Pros and Cons of Freshservice: Analysis of the Popular ITSM Tool

Companies of all sizes and from all industries will usually place reliable customer support on top of their B2B priorities, and for good reason. Prompt response and delivery will not only lead to a more satisfied customer community, but also provide valuable insights that help understand what your clients are really expecting.

It was customer support software that imposed the partnership trend between businesses and their customers, and turned it into a differentiation criteria between good and great providers. In this arena of rising expectations, one system made a remarkable breakthrough convincing our experts that they’ve genuinely found a ‘one-size-fits-all’ IT service management system. The name of this product is Freshservice, and it belongs to a well-known productivity software family used all around the world. In this article we’ll have a look at Freshservice in more detail and analyze its pros and cons to give you a better understanding of its capabilities. Hopefully this will help you decide if it’s the right solution for your company.

What is Freshservice?

Freshservice is a robust IT support and ticketing system developed as a plug-and-play widget for ITIL departments from all industries. Another way to look at it is as a universal service desk that operates via several channels, and automates incident management with an array of advanced tools. At the same time, it is one of the very few systems in this category that focus on analyzing problems and preventing damage, rather than tackling an issue once it has gone too far affecting your mundane tasks.


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As our experts like to put it, Freshservice is a prevention-solution system applicable in any corporate scenario, including ones where a ticketing desk is already in place. The system is affordable and welcomed at any stage of your market operation, be it serving few local customers per month or thousands of them worldwide. Instead of adopting a problem-by-problem precedent mechanism, Freshservice works around changes rollback and risk analysis, and that’s how it prevents approximately 80% of all IT issues. From a technician’s perspective, this means investing at least 50% less effort into serving customers, and still getting grasp on some excellent satisfaction rates.

How exactly does Freshservice enhance customer support? Most of the system’s functionality rotates around incident management mechanism, as it takes the lead on all support channels you have available, and connects your team for timely assistance and instant service. Once an issue has been detected, Freshservice analyzes the root cause and records it as an error, suggesting at the same time the most feasible solution for it. Freshservice is also a great alternative to plan, track, and rollback changes, so that you will always have a clear overview of the risk involved. It will even allow you to prepare your own rollback plan for unexpected incidents, and distribute CAB approval requests without even abandoning the platform.

Is Freshservice the perfect solution for your business? To help you come up with an answer, we’ve compared the pros and cons of this popular provider. It might also be a good idea to try out the great free trial plan offered by the vendor to see the software in action yourself. You can easily sign up for Freshservice free trial here.

Key Advantages of Freshservice

Freshservice’s rationale is to build a firm bridge between companies trying to save, and customers not willing to compromise on the quality of service they’re receiving. The existence of such a bridge may sound overly romantic at this point, but that’s nonetheless what this support automation product has been doing over the years. Thus, a number of distinctive advantages can be easily related to using Freshservice, in particular for companies migrating from a traditional roll-call support tool.

This is how the benefits spectrum looks like:

24/7 Access to support

Freshservice came up with a completely cloud-hosted and hassle-free system where customers can log in at any time and from any device. The plug-and-play ITIL complies with previous cases and best practices, and therefore automates at least the half of your solutions. A number of notifications and proactive alerts will also be provided for agents not to miss prioritized issues.

Autopilot self-service portal

One of the ways in which Freshservice modernizes support delivery is by putting customer service on autopilot, and providing a 24/7 self service portal where customers can raise tickets, follow their status, request services, or simply browse a database of best practices to find an answer to their questions. Frehservice will also provide an IT service catalog where both users and agents can categorize their issues in advance to save some extra time (Access Request, Hardware Provisioning, Password Reset, New Employee Hire, Backup Service, and Software Installation).

Tracking and management of assets

Freshservice comes with a modern asset management module designed to track all of the company’s possessions form servers to basic inventory. Admins can create asset lists and configure products, so that resources are allocated in the best way possible, and only once they’ve confirmed the positive impact of their decision. By assets, we also have in mind software licenses and network infrastructures, all displayed on the same screen for better understanding.

Incident management

The core functionality of the system is reliable incident management, as the tool is enabled to capture such on all channels you’re using (chat, phone call, email, web portal, or even in person), and prioritize and route those based on their impact and urgency. At the same time, all incidents are being recorded in a database of known errors to let agents go back to them in the future and save some time. If need be, the admin can also set predefined rules and automate incident tracking, or define major incident scenarios where interference is needed right away.

Problem identification & management

As IT experts will agree, there is no such thing as a harmless IT issue. Certain problems may take a while to crash your help desk, but if not tackled in time, they certainly will eventually do that. This puts problem handling right in the center of Freshservice’s priorities – the system is easily recognizing and pinpointing negative patterns and underlying problems, and associates incidents to them by default. Whenever something like this happens, you can tackle the issue instantly and proceed by performing a comprehensive analysis, which will detect the root causes of the hiccup, and make sure it never happens again. All these mechanisms are part of the system’s smart problem management automation, which requires minimal human intervention to handle and close day-to-day issues.

Change rollback & management

Once you implement Freshservice, it will become your centralized hub for planning, tracking, and rolling back changes with unparalleled precision. With only a few clicks, you will be able to analyze and mitigate all sorts of risks before they actually put your data in danger. A unique possibility delivered by this system is to create Change Advisory Boards (CABs) where change plans and rollbacks will be directed for approval and feedback. This way, you will also ensure that everyone on the team is active and can contribute to solving a common problem.

An integrated billing system

How many tools allow you to serve a customer and bill for the service from the comfort of the very same platform? Despite running a pretty basic billing and invoicing toolkit, Freshservice makes this possible, and thus saves the pain of migrating data to a different system and the costs of acquiring one in the first place. Instead, you can track the time devoted to solving an issue, wrap up the numbers right away, and send off a personalized bill without even opening your email account.

All necessary integrations

With RESTful APIs in place, Freshservice is generally easy to connect to a variety of third-party systems, which means there will be little to no work for you to implement it in your existing software infrastructure. The list of native, premade integrations is notably long, and includes prominent names such as: Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Harvest, JIRA, Google Apps, MailChimp, Olark, Zapier, Dropbox, and many more.

Free plan for small teams

With all of its functionality in mind, we can freely say that Freshservice is an affordable IT service management system, with plans tailored to meet all business sizes, and an excellent free trial that allows users to examine what it can do. What makes the system an even better alternative for startups and small teams is the Sprout Plan which 3 users get to run for free. The plan delivers management of 100 fixed assets, all incident management capabilities, and a fully-featured self-service portal and knowledge base.

Reliable support

Another thing Freshservice is well-known for is reliable customer support. Despite of the no-brainer interface you can get your head around in minutes, the company made sure you will have access to a knowledgeable team of technicians who can be accessed at any time via phone, email, live chat, or dedicated tickets. On their website, you will find a knowledge base full of articles and useful materials, plus you can also visit their YouTube channel for entertaining video tutorials.

Availability in several languages

Last, but not least, Freshservice is available to use in several languages other than English, namely Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, and Castellano.

Disadvantages of Freshservice

Freshservice is currently one of the best-rated IT support management systems in the world, and there is little to be told to disapprove its functionality. Rather than disadvantages, this section is going to discuss areas of potential improvement based on customers’ experience.

Scalability issues for non-premium users

Freshservice is often regarded as a highly flexible system, because you get to customize most of its key processes and operations. The problem you could face here is that, developed predominantly for small and developing business, this system may not exactly cater to established enterprises. Enterprise service users, on the other hand, will definitely not experience issues of this type.

Basic billing

Due the fact that billing is not the original and predominant task of this system, many users find the billing kit to be too basic for their needs, or only suitable enough for a smaller number of customers. Nevertheless, Freshservice has the reputation of learning from its customers, and may quite likely add up some advanced billing features soon.

Usage oriented towards western geographies

Despite being available for all geographies and used worldwide, Freshservice is still not available in any of the main Asian languages.

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