Top 10 Alternatives to Clio: Leading Law Practice Management Software Solutions

Law firms are tasked with helping clients resolve their legal problems. On top of that, it’s their job to handle and organize the records of the clients and the cases. With the help of law practice management software, law firms are able to focus fully on their clients as the tool will aid them in organizing important documents and files.

Clio Alternatives

Law practice management software is capable of many tasks. Common functions shared across the top names in the software category include managing of records, scheduling of appointments, handling of deadlines, distribution of tasks, and accounting. Aside from these, most law practice tools also help firms with compliance requirements such as document retention policies, electronic filing systems.

Additionally, firms located in the UK will get the benefit of being aided with the requirements for the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules. Being knowledgeable about the laws of the land is different from running a law firm, and this is where law practice management tools come into play.

The importance of law practice management software can’t be denied. In fact, the adoption and usage of law practice management tools have been steady for the past years. According to Law Technology Today’s TECHREPORT 2018: Practice Management, 30-35% of attorneys from solo and small law firms report using the tool. Meanwhile, larger firms with up to 10 to 49 attorneys report usage of up to 62%.

The revenue generated by the legal services sector has been gradually increasing, says Statista. The annual revenue of the legal services sector was forecasted $288 billion in 2018, as compared to 2013’s $256.66 billion revenue. We can’t fully attribute that increasing revenue to the use of law practice management software alone, but we can’t deny that these tools have played a part in the increase.

What Is Clio?

Clio dashboard

One tool that law firms go to is Clio. This law practice management software gives law firms access to an array of tools to help them in their operations. The tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. For as low as $39, law firms can start getting their hands on Clio and its features. Their most expensive plan is the Elite Plan which is $99 a month. Some additional features that come with the Elite Plan include priority support, matter budgets, and campaign tracker.

The standard features shared across all plans include:

  • Document automation
  • Bank-grade security
  • Time Tracking
  • Billing
  • Legal Accounting
  • Calendars
  • Fastcase Research
  • Integrations
  • Mobile App
  • Matter Management
  • Trust Accounting

Aside from Clio, there are other good law practice management software solutions that are worth looking into, with some carrying features that Clio doesn’t have. Here are the top 10 alternatives to Clio.

Top 10 Alternatives to Clio

1. Zola Suite

zola suite dashboard

Zola Suite takes the first spot as a robust tool boasting of built-in core functionalities designed to simplify and smoothen workflows. With its native functionalities, Zola Suite steers users clear of the traps of unwieldy third-party integrations. Simple to use, it gives them the ability to get to work using just one set of log-in credentials and a single dashboard for creating invoices, sending emails, and sharing files with clients.

Zola Suite

Zola Suite

Try out Zola Suite with their free trial

Deployed using Amazon Web Services for uninterrupted access to all documents, Zola Suite is the only cloud-based legal practice management application to carry built-in email, extensive legal accounting, and billing and trust accounting features. A built-in CRM lets users manage pre-retention life cycles and processes while smart email management lets users skirt around error-prone, traditional email solutions. And while Zola Suite works well on its own, it does offer exceptional integration support should there be a need for it. Formidable with or without integrations, find out for yourself how well it measures up against these  Zola Suite alternatives.

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2. TimeSolv

TimeSolv dashboard

TimeSolv is a highly customizable software solution designed to streamline financial workflows. This powerful tool is popular among lawyers and legal teams as it offers features and functionalities that specifically address law firms’ needs, such as conflicts management. It also provides users with customizable invoice templaes, as well as LEDES billing to Client Portal with LawPay and trust accounting integration for a faster, smoother, and accurate invoicing. TimeSolv also has user-friendly interface and is accessible from various devices, which allows users to retrieve data. Its TimeSync Desktop Widget also enaables users to input time entries and expenses even offline.

In terms of integration, TimeSolv integrates with credit cad payment processing services, which makes settling payments, reviewing payment history, repleninshing trust funds, etc., easier for clients. TimeSolv also integrates with Quickbooks and other third-party solutions, such as AccountEdge, CPACharge, AffiniPay, Xero, NetDocuments, and more. For a detailed comparison with other leading law practice management software, you may check out our TimeSolv comparison with TimeSlips.

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3. PracticePanther

practicepanther dashboard example

PracticePanther offers an intuitive design and easy-to-use interface. Firms will be able to get a grasp of the software quickly. A notable feature of PracticePanther is a retainer alert that notifies firms if their client has reached a set minimum budget. The tool also doubles as a powerful legal billing software. With this, firms can see a track record of expenses to help them save time on invoicing.

Firms can even track their billing records on-the-go as PracticePanther allows users to move from one device to the other. Yet another neat feature of PracticePanther is that it allows several users in a firm to collaborate on files. Check out these PracticePanther alternatives if this software isn’t what you’re looking for.

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4. Bill4Time

bill4time dashboard example

Bill4Time functions mainly as a time tracking software. This tool makes time management in a firm easier by laying out the important details and schedules in a spreadsheet. The tool also makes handling bills and payments easier by giving users the freedom to customize their preferred billing structure. Users can even add logos and extra text to their invoices to make it look more personal and professional. Bill4Time can be integrated with various payment platforms such as PayPal, Quickbooks, and credit card processor. A firm’s clients will be able to choose from several payment options. Bill4Time can also be integrated with Dropbox to make file sharing and storing easier. Likewise, to see how intuitive this tool is, you can compare it with some of these Bill4Time alternatives.

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5. MyCase

mycase dashboard example

MyCase makes communication inside a firm a lot easier by giving them a single platform that contains features needed for information sharing. With the platform, firm owners can even see a record of the talk between a client and an attorney from the firm. MyCase also provides users with portability as the device is available for Android and iOS. The mobile versions of MyCase allow users to manage their legal documents and procedures wherever they are. The apps can even notify users of important events and updates regarding their firm or in a specific case they are tracking. Here are also a few MyCase alternatives to check out.

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6. Bilr

Bilr dashboard

Bilr is an AI-powered legal billing software that helps lawyers and law firms move away from manual timekeeping and billing processes. Voice-enabled timekeeping makes it convenient for lawyers to record billable hours wherever they are. With its case management features, lawyers always have a digital case file at their fingertips. More importantly, Bilr makes it easy to create accurate invoices from your desktop or mobile app.



Try out Bilr with their free trial

Through machine learning, Bilr detects errors by comparing your invoice against others in its massive invoice database. It then gives suggestions for you to generate a compliant invoice. As a result, law firms can see an increase of 6 to 11% in revenue and as much as a 30% increase in profit margins. If you’d like to look into more options, check out these Bilr alternatives.

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7. Firm Central

firm central dashboard example

Firm Central comes with an array of tools and features that law firms need. Some of the tasks the tool is capable of organizing documents, filing bills and invoices, scheduling, and distribution of tasks. This makes the workflow smoother in a firm as Firm Central stands as a center for all needs. As a bonus, Firm Central can be integrated with Westlaw Form Builder. With the help of Westlaw Form Builder, users will be able to organize their documents depending on a specific case or even a client. Firm Central also stores all data in Thomson Reuters’ database so the assets remain safe and secure. For more options, here are Firm Central alternatives.

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8. ActionStep

actionstep dashboard example

ActionStep gives attorneys in a firm more time to focus on cases by giving them a tool that is automated. This tool comes with an array of automated tasks including accounting, calendar management, and workflows. The automated workflows will provide users will all the information they need so documents, billing details, and file notes are always within reach. The workflows can also be customized so that it caters to what an attorney needs. ActionStep also gives users the ability to create important and quality documents like letters and wills with a few clicks. You may also check out these ActionStep alternatives if you’re unsure about this tool.

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9. CosmoLex

cosmo lex dashboard example

Another software worthy of being a part of the top 10 alternatives to Clio list is CosmoLex. This law practice management software keeps track of all the transactions and activities of the user. In doing so, it’ll be easy to backtrack on all the workload and billing procedures. CosmoLex makes use of Secure Client Portal to store the important details of a client. Partnered with other CosmoLex features such as document and email management, calendar organizer, and a case workflow organizer, the tool guarantees smooth sailing for the law firm. To cap it all of, CosmoLex has a user-friendly interface. Check out these CosmoLex alternatives as well.

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10. Rocket Matter

rocket matter dashboard example

Rocket Matter keeps users easily integrated with the tool by providing them with a user-friendly interface. Despite being intuitive, Rocket Matter still gives users a chance to avail a user training. Through this popular tool, attorneys will be able to organize their files, schedules, and tasks. In terms of tasks organizing, Rocket Matter allows the users to rank their tasks so that they can see which ones need to be prioritized. Rocket Matter is also integrated with popular business tools such as Google Calendar and Outlook. All-in-all, Rocket Matter is an all-around tool for firms. You can also compare this software with Rocket Matter alternatives and see how it stacks up.

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