PaperSave Pricing Packages: What’s Included in Its Quote-Based Plans?

How much does PaperSave cost?
PaperSave costs depend on the quoted features and the number of concurrent users. Its Essentials plan accommodates up to 15 users, while its Plus plan allows for up to 30 users. If you want an unlimited number of users and more advanced features, the PaperSave Pro plan is the most suitable option for you. You can also receive volume discounting and additional features when you ask for a quote for the Pro plan.

PaperSave is an easy-to-use document management software (DMS) that can help you streamline your business processes using automated document capturing and electronic workflows. The software includes a wide variety of document capture methods and automatically indexes all information in your documents. This means you can use its search function to quickly retrieve documents, saving you and your employees precious time compared to digging through filing cabinets and using other manual document filing methods. You’ll also be able to use PaperSave’s workflows for document approval and set user roles for an added layer of data security on your documents.

PaperSave pricing plans are quote-based and depend on the number of users, invoices processed via OCR, and storage requirements. In this article, we’ll get into some of the most in-demand features of the software so you can learn more about how they can benefit your organization.

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PaperSave Quote-Based Plans and Features:

In a survey of professionals in charge of leading the transition to a digital workplace, 73% chose document management as a “very important” technology. Many companies have started the process of digitizing paper processes due to reasons such as reducing costs, making it easier to share documents, and improving overall efficiency in the workplace. Just imagine, using DMS can result in a 40% document-related cost reduction. Why won’t any business owner adapt when it can help them save for the company?

However, every industry is at a different stage in its shift from paper-based to digital workflows. For example, the banking and finance sector is one of the most regulated industries, so vendors looking into developing a DMS that caters to this sector will need to address compliance and legal norms and regulations.

Source: CMS Wire, 2020

The education sector is also one of those industries that witnessed the importance of an efficient document management system. With the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals, students, and teachers alike had to get used to collaborating and conducting classes online. The situation pushed people to use various digital technologies, including document management software to easily send, approve, and collaborate on training materials. With a sustained demand for the technology, the global DMS market is projected to reach $11.47 billion by 2026 from its $5.51 billion market value in 2020.

PaperSave is among the many DMS out there that you can choose from. To learn whether it is the right fit for you, we give you a breakdown of its features and discuss which ones are included in which plans.

Overview of PaperSave

Papersave dashboard

PaperSave is an all-in-one document management software, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution especially developed for Microsoft Dynamics, Blackbaud, and Intacct. These integrations provide one-click access to your documents; thus, eliminating manual and multiple processes in your workflow. As a result, you can streamline your document management and approval processes, increase the productivity of employees, and save time and money for your organization.

You have various methods available in PaperSave when you need to capture, extract, and validate the information on a document. These include scanners, emails, faxes, and even Microsoft Office. With the software’s intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, it’s easy to convert printed paper documents into machine-readable electronic documents. This means you can eliminate manual and repetitive data entry.


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Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how you can create digital workflows, you can use PaperSave’s electronic workflow features to automate and reduce errors in your multi-tiered processes. Automated workflows not only improve visibility on what changes have been made on a document but also make sure employees stick to standard practices, so no mission-critical steps are avoided.

PaperSave is also easy to use and is available as a browser-based app or mobile app. It can also be deployed as on-premise software. With the mobile app, your employees can access important documents and information on the go. Moreover, they can capture documents with just the camera of their mobile phone and upload them to your company’s system immediately as well as give you access to files while you’re on the go, making PaperSave a super convenient app for remote work and team collaboration.

Detailed PaperSave Review

Key Features of PaperSave

  • Flexible document capture
  • Data validation
  • Search function
  • Information extraction
  • ERP integration
  • Microsoft applications integration
  • Intacct integration
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Central document database
  • Electronic workflow
  • SmartForms
  • CRM integration
  • Blackbaud integration
  • Mobile apps

What’s Included in PaperSave’s Quote-Based Pricing Plans?

The quote-based pricing model of PaperSave is a cost-effective way of using the app since you’ll only pay for the actual number of users you have and the special features you want to be included in your plan. Quote-based also means it’s very flexible, so you won’t be stuck with flat-rate subscriptions that can have a lot of added features that affect the final pricing but you do not actually use. Let’s take a closer look at some of the cutting-edge features included in PaperSave’s plans.

Essentials Plan

In the Essentials plan, you can have up to 15 concurrent users and a bundle of features such as ERP & CRM integration, nine document capture methods, flexible search and retrieval methods, and in-transit encryption. Also included is unlimited technical support, so users can always receive the assistance they need if they ever encounter issues while using the platform.

Document capturing is very flexible in PaperSave. You can capture documents based on your preference and the hardware available to you. For instance, you can capture using a desktop scanner, your network copier, email, fax machine, or Microsoft Office. Documents you received or created in Microsoft Office apps (Powerpoint, Word, and Excel) can easily be added to a record or workflow using your toolbar.

Another useful feature is document search. You can do a full-text search, unstructured search, or structured search. Full-text allows you to search through information on the document, not just its metadata. Meanwhile, an unstructured search is similar to using keywords to search documents just like when you make a Google search. Finally, a structured search refers to advanced searches based on record information, profile information, and content.

PaperSave Document Capture

Document capture: You can capture documents from a desktop scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email, or Microsoft Office.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan allows for up to 30 concurrent users and includes all the bundled features in the Essentials Plan. What’s added are some powerful features, such as automated workflows and OCR engine processing. You can also process up to 25,000 invoices per year via OCR.

PaperSave’s electronic workflow gets rid of manual data collection and paper-based processes. With this feature, you can reduce time spent by employees on administrative work and speed up approval time. With faster approvals, you can also reduce backlogs in your workflow. Plus, with automatic notifications, employees will know when their documents have been approved.

Also, automated workflows make it easy to audit your documents. You can track changes and approvals on a document by the user, by the approval date, and even see comments made on the document. Monitoring is also easy since managers can track users, tasks, and cybersecurity protocols.

Moreover, these streamlined approval processes and monitoring features can be very useful to companies that have several worksites or locations. Administrators or managers have complete visibility over documents. Mobile capabilities also make it possible to approve documents on the go.

PaperSave Automated Workflows

Electronic workflows streamline operations and approvals. It also gets rid of manual data collection.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is best suited to large enterprises that need an unlimited number of users. It includes all the features in the Plus Plan but with an unlimited number of invoice processing via OCR engine and more advanced security features.

One such security feature is the Active Directory Integration. It is essentially a database where all login credentials are stored. Active Directory Integration applies these credentials to applications within an organization’s enterprise ecosystem. There are several benefits to implementing this security feature, including gaining more visibility into user activities to ensure governance.

Another is that you can establish standards for passwords that can be applied across multiple services. As a result, human error is also reduced, which is a common factor in data breaches.

Finally, Active Directory Integration leverages single sign-on tools. So, you can imagine that accessing different apps becomes more efficient for users. They just need to log on to your system once and they can use those credentials for all connected apps.

PaperSave OCR Capture

The Pro Plan offers unlimited invoice processing via OCR.

Which PaperSave Plan Should You Choose?

PaperSave pricing packages provide the flexibility most businesses look for in their app subscription. At first glance, it can seem easy to choose a plan just by the number of users you have in your company. After all, this can mean that no money is wasted since you only pay for the number of actual users. However, we recommend that you also consider the features that your organization will need in order to get the job done.

For example, if you’re transitioning most of your business functions online or managing distributed teams doing remote work, you might want to add the advanced security features of PaperSave to your customized plan. This ensures that you have added data security for when employees are accessing your network from different locations using their own devices.

Finally, you can always take advantage of the vendor’s product demo before deciding on which plan and features will work best for your business. Demos are helpful not just for seeing the features of the software in action but also for getting clarifications on important aspects of the vendor’s service contract.

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