Top 10 Alternatives to Looker: Comparison of Business Intelligence Software

What is the top alternative to Looker?
The top alternative to Looker is Wyn Enterprise, a business intelligence software that helps users make sound business decisions with easy-to-use analytics tools. These tools allow users to generate actionable insights using diverse sources of information. Complex data are simplified by the solution, helping businesses get a data-driven sense of their operations and where they should go.

Looker is a business intelligence software that offers an intuitive approach to data exploration. You can use its web-based interface to tap the expertise of your data analytics team. They can build and share data easily and quickly so that other teams can benefit from the knowledge they create. Thus, businesses can use Looker to get deep insights from their data, which they can use to channel their business decisions and activities.

However, despite all these functionalities, it’s a fact that no single platform possesses all you need from such a system. There are other business intelligence solutions out there, offering their own robust feature sets, flexible pricing plans, and much more. In this article, we evaluate the main benefits of Looker and compare them with those provided by top Looker alternatives.

Top Alternatives to Looker

The world is looking to have around 175 zettabytes of data by 2025. Every day, we create around 500 million tweets, four million of Facebook data, 720,000 hours of new YouTube content, and 294 billion emails. For businesses looking to improve their business intelligence, this is a goldmine. This is because much of these is public. And, whatever information that connects a business to public data is what they already own—their company data. Bringing these two together to generate useful insights is intractable using legacy spreadsheet software. This is why many businesses now turn to business intelligence software solutions like Looker.

Source: Apps Run the World; Statista

This is why the business intelligence software market is so big right now. In 2021, the worldwide BI and analytics market reached $15.94 billion. By revenue, the United States leads the whole world with $11.59 billion. Experts predict that by 2024, it will grow to $17.6 billion. This just shows that companies are now putting more value on data. And, as the world goes more digital, this will not slow down.

According to recent business intelligence trends, even software solutions that are not BI-centric may soon add more business intelligence offerings to their core features. Also, it seems that the adoption of embedded BI will not lose steam. So, it is high time for companies to look into BI platforms to turn their data into useful information. And, Looker is just one of the many tools that businesses use today. Below are others that might just fit your business needs better.

What is Looker?

Looker dashboard

You just need basic SQL knowledge to make effective use of Looker or create your own analytics modules. Plus, you can design visualizations with simple code and make them as complex as required. The app’s ML code can help you create and optimize your queries. Even if you don’t have SQL knowledge, you can use the learning materials, videos, screencast lectures, and live recordings provided by the vendor to learn to utilize the software effectively. Documentation also offers interactive puzzles that can help creative teams to have fun with their analytics activities.

Besides flexible pricing and open API integration blocks, Looker also offers plenty of good features. It analyzes both SQL and web-hosted info and accommodates more than 25 data variations including Google’s BigQuery, Vertica, and Hive. The system can help eliminate data bottlenecks with its intuitive interface. Because of these benefits, the app is used by more than 700 global companies.

In its pursuit of developing a better business intelligence tool, the vendor has reinforced Looker with new tools, workflow integrations, and better visualization capabilities. It is also now more efficient and adaptable as an analytics solution, owing to additional APIs and customizations. And because it now makes use of machine learning, you are able to focus on analyzing data of higher value while being able to directly integrate the system with equally powerful solutions.

Benefits of Looker

  • Even lay users without SQL knowledge can manage workflows
  • Handy visualizations
  • Robust collaboration features
  • A flexible LookML language
  • Reliable customer support via phone, email, and tickets
  • Modern IDE for agile development and embellishment

If you think Looker is too basic for your needs, don’t go away. We also analyze the main benefits of top Looker alternatives. You can find out good reasons why you should consider Looker instead of the alternative platform and vice versa.

Top 10 Looker Alternatives

1. Wyn Enterprise

Wyn Enterprise dashboard

Wyn Enterprise is a powerful enterprise-level business intelligence solution known for being highly customizable. It is prized for the high out-of-the-box usability of its self-service data analytics and reporting modules. Key features include data modeling, data governance, data integrations, visual data explorer, and visualizations tools, among many others.

These provide users with a unified data analysis and decision support platform. Moreover, all of these tools are housed in a very intuitive user interface complete with easy-to-understand visual dashboards. It also has helpful automation features, including a scheduling and export engine. Together with data integration with virtually any digital architecture and business tools.

Wyn Enterprise

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The product is deployed on-premise and is embedded into your applications. Thus, this ensures that it works for your current software architecture and workflow. You don’t have to adapt to it, unlike other business intelligence software. This makes it one of the best, if not the best, solution out there today.

Wyn Enterprise is only available via a quote-based plan. Lastly, if you want to find similar applications, you can check out other Wyn Enterprise alternatives.

Why use Wyn Enterprise instead of Looker?
  • It embeds into your applications. You don’t need to overhaul your workflow.
  • Wyn Enterprise has high out-of-the-box usability. Meaning, it is very easy to use even for beginners.
  • The product offers superb visualizations, which makes it easier to generate actionable insights.
Why use Looker instead of Wyn Enterprise?
  • It meets the BI needs of both startups as well as large enterprises.
  • It can integrate with any SQL database or data warehouse.
  • For clients preferring a flexible LookML language, Looker could be the better choice.

Detailed Wyn Enterprise Review

2. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics dashboard

Data analytics platform Zoho Analytics helps organizations turn business data into easy-to-understand visualizations that in turn provide valuable insights. It also comes with a host of functionalities that include self-service business intelligence and online reporting.

The software is capable of monitoring your metrics and identifying outliers and trends. It’s so intuitive that Zoho Analytics lets you come up with robust reports without enlisting the aid of IT professionals.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

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Aside from these, the system allows you to collaborate with others as you are able to share reports with your colleagues, customers, and even suppliers. Outliers, once encountered by the system are quickly reported, with users notified automatically through intelligent alerts. What’s even better is that the app gives you the ability to embed dashboards and reports across applications, blogs, and websites if you need to. If you wish to find out about other tools in the category, check out these Zoho Analytics alternatives.

Why Use Zoho Analytics Instead of Looker?
  • It streamlines data collection
  • Zoho Analytics has easy chart creation.
  • It allows users to embed reports on websites, blogs, and apps.
  • The solution sends out intelligent alerts for outliers.
Why Use Looker Instead of Zoho Analytics?
  • It lets you create applications using its LookML language.
  • Looker boosts SQL capabilities with its LookML syntax.
  • The product makes query execution much faster.

Detailed Zoho Analytics Review

3. Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core dashboard

Qualtrics is an enterprise-level market research and survey platform. It helps users create data sources and pools them for many types of data analysis. This provides businesses with great opportunities to use their data in crafting their strategies and making tactical decisions and spontaneous corrections. The product is not only used to optimize operational functions, it is also popularly used to harvest important customer data through qualitative research.

Key features include concept testing, shopper research, statistical analysis tools, compensation management, data management, and advertising and message testing among others. It also has a perception and awareness research module that can help the marketing department create better strategies. In fact, all of Qualtrics Research Core tools can be used for virtually any business function from HR to sales.

Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research Core

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Also, it integrates with other business solutions for better data extraction. The comprehensive list includes Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Slack, and Salesforce. Even though the product can be deployed at an enterprise scale, it is also popular among SMEs and even freelancers. As it is deployed according to a client’s needs, the product is only offered via a quote-based subscription plan. If you want to take a look at other similar solutions, check out Qualtrics Research Core alternatives.

Why choose Qualtrics Research Core instead of Looker?
  • It is designed especially for market and qualitative research.
  • The product is intended to work with other business intelligence solutions. So, it can be a complement rather than a real alternative.
  • Qualtrics has fast multi-channel distribution.
Why use Looker instead of Qualtrics Research Core?
  • It is a full-fledged standalone business intelligence solution.
  • The product has better visualizations.
  • Looker has great collaboration features and a dashboard creating module.

Detailed Qualtrics Research Core Review

4. ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch dashboard

ActiveBatch is not your average business intelligence platform. It is, in fact, a business management solution with business intelligence at its core. Its robust BI engine powers its key workflow management functions, including business process automation, graphical workflow editor, and task management/scheduling. To ensure data-driven decisions and adherence to regulations, it is fitted with an easy-to-use dashboard view, multiple data sourcing capabilities, and a compliance tracker.

Other features that round out the app’s workflow management capabilities include customizable access control, a graphical workflow editor, collaboration tools, and alerts and notifications. Also, the platform strives to be easy to use with its low-code support and troubleshooting tools.



Try out ActiveBatch with their free trial

The software developers also made ActiveBatch available via native iOS and Android applications. Moreover, it has seamless integrations with other solutions, including Oracle PeopleSoft, IBM DataStage, and Teradata. There is also a free trial available and like platforms with configurable feature deployment, it is only available via a personalized subscription. You can check other ActiveBatch alternatives if you are interested in this unique type of software offering.

Why choose ActiveBatch instead of Looker?
  • It is a workflow management software built on a powerful business intelligence engine.
  • The product has low-code support.
  • ActiveBatch provides better business process automation for operations.
Why choose Looker instead of ActiveBatch?
  • Looker is a full-fledged business intelligence tool.
  • It has better dashboard creators.
  • The product is easy to use with drag-and-drop controls.

Detailed ActiveBatch Review

5. Sisense

Sisense dashboard

Designed to help businesses analyze data, business intelligence platform Sisense helps you come up with data-driven decisions by redefining all aspects of business analytics. The solution is known for providing instant answers so that you get to immediately reap its benefits, resulting in early ROI delivery.

With businesses using diverse data sources, it’s pretty much difficult to discover needed answers. Sisense is capable of simplifying complex information that you can use to come up with insights to grow your organization. Sisense is easy to use, sporting a drag-and-drop feature, making it one of the most popular solutions of its kind.

Detailed Sisense Review

Easily create dashboards while managing your data through the platform, which also promotes collaboration as data converted by the software can be shared with relevant parties, including clients, colleagues, and partners. Building and deployment of Ad Tech BI platforms are also possible with the solution while its accompanying tools eliminate the need for client software. Aside from the tutorials that the vendor offers, training for first-time users is also provided. It fosters better communication without the need for dashboard expertise. But if you feel that the software does not have all the functionalities you need, check out these Sisense alternatives.

Why use Sisense instead of Looker?
  • It allows you to integrate data from third-party apps.
  • The product offers a vast array of business analytics.
  • It can perform real-time data analysis.
  • Sisense provides users with the latest data.
Why Use Looker Instead of Sisense?
  • It offers real-time access to data to help businesses make smarter decisions.
  • You can easily analyze data of all sizes.
  • It can integrate with any SQL database or data warehouse.
  • It meets the BI needs of both startups as well as large enterprises.

6. Periscope Data

Periscope dashboard

Periscope Data by Sisense is a powerful analytics platform that delivers in terms of functionality and flexibility. It’s is basically used to collect, ingest, record, and analyze data from different sources into a single connected platform.

It understands that making queries and drawing conclusions isn’t just the process of analyzing data. It also involves mundane tasks like collecting, cleansing, and organizing data. Thus, to make sure that you have more time for getting actual actionable insights, Periscope Data takes the heavy lifting when dealing with these tedious work. Moreover, performing basic calculations and creating data visualizations do not require typing codes since they can be accomplished through the drag-and-drop mechanism.

Detailed Periscope Data Review

Furthermore, the program supports a variety of languages, such as R, Python, and SQL, so you have more options when it comes to query management. There are useful utility features for queries as well like snippets, autocomplete, and formatting.

And since presenting data in an organized manner is a very important aspect of business intelligence, Periscope Data provides a plethora of visualization tools to choose from. To illustrate, you can use gauge charts, bubble charts, waterfalls, and radar charts to name a few. Insights can be shared to colleagues and clients as well. If you think this software doesn’t match your needs, you can always check these Periscope Data alternatives.

Why Use Periscope Data Instead of Looker?
  • The platform unifies disparate data sources.
  • It supports multiple languages like SQL, R, and Python.
  • Periscope allows for the sharing of insights to coworkers and even clients.
  • The product provides an ample range of chart options for data visualization.
  • It empowers you to create your own chart for the best possible result.
Why Use Looker Instead of Periscope Data?
  • It allows for the exploration of data without SQL knowledge.
  • It features robust alerting and rescheduling functions.
  • The product has better version control.
  • It provides access controls that are customizable at a user level.

7. Reveal

Reveal Dashboard

Reveal is a self-service business intelligence solution designed for embedded analytics scenarios. It is favored by many analysts because of its easy-to-use interface, allowing them to do their jobs better without worrying about coding. This is thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality on its web interface and intuitive swiping mechanics on its mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Key features are unlimited dashboards, real-time data stream, pipeline reporting, general analytics, social media analytics, and visualization tools. Moreover, it is not simply a BI tool. It also comes with other modules, including HR management, quota management, supply chain management, and even email marketing. This is why many users deem it as an all-in-one business solution for firms with a deep commitment to a data-driven operational philosophy.

Detailed Reveal Review

Reveal like any good BI tool integrates with other business solutions. The list includes SharePoint, Google Drive, Google Analytics, and Excel. It also integrates with on-premise SQL databases and Hadoop Drive. Pricing starts at $9.99 per user per month. Also, there is a free trial available so you can compare it better to other Reveal alternatives.

Why choose Reveal instead of Looker?
  • It has intuitive drag-and-drop and swiping mechanisms.
  • The product supports custom analytics but also offers ready-made dashboards and analytics tools like those for social media.
  • Reveal is considered by many to be an all-in-one business solution with a BI core.
Why choose Looker instead of Reveal?
  • For more technical users, Looker may have better customizability than reveal.
  • It has modern IDE or agile development and embellishment.
  • The software provider offers a robust self-learning database and reliable technical support.

8. Board

Board dashboard

Board is a popular decision-making platform with comprehensive features for data discovery, analytics, reporting, and even performance management capabilities. Designed for a wide range of businesses in different industries, the product is useful in making sense of company data across different functions. This allows users to create future scenario projects and find potential optimization points in their operations.

What is also great about Board is that it has dual deployment types, with seamless syncing between web and on-premise versions. Thus, users can access it in their office or when they are working remotely. Key features include automated drill-downs, real-time data modeling, predictive analytics, data integration, visualizations, and workflow management tools. Even though there are other Board alternatives, it is one of the top BI platforms when it comes to ease of use.

Detailed Board Review

The product is also available via its mobile apps on iOS devices. Moreover, it has integrations with Microsoft Office tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Lastly, the product is only available via quote-based plans.

Why choose Board instead of Looker?
  • The product is, arguably, easier to use as Looker is more for technical users.
  • It has powerful workflow management tools.
  • Board has dual deployment.
Why choose Looker instead of Board?
  • The LookML syntax simplifies the development of robust models for any organization and improves the capabilities of SQL.
  • This language-based method speeds up query execution and improves performance.
  • Your data analysts can use its flexible and easy-to-learn language named LookML to create mini-applications.

9. GoodData

GoodData dashboard

GoodData is committed to making company data available and easy to understand for companies. This is why it offers easy-to-use features for data modeling, data visualizations, connectors, APIs, and an intuitive interactive interface.

It also has tools for data warehousing and customer benchmarking with a powerful search feature. Moreover, the product includes pre-built analytics packages and templates useful for sales and marketing. What is also unique about it is that it offers Insights as a Service for marketing and operations.

Detailed GoodData Review

The product is also valued because of its various automatically generated charts, graphs, and other visualization tools. These allow users to see real-time data and strategize around meaningful patterns. Also, GoodData is used mainly by medium to large enterprises because of its extensive features. So, if you are looking for a BI with lesser scope or power, you can check out other GoodData alternatives.

Lastly, it is available via quote-based subscription because of its highly configurable operational deployment.

Why choose GoodData instead of Looker?
  • It offers Insights as a Service and embedded analytics.
  • GoodData is easy to use with a lot of pre-built analytics tools.
  • It has easy email sharing and collaboration tools for analysts to share insights and methodologies.
Why choose Looker over GoodData?
  • Its language-based method speeds up query execution and improves performance.
  • You can easily administer your settings and develop personalized workspaces.
  • You can use Webhooks to connect data objects with third-party workflows.

10. BigID

BigID dashboard

BigID is a data intelligence platform that is also one of the best solutions when it comes to ease of use and the comprehensiveness of features. Its main modules for data discovery, privacy, security, and governance allow businesses to not only have a 360-degree data-driven view of their current and historical affairs but also of possible future scenarios. The force behind it all is the patented ML and NLP engine that automatically generates accurate classifications and predictive levels.

Other key features include asset inventory, PI inventory, privacy automation, risk management, breach data investigation, and compliance. These features allow businesses to gather their data from a wide variety of sources and secure them according to their needs and compliance regulations.

Aside from bringing data together from different sources, BigID also seamlessly integrates with other solutions, including Slack, Gmail, Office365, and Salesforce for better productivity. With these comprehensive modules and features, BigID is mostly used by large enterprises. Deployment is also according to their needs, which is why it is only offered via custom quote-based subscriptions. Check out BigID alternatives to compare it to other similar products.

Why use BigID instead of Looker?
  • For enterprises, BigID is designed especially for them especially when handling big data.
  • The platform has top-notch security and compliance features.
  • It has powerful ML and NLP engines that allow for better big data handling.
Why use Looker instead of BigID?
  • It allows for simpler data exploration for smaller businesses.
  • The product has better version control features.
  • It has great technical and customer support.

Detailed BigID Review

Choosing the Right Software

And that’s about it, our top 10 alternatives to Looker. After reading our guide, you should be able to comfortably choose the platform that’s best for you. But if you find yourself unable to make up your mind, read our article on the 15 best business intelligence tools for small and big business, which should significantly widen your options.

Business intelligence tools are indeed very useful to today’s businesses. But here’s the thing, knowing what’s good for you is different from choosing what’s right for you. Shopping for a business intelligence platform can be a cumbersome undertaking. So what do you need to look for in a business intelligence platform?

Diving straight into a deal is never a good thing. There are a number of things to consider when choosing such a tool. The ideal BI solution should be easy to implement and use, which many modern systems are now known to possess. It should likewise be able to convert data into actionable visualizations that are easy to understand. Answers to business queries must stay relevant to their respective industries and should be given in real-time.

But if you are pressed for time, why not start with our top app here, Wyn Enterprise. It’s flexible so you should find your way around it in no time. Better still, it offers a free trial to give you time to see how its features measure up to your organization requirements.

Lastly, such a solution should be able to unify all your information sources by connecting to a diverse collection of databases.

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