Top 10 Alternatives To Jobber: Leading Field Management Service Software Solutions

Field Service Management Software (FMS)  is essential to keeping tabs on your schedule, job orders, invoices, and payments. These are now the standard feature set in any FMS software, and one of these is Jobber.

Jobber is a service business scheduling software that aims to streamline the entire service process, from quote and scheduling to invoicing and payment. It has a simple framework but powerful tools like a drag-and-drop calendar, analytics-driven job orders, and self-service for clients. The software caters mostly to small businesses and medium enterprises.

However, if you’re looking for options, you have plenty of Jobber alternatives out there. In this article, we list the best candidates that can do what Jobber can and more.

jobber alternatives

When you select a field service management software it also important to think of the future, not just the features you are getting today. For example, VR is being applied in field service management software especially for field training. It places engineers and technicians in the physical work environment from the comfort of the office. Internet of Things also impacts this category, specifically the use of wearables with sensors that help track field activities. These are just two of other field service management software trends to watch out for. Is  Jobber up to these trends?

What are the key features to consider when getting an FSM system?

While our top solutions below have their unique value propositions, they do share features. At the baseline, a field service management software should allow you to:

  1. Monitor employee activities on and off location
  2. Dispatch technicians in an organized calendar, ensuring the right employee attends to the right job
  3. Support driver safety and help them take the most efficient route
  4. Integrate with back office systems, especially inventory and accounting
  5. Mobile access, a major feature for companies to remain competitive in the field service market.

What is Jobber?

Its simplicity and affordable plans make Jobber one of the most used apps in the FMS category. While it doesn’t scale to enterprise requirements, it’s got the essential modules for a growing business to scale. These include reports that help you digest your KPIs, mobile access to let you access the system on the go–during client meetings or field inspections–and automated scheduling to keep pace with a growing project base.

Benefits of Jobber

  1. Color-coded calendar for speed scheduling. The clear visual color-coding style helps you to quickly spot low and peak job schedules, or adjust resources when and where they are needed most. You have a whole month view easily digested by simply following the colors based on your labeling. Schedules can also be viewed by visit, task, or event.
  2. Get paid fast. Alerts let you know of clients with due payments or have overdue collectibles. Even prior to collection, sending an invoice can be automated with options to send via postal mail.
  3. Accounting software integration. It syncs your FMS data with accounting solutions like QuickBooks and Xero via a two-way integration. This speeds up your financial transactions and enables you to keep tabs on profits, losses, taxes, and other monetary considerations.
  4. Reporting. It has automated data sync so you get to know which invoices are outstanding or paid. You are also assured that the timesheet report is accurate and updated and also generate financial reports for payments and deposits.
  5. Robust job tracking. It stores client and billing information in one location accessible to authorized parties. This means your employees can view the latest data on a client or work event and perform important tasks and make the right decisions.
  6. GPS tracker. A standard FMS tool, it helps you track field workers in real-time. This is useful to monitor performance, as well as reallocate resources during sudden schedule changes.
  7. Automated reminders. You can set alerts for invoicing, payment and appointments. You can customize reminders based on process, information details and actions to be taken by the recipient.

Jobber does a decent job of meeting the above functions, but you shouldn’t stop at the basic features. Here, we present the different features you’ll get from the top players in the industry.

Top 10 Alternatives to Jobber

1. dashboard is one of the leading collaboration software on the market today, but it also effectively doubles as a communication and field service management tool. It provides teams and organizations with tools that can help get all of their efforts in sync. The solution brings together all information pertinent to projects, activities, and tasks, allowing managers and team members to make intelligent decisions together.

To act as an effective field service management solution, helps teams streamline the contribution of tasks and resources. It consolidates and presents progress data in an understandable and logical manner. This way, team members can easily keep track of operation and project statuses.

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Try out with their free trial boasts of an easy to use and navigate interface. It is generally lightweight, so users are unlikely to encounter issues adopting and using it. Furthermore, among features is its ability to integrate with a number of other business tools as well. Pricing plans for start at $39/month.

If you want to check out other similar products on the market, see these alternatives.

2. Wrike

Wrike dashboard

Wrike is a software made specifically to help businesses track field operations. It offers an integrated system that helps simplify how teams process order intakes and plan workflows. Wrike also provides tools for tracking tasks and jobs, allowing users to execute them more efficiently and within set boundaries and requirements.

As a field service management software, Wrike is used to coordinate operations, including order scheduling, dispatching personnel, and monitoring the status of field jobs. As the system has mobile support, users can access it any time, anywhere, as long as they are connected to the internet. Because of this, team members can conveniently and immediately get in touch to send updates and collaborate.



Try out Wrike with their free trial

One of the reasons why Wrike will work great for any company is that it’s very easy to use and can be understood within a short period. Wrike comes with a free basic plan. More feature-packed paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month. If you think this platform doesn’t suit you, maybe one of these Wrike alternatives would.

3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk Dashboard

Freshdesk is a help desk platform that also functions as a field service management tool. It is designed to allow teams to collaborate smoothly across different support channels. As an FSM software, it offers a huge range of features and capabilities to assist field agents and technicians to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Freshdesk has automation tools that aid businesses in streamlining operations. Its user-friendly interface and self-service portals are specifically meant to help boost both customer support and field efforts.



Try out Freshdesk with their free trial

Furthermore, Freshdesk also provides a robust reporting system, coupled with accurate analytics that let you make wiser business decisions. Among its other features are event-triggered automation, knowledge base monitoring, network restrictions, and agent collision detection.

Freshdesk comes with a free trial and a free plan. Paid plans start at $19 per user per month. You can also look at these Freshdesk alternatives to consider other solutions.

4. ProntoForms

ProntoForms dashboard

A forms automation software, ProntoForms uses smart mobile forms that and is as good as a standalone field recording tool or an integrated front-end to a larger system. It tops our list of top 10 alternatives to Jobber for being easy to use, utilizing a no-coding approach and enterprise-grade security, two main concerns of field managers. The software is suitable to anyone managing field service, safety, transportation fleet and enterprise asset. It scales to the requirements of small businesses and large organizations as well.

The intuitive interface of this form builder makes it quick to implement for both those in charge of operations and field workers. The latter can use it to collect data and transmit and share information in real-time. It’s a simple solution to keep both field and office in close communication especially during urgent issues.

You also get to set up neat KPI dashboards with customization, giving you the overview of field productivity, compliance, and quality. While the no-code app builder allows you to get a form up and running fast, you also have the option to create highly customized apps using the developer platform.



Try out ProntoForms with their free trial

The software integrates with pre-built enterprise formats like FTP, HTTP GET and WebDav and also with cloud-based apps, such as Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce and Sharepoint.

Pricing starts at $30 per user per month. You can check-out its tools and features through a free trial. You can easily sign up for a ProntoForms free trial.

If you feel this software doesn’t meet your unique requirements check these ProntoForms alternatives.

5. Workiz

workiz dashboard

Workiz is among the easiest to use field service management solutions on the market today. It is designed to help businesses create more streamlined workflows and at the same time, aid them in fulfilling those workflows more efficiently. With tools for job scheduling, dispatch management, and other vital aspects of fieldwork, Workiz gives users full control and visibility over their operations.

What makes Workiz very easy to adopt and use is its cleverly designed interface that makes navigating through the app a breeze. It also features a drag-and-drop calendar that your team can maximize for quickly creating schedules and appointments.

Another feature unique to Workiz is the payment system called WorkizPay. This allows field personnel to receive payments even when on the go. With this feature, your customers will find paying for your services easier and more secure.

You can check out the features of Workiz through the free trial. Workiz pricing plans start at $65/month. If you want to review other options, you may start with these Workiz alternatives.

6. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is another leading field service management application that specifically targets small and medium-sized businesses looking to further optimize their operations and at the same time, enhance customer satisfaction. It offers a powerful back-office system that can help users save a few hours every day, thanks to efficient automation of otherwise tedious tasks.

This software’s drag-and-drop interface helps make scheduling and dispatch easier and faster. Service Fusion also offers tools for estimate creation, customer management, invoicing, and payments. It even comes with time tracking and payroll functionalities.

Easy to use and navigate, Service Fusion helps ensure field agents are connected all the time, not just with the rest of the team but with customers as well. Try out Service Fusion by signing up for the free trial. It is offered in different pricing packages, the lowest of which costs $99/month. You may also compare this software with these Service Fusion alternatives.

7. Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning dashboard example

If there’s one thing going solid for Salesforce Field Service Lightning it is its name. If you’re using Salesforce or plan to use any or all its CRM, sales automation, and service apps, getting its field service management software is the logical choice.

While the app caters to business of all sizes, the Salesforce infrastructure is more geared towards larger small businesses or those poised to grow into an enterprise. The software has more advanced tools compared to the others on our list of top alternatives to Jobber, including AI-enabled image recognition, SLA-based work orders, and deep analytics.

It is fast to track milestones with this software, optimize schedules based on rules like time, skills and location and prescribe the right solution to the right issue. Other notable features are push notifications, real-time updates, maintenance plans, and polygon mapping.

Pricing starts at $150 per user per month and scales to seven pricing plans for advanced features. These Salesforce Field Service Lightning alternatives give you more options to compare products.

8. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is known for its end-to-end accounting functionalities. However, it also makes it to our top field service management software list. This is a popular solution among businesses of all sizes as it integrates practically all of the important aspects of business, from accounting to field operations.

What users easily find most appealing about QuickBooks Enterprise is its easy setup. But even though it is easy to use, it is full of the features you’d ever need from an FSM software. These include support for advanced inventory, barcode scanning, multi-location tracking, billing, mobile payments, and more.

QuickBooks Enterprise comes with a free trial. Sign up for one to see whether it suits your requirements. Paid packages start at $140/month. If you want to explore your options further, check out QuickBooks Enterprise alternatives.

9. mHelpDesk

mhelpdesk dashboard example

mHelpDesk helps you automate repetitive, manual processes in field service management. While that may be a standard feature, this app is designed by service professionals, so trust that it has an insider perspective in its automation. The tasks include scheduling, customer contact, communication, and billing.

The software is ideal for small business and medium enterprise in the field of HVAC, plumbing works, electrical services, lawn mowing, and other neighborhood services. mHelpDesk provides a network of leads and customers, which you can access from a mobile device.

mHelpDesk also features a CRM tool to help you grow the business. Other essential tools include quote management, work orders, and dispatch and routing. The software integrates with QuickBooks Online and Google Apps. To check out the features firsthand, you can easily sign up for mHelpDesk free trial.

mHelpDesk comes in by-quote pricing. If you’re looking for more options simply head off to these mHelpDesk alternatives.

10. CoreSystems

sap coresystems dashboard

CoreSystems is the field service management software brought to the market by SAP. It provides features originally made to help managers speed up processes, leading to customer satisfaction. CoreSystems makes dispatching, routing, and reporting more efficient through automation.

By aiding organizations in improving their overall customer service, CoreSystems essentially helps increase revenue and maintain quality business relationships. As a cloud-based software, CoreSystems can be accessed on different devices.

To learn more about CoreSystems’ pricing, contact the vendor for a quote. You may also check out these CoreSystems alternatives.

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