12 Best Cloud-based Salon Software for Small Business of 2022

What is the best cloud-based salon software for small business?
The best cloud-based salon software for small business is Rosy Salon Software. This advanced, yet easy-to-use full-suite salon and spa management platform provides businesses in the beauty industry some of the best-in-class salon technology to help them enrich client relationships, drive productivity, and boost earnings.

You’ll be surprised at how much salon software has advanced since the days when it could only fix your tangled bookings. It still lends to your appointments that silky smooth process, but nowadays, a top salon software app can accept payments for you, get you leads, analyze your finances, manage membership… and much more.

You might think–But I don’t need all these, just a good scheduler to manage my bookings. Well and good, you’ll find such apps designed exactly for this, now made more intuitive and with smart social integration. And they can level up to advanced features should you want to bump up the app along the way.

Whatever your reason, you’ll find in this list of top cloud-based salon software for small business one or two apps that are likely cut for you. The vendors on our list are arguably the best in this field with a proven track record, so you need not waste time researching elsewhere. You’ll also find the top reasons for choosing an app, making it easy to compare your shortlisted options.

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What are the 12 Best Cloud-Based Salon Platforms for Small Business?

The global salon and spa industry — small businessmen and freelancers like teachers, accountants, chiropractors, personal trainers, therapists, estheticians, hair stylists, etc. — is growing continuously and at a fast pace. In the US alone, the total number of hairdressers, cosmetologists, and barbers is predicted to increase by 10% by 2024 (US Department of Labor). The over 1 million-strong US domestic hair and spa industry’s total annual revenues had reached $46 billion in 2018, representing a 2.4 increase over the past five years (IBIS World). 

Because of the demands of the job, salon industry professionals working are typically so preoccupied with addressing their clients’ meticulous demands that it is often impossible for them to properly manage numerous client appointments. This widespread issue is even made worse during peak hours. This is where salon software comes in. A salon platform helps salon owners and professionals better manage schedules, effortlessly make booking reschedules within just a few clicks, and provide previously inaccessible benefits that help improve their business operations as a whole.

As competition continues to intensify, it is crucial to remain on top, or the very least, keep abreast, with current industry technology trends. In terms of technology use, the US took up about 34.72% of the overall global salon software market in 2016 (WiseGuyReports). With the correct types of salon tools at your disposal, you can boost customer satisfaction, find better payment processing alternatives, move and replenish inventory faster, book your stylists more effectively, decrease overhead costs, optimize productivity, and much more.

12 Best Cloud-Based Salon Software for Small Business

1. Rosy Salon Software

Rosy Salon Software dashboard example

At the top of our top cloud-based salon software list is Rosy Salon Software. Developed by spa and salon experts for spa and salon business operations, this platform offers complete industry-specific software applications for spas, salons, booth renters, and a host of other businesses. It provides virtually every essential tool any salon and spa business will require, including a salon-specific POS, referrals and rewards programs, reports and analytics, service reservations, staff and inventory management, email and SMS communications, appointment management, and online customer scheduling.

One of its strengths is its smart user interface that provides users with quick and trouble-free navigation for the excellent handling of business tasks. Another notable feature is its easy-to-access web and mobile app, which offers clients the benefits of booking either within the convenience of their homes or office or even when on the go, including receiving scheduling confirmation in real time.

Why not try this popular salon software for a test drive? You can easily do so when you sign up for Rosy Salon Software free trial here.

Rosy Salon Software

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Try out Rosy Salon Software with their free trial

Rosy Salon Software had earned the nod of our in-house experts and positive reviews from actual business users, most of whom have highlighted some of the platform’s exceptional salon scheduling and business features and tools. These include Rosy Salon’s easy mobile access, robust POS system, efficient inventory management, complete Facebook integration, email and social media marketing, reliable email and text confirmations and reminders, intuitive appointment scheduling, and smart online client scheduling, among others.

Why Choose Rosy Salon Software?

  1. Intuitive client scheduling management
  2. Easy and quick mobile accessibility
  3. Seamless social media integration
  4. Smart POS system
  5. Finance and performance analytics and reporting

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a powerful appointment scheduling platform that salon owners can leverage for easier schedule management.

Setting regular or irregular work hours on your calendar is easy, and you can create multiple calendars to give clients the option to book appointments with different stylists and staff members or at other business locations. Clients can book appointments through a customized scheduling page, where they can also reschedule or cancel bookings as needed. Calendars automatically adjust to the local timezone to reduce scheduling mix-ups.

Clients can also pay for booked services in advance, since the Acuity Scheduling platform can be integrated with online payment solutions like PayPal and Stripe.

Aside from the client scheduling page, Acuity Scheduling also provides customization options for notifications, follow-up emails, and reminders. You’ll be able to put your brand on these emails, which will support your business’ marketing campaigns. Plus, the platform lets you create customized intake forms so you can collect the information you need from clients. You’ll be able to access the client list right from the dashboard.

The platform’s booking features can also be integrated into your social media profiles, so clients can easily book appointments even when they’re not on your website.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Acuity Scheduling free trial here.

Why Choose Acuity Scheduling?

  1. Automatic timezone adjustment for calendars
  2. Separate calendars for each location and staff member
  3. Integration with online payment solutions
  4. Customization options for scheduling pages, notifications, and reminders
  5. Booking capabilities for social media profiles

3. dashboard example is another widely-used online salon platform for small businesses and freelance service providers. Thousands of services providers use this cloud-based booking solution to significantly streamline their day-to-day client, staff, resource, and scheduling tasks and procedures. It is readily accessible across a wide range of on-premise and mobile devices to allow client booking anytime, from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. Site admins enjoy the vast advantages of having full control of their booking process, thanks to its upgraded Classes & Membership feature, which enables them to constantly give professional services to each client all the time, on a timely basis.

You can test this salon software when you sign up for free trial here.’s SMS and email reminders and confirmation alerts are sent automatically every time a booking is completed. Customers are also given the flexibility of canceling any completed booking if they need to, which instantly alerts the salon to prevent any scheduling issue. With its flexibility, scalability, and numerous tools, businesses will gain considerable efficiency and productivity with this robust salon solution, which inevitably translates to increase client base and revenue growth.

Why Choose

  1. Customizable booking page
  2. Support for 23 payment processors
  3. Flexible membership duration period
  4. Deep insights and statistics
  5. Added new POS custom feature

4. 10to8

10to8 dashboard example

10to8 is a cloud-based salon and appointment management tool for streamlining the operations and scheduling of salon and spa businesses of all sizes. This platform is ideal for providing enhanced efficiencies and even for addressing numerous recurring salon issues such as for avoiding business-client miscommunications, minimizing missed meetings, and preventing scheduling/appointment conflicts. Just like its over 42,000 clients across the world, you will have easy access to 10to8’s extensive suite of robust scheduling and business tools and features that can significantly streamline and enhance your scheduling and appointment management as well as in operating your business as a whole.

Because it’s an online app, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. There’s no need to install any app to run 10to8, which is also mobile-friendly so both businesses and their clients can easily access and use the platform across multiple devices without encountering any issue. It also allows spas and salon owners to integrate it with their favorite third-party apps, which supports increased productivity, such as in areas of payment processing, making personalized reports, and other business tasks. If you need a salon software solution with client management functionalities, reminder automation features, calendar synchronization tools, and 24/7 appointment booking options, 10to8 has it.

Why Choose 10to8?

  1. Complete resource visibility
  2. Seamless integration with 3rd party apps
  3. Custom API
  4. More efficient schedule transparency
  5. Bank-grade data encryption

5. Mindbody

Mindbody dashboard example

Mindbody is a salon and business management solution for beauty and wellness providers. It is designed to help these businesses better handle and streamline their business and marketing operations, especially in automating repetitive tasks like payroll processing, scheduling and rescheduling, confirmations, and payment collection. With a clean and intuitive interface, this salon software is easy to use, making a good tool for keeping in touch with clients continuously and more effectively. Its collection of marketing tools allows businesses to build personalized gift cards and for initiating customer loyalty programs and other promotional campaigns.

Overall, Mindbody helps any business achieve significant growth by equipping them with the important tools for more efficient management of both their resources and their clientele, thereby helping ensure better profits.

Why Choose Mindbody?

  1. Comprehensive client profiling
  2. Robust online store operations
  3. Auto refilling of spots
  4. Comprehensive business reporting
  5. Staff and resource management

6. Vagaro

Vagaro dashboard example

Vagaro is a salon software specially designed to provide tools and functionalities for spas and other beauty and wellness businesses operating in multiple locations. A cloud-based platform, this software helps in marketing the services of freelancers and SMBs, particularly in enhancing relationships with existing clients and in attracting new ones. Your client-business interchange is made simple and smoother using Vagaro. After registering with as each customer only need to register with the app, make a profile, marketing their services, and start handling appointments and schedules efficiently. With Vagaro, salons and spas are enabled to build their client base as their business information is easily accessible 24/7 whenever a client searches online. This method helps businesses generate leads more effectively.

Why Choose Vagaro?

  1. Room and equipment management
  2. Efficient handling of recurring appointments
  3. Payroll and commission management
  4. Gift card program management
  5. Smooth wait-list 

7. Booker

Booker dashboard example

Booker is a cloud-based booking solution designed for small businesses and freelancers in the beauty and wellness industry. This is a full-suite platform for operating and managing your salon, spa, and other related businesses easily and more efficiently, thus providing you more opportunities to spend time to expand it and make it more profitable. With a robust CRM tool at its center, Booker helps to streamline your various business activities, from marketing to customer inquiries to bookings and payments. It can be easily integrated into your existing website. By just adding a “Book Now” button, your clients can readily view slot availability and make bookings by themselves. It also helps you expand your earning potential through add-on features like POS, e-commerce, and online gift cards.

Why Choose Booker?

  1. Mobile payment processing
  2. Direct website and Facebook booking
  3. Special offers, membership plans, and loyalty rewards programs
  4. Staff scheduling and inventory management
  5. Built-in CRM

8. Timely

Timely dashboard example

Timely is a cloud-based salon software that offers numerous time-saving features to help businesses finish tasks quickly, provide better services, and thus earn more. Reliable and secure, this salon solution is designed to support a business in providing an excellent experience to its customers. From online scheduling, client management to reporting and analytics, Timely helps ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. This app helps you run your business more precisely, through its customizable salon reports, real-time dashboards, and a friendly support team available 24/7. It also offers robust salon marketing functionalities to better promote your business.

Why Choose Timely?

  1. Integrates seamlessly with most POS hardware in multiple devices
  2. Connect to Afterpay to help boost earnings
  3. Create a great user experience through its beautiful mobile ‘front counter’
  4. With over 500 software updates annually
  5. Has a Consult for Hair Salons app

9. Versum

Versum dashboard example

Versum is is a salon and spa management solution that helps businesses to perform their daily activities easily, quickly, and smoothly. It offers a collection of some of the most important features not only for managing your business but also for promoting your brand to your target clientele. One of its notable features is its automation capabilities, which helps a lot in eliminating those cumbersome, time-consuming tasks. With just a few clicks, you can quickly generate reports and gain valuable insights from your salon’s customer satisfaction data, sales figures, and overall business performance. Versum is designed to help simplify your overall business operations and empower your staff using its features, including the convenience of using their mobile gadgets to perform marketing, inventory management, and appointment booking.

Why Choose Versum?

  1. Efficient stock control
  2. Customers history and database
  3. Integrated marketing automation
  4. Loyalty program implementation
  5. Employee effectiveness and commission report

10. Reservio

Reservio dashboard example

Reservio is is a cloud-based online booking and appointment scheduling software for salons and similar businesses. This intuitive and easy-to-use salon software is made to help streamline how salons, spas, barbershops, etc. manage their clients and schedules all the time, from anywhere. Aside from its appointment scheduling capabilities, Reservio also offers top-tier functionalities to help businesses track the performance and promote their products and services, while at the same time enabling business owners and managers focus more on engaging with their clients and expand their customer base rather than continue preoccupying themselves with complicated scheduling tasks.

Why Choose Reservio?

  1. Robust customer management
  2. Advanced client reminder tool
  3. 150,000+ satisfied client worldwide
  4. Google Analytics Integration
  5. Highly secured with 128-bit SSL encryption

11. Schedulista

Schedulista dashboard example

Schedulista is an easy-to-use online salon and scheduling software for small businesses and freelancers. This online appointments scheduling platform offers an extensive range of functionalities, such as scheduling and booking appointments across a wide array of web-based channels like email, Facebook, business websites, and via SMS. Schedulista also gives businesses branding options to help them personalize their booking and scheduling pages to match their brand. Businesses are given the flexibility to either integrate the scheduler with their company website or use it as a stand-alone tool.

Why Choose Schedulista?

  1. Offers a ‘Schedule Now’ button for websites
  2. Facebook-based scheduling
  3. Integration with MailChimp
  4. Customizable cancellation policy
  5. Used as a standalone or integrated with a website

12. Salonist

Salonist dashboard example

Salonist is a salon and business management software designed specifically for beauty and wellness businesses like barbershops, spas, spas, and salons, packed with features and tools to help them achieve their specific needs. This easy-to-use salon platform to complete numerous tasks in just a few clicks, whether it be managing payroll or finances, making stock inventory, using POS, or scheduling appointments. Salonist helps speed up business processes and enhances the overall performance of your team. Aside from an integrated POS system, it also features an appointment scheduler, inventory management tools, payroll management, and inquiry management with follow-ups.

Why Choose Salonist?

  1. Robust business management tools
  2. 24/7 access control
  3. Effective staff management
  4. Automated commission and bonuses
  5. Efficient product usage monitoring


We’ve discussed some of the best salon software in the market today. This is a list of exceptional apps that did not only make the roster because of their efficiency in helping salons, spas and other businesses and freelancers in the beauty and wellness industry operate better, but also provide exceptional support in other business aspects, such as CRM, marketing, and data analytics, to name a few. Again, before you make that big decision, it is also helpful to read expert comparisons of some of the leading salon software to make your investment worthwhile. Finally, if you’re now on the lookout for a salon app for your business, why not try first our top-picked app to save you the usual hassles in finding the right app for your business. You can easily do so when you sign up for Acuity Scheduling free trial here

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