20 Best EHR Software Companies for Electronic Health Records

What is the best EHR software?
The best EHR software is TherapyNotes because it offers a complete feature set that covers digital note-taking, electronic billing, and appointment scheduling. It even comes with its own patient portal to make it easier for patients to get in touch with their physician.

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely changed a lot of aspects of healthcare. Providers needed to find ways to streamline their health services and most had to speed up their adoption of digital processes, including EHR systems.

As gleaned from its purpose and function, the use of EHR software is far more efficient and advantageous than paper records because it allows you to track patient data over time, add or update information, monitor how patients respond to treatment, identify patients due for screenings, and improve the overall quality of healthcare and service, among others. In this article, we’ll present to you the 20 best EHR software as selected by our SaaS experts.

20 Best EHR Software Companies

The past few years saw a significant increase in the adoption of EHR by healthcare providers. In fact, the adoption rate for EHR currently stands at 89%. Among the many reasons contributing to this is the need for fast data retrieval and cross-department data sharing.

As adoption continues to grow, it is projected that the global EHR/EMR market will reach $34 billion by 2022. Indeed, health record management is changing dramatically as more healthcare providers and professionals are embracing the benefits that EHR provides.

Source: Statista

Currently, there are around 1,000 vendors and products that offer this type of solution. We’ve narrowed down the choices to help you assess which solution is the most suitable for your healthcare organization.

1. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes dashboard example

TherapyNotes tops our list for being robust and intuitive and featuring smart tools across scalable plans. The cloud-hosted mental/behavioral health software was launched in 2010 by a company based in Pennsylvania, USA and is now a leading vendor in the niche. The software combines EHR and practice management solutions to help therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other such professionals streamline the way they manage their behavioral health practice. Currently, TherapyNotes is being used by more than 30,000 mental health practitioners who take advantage of its five primary features – patient notes, scheduling and to-do list, electronic billing, patient portal, and security.

TherapyNotes’ premium tool is its digital note-taking built for speed and uniquely designed for therapy, counseling, psychology, social work, and psychiatry. It is a smart form-based notes system that comes with specialty templates that you can customize to come up with your progress and termination notes, treatment plans, psychological evaluations, and many others. It simplifies your note-taking process through autofills of note fields for commonly entered information; pull down menus and checkboxes; and searchable ICD 10 diagnosis codes. The system integrates with leading dictation apps for speedier note-taking. The scheduling and to-do list provides a calendar view of appointments and helps you track the activities of clinicians and staff, enabling you to streamline day-to-day tasks.

Detailed TherapyNotes Review

Other features include electronic billing and credit card processing for timely payments, patient portal for communication and sharing of information with patients and clients, history view, reporting tool, spellchecker, mental health dictionary, PDF downloadable notes, calendar sync, smartphone sync, appointment reminders, online storage, multi user/location support, electronic insurance claims, automatic updates, backups and disaster recovery, and compliance and security. All of these features are provided in one easy-to-use platform that can be accessed on any web browser, any operating system, and any internet-connected device. Several pricing plans are available to meet the requirements of all types and sizes of mental health practice.

2. Care360

Care360 dashboard example

Care360 is marketed under the brand Quanum by Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic information services and solutions. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, and in 2017 was ranked 366 in the Fortune 500 list while in 2018 it was named by the magazine to the “World’s Most Admired Companies” list in the healthcare industry. Quanum’s Care 360 is a comprehensive and fully mobile EHR system designed to make your medical practice more efficient and profitable. The software lets you access a nationwide network of more than 450,000 clinicians in over 130,000 offices that use the system.

Detailed Care360 Review

Care360 EHR can be used by small clinics, multi-specialty facilities, and even large medical institutions to provide patient care from any location without sacrificing security and accuracy of their services. It comes with solutions to increase efficiency, streamline workflows, reduce error rates, and meet Meaningful Use qualification. It has modules for patient scheduling, medical billing, lab management, e-prescribing, charting, patient flow, analytics and reporting, and more. It includes features such as appointment email reminders, voice recognition, clinical messaging, customizable templates, and patient portal, among others. Its patient flow feature allows medical staff to document all encounter with the patient, track facility movement, file clinical status, and log demographics to the patient’s personal health records.

Care360 is fully cloud-hosted which means no complicated system set-up and maintenance is needed. It can run on Windows and Mac systems and offers access to patient information anytime, anywhere with its mobile apps. Medical records are safeguarded with high level data security and advanced cloud architecture with redundant backups. Overall, Care360 affords you a robust solution compliant with regulatory requirements to enable you to provide safe and quality health care services to your patients while improving processes and potentials for better revenues.

3. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion dashboard example

Practice Fusion is designed to connect doctors, patients, and data. It is billed as the most connected network in healthcare that brings together not only doctors and patients but also over 600 labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, health systems, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem to help coordinate care and improve patient outcomes. Since 2005, the U.S.-based company has expanded its ability to aggregate clinical data in order to provide insights that deliver better, safer and more efficient care. For its efforts and innovation, it was named a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum in 2013 and 2014.

Detailed Practice Fusion Review

Practice Fusion is a web-based unified EHR platform that includes functionalities for charting, scheduling, billing, e-prescribing, lab integrations, secure messaging, and others. Its smart charting features adapt to your workflows to save you time by minimizing data re-entry with shortcuts and a library of customizable templates. Meanwhile, the e-prescribe function lets you manage medication orders, refill requests, and pharmacy communication from any location to help your patients get their medication quickly. You also get to streamline administrative tasks since the system can manage appointments to reduce no-shows and speed up check-ins. Likewise, you’ll be able to boost your revenues by getting paid faster with flexible billing options. You can integrate the EHR with popular cloud-based billing services or use your current billing workflow to print, export or securely send bills electronically to an outside biller.

The system can automatically track multiple indicators and diagnoses to identify at-risk patients and improve care and patient outcomes. You get to measure those outcomes through access to performance dashboards. Since it is completely cloud-hosted, Practice Fusion can be set up in five minutes and its Patients Portal makes it easy for your patients to access their medical history and personal information anytime.

4. Cerner EMR

Cerner EMR dashboard example

Cerner EMR is a product of a health information technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Cerner solutions are currently being used by more than 27,000 health care providers in over 35 countries worldwide. The company’s premiere EMR application is the Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR that is meant to streamline the workflow of physicians and nurses, reduce costs, and improve patient safety. The EHR system is equipped with powerful features to help physicians and healthcare organizations deliver efficient and effective patient care practices.

Detailed Cerner EMR Review

Designed as a flexible EHR platform, Cerner EMR can be deployed on-site or on cloud and applicable for use by small to large practices. It is built to enhance the coordination of patient care and documentation by allowing healthcare providers access to an enterprise-view of clinical information. Cerner EMR offers dynamic documentation tools that eliminate the doubling of charting information, enabling you to automatically transfer information into different areas of a patient’s health record through various inputting methods such as free text, voice recognition, structured, and code words.

The EMR has auto-texting function that pulls up pre-completed information by using triggers which are codes up of letters, unique characters, or a combination of them. You can apply auto-texting to any free text fields in the software and any information you input can be saved as an auto-text. It reduces documentation burden of physicians and staff, saving them valuable time. Cerner EMR supports integration with pharmacies and labs for speedy processing of medication prescription refills as well as quick sending of orders and receiving of lab results. In addition, patients can send secure messages to providers and staff through a portal, empowering patients to be more proactive in communicating with their providers and physicians.

5. Optum Physician EMR

Optum Physician EMR dashboard example

Optum Physician EMR is a cloud-hosted solution developed by Optum, a health services and innovation company based in Minnesota, USA, with over 150 offices around the world. The EMR solution is HIPPA-compliant and CCHIT-certified, and accessible through an online gateway. It is intended to strengthen Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) by promoting a value-based system of care for medical practices. Moreover, Optum Physician EMR is designed to detect, assess, measure and refine every stage of the health care journey to realize the triple aim of providing health care – improve patient outcomes, increase loyalty and retention, and growth your medical practice business.

Detailed Optum Physician EMR Review

Optum Physician EMR brings you features for analytics, workflow automation, advance clinical documentation, and accurate quality measures. It allows physicians to easily access medical records at the point of care through its customizable chart summaries, templates with guidelines user-friendly dashboard, analytics and reporting, as well as and practice management functionalities. The platform’s dashboard enables healthcare providers to check and monitor their progress in meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use such as recording demographics, maintaining active problem list, keeping clinical summaries, generating transcripts, checking drug interaction, and safeguarding health information, among others.

The software includes a progress indicator to determine the extent of what have been accomplished so far in reaching the Meaningful Use target goal, ensuring compliance to in support of the ACO model system of care. The system also has a claims management feature, enabling you to check and review claims before submitting them to payers. To lessen unbilled and uncovered revenue and mitigate the risk of denials, claims undergo automatic pre screening for clinical errors and clinical coding. It helps reduce administrative cost while boosting revenues for your business.

6. EpicCare

EpicCare dashboard example

EpicCare is an EMR solution from Epic Systems Corporation, a leading healthcare software company founded in 1979 with its current office and facilities in Verona, Wisconsin, USA. It also has offices in more than half a dozen countries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Epic’s products cater to large healthcare organizations and academic medical centers. According to the company, hospitals use its EMR software for 54% of all patients in the U.S. and 2.5% of patients worldwide. The largest managed care organization in the U.S, and some of the biggest hospitals around the globe utilize Epic’s electronic records system.

Detailed EpicCare Review

The above speaks a lot about EpicCare. Hence, it was designed to handle the most voluminous and complex medical records and data. It provides you a health recording solution with advanced features and powerful functionalities, smart workflow design, and an integrated platform for chart review, documentation, and order management. Despite its sophistication, EpicCare is designed to be a physician-friendly application that brings together clinical and revenue cycle management systems into an EMR solution that streamlines workflow, enhances patient health care delivery, and the simplifies admin tasks like tracking of bills, invoices, and, payments.

The system’s multiple user capability allows physicians and staff to simultaneously work on the same documents. Being web-based, both physicians and patients can access important clinical information anytime. The software offers the use of predictive analytics and smart decision support tools which are useful when documenting patient encounter such as in taking notes of symptoms and suggesting possible outcomes based on those notes. It can help physicians apply cost-effective treatments and coordinate with external providers for the purpose of resolving care gaps. EpicCare also enables consolidation of clinic bills and outstanding balances of patients for fast payment, as well as manage revenue cycle.

7. Office Ally EHR 24/7

Office Ally EHR 24/7 dashboard example

Office Ally EHR 24/7 is an EHR software from Office Ally, Inc., a company from Vancouver, Washington, that develops Internet-based solutions. The software is designed to empower physicians to be more effective and streamline the office workflow so that they can spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. It is a cross platform solution that works on any operating system and since it is web based, you can have access to patient records anytime, anywhere with whatever internet-connected device.

Detailed Office Ally EHR Review

EHR 24/7 provides a comprehensive electronic health records management system that includes features such as records scanning, dictation, e-prescribing, online ordering and receiving of lab results; real-time results reporting, and more. Together with the Patient Ally solution, it offers a patient health records Web portal which allows providers to gather patients’ personal health information. As a complete solution, it takes care of handling patient care from the point of contact in the physician’s office to receiving payment from the insurance companies, and providing overall care management from the IPAs and health plans.

The Online Claim Entry tool of EHR 24/7 lets you create CMS1500, UB04, and ADA claims on your website or use your existing software to create and submit claims electronically, making the process more manageable and well-organized. The EHR application’s interface is flexible and can be tailored to your workflow and provide you the data you need. The system can generate reports and automatically reflect changes made by you or your staff. Its billing features allow providers to customize the billing any way they want such as populating sections that are relevant to specific practices. EHR 24/7 also makes it easier for doctors and laboratories to communicate and collaborate with online sending of test requests and receiving of lab results.

8. InteGreat EHR

InteGreat EHR dashboard example

InteGreat EHR is an online EHR platform from McKesson Technology Solutions, a worldwide provider of healthcare IT services and solutions based in Georgia, USA. Together with the other core business which is Distribution Solutions, McKesson is a big conglomerate, ranked #5 on Fortune 500. Its InteGreat EHR is one of dozens of solutions offered by the company. It allows physicians and their staff to optimize their workflows with a complete set of patient management tools. In addition, the software offers clinical decision support for healthcare practices.

Detailed InteGreat EHR Review

With the EHR, you have a flexible platform with automated workflows to help you deliver efficient and effective patient care provide. It is equipped with advanced features to ensure that tasks such as coding and reporting are accurate and up-to-date. It even has gesture and handwriting recognition functions to allow physicians and staff to quickly note encounters and observations and other relevant information, facilitating speedy transfer of information to other users so they could act immediately and accordingly. InteGreat EHR provides simplified coding and reporting functions that are compliant with federal and state reporting standards, making sure that health workers accurately input data into the system and at the correct level. Moreover, the solution provides regular updates to further increase productivity with up-to-date management tools.

InteGreat EHR brings together electronic health record functionality, clinical decision support and patient management tools to enable you to perform the tasks that matter most – delivering patient care. It is implemented as a cloud SaaS, browser-based solution for anywhere, anytime access to help you manage your practice with optimal efficiency – from managing patient records and clinical workflows to coding and reporting.

9. Kareo Clinical

Kareo Clinical dashboard example

Kareo Clinical is an electronic health record (EHR) keeper from McKesson, a global provider of healthcare technology solutions. The software allows medical workers to easily input notes and prescriptions such as patient encounters and managing incoming and outgoing patients at the same time. The simplified note-taking feature includes all relevant patient information such as prescribed medications and previous surgical operations. This enable enables health professionals to immediately find the information they need and input additional data quickly and accurately, saving them time when searching for patient profiles.

Detailed Kareo Clinical Review

The solution offers convenient e-prescribing that assists physicians in finding the most affordable medications, letting patients follow physician’s prescription orders while saving money at the same time. It is a paperless workflow process with Kareo Clinical since it is a cloud-based platform that is accessible to health workers anywhere even while they make their rounds and consult with patients. Any notes they make can be recorded immediately in the application. Kareo Clinical also offers superbill creation wherein once a patient’s assessment is keyed into the chart, the software automatically reflects this in the superbill. A complete dashboard takes care of showing users important tasks at a glance. They can even view a list of tasks embedded in their customizable calendar.

Physicians, health workers and patients can communicate with each other securely through the platform. The interface allows doctors to send private messages to their patients at any time and collaborate with their assistants remotely. Kareo Clinical works on any internet connected device and browser, and ideal for healthcare businesses of all sizes. It is available on a quote-based subscription plan.

10. TouchWorks EHR

TouchWorks EHR dashboard example

TouchWorks EHR is a cloud-based electronic health care record system targeted at medium-size to large practices as well as multi-specialty clinics and academic medical centers. The software is made by Allscripts, a noted American company that provides healthcare IT solutions. Designed with the capability to integrate with other software systems through its APIs and built to offer a mobile EHR solution to physicians ideally for ambulatory settings, TouchWorks EHR supports ICD-10 Coding and is Meaningful Use compliant.

Detailed TouchWorks EHR Review

TouchWorks EHR is meant to improve the efficiency of physicians and their nursing assistants through functionalities such as allowing them to generate clinical notes and control their content according to their preference, view charts in different ways, and perform fast and accurate documentation, ordering, prescribing, and diagnosis. A notable feature of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR is its workflow automation to help physicians and their staffs manage tasks. The EHR system displays task list and task bucket for easy access and viewing of patient worklist to verify patient results, lab tests, Rx renewal requests, as well as staff messages. Physicians can view direct prescription referrals from pharmacies and approve or deny refill requests from patients. The patient worklist also shows required action items that physicians can view and respond to, and comment on messages sent by nursing assistants.

The software is capable of flexible note taking where users can add note forms inside a note, enabling physicians to pull up specialty-specific note forms created or loaded in the system. If the physician wants to add a note form related to particular problem under the history of present illness, it’s as simple as pulling up all the appropriate forms. As with other Allscripts solutions, the EHR software can be cloud hosted or deployed on-premise and offered on a quote-based plan.

11. NextGen Ambulatory EHR

NextGen Ambulatory EHR dashboard example

NextGen Ambulatory EHR is an electronic health record solution designed for small practices, group practices, and health systems. It is a product of NextGen Health Information Systems, a Pennsylvania-based computer software company that develops and sells electronic health record solutions and practice management systems to the healthcare industry. It is intended to help clinicians balance profitability with the changing requirements and processes in healthcare. The EHR software is HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use certified, giving healthcare providers and physicians a smart, fast, and easy to use healthcare information system.

Detailed NextGen Healthcare Review

NextGen Ambulatory EHR offers convenient access to medical records, allowing ambulatory care organizations to attain higher levels of interoperability by enhancing data exchange between patients, providers, payers, health registries, and other organizations. It lessens dependence on IT while enabling medical practices with different specialties to reduce costs, prevent errors, and increase productivity. The solution is capable of organizing medical records and information, letting you view everything on one dashboard. You can configure the display of information and specify the viewable content including workflow, problems, medications, procedures, and referral.

You also get to change the settings for formulary and customize drug information such as chemical name, display only drug, display OTC Meds, and on formulary only. You can select templates and document types of your preference for easy organizing of medical records. Another nifty feature of NextGen Ambulatory EHR is its workflow screen which provides a view of clinical tasks, appointments, and clinical appointment queue. You can create, update, and reassign tasks as well as access information on patient allergies, problems, diagnoses and medications. The software works with kinds of OS and can be cloud hosted or installed on local computers.

12. PointClickCare

PointClickCare dashboard example

PointClickCare is a cloud-based electronic health record solution designed for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry. it was developed by the PointClickCare Corp., a Canadian company that offers SaaS platforms to handle the business functions of skilled nursing and senior living facilities, including care delivery management, financial management, business intelligence and analytics, and quality and compliance. The unified solution provides you everything you need to manage the business of care from one simple, connected platform.

Detailed PointClickCare Review

PointClickCare comes with features and tools aimed at improving business performance and quality of care delivery such as patients’ document management, reimbursement accuracy, data entry, and simplifying the regulatory burden. Whether you operate a skilled nursing home, CCRCs, senior living, or home and community-based services space, PointClickCare’s platform provides a competitive edge via coordinated care delivery and service excellence regardless of the size of your practice. It is a collaborative platform that not only streamlines workflows but also provides the right tools to manage a care business. Your care teams can prioritize caring for patients through user-friendly functionalities including medication management, point of care (POC), nutrition management, practitioner engagement, and secure conversations. All functionalities allow collaborators to share insights on care plans and accelerate the decision-making process for fast and accurate care delivery.

A noteworthy feature is the business analytic module that provides you reports, PointClickCare analytics, protracking analytics, and MDS analytics. All these are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard that gives you real-time task list and notifications, enabling you to take immediate actions to address the most critical care concerns. The BI and analytics convert raw data into powerful insights that contribute greatly towards quality care delivery. PointClickCare is ideal for small and medium businesses and offered through quote-based plans.

13. Allscripts EHR

Allscripts EHR dashboard example

Allscripts EHR is an open-platform electronic health records solution from Allscripts, a leading American provider of healthcare technology solutions. The EHR is meant to create a connected and open health community by bringing all information sources together into harmony. The solution provides sophisticated workflows and e-prescribing functions to help streamline administrative tasks and allow healthcare providers to focus more on their core services instead of worrying about routine admin tasks. The two differ in target users.

Detailed Allscripts EHR Review

Allscripts Professional EHR is tailored to the requirements of physician practices and small to midsize ambulatories. It is designed to drive care coordination more effectively with other providers and health systems that serve your patients. The at-a-glance views allow you to manage your practice more efficiently, and the easy-to-use and customizable interface you efficiently manage the financial health of your company. It includes features for daily planning, streamlining workflows, monitoring appointments, ordering lab test and results, and managing treatments, all through a single dashboard.

It also offers robust financial and clinical functionalities to help you deliver better patient care while effectively managing your financials and admin support. It has a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage routine task such as e-prescribing, clinical documentation, and mobile access. The configurable clinical desktop offers clinical decision support and several care guides to enable you to achieve significant clinical results. The EHR solution can be deployed on premise or on cloud and is offered as quote-based SaaS.

14. Sunrise Acute Care

Sunrise Acute Care dashboard example

Sunrise Acute Care is another interdisciplinary and advanced clinical solution by Allscripts, a publicly traded American company founded in 1986 and based in Chicago, Illinois, that provides physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health record technology. The company boasts of over 180,000 physician users of its solutions in 2,700 hospitals. The Sunrise software includes comprehensive tools such as CPOE, advanced decision guiding, flowsheet, clinical summary views, note documentation and other important workflows which help organizations enhance patient care in acute setting through coordinated processes.

Detailed Sunrise Acute Care Review

The core clinical function applies evidence-based guidelines to improve workflows at enterprise level. It allows healthcare providers to improve their quality scores and clinical outcomes which translate to improved margins, standardized processes, and reduction of adverse events. It likewise ensures that organizations meet today’s regulations and are equipped to face future challenges. Sunrise Acute Care also offers complete visibility on workflows, helping businesses reduce costs and ensure quality patient care. The sophisticated workflows anticipate your day and provide multiple “at-a-glance” views to help you run your practice. It provides you with the right information at the right time, helping you implement processes and workflows, and saving you time in managing information. From a customized, easy-to-use interface, you can manage your patients’ clinical care as well as you organization’s financial health.

Sunrise Acute Care’s features set includes EHR, COPE, note documentation, clinical summary views, coordinated care, evidence-based guidelines, regulatory compliance, and integrated medication management. It is cloud hosted, works on all OS, accessible by any internet-connected device, and is ideal for use by medium and large enterprises. It is offered as a quote-based subscription service.

15. Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR dashboard example

Praxis EMR is a smart cloud platform offered by a California-based company that has been in the business of providing EMR solutions for the past 25 years. Praxis EMR harnesses artificial intelligence to come up with a flexible and unique electronic medical records solution that eliminates the use of pre-conceived templates, pre-set catalogue of patients, diseases, findings and diagnoses, and pre-structured theoretical text cases. Designed with Concept Processing AI, it enables medical professionals to create, configure, and share their documents and reports according to their own personalized style.

Detailed Praxis EMR Review

One of the many highlights of Praxis EMR is the application of so called Agents that serve as AI messengers which enable doctors and physicians to do speedy charting and send reminders to their staff. Agents are incorporated into patient’s notes and can automatically store and access patient information whenever the physician encounters a new patient with a similar case. Agents operate based on the concept that cases can be classified into three types – identical, similar but not identical, and rare. Hence, Agents can generate all previous medical records apply to a new patient for quick charting. Agents can be activated to trigger reminders to staff for schedules and can learn when to deliver a message and to whom it will be sent. This AI-based approach in health records management frees medical practitioners from limitations of drop-down menus and pick lists commonly used in template-based EMR solutions.

The technology applied by Praxis EMR improves the system’s capability to become smarter and more efficient, making it a reliable solution for the practices of independent physicians, and for various specialties such as pediatrics, urology, integrated medicine, pain management, endocrinology and more. The cross-platform solution can run on any OS, ideal for SMBs, and is offered through monthly and annual subscription.

16. Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase dashboard example

Homecare Homebase is an integrated practice management platform designed for the unique requirements of post-acute care industry, including homecare, hospice, and private duty agencies of all sizes. It is a product of the HCHB Company founded in 1999 and based in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in providing mobile and cloud-based solutions to improve the clinical, operational, and financial success of homecare and hospice agencies, helping them deliver efficient and enhanced service for the wellbeing of their patients as well as keep their business viable.

Detailed Homecare Homebase Review

The HCHB solution simplifies the documentation and exchange of real-time clinical notes and patient information between field clinicians and back office, speeding up cash flow, improving the scheduling and deploying of caregivers and staff, and implementing consistent system updates for compliance to CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) regulations. It maintains interoperability with the healthcare community and has the capability to integrate with the hospital information systems used by large companies and enterprises. The solution assists in navigating the complex processes and procedures related to CMS requirements by obtaining clarifications to questions on proposed CMS changes and then formulating training and software updates when compliance issues are already addressed. This ensures that agencies are fully compliant with CMS.

Homecare Homebase also offers automation feature that streamlines management of staff schedules of home health and hospice care agencies to make sue that the right caregivers are assigned to the right patients. The solution’s integration function enables different agencies, physicians, facilities and payroll providers to do away with re-entering data as the system shares CCDs, patient data, and other information that supports commonly used message sets and protocols. HCHB runs on any web-connected device and is offered to SMBs and enterprises on a quote-based pricing plan.

17. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks dashboard example

Eclinicalworks is an EHR system aimed at streamlining workflows for healthcare providers. The cloud based software is designed and distributed by eClinicalWorks LLC, an American healthcare technology company established in 1999 to help healthcare providers reduce costs, reduce errors, and improve the quality of care. The company has emerged as one of the industry leaders with more than 130,000 doctors and nurse practitioners, and 850,000 medical professionals using its medical solutions worldwide.

Detailed eClinicalWorks Review

What differentiates eClinicalWorks is its use of a Grid Cloud that keeps your patient and practice data safe and secure, and fully accessible regardless of time, network traffic, or natural events. The system utilizes nine data centers across the country, enabling your data to travel on the shortest path possible, increasing reliability, scalability, greater uptime, and consistent high-speed access. Furthermore, the EHR doesn’t mix your data with data from other practices, keeping it private and unaffected by another practice’s upgrades or large search queries. eClinicalWorks comes with a full set of features that deliver a customizable and innovative solution for different settings including health centers, ambulatory surgical centers, primary care office, mobile clinics, hospitals, and more than other fifty specialties. It integrates with the Practice Management System to ensure smooth patient flow from time of check-in and departure/discharge.

The EHR solution offers all the regular features expected from such system such as charting, e-prescribing, appointment management, patients portal, E/M coding, Meaningful Use certification and HIPAA compliance. But there’s more, it has tools for quick orders, progress note tabs, ICD-10 search, handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and eClinical touch for mobile devices. The solution is targeted for small and medium business and comes in two enterprise pricing packages.

18. OncoEMR

OncoEMR dashboard example

OncoEMR is a completely cloud-based EHR solution for Oncology practices. It is a software product of Flatiron, a company established in 2012 with offices in New York City and San Francisco. Guided by its corporate mission of improving lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient, Flatiron offers five technology platforms revolving around the provision of Oncology care services. Flatiron’s network includes 55 community Oncology practices in 20 states, over 265 community Oncology clinics, and 13 of the top 14 therapeutic Oncology companies. Its OncoEMR has collected around 2 million active patient records which are used for research by Flatiron’s solutions.

Detailed OncoEMR Review

OncoEMR’s focus on oncology puts it in a unique position to address an underserved specialty, and Flatiron has leverage technology with the platform designed to optimize clinical decision making, reduce cost, and streamline workflows, integrating functions for ePrescribing, practice management, and (Physician Quality Reporting and Initiative) PQRI reporting. It also provides critical Oncology support tools such as document search, SureScript Certified electronic prescribing, regimen management, clinical benchmarking, and visit notes. Likewise, OncoEMR integrates with inventory systems, laboratories, practice management systems, and radio information systems (RIS).

One of the helpful tools offered by Flatiron is its data conversion and analytics that can migrate your historic EHR database, ensuring you hit the ground running on the first day you go-live with OncoEMR. Once migrated, over 150 preloaded reports will help you extract business and clinical insights such as patient wait times, drug utilization (including oral chemotherapies), unstaged patients and more, giving you the right information in the right place and preparing for the use of OncoEMR. The platform can be used by Oncology practices and companies of all sizes, offered through quote-based subscription.

19. My Clients Plus

My Clients Plus dashboard example

My Clients Plus is a practice management solution intended for institutions focusing on occupational, speech, physical therapy, behavioral, and other healthcare specialties. The solution was created in 2006 with the aim of helping health providers provide the best care for their clients, keep client information secure, streamline practices, and integrate EHR with billing capabilities. Considered as one of the foremost web-based practice management and billing software in modern healthcare industry, My Client Plus provides a solid lineup of features that include digitized client health records, EMR templates, appointment reminders, integrated online scheduling, automated client intake, support for multiple locations, and many others.

Detailed My Clients Plus Review

My Client Plus makes it easy for you to build a thriving private practice by letting you smoothly and effectively manage your everyday tasks and processes, whether you have one location or several. With the system, you can create and organize your own To-Do list and monitor your practice statistics to keep track of revenue and other important metrics. Its streamlined billing and invoicing system can electronically bill both primary and secondary insurance companies, accept credit card payments, track client and insurance payments, generate client invoices and insurance superbills, bill out of network insurance companies on behalf of clients, and so much more.

The solution offers a powerful client portal platform that brings your practice into the online world where your clients are. You can give your clients the power to control their accounts, conduct HIPAA-compliant video conferences, send and receive secure messages with file attachments, automatically email disclosure statements and forms, and allow your clients to schedule their appointments online as well as complete online clinical intake forms. My Client Plus is ideal for small and medium businesses, runs on internet connected devices, and can be availed with a monthly payment plan.

20. MDVision PM EMR

MDVision PM EMR dashboard example

MDVision PM EMR allows healthcare providers to improve the quality of their expertise and services by simplifying and streamlining various processes in practice management and electronic medical record management. This cloud-based software allows companies to run in a paperless environment or greatly minimize paper records, thus making it a breeze to access patient records and update their history. Patient scheduling automation, patient reminders, audit trails, tools for document management, electronic prescribing, and other functionalities that reduce the hassle of administrative work allows practitioners to accelerate their various workflows and focus on what matters the most: delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Detailed MDVision PM EMR Review

How to know which EHR software best fits your practice?

So, there you have it, a comprehensive list of EHR software options that can help streamline your patient record management process, which is particularly important at this time of a pandemic. At this point, you’re probably already familiar with the top EHR system companies that offer some of the most robust EHR software available today. As there are many vendors out there offering this kind of solution, we hope that this list helps make the search easier for you. The only thing you’re left to determine now is which of these is actually best for your practice.

A good way to start is to take advantage of free trials. TherapyNotes, for instance, offers one. It’s also a good practice to read the detailed reviews of each of the EHR software we listed here. Alternatively, you can also check our list of top EMR (electronic medical records) software companies

Astrid Eira

By Astrid Eira

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