5 Proactive Live Chat Practices That Will Delight Your Customers

The rule of 80/20 has become the main mantra for every business with the modern trend of customer orientation: that is, 80% of business revenue is obtained from 20% of satisfied clients.

So, you need to have that magic wand which can delight them? So, what’s that magic wand?

Admittedly, it’s communication. You need to communicate with them through different customer touch points and nowadays, there are a ton of real time communication tools like VOIP, phone call and the latest addition to this list is live chat tools.

So, the main mojo is to focus on customer retention and nowhere else. Because 97% of these loyal customers will automatically work on their own to bring you knew leads.

So, let’s glance through the tech factors regarding live chat tools and how they delight your customers. You can also read our related article on how chatbots can help ecommerce businesses

1. Show your loyalty to your clients

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

It’s a fact. Show your loyalty as much as you can, and 86% of your clients will happily pay more after having a better experience. Because if you can keep your promise of trust and security, then they will never leave you for any little temptation out there.

Now, the challenge lies in the process to follow. It’s humanization. No other means can impact a human mind like personal contact. Not phone calls, of course, you need a more natural way. I mean face-to-face interaction or video chat. The fact is, 92% of surveyed consumers think so.

But installing a tool is not enough. Don’t move your focus away from personal impacts. Train your customer support agents regularly by emphasising human psychology.

2. Be connected 24/7

People don’t really follow any rules for internet surfing. So, keep your reps ready to work, day or night. If you provide your best services with human impact, clients will expect no less than that. They may judge how professional you are by waking you up in the middle of the night. So, what are some proven 24*7 customer touch points?

There are many like email, phone call, VOIP channels, social media platforms and help desks. But, there is more to work on. Proactive services are what can keep you thinking ahead of the common practices:

Especially, if you use live chat then set automatic acceptance program for chat requests. Use pre-recorded messages and pre-chat surveys to gain some time to maintain multiple conversations and then start with a better understanding.

3. Don’t just respond, demonstrate your solutions

Quick response and loyal support are the bare-bone needs for a good customer experience. But these are not sufficient for new, sophisticated software services. Even for simple products, you can’t always talk through the facts and expect your clients to completely understand. What you need is to show some examples or to provide a demo.

There are multiple techniques available for that.

Firstly, you can call a customer and define your products, solve their queries. Secondly, you can leverage VOIP powered live voice chat technique to showcase your products within a blade of time. Further, you can employ live chat tools to communicate with your customers in a smarter way. With live chat tools opportunities are endless. You can go with text based chats, live voice chats and live video chats.

Notably, features like file sharing, screen sharing and co-browsing help you in every way to establish an ‘all-in-one’ kind of communication channel to demonstrate your solution to your customers. The idea is simple. Take control of the communication channel with due permission from your customers and deliver a straight answer to their most basic question -’Ok! How can I do that?’

4. Create personalized offers to surprise your customers

Live chat tools are not only the current benchmark in the modern communication system niche but also, they are the best options to the existing businesses for shaping personalized offers for your customers.

So, why personalized offers?

Notably, no human being can resist feeling special. Attractive personal discounts or other offers sent through personalized e-mails increase their interest at a steep rate. In response, agents obtain the ability to talk them through better upselling and cross-selling deals, which can increase the overall sales volume of your business.

So, where to start?

Admittedly, pre-chat window of live chat tools is the best option as it helps you to develop an array of buyer’s personas and shape unique personalized offer for them. Bingo!

5. Ask for feedback and walk down the road as your clients direct

Feedbacks! This is the most crucial step to making your clients feel important. Moreover, asking for feedbacks is a giant step towards the client’s satisfaction at the first place. Now, happy customers will always show their gratitude, which is precious for the new leads to come.

But, you will not be this much lucky every single​ time. You will have to motivate your customers for earning their feedbacks and for this, you will have to create a comfort zone for them to make them feel the urge for sharing their experiences and feedbacks with you.

A smart and versatile communication system like offered by live chat tools is the key here. Undeniably, better the communication system, more the chances are there for you and your customers to get on the same page.

So, what are the proven approaches for earning true feedbacks from your customers? Try these:

  • Don’t say to your customers: “Hey! Feel free to send your feedback”. If this is your approach they won’t reply you.
  • Ask questions that carry Information you can put to use. Else, don’t ask.
  • Initiate a conversation. Tell them why you need their feedbacks.
  • Don’t press your customers with too many questions. Before that, design your questions that can true values to your customer care system.
  • Send personal note to your customers. Even that note carries a single ‘thanks’.

Further, products and services are the cornerstones for you but they are not enough for your success. It’s your happy clientele who defines your uniqueness in the crowd. HelpScout says that, it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up 1 negative and unresolved customer experiences.

Lastly, live chat software tools will not win everything for you until the implementation of the same is right and innovative. And, it’s also true that a simple ‘Thank You’ or ‘Sorry’ makes a huge difference, and brings you unbridled success with excellent user satisfaction.

So, what’s your take on this?

Christopher Robinson

By Christopher Robinson

Christopher Robinson is a senior productivity research analyst who specializes in optimizing online collaboration and project management using Scrum and agile approaches. In his work, he always emphasizes the need for distributed work training and the formation of efficient work habits. His work was mentioned in various business publications, including Entrepreneur and InfoQ. He’s a strong proponent of the GTD model. He has been cooperating with the FinancesOnline team for 5 years now, and his publications always focus on practical aspects of productivity tools that can have an actual, transformative impact on a company.

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