, organizations can maintain a big database of safety audits and inspections.
  3. The lockout/tagout module can help to ensure maximum safety at your workplace.

Why use Intelex instead of Field iD?

  1. It empowers organizations to maintain current workflows and incorporate new ones.
  2. It offers the capability of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  3. It helps enterprises to manage risk and maximize safety at their workplaces.


EMEX is a full-featured EHS solution that is designed for the needs of large enterprises and offers them relevant features for incident, risk, and safety management. The tool comes with pre-built reports and templates, and empowers organizations to track and react in real time. It covers different EHS elements including incident and accident investigation, and audit and risk management. EMEX helps enterprises to minimize compliance failures and expenses. Plus, it enables businesses to prepare KPIs and performance, statutory, and regulatory reports for investors and customers. Top features include: waste management, inspection management, preventive actions, sustainability, and environmental management. If you are not happy with this product, peruse excellent EMEX alternatives here.

Why use EMEX instead of Intelex?

  1. It offers a range of EHS products including Business Control, Document Control, Training, Risks, Quality, Operations, Health and Safety, and Environment.
  2. The easy-to-use dashboard and notification screen enables you to quickly identify an incident and take appropriate action.
  3. Its audit module helps to spot potential environmental issues before they bloom into major problems.

Why use Intelex instead of EMEX?

  1. It helps to automate error calculation and evaluate important impacts.
  2. It streamlines the data collection process and helps to analyze key performance indicators and effectiveness.
  3. The vendor offers reliable support via phone, email, and tickets.

6. EtQ Reliance

EtQ Reliance is a feature-rich solution that gives organizations 360-degree view and control to empower them to achieve compliance with industry regulations and standards. This compliance program provides business process automation tools designed with advanced technology. On top of that, you get sophisticated graphical administration features such as configuration options, form and report creation, and drag-and-drop workflow. You can deploy this solution on premise or in the cloud. Key features include: HACCP software, change management, job safety analysis, ISO 9000, and quality management. If you think it is too basic, peruse these excellent EtQ Reliance alternatives here.

Why use EtQ Reliance instead of Intelex?

  1. It provides industry-grade tools that are based on the latest technologies and best practices.
  2. You have the flexibility to select the modules you need and build suitable standards.
  3. The Quality Management module uses automation to accelerate all your processes and helps you save time.

Why use Intelex instead of EtQ Reliance?

  1. It provides audit management and compliance management features.
  2. It offers customizable reporting and ensures data security.
  3. It provides incident reporting and management tools.

7. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture was founded by a private investigator named Luke Anear who saw several workplace incidents and wished to do something about it. The company was started in Townsville, Australia and today has offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Kansas City, and Manchester. Their flagship product, SafetyCulture iAuditor, streamlines the auditing process by enabling you to manage safety and quality from your mobile device. In addition, your company’s employees are empowered to report problems quickly to prevent incidents due to limited visibility and inefficiency. Today, SafetyCulture iAuditor is used in over 80 countries to perform millions of inspections. For more good choices, browse these SafetyCulture alternatives here.

Why use SafetyCulture instead of Intelex?

  1. Its simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to convert your spreadsheets and paper checklists into mobile forms quickly and easily.
  2. You can capture information via your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  3. The automatic syncing between the desktop platform and mobile devices gives you field updates in real time and enables you to identify problems as soon as they arise.

Why use Intelex instead of SafetyCulture?

  1. It provides useful features to enhance your organization’s quality and performance standards.
  2. Companies can use it to evaluate performance, ensure risk management and compliance, and produce audit reports.
  3. Its interface provides a flexible user experience and can process simple as well as complex tasks.

8. Pervidi

Pervidi is a robust inspection software solution that streamlines inspection work by automating safety checks, audits, and inspection processes. You can use it to graduate from paper-based inspection to paperless procedures by performing your inspection work using mobile devices. The tool is very configurable and versatile and can be deployed by businesses in any industry. With Pervidi, organizations can easily adhere to compliance and industry standards. Your company can effortlessly schedule and organize audits, safety checks, and inspections, and also save money and time. If you wish to scout for other solutions, here are viable Pervidi alternatives.

Why use Pervidi instead of Intelex?

  1. You can use the tool for asset management, maintenance management, field service management, and more.
  2. You can perform multiple checks while improving efficiencies and minimizing expenses.
  3. You can easily customize it to suit your workflows and needs.

Why use Intelex instead of Pervidi?

  1. It is a scalable platform that can easily meet your organization’s growing needs and demands.
  2. It is compatible with popular mobile interfaces and web browsers.
  3. It offers useful features such as intuitive dashboards, task management, data security, and community support.

9. SafetySync

SafetySync is designed for the safety compliance requirements of organizations. This comprehensive platform includes various elements of safety compliance in the workplace. It is a useful and effective tool that helps to improve the work of safety professionals. The product provides each employee in the enterprise access to the online safety program. On top of that, the safety squad can effortlessly track safety compliance for your company. If you wish to look at other options, browse these good SafetySync alternatives here.

Why use SafetySync instead of Intelex?

  1. It offers more than 25 customizable features to enable you to score better on your next safety audit.
  2. You can host safe operation procedures and safety policies as well as alerts and bulletins in the software program.
  3. It offers more than 50 pre-built safety awareness courses for your company’s employees.

Why use Intelex instead of SafetySync?

  1. It is a web-based platform that stores and manages data in centralized locations.
  2. You can improve the software’s capabilities by integrating add-ons according to their functional usage.
  3. It enables organizations to meet their internal and external quality and safety measures.

10. INX InControl

INX InControl allows organizations and businesses to take complete control and efficiently manage their occupational health, safety, and environmental duties. It is a user-friendly occupational health and safety management platform that centralizes one’s OHS data and processes. This allows for better compliance to all occupational health and safety requirements while granting users great visibility on their processes.

INX InControl is highly modifiable and can be tailored to meet all your unique requirements while granting users with great flexibility to adapt to the ever-increasing industry requirements. The platform accelerates and simplifies OHS tasks, from incident reporting to audit, to improve work environment safety and lower cases of accidents, injuries and deaths. For more attractive EHS software choices, make sure to check our INX InControl alternatives.

Why use INX InControl instead of Intelex?

  1. It allows for scheduling of events for a more proactive approach in ensuring the safety of employees. Reports, safety meetings, and inspections can be scheduled to ensure everyone in the office is well-informed.
  2. It offers all the essential tools needed for managing safety, incidents, and events while ensuring ease of use to help users effectively maximize the software’s capabilities and accelerate their processes.
  3. It features powerful reporting capabilities.

Why use Intelex instead of INX InControl?

  1. It offers ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. This allows organizations to easily acquire certifications on a single platform.
  2. Its intuitive interface allows for a more flexible user experience for facilitating both simple and complex processes.
  3. Integrate add-ons to further improve the software’s capabilities.
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