How Social Media Marketing Can Increase Leads for B2B Companies

Everybody knows that social media is not just B2C because other social platforms are B2B. while B2C focuses on community awareness and engagement, B2B targets the generation of leads. The social media era has made everything available online. Many marketers have taken note on this, and they are making efforts of connecting with their targets on all social platforms. You can achieve your target when you implement in-house initiatives and strategies and conceptualize the ideas into actions. Many B2B companies are aware of the possibilities social media has on their marketing strategies. These marketers understand that possessing an identity on social platforms will increase the awareness of their brands. You also need the understand the importance of a quality social media management software tool and the big part it can play in your marketing efforts. 

Give your business a persona

When you want to boost leads when you are a B2B company, you will have to give your business the persona of a thought leader. When you give your business an authoritative voice in the industry, you will get a lot of prospective customers that will increase your leads.

Use targeted advertising

Social platforms give you the chance to target a particular audience with precision. You will make the best when carrying out advertising and engagement. You need to start by creating campaigns that are targeted towards the news feeds of the users. When your page gains a lot of activity, your adverts will have a further reach as a result of engagement.

Engaging on social media involves sharing content, posting, and ‘liking’ to boost your audience. When it comes to advertising, do not underestimate the power of engagement. You will attain a higher reach when you grow your engagement.

Refer a friend

Referring a friend through social media can be tricky. However, if you play your cards right, carrying out a referral campaign can be a massive way of engaging your followers. According to statistics, over ninety-two percent of buyers trust the recommendations from family and friends. It is conclusive to say that referrals are a great way of breaking the ice with your prospects. It is crucial to generate compelling offers for both the referee and the referrer like cash or gift card incentives. These incentives might be what you require to meet the necessities of your customers to give your business a referral.

With the social application that integrates with your marketing automation platform, setting up a referral social media campaign that extends on distinct social platforms is easy because it allows you to grow the base of your customers. Since each shared message includes a link to track responses at each conversion stage event, you will be able to track the effectiveness and progression of the campaign and understand how your prospects are helping you to spread the word.

Promote gated content

Using social media to promote gated content is among the easiest ways of generating leads for B2B companies. Social channels are great platforms for getting your content to the world, and when you develop posts that point to the landing page that will prompt your users to fill a form, you will have the ability to generate new leads and nurture the existing ones in your database. The most critical component of this method is ensuring that your social posts provide content that will capture the interest of your followers. You can use gifs, images, and videos to tell a visual story of your content.

According to social media marketing experts, your posts need to have a video or picture that will compel people to remember. It will take a few minutes for leads to decide whether they will read your page and give information. Therefore, you need to keep the landing pages simple with minimal design to avoid devastating your leads.

Special offers

Everybody loves freebies; therefore, it is vital to consider a sweepstake or hosting giveaways on social channels. People enjoy these campaigns on social media, and when you include an entry form, you will end up capturing important leads. In this manner, the participants will use this opportunity to spread the word in their community, and every mention you get gives you the opportunity to build the relationship through acknowledgement and engagement of their posts.

Surveys and polls

Rather than assuming what your audience loves, it is vital to ask them. You can get a wealth of knowledge from your followers and conducting polls in a unique way will help you get opinions of what people are saying. Polls are a fantastic way of getting feedback on the way people are using your product, their pain points, and what they would like to see on your roadmap. It is vital to offer incentives that will increase your response rate.

Use paid social ads

With the latest updates on social media algorithms, advertising on social platforms is getting important than ever. The role of these updates is to give users a top user experience so that they see less promotional content and more relevant content they wish to get. Therefore, as a marketer, it is crucial to combine your organic content with paid promotions so that you are seen all over. Each social channel has its demographics criteria that will help you to target your ads. It is vital to leverage the right targeting options and platforms to make sure that you are getting the audience that will benefit from your content.

Make a post that promotes lead magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive. A B2B firm might offer downloadable content for free such as an eBook guide, webinar, or podcast in exchange for the email address of the visitor. You will have to add them to your mailing list so that they access promotions and updated content.

Host a giveaway or promotion

When done right, competitions on social media are known to generate a lot of leads. You will tell followers to like your page and share content so that they qualify to get into the winning draw. This strategy will also increase reach and engagement, which is a bonus for generation of leads.

Offer trial versions for free

Nowadays, businesses can create custom tabs on Facebook. While a B2C firm may create a product tab, your B2B firm can create a sign-up page. If your firm is offering free trial versions, come up with a free trial sign-up tab that will redirect traffic back to your site. While on the same page, it is crucial to use the call to action buttons so that you gain email subscriptions.

Encourage testimonials

You understand that testimonials ride side by side with authority and trust. On social media platform like Facebook, visitors will leave reviews, comments, and even five-star ratings. These reviews and ratings are natural because they come from the organic audience. It means that these reviews are not sponsored. The best part is that these reviews can get into your site through a simple widget and will appear in the search engine results.


Using social media to increase leads in your B2B firm relies on the convenience of the customers. Even though you are not engaging with them directly, your clients will still use social media platforms to keep in touch with your firm. It is best to stay updated on special offers and new promotions. Social media is a great avenue of giving your business a personality, voice, and face. In B2B marketing, engaging with the customers is rare because you will be going to an extra mile of generating new leads. Read our expert reviews of best social media monitoring software solutions to select a suitable platform for your social media marketing campaigns.

Astrid Eira

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