Top 10 Work Operating Systems in 2022

What is the best work operating system?
The best work operating system is It includes all the building blocks that allow you to create unique workflows, processes, and applications for your projects. Also, its automation, integration, data storage, data capturing, sharing, and dashboarding features make it one of the most versatile and powerful project and collaboration platforms around.

Much like any typical organization, your company is probably using different applications to handle sales, marketing, customer service, and more. While integrations exist between these platforms, you are still dealing with independent tools. Your projects are spread across different locations, handled by different managements, under different contexts. 

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you can manage all your projects in one flexible platform?

A Work Operating System is a new breed of software that combines the functionalities of project management software, collaboration tools, and more. Unlike typical business tools, Work OS provides you with the basic building blocks to build apps for various projects, workflows, and operations. 

In this article, we will explore the leading Work OS in the market today. We will highlight their key features and how they differ from your typical project management tools. Suffice it to say, all of them provide centralized databases, automation, improved member access, and customizable dashboarding. They adapt to your projects while keeping everything in one place.

best work operating systesm

Modern projects are distinctly different from those of a few decades ago. These days, the collaboration of various experts is essential to tackling holistic projects. Needless to say, technology is integral to enhancing collaboration. As a result, teamwork has taken a different form in remote and distributed workplaces. As such, top online collaboration tools have contributed about 20% to 30% increase in the overall productivity of employees. Companies are now relying on hybrid project management methods, such as Agile, with 73% of them achieving their goals. Given these developments, it is safe to say that collaboration has changed project management as a whole. One of the offshoots of this trend is the advent of the configurable Work Operating System, which lies somewhere between the simplicity of collaboration apps and the robustness of fully-featured project management systems.

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What is a Work Operating System (Work OS)?

A Work Operating System (Work OS) is a centralized hub where teams can plan, implement, and monitor daily operations, which include, but are not limited to, projects, workflows, and tasks. Using its features, teams can achieve collective outputs, while making sure that metrics and processes are aligned with company goals. Also, it addresses the future of project management, as predicted by the Project Management Institute in 2018, which involves the combination of various approaches — agile, hybrid, predictive, iterative, and incremental.

With such demanding requirements, even the best project management platforms are failing to meet all the essentials of managing, monitoring, and implementing projects. While most are fully-featured, teams find themselves taking unnecessary efforts to adjust to workflows and platforms that do not fit their needs completely. Work OS allows teams to create customized applications or workflows. This means the platform adapts to the project and not the other way around. It also includes integration between applications, automated workflows, databases, and more. Furthermore, team members can communicate within the context of their projects. Organizations can now implement organization-wide standardized PM practices that address the rapid changes in how teams work using one platform.

While the concept is fairly new, a number of applications are already available on the market. Let’s explore some of the leading solutions on our list of the top work operating systems. 

1. dashboard can be considered one of the true examples of a Work Operating System. It allows you and your team to work together in one centralized hub. That means your tasks, process, and workflows are housed in one platform. You do not need third-party applications any more for various departments and functionalities. It can adjust to your needs and not the other way around.

Likewise, its flexibility means you can utilize the application for all use cases. You can create any workflow or process using its work blocks. Now, you no longer have to undergo intensive training to learn the application. Because your team created the entire process flow, there is no need for the onboarding process, which can take time away from your project.

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The Work OS can be used by various departments, teams, and organizations, regardless of functionalities and goals. You can utilize for all types of processes and projects.

Furthermore, it ensures that the data across different workflows are current and updated in real-time. You can also set various user roles and permissions, such as admins, members, viewers, guest users, and more. This means you can invite clients to view the progress of their projects without showing them your entire operation.

The service provider has also released its Automations, Integrations, and Dashboard features. These three features will allow you to work better, faster, and more accurately. It will enhance productivity, improve ownership, and ensure that goals are met within your timeframes.

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2. Wrike

Wrike Dashboard

Wrike is another Work OS that provides adaptive solutions for diverse workflows. It aims to improve visibility throughout your teams. This improves collaboration and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. The increased teamwork results in better productivity and more accurate output.

You can build a single source of truth, which unifies all your work assets and processes. Updates can be received instantaneously in one place. Your team members can see all changes right away. The feature makes it easy to manage complicated processes and disseminate critical information across the organization.



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Furthermore, Wrike includes historical and dynamic monitoring. You can see your performance and productivity in past projects. Gain valuable insights, such as best practices and avoid pitfalls that you have experienced in the past. You can also see the current status of your resources, revenue, and expenses. It is not much easier to make the next strategic steps.

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3. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects dashboard

Zoho Projects is a fully-featured Work OS that allows diverse teams to communicate and collaborate all in one place. It combines various elements in task management, social project management, reporting and charts, time-tracking, and workflow and issue-tracking to create a comprehensive platform. 

It aims to provide the “ultimate project management experience,” so you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your budget and schedules. You can plan your project from high-level objectives down to minute details. You can also create and monitor milestones. Under each milestone, you can add relevant tasks and subtask then assign them to your members.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

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Zoho Projects can be customized based on your specific workflows and processes. Adjust every project elements such as fields, layouts, status, and more to achieve the most efficient operation. You can also automate various tasks to save time and increase productivity. Along with these features, the platform logs billable and non-billable hours, so you have a record of how your team uses their time. 

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4. ProjectManager

ProjectManager dashboard

ProjectManager is a cloud-based platform that combines fully-featured scheduling and planning features with powerful collaboration tools. Its user-friendly interface allows you to streamline processes and simplify workflows. The software is an all-in-one project management solution, so you will never need another application again.

With the Work OS, you can create products and tasks, which you can assign to your team members. You can also allocate resources, build to-do lists, and upload project-related files. Your team can also collaborate easily using comments, which you can post on tasks and projects. This makes it easy to track everyone’s progress by having all discussions in the context of the relevant projects.

ProjectManager allows you to personalize the application to fit your unique workflow. You can easily manage tasks, track team collaboration, and plan projects. The drag-and-drop interface makes customizations a breeze. That means you can get started easily without much significant onboarding process. But, in case your team needs training and assistance, ProjectManager can provide live demos, webinars, knowledgebase access, training hub, and more. 

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5. Clarizen

Clarizen dashboard

Clarizen is a collaboration platform with the functionalities of a Work OS. It was created to handle any business, from small organizations to large enterprises. You can quickly transform your ideas into plans, strategies, and actions. Also, you can easily modify various parts of your projects as soon as the market changes. It can maximize your revenue by taking advantage of potential opportunities.

Large corporations can take advantage of the features of Clarizen One. It includes enterprise-grade security that will protect your assets, applications, and clients. Since it centers on collaboration, your teams can work together without the complicated system set-up. On the other hand, smaller teams can use Clarizen Go. It includes a simple task management solution that accelerates your productivity while ensuring organizational alignment.  

The platform integrated end-to-end project dashboards to enhance your collaborative work. It brings all your projects, resources, and assets all in one place. Furthermore, the easy-to-use interface is fully customizable. Whether you have a small side project or a major client, your team can work together seamlessly in one platform. The increased productivity will drive your business and boost your profitability.

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6. ProntoForms

prontofoms dashboard

ProntoForms may seem like a typical data collection platform, but its extensive features make it a powerful Work OS. It allows you and your field agents to work together in one seamless application. Your team members can easily collect data using their mobile devices, access company resources, and automatically share information with back-end systems. 

The flexible software combines mobile forms app and analytics in its core to increase the value of your data and transform them into actionable materials. The mobile application is optimized for field agents to collect data in a timely manner. It also connects to various systems, cloud resources, and databases. Having everything in one place significantly improves accessibility and teamwork.



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With all its features, the real power lies in ProntoForms’s App and Form Builder. You have all the core elements under your fingertips to create custom forms that will fit your business processes. Control your form designs, include advanced controls, custom navigation, create data distribution rules, build conditional rules, and more. With such flexibility, your forms become powerful apps.

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7. Smartsheet

smartsheet dashboard

Smartsheet is an extensible platform that you can use to manage your projects, tasks, sales pipelines, and more. It also promotes transparency and visibility, which ensures maximized productivity. You can access the entire platform from any browser or device. At the surface, the software may seem like just any other cloud-powered spreadsheets, but its features make it one of the most functional Work OS around.

The application turns a familiar spreadsheet into powerful applications with extended functionalities. You can automate tasks and formulate without ever touching a line of code. You can set-up updates, team reminders, due date alarms, and more so your team is always on top of your projects. It is also easy to see any productivity bottlenecks so you can improve your workflow moving forward.



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The powerful platform can be used by any type of business, different roles, and organization sizes. You can customize each project using various elements such as cards, Gantt charts, grids, forms, dashboards, portals, and more. It also readily integrates with other third-party applications such as Box, DocuSign, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and much more. That means you can extend its services in just a few clicks. You can also create custom connections to your existing apps using the native API. 

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Mavenlink dashboard

Mavenlink is a powerful project management application for various enterprises, from small businesses to large corporations. While it is not a complete solution, its features will provide you with some key benefits of a Work OS. It is built for organizations that handle various projects of different types. You can build around each unique project workflow to increase your team’s productivity.

Speaking of productivity, Mavenlink allows you to manage and monitor various aspects of your projects. You can see each of your team members; productivity, your existing resources, project accounting, and more. The included business intelligence tool provides easy-to-understand insights that are integral to your future projects.

The platform promotes team collaboration by allowing you to monitor processes and projects, assign tasks, and manage project activities. The layout features a familiar social media user experience where you can make posts and updates. Make announcements, start discussions, and more within the context of your projects. 

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9. Kanbanize

Kanbanize dashboard

If you are already following agile methodologies to manage your projects, then Kanbanize is the right Work OS for you. It makes it easy to visualize your key goals and break them down into various hierarchies. The Kanban-style boards include advanced productivity and collaboration tools to help you increase your teams’ productivity. 

The scaled Kanban allows you to maintain transparency at the top level. You can see company initiatives and their relevant processes from planning to execution. This also allows you to manage multiple projects without getting lost in the mix. The team Kanban allows your team to focus on their work by eliminating unplanned tasks. You can prioritize better, resolve blockers quickly, and increase visibility. You can easily see progress and issues at a glance.

Aside from Kanban boards and hierarchies, you can also set-up business rules where you can customize notifications, cards actions, updates, and more in just a few clicks. Furthermore, it includes a time-tracking tool where you can record billable hours and create relevant reports. Its tight integration with email platforms makes it easy to develop a clean ticketing system that you can run without a third-party platform. 

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10. Nifty PM

Nifty PM Dashboard

Nifty PM allows you to seamlessly manage projects, work on tasks, and communicate with your team members all in one place. You can align your goals and business visions down to the most basic processes. Its core features include detailed powerful tracking, centralized workspace, and support for collaboration. Your team members’ are always on the same page without the need for constant updates.

Using the platform, you can set goals and timelines, then begin collaborating on various tasks right away. You can also provide easy access to various resources using the included knowledge hub. Furthermore, you can create and upload relevant documents and notes. Create and monitor discussion right within project pages, so you’ll know what keeps your team busy.

The Project Home and Overview includes all big-picture information relevant to your projects. It automatically generates reports and insights so you can track how projects are progressing. Of course, you can zoom in one Detailed View to examine the project path and trends. Then, you can head over to Team Overview so you can see each team members’ activities, tasks, and time logs. This makes it easy to balance workload to ensure the highest productivity.

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How Different is Work OS from Project Management Tools?

Work OS is much more than a combination of the best collaboration tools and project management features. It serves as your work hub where you can plan, strategize, implement, and monitor most, if not all, projects, tasks, and daily operations. While it is still a new concept, an increasing number of platforms have already begun to create functionalities that allow teams to work adaptively.

One of the leading Work OS is with its flexibility, automation, centralized data, information consolidation, and more. You can easily try it when you sign up for its free trial offer. Teams can now reduce significant onboarding time as they can create apps that truly fit the unique workflows of their projects. Furthermore, the all-in-one platform allows small and medium organizations to compete with larger corporations. Work OS is the future of productivity, and it is already here.

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