12 Best Data Analysis Software for Mac in 2022

What is the best data analysis software for Mac?

The best data analysis software for Mac is Board. This BI platform allows users to collect, combine, and analyze their business data. It also comes with various visualization options so you can present your data however you prefer. What’s more is that the platform has dual deployment options for businesses who prefer cloud-based or on-premise server.

Do you know what your customers want from you but are not telling or where your business is bleeding in drips but nonstop? These are critical data kept from the naked eye but with the right tool, can shed light to a growth opportunity.

Sure, you can rely on tried and tested techniques like advertising and good customer service to keep the business moving forward, but these can only get you so far. If you want to be more proactive, analyzing your business data is the way to go, either to cut costs or create revenues — or both.

Thankfully, with the growing demand for big data utilization in business came the increasing number of vendors that offer best-in-class data analytics software. That said, it is easy to find good products out there. The challenge now is to determine which one works best for you.

In this article, we have compiled the best 12 data analysis software for Mac, paying special attention to their strongest features, ease of use, as well as the comprehensiveness of functionalities. This way, you can better assess if they fit the bill for your operations. We have also noted down the price range you should expect for each product so that it’s easier to determine whether or not it falls within your budget.

data analysis software

Over the past years, big data has been much talked about because of how game-changing it is for many businesses. In fact, big data adoption has increased to 59% in 2018 from 17% in 2015. Moreover, according to the 2018 State of Enterprise Analytics, it has also been predicted as one of the technologies that will make a big impact on analytics in the next five years, alongside cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

This is why it’s not surprising that more and more companies are investing in data analysis solutions. After all, as presented in the aforementioned study, these solutions are highly effective for driving greater process and cost efficiencies (60%), improving strategy and change (57%), and monitoring financial performance (52%).

However, all good things have their own shortcomings; data analysis software are no exception. These tools have their fair share of negative aspects which prevent businesses from investing in them. For instance, many companies see data privacy and security concerns remain as the biggest hindrance to data analytics adoption. This is because of the increasing cases of cybersecurity threats over the years.

On a different note, a 2018 AtScale survey revealed that the lack of know-how in handling big data posed as a problem for many businesses. They believed that it is not only difficult to find new employees who would have prior experience with big data but also costly to train employees to do so.

Another common problem on data analysis software adoption is that 98.6% of executives find it hard to promote a data-driven corporate culture. This only goes to show that even if they have the means to roll out the software and train their employees, it is still difficult for the idea of collecting and analyzing data at every step of their process to become second nature within the workplace.

The good news is that while these problems may seem complicated to address, there are ways to work around them. In terms of security, you might find as you browse our list of top 12 data analysis software for Mac that there are now plenty of solutions offering configurable security options. You also don’t need to provide extensive training for employees as there are many low-code platforms out there that will allow you to perform data analysis in just a few clicks–even if you’re a novice user.  Lastly, if you think that promoting a data-driven culture will be a problem for you, well, all you really need to do is try it out for yourself first.

To start, you can take a look at our list to zero in on which platform will help you meet your data analytics requirements. Some of these even have free trial plans available so you can test them out before committing to a subscription plan.

In case your need is not Mac-specific, you can expand your options by checking out our guide on the best 20 data visualization software for 2022.

12 Best Data Analysis Software for Mac

1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics dashboard example

Zoho Analytics is an all-in-one data analysis system designed to help you monitor KPIs, identify business trends, and determine outliers. Formerly known as Zoho Reports, it was expanded from a simple reporting tool to a self-service data analytics and BI platform. It leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help businesses get a clear view of their operational performance across departments. Moreover, it comes with simple collaboration tools and drag-and-drop workspaces, which make it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with no in-house IT professionals to perform coding for them.

As part of the Zoho productivity suite, this platform can work seamlessly with other products from the software provider. In case you want to further extend its capabilities, it also comes with open API capabilities. This way, you can integrate it with a wide variety of third-party applications.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

Try out Zoho Analytics with their free trial

Do you think this platform is suitable for you? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to sign up for a Zoho Analytics free trial. By doing so, you can get a closer look at what this platform has to offer.

Price Range: Zoho Analytics can be used for free if you only have 2 users or are opting for their on-premise personal edition. In case you have a bigger team, they have paid plans that range from $22.50/month to $445.50/month. The vendor also has an on-premise professional plan at $2395/year.

Detailed Zoho Analytics Review

Key Features of Zoho Analytics:

  1. It can merge, format, clean, split, and calculate data from various sources.
  2. It has easy-to-use chart creation and dashboard building tools that do not require extensive technical skills.
  3. It comes with a smart assistant that is built over AI, NLP, and ML technologies. This way, it can provide you with intuitive answers through KPI widgets and reports.
  4. It has a scheduled data backup system so you can be sure that your information is secure and easily retrievable even in the event of a network crash.
  5. It is completely mobile-ready so you can access your data wherever you are.

2. BigID

BigID dashboard

BigID is an intuitive solution designed for large companies looking to manage the data within their IT infrastructure. Trusted by businesses across various industries, this platform comes with robust data analysis tools that help users gain insight into their company data. For instance, it reads data from various sources so you can consolidate them in one hub. Then, it leverages machine learning for data discovery, cataloging, and labeling to ensure that no data falls through the cracks. This allows users to perform more accurate data analysis.

As BigID is a complete data intelligence system at its core, it also has a slew of other functionalities that will aid in data management. These include privacy impact assessments, breach data investigations, asset inventory management, metadata cataloging, risk management, and privacy automation. It also supports automation for various data management processes, allowing users to seamlessly maintain their database.

Price Range: BigID is only available by quote. Be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information about their rates.

Key Features of BigID:

  1. It comes with comprehensive modules for data discovery and governance.
  2. It has a patented machine learning and natural language processing engine for seamless data classification and cataloging.
  3. It reads data across various sources, be they on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid, so you get 360-degree visibility of your data.
  4. It is equipped with tools to help visualize data context for more actionable insights.
  5. It is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, OSHA, and other industry regulations.

Detailed BigID Review

3. DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer Dashboard

DbVisualizer is a multi-database tool at its core but it comes equipped with functions that allow you to analyze your datasets. Built to run on all major operating systems, this solution brings together your databases in one convenient hub so you can streamline your programming workflows. With this at your disposal, you can retrieve data for analysis easily, spot coding errors faster, as well as execute advanced queries. Plus, as it runs on all Mac and Windows devices, compatibility wouldn’t be a problem.

Among the other functionalities that this solution has to offer include database object management, connection management, and server management. Using these, it is easy navigate across the different databases you are leveraging and even find similarities and differences among the available datasets. This makes scanning your company information much simpler.

DbVisualizer is also unique because of its configurable UI. For starters, it offers a command line interface with autocomplete options so that preparing and editing queries is faster.  It even comes with a visual query builder and a drag-and-drop interface option for users who are not yet used to coding, making the onboarding and implementation a breeze.

Price Range: DbVisualizer offers a free plan that includes the basic functionalities of the platform. They also provide paid plans ranging from $197 to $229, which are priced depending on what type of customer support you need from them as well as the set of features that you prefer.

Detailed DbVisualizer Review

Key Features of DbVisualizer:

  1. It centralizes all your databases in one hub for easier management and maintenance.
  2. It can accommodate table import/export for easier data transfer.
  3. It has a configurable UI that supports command line editing, visual query building, and drag-and-drop editing to simplify database management.
  4. It supports out-of-the-box modules and integrations with third-party applications.
  5. It allows you to encrypt your platform via the SSH feature as well as set access permissions to ensure the security of your databases.

4. Sisense

Sisense dashboard example

Sisense is a cloud-hosted business intelligence platform trusted by startup companies and Fortune 500 giants alike. It comes with powerful features that will allow you to collect, combine, analyze, and visualize your crucial business information. This way, you can get in-depth insights as to how you can improve your operations. What’s more is that as a single-stack system, it consolidates all tasks related to data analytics–meaning, you rely on fewer integrations and enjoy a lower total cost of ownership.

Another great thing about Sisense is that their platform uses in-chip technology for faster data preparation, crowded accelerated BI for multi-query management, and OEM white labeling for a customized system interface. In case you feel like these functionalities might be too complicated to handle, you need not worry as this platform is navigated via a drag-and-drop function.

To top it all off, Sisense also supports REST API capabilities so you can easily use it alongside your existing business systems. This way, it is much simpler to collect data on the different aspects of your operations.

If you’re interested in this platform, be sure to sign up for a Sisense free demo. By doing so, you will get a more in-depth perspective as to what this data analysis solution has to offer.

Price Range: Sisense is only available on a by-quote basis. Kindly contact the vendor for more information about their subscription rates.

Detailed Sisense Review

Key Features of Sisense:

  1. It uses an award-winning in-chip technology for more effective CPU cache memory usage.
  2. It has a single-stack system that will help you do everything from data exploration to visualization without relying on third-party systems.
  3. It is equipped with OEM white-labeling so you can customize its interface according to your company branding.
  4. It uses web-based dashboards with crowd accelerated BI technology to help you manage multiple queries simultaneously.
  5. It is equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality for added security.

5. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

salesforce analytics cloud dashboard example

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a cloud-hosted platform that enables faster data discovery and analysis for mid-sized and large businesses. Through the software, teams can sift through huge amounts of data to find answers to complex business questions. The software also presents data through AI models that are easier for any user in the organization to understand.

Aside from these AI models, Salesforce Analytics Cloud also allows users to create stories, datasets, and even apps out of data in the system. The platform comes with various templates that can be used to build apps for getting best-practice datasets, dashboards, and KPIs. Through these apps, users get immediate access to the data and metrics they need to be more productive and boost business success.

Moreover, Salesforce Analytics Cloud offers robust mobile apps for iOS and Android. These apps allow users to view asset information and explore datasets and widgets on their mobile devices, among other features.

Price Range: Salesforce Analytics Cloud is available at various pricing plans, ranging from $75 per user per month to $150 per user per month. The software also has a free trial that lets you take a test drive of its features.

Detailed Salesforce Analytics Cloud Review

Key Features of Salesforce Analytics Cloud:

  1. The platform can efficiently handle data from a wide range of internal and external sources, including Salesforce and Google Analytics.
  2. The platform’s capabilities are supported by no-code AI, so users can benefit from one-click storytelling, narrative explanations, and automated data discovery.
  3. Users can build AI-powered apps from templates or from scratch through the software’s app designer.
  4. Salesforce Analytics Cloud can be used on iOS and Android, and users will be able to drill down into datasets using mobile devices.
  5. The software makes it easy to share data through live, interactive dashboards and annotation tools.

6. Looker

Looker dashboard example

Looker is a web-based data discovery platform trusted by over 700 companies across the globe. Serving as a single source of truth when it comes to business data, this software provides you with everything from exploration tools to visualization options. With it, you can pull data from different sources, analyze them according to your set parameters, and generate custom reports on them in real-time. What’s more is that it has great in-app discussions and permission roles to reinforce collaboration in your team.

In addition to its comprehensive set of tools, Looker also prides itself on its user-friendly interface that supports SQL knowledge for custom visualizations as well as drag-and-drop navigation for low-code customizations. It even has a language-based approach to queries so that execution is much easier. To top it all off, the entire software solution is mobile-ready which means you get to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Should you want to learn more about what platform has to offer, sign up for a Looker free demo. This should give you a clearer understanding of its strengths and weaknesses as well as help you determine whether or not it will be able to meet your requirements.

Price Range: Looker is available by quote. If you’d like a customized plan, be sure to get in touch with their representatives and discuss your data analysis requirements with them.

Detailed Looker Review

Key Features of Looker:

  1. It has self-service, low-code features for filtering, pivoting, visualization, and dashboard creation, making it great for novice users.
  2. It comes with an extensible modeling language which allows you to customize your data exploration process.
  3. It can support live connection to any SQL database so it is easier for you to pull the data you need.
  4. It is equipped with modern IDE to allow you to perform agile development and embellishment.
  5. It provides users with mobile-ready collaboration features.

7. Reveal

REVEAL Dashboard

Reveal is a powerful data analytics and visualization software that is purposely designed for SMBs and large enterprises. Primarily, the platform enables users to analyze data and create visualizations that power faster and better data-backed decision-making. Besides, it enables independent software vendors to add powerful data analytics and data visualizations to their existing apps. 

Moreover, Reveal is designed to be developer-first, cloud-first, and mobile-first. Beyond the innovative UI frameworks, it comes with native SDKs that enable users to add analytics and deliver exceptional experience across devices. Besides, Reveal’s stunning visualizations enable software vendors and companies to transform their app’s UX. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.


What’s more, Reveal has a drag-and-drop interface that’s designed to help users create stunning dashboards with ease. Users can create various types of dashboards including digital marketing, sales metrics dashboards, KPIs, and much more. The best part is that it’s a breeze for users to annotate charts to underscore vital data points. 

Price Range: Reveal offers simple, transparent pricing which starts from $9.99/user/month (billed monthly) all the way up to $99.99/user/year. 

On the other hand, the embedded analytics platform offers predictable pricing that features no user or usage tiers. Reveal’s plans can be bought at a subscription rate of $50,000/year or $40,000/year (for a 3-year subscription). In addition, users can make one upfront payment of $90,000 for the 3-year subscription plan. 

Detailed Reveal Review

Key Features of Reveal:

  1. It includes stunning visual dashboards that deliver an exceptional experience to the end-users.
  2. It’s purposely designed for software vendors, SMBs, and large enterprises that want to embed analytics and data visualization into their app.
  3. It makes it easy to connect to multiple data sources thanks to powerful in-memory data source technology.
  4. Its control filters enable software vendors and businesses to determine the features that their end-users can see.
  5. It allows users to leverage machine learning methods to pinpoint and display predictions.

8. Board

Board dashboard

Board is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that unifies data discovery, analytics, simulation, planning, and corporate performance management functions in a single platform. Through its robust automation functions, Board makes critical decision-making processes faster and easier through the different stages, including data discovery, in-depth analysis, generating and distributing reports, and many others.

This software solution is also equipped with a powerful toolkit that allows users to design and create their simulation models and other applications. Moreover, users can also automate predictive modeling using its very own cutting-edge solution called Board BEAM. In terms of integrations, Board seamlessly integrates with MS Office tools, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Despite its seemingly complex structure, Board is designed to be user friendly. It provides users with self-service features and easy-to-use tools, so they can navigate the platform even without technical assistance from an IT expert. As for customer support, Board users can use the blog page, community portal, training options, and more.

Price Range: Board’s pricing is available by quote. You can request a quotation by getting in touch with their representatives who will help you come up with the best custom plan that fits your business and budget.

Detailed Board Review

Key Features of Board:

  1. Board allows you to design and create visuals of your data analyses as well as applications within seconds and without technical support.
  2. You can create your simulation models and applications from scratch.
  3. Board seamlessly integrates with MS Office, which makes it easier for users who prefer the Office tools and environment.
  4. Board’s reporting feature is equipped with advanced alerting and broadcasting functions, individual report customization, CPM reporting, and planning capabilities.
  5. Board is versatile enough to cater to the business intelligence needs and requirements of any type of business across various industries, such as financial and professional services, retail, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and more.

9. Yellowfin

Yellowfin dashboard example

Yellowfin is an end-to-end business intelligence stack purpose-built to generate insights on your company performance. Equipped with powerful yet easily navigable tools, this platform empowers users to create analytical, operational, or strategic dashboards so that they can monitor all aspects of their business with ease. With it, users can easily get custom data visualization for the analysis they have performed as well as build interactive presentations that will better relay the information they want to share.

In case these tools still come off as basic to you, Yellowfin offers open API capabilities. This way, you can extend the platform’s features as you see fit as well as combine it with your existing systems for a more streamlined user experience.

If you are interested in trying out what this software solution has to offer, be sure to sign up for a Yellowfin free trial. This way, you can test out its features for yourself and see how it will be of help to your day-to-day operations.

Price Range: Yellowfin offers multiple enterprise packages depending on what kinds of data analysis tools you need. These can range from $10/user/month to $50/user/month and there are also plans only available by quote.

Detailed Yellowfin Review

Key Features of Yellowfin:

  1. It has an impressive data visualization feature that supports over 50 chart types so you can understand your data in the right perspective.
  2. It consolidates all types of data from multiple sources so you can get a clearer and more accurate
  3. It comes with collaborative BI tools so that sharing analysis results is easier and working on a report simultaneously is a breeze.
  4. It provides users with modules for assisted insights and fully-integrated presentations.
  5. It is equipped with fine-grained security tools.

10. IBM Analytics

IBM Analytics dashboard example

IBM Analytics is a comprehensive data analytics system trusted by businesses, analytics leaders, IT professionals, data scientists, as well as financial planning analysts. Equipped with tools ranging from descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics, this will help you find opportunities, drive efficiency, and make smarter decisions. It can even speed up and fine-tune your analysis process with its comprehensive automation options and blind spots identification tools.

Another thing about IBM Analytics is that it encompasses the functionalities of both IBM Watson and IBM Cognos in a sense that it can help you with both data exploration and analysis. What makes it unique is that it is purpose-built for businesses who want to perform anticipative analytics. This makes it easier to improve operational processes as well as mitigate potential issues in your workflow.

Detailed IBM Business Analytics Review

Price Range: IBM Business Analytics offers subscription packages that are only available by quote. For more information, get in touch with the vendor’s representatives.

Key Features of IBM Analytics:

  1. It serves as an integrated suite of business analytics tools.
  2. It allows users to automate the planning processes involved in data analysis.
  3. It has a system that will allow you to identify blind spots in your process that could compromise your analytics.
  4. It comes with a root cause detection feature that will dig for underlying factors that may affect your data analyses.
  5. It comes with an anticipative analytics module which is great for companies who want to take on a more proactive approach in terms of data analysis.


MATLAB dashboard example

MATLAB is a programming, modeling, and simulation software created for businesses, freelance researchers, and students. Like other analysis platforms, this tool is capable of helping you dig deeper into your data and understand the whats, hows, and whys of your project performance. What sets it apart is that it utilizes computer-aided engineering systems to allow you to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models. It also comes with robust modules for deep learning, digital signal processing, image processing, and quantitative risk management.

Available for deployment on-premise, this is a great tool for those who do not want their data to be accessible outside the workplace. However, this also means it is not capable of consolidating data from multiple systems automatically and it doesn’t perform real-time analysis of your data, which might not be ideal if you’re dealing with critical, time-sensitive information.

Detailed MATLAB Review

Price Range: MATLAB offers a standard plan for businesses that can be purchased at a subscription rate of $940/year or at a perpetual licensing price of $2350. They also offer home licenses and student licenses starting at $25 USD.

Key Features of MATLAB:

  1. It has a computer-aided engineering system at its core, allowing you to have the flexibility you need as you analyze data and develop algorithms.
  2. It comes with extensive libraries of reference-standard algorithms.
  3. It has a highly configurable interface but it is easy enough to use, even for those with limited technical knowledge.
  4. It can deploy risk model stacks that will allow you to pinpoint any operational issues as you implement new algorithms.
  5. It has the capability to design algorithms, model real-world systems, as well as generate new codes which is great for engineers.

12. IBM Watson

IBM Watson dashboard example

IBM Watson is an enterprise platform that conducts fast researches using AI and machine learning. Complete cloud-hosted and mobile-ready, it offers tools ranging from discovery acceleration and condition monitoring to liabilities detection and risk mitigation. That said, it has the capability to generate insights on how you can optimize team workload, make more proactive business decisions, and identify issues before they even materialize. What’s more is that IBM Watson offers business-specific functions for businesses in different sectors such as healthcare, energy, consumer engagement, finance, and education, so you can get more targeted data analysis options for your company.

Unlike the other two IBM products on this list, IBM Watson puts emphasis on exploring new data and determining which details are useful. It is particularly helpful if you want to look for information with no edges. This is because its algorithms are designed to look for relevancy and to assess value.

Price Range: IBM Watson offers different pricing plans depending on your storage and feature requirements. Prices range from $30/user/month to $80/user/month.

Key Features of IBM Watson:

  1. It is built to accelerate discovery, research, and analysis to help you get down to the bottom line faster.
  2. It comes with a language translator and natural language classifiers, making it ideal for international companies.
  3. It offers tools such as liabilities detection and risk mitigation which is great for business-critical insights.
  4. It comes with knowledge management tools to help you archive your data analysis results
  5. It can support domain-specific research.

Find the Ideal Data Analysis Tool for Your Company

There you have it: our top 12 data analysis for Mac. Hopefully, this guide was able to give you a good idea of what kinds of data analysis tools you can purchase for your Mac computers as well as which one is most suitable for your operations.

Still undecided about which data analysis solution to choose? We highly recommend trying out Board. This platform is one the most popular options on the market and for good reason. It gives users a wide range of business intelligence and data analysis tools. Moreover, it comes with with a low-code interface so even tech-averse users can learn it quickly. To get a better idea of whether or not this is suitable for your operations, you can sign up for a Board free demo.

In case you are looking to try out data analysis for the first time and don’t want to spend too much money on platform yet, you can also check out our list of free business intelligence software.

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