Pros & Cons of Skillcast: Analysis of a Leading Learning Management System

What are the pros and cons of Skillcast?
The pros and cons of Skillcast are centered on managing the complexity and cost of regulatory compliance. It delivers comprehensive continuing professional training and a policy hub as well. However, it still has some minor works to do about the inflexibility in notifications and reporting.

For businesses that need their staff to strictly observe internal policies and procedures, Skillcast offers a solid road map in rule compliance. As it is, learning management solution Skillcast offers one of the best training-compliance modules for employees that you will find in the market today. But how do the pros and cons of Skillcast score in terms of those features critical to businesses today?

In this article, we look at the major points in favor of the app, as well as taking a look at some areas where we feel the app may be lacking. In this way, we hope that you will be able to decide whether Skillcast fills the void in your company for learning management tools.

pros, cons skillcast

The 900% growth of LMS in the last 16 years is a testament to how businesses have warmed up to the digital learning platform. The use of technology not only helps deliver learning and training for students and employees, but it also makes tracking of results measurable.

When you can measure things, it opens the way to see which needs improvement and which methods need reinforcement. However, that is not to say businesses and learning institutions could just sit and enjoy the results after investing in an LMS solution.

They still have the work cut for them, for example, in seeing that system customization and content integration are executed seamlessly to get everyone happy. To increase the success rate further, they could also push the investment envelope through video-based learning.

Humans are naturally visual, and they learn faster through video presentations. It aligns with institutions as much as with the rest of the world: 80% of internet traffic are videos.

video-based learning

It is interesting to note that companies that provide e-Learning chances to their employees have a 26% upside in revenue, while those whose people do not learn at work lose their employees; about 25% of personnel leave their work if they feel they’re not trained well or they don’t learn anything. So how can you win this battle with Skillcast? Let’s find out.

What is Skillcast?

Skillcast dashboard example

Learning management system Skillcast helps companies maintain staff compliance. By putting a premium on compliance, Skillcast helps businesses minimize the risk of loss of assets and unproductive employee activities during work hours.

It helps employees appreciate their roles in the business while defining limitations to what they can do with their positions. With employees working within the bounds of internal policies and regulations, they reduce the chance of exposing themselves and the company to costly liabilities.

With strong compliance, businesses can focus on growing the company. Since the solution automates compliance processes, you can easily pull in reports to ensure you stay on top of it all.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Skillcast free trial here.

The platform has a digital library of courses tailor-made to the specific needs of each employee. The learning solutions are engaging and social, helping employees enjoy learning with their co-workers. The vendor stays with its clients in every stage of their learning journey to make sure the learners—the workforce—all manage to make it through the different learning modules successfully.

One of the best things about Skillcast is its Bespoke feature, which lets you engage with your employees with tailor-made responses and information that is suited to your business and the company culture. You can encourage workers about how the company values their effort in committing to the personalized content.

Skillcast brings to you the following features:

  • Easy-to-navigate UI/UX
  • On-demand training modules
  • Off-the-shelf modules
  • Social learning
  • Up-to-date e-Learning standards
  • Customizable assessment grading
  • Pre-defined reports
  • Diagnostic reporting function
  • Employee learning journey
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Add-ons
  • Full corporate branding
  • Customized course assignments
  • Automated reminders
  • Dynamic management reports

Skillcast Advantages and Disadvantages

Modern UI makes things easier

First on our pros and cons of Skillcast analysis is—how easy is it to use? A clumsily designed UI quickly defeats the purpose of any software. Skillcast skirts this route by sporting a modern UI/UX.  Users know instantly where to go for their learning assignments. Navigation is intuitive. A clean and decluttered user interface quickly shows what the dashboard is meant to do. All these help users to concentrate on learning right away.

The forward-looking design and the ease-of-use means users do not have to take on extra issues while designing courses. This is especially convenient when taking on personalized courses for each employee to study and pass.

Efficient compliance training

Part of what makes LMS useful is the support for a wide range of compliance training initiatives. Skillcast easily achieves this with its robust tracking system as well as bookmarking and MI reporting. Targeted on-boarding of new starters is easy through an automated email chase-ups and data feeds.

Compliance managers assign learning content based on two factors—through an ad-hoc basis or through an annual training plan. Each training is specific as the employee moves through a new role or needs one to progress in their career with the company.

skillcast compliance test

Skillcast showing a series of compliance tests for trainees.

Social learning is faster learning

In a school setting, the students succeed through feedback and input from their peers. It’s one of the biggest advantages when learning in a classroom. One idea that is worth inclusion in any type of LMS solution to address business needs.

With Skillcast, users get the next best thing—social learning. Administrators write blogs based on the lesson and on the skill that users are training for. Moderated discussion forums and surveys then gauge how the student/employee is learning.

The same learners/users can bookmark and rate content, letting the instructor knows whether their modules are effective. If not, then they need to revise and restructure the learning materials. It’s a win-win situation.

Bespoke training

Bespoke compliance training lets employees receive messages built around the unique culture and processes of the company. This is helpful for new employees who have yet to have a feel of what the company is all about.

This is also a faster way of letting employees know about the organization’s specific policies and regulations. New personnel thus learn specific tasks and training that is tailor-made for their positions.

Extensive content library

Training can be hard with no usable content to fill modules. Right from the get-go, Skillcast comes with a wide range of compliance e-learning content. This allows businesses to simply pick a suitable material from the library. If they want, they can easily customize the material to suit their unique requirements.

The content library provides a quick and cost-effective method of creating courses for the workforce. It also means cost savings for the business who does not have to pay a third-party to provide content.

Skillcast makes it easy to incorporate the company’s logo and brand to reflect is corporate identity. Course designers can edit the materials quickly, ensuring fast delivery to learners.

skillcast library content

Here’s a sample Skillcast library content on compliance test.

Customized assessments

Assessments provide a sure way for companies to move forward based on measurable performance metrics. For managers, it lets them efficiently gauge a learner’s progress through their courses.

With Skillcast, businesses can create sophisticated competency assessments using the available content within the software. They can customize the implementation of learning with structured scenario-based assessments.

They can revise pass marks, maximum attempts, time limits, cooling-off periods and re-certification all within the app on a periodic basis as they deem necessary.

Monitor progress proactively

Skillcast updates all stakeholders with the progress learners are making in the LMS. This allows instructors and managers to decide when an employee is ready for a new task or role. If they are not, then they can decide to extend the learning process or opt for another plan of action.

The reports are easily disseminated using a one-click process. The reports can be a bit of challenge, though, for those who want to customize the reports.

Safeguards privacy and accuracy

Skillcast allows the course creators to maintain multiple domains in the LMS. They can then assign exclusive branding and permissions for various stakeholders. The latter may include subsidiaries and joint-venture partners and others which the business shares content with.

The segregated domains, brands and content owners promote privacy. Since they could not access and alter contents that are not theirs, accurate courses are maintained.

skillcast permission rights

Admins can assign permission rights to ensure document security.

Grow your business with other essential tools

From among the leading LMS programs in the market, Skillcast makes sense if compliance is an urgent issue in your business. This is especially true if you are in the market where stakes are high and risk and liability can be costly. With Skillcast, you develop a workplace with a deep understanding of the rules and internal policies to minimize risk exposure for your company. Starting out with it is easy. You can sign up for Skillcast free trial here.

On that note, let’s go beyond the pros and cons of Skillcast. You should also explore solutions that complement your LMS. Automated compliance procedures help you focus on the growth aspect of your business. This could mean getting more time to help your agents get your products to larger markets. In this age, this means effective marketing campaigns, best done through any of the top marketing tools available today.

Or perhaps your agents need better conversion tools to grow your active customers. There are many of those out there, which should help you turn prospects into paying clients.

Nowadays, you cannot hope to handle the volume of leads and prospects that come your way via multiple sources. This could be your social media pages or just your own website handling large traffic of visitors any given day. If this looks like your business, a CRM platform combining sales and social media engagement capabilities is the best way to go.

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